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Kucinich Blackout
by ben frank
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2004 4:56 PM
The mass media is pushing the lie of 'electability' and IMCs do nothing about it! With bush & co being so transparently stupid and corrupt, do you really believe that only some democrats are 'electable'? This is such a joke! It's not Anyone but Bush, it's Anyone Can Beat Bush.
So why should we settle for a coupla millionaire posers?
The mainstream media has told you the field of Democratic candidates has narrowed to two 'viable' candidates- do you believe them? This is the same media that lied to sell the war, and now we're supposed to believe they're telling the truth. It's no surprise that the networks are shutting out Kucinich and Sharpton, but what's surprising is the alternative press seems to be in blackout mode as well.

The mass media is pushing the lie of 'electability', while ignoring the fact that it's bush himself that is utterly unelectable. The whole planet knows that bush and his cronies started this war based on lies. Some people in this country may wish to remain willfully ignorant, they can't let go because this would be their whole world, their whole belief system shattering. They will fight to keep their head in the sand- but don't let that stop you from presenting them with the truth. It's up to we the people to expose this administration because the corporate media certainly isn't going to do it.

So with bush & co being so transparently stupid and corrupt, do you really believe that only some democrats are 'electable'? This is such a joke! It's not Anyone but Bush, it's Anyone Can Beat Bush. Aside from the obvious propaganda, I don't know what makes you think that Kucinich could not beat Bush. There is no logical basis for this belief that Kucinich is 'unelectable'.

"He's a vegan" ... "So what, he didn't lie, waste billions, and kill thousands creating more hatred of America."
"He's too short" ... "Bush spends _everyday_ shmoozing at photo-ops and fund raisers while his policies have brought us to the brink us disaster."

Dennis is a thousand times smarter than dubya with a million times more love in his heart. Dennis consistently stated that Iraq did not have the weapons and was not an imminent threat. Bush lied and both Kerry and Edwards believed the lies- that's electable? Both Kerry and Edwards say we must stay the course in Iraq, propaganda repeated loud and often, 'we can't just cut and run'- yep, just another lie. We don't have to stay in Iraq, the corps just want us to because they are making money, your money, hand over fist... aaaah, that's why those guys are 'electable'. Because the money flow will continue on, from our children to their war machine.

Imagine Dennis Kucinich vs George Bush. Bush has $200 million to continue to fool his followers. The rest of America will not fall for that. It doesn't matter how much money he has, we know the SOB lied and started this stupid war. Now we've spent $160 billion creating more hatred of America while our kids suffer now and get the bill later! This man will not be elected. STOP watching the 'news' IT IS A LIE!

Dennis doesn't need any money to beat the bush. All he has to do is challenge bush to a town hall meeting. An open forum with citizens asking both of them questions. Kucinich is so smart, with such deep compassion that you can just feel it. There is no doubt, that bush is in fact a complete moron as he proves it at every public speaking engagement. Bush will have to accept the challenge or be exposed. We've had enough of the staged debates with stupid questions, we will demand a true debate! DK could volunteer to do as many town hown hall meetings as dubya would like, each one would just make it that much more obvious:
Dennis Kucinich is MUCH More Qualified to be President AND he actually has the best wishes of the people at heart.
Dennis, "So why did you pass the 'Clear Skies' Initiative that allows 500% more Mercury than the original Clean Air Act?"
Bush, "Uh, they told me to." DK could ask Dubya about his many threats, to the American people, maybe even play some of his threats (mp3) for him- explain yourself mr bush.

Wake Up America! Kucinich is VERY Electable- listen to DK vs. dubya on the economy (mp3) ... who would you vote for?

I've browsed many alternative news websites, 'progressive' sites, and it seems they all have the same affliction. There is little if any mention of Dennis Kucinich. Even IMCs in states with primaries coming up, it just looks like business as usual. WTF! This is no time for business as usual, this is our chance for the PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

I just looked at the IMCs in Super Tuesday States, nyc, san diego, indybay, santa cruz, vermont, atlanta, boston, danburyCT, la, sf, baltimore, ithaca, rochester, & Minnesota. Minnesota was the ONLY imc with a DK feature! WTF! Isn't that what IMCs are all about, being an alternative to the $$ media, exposing the bias and turning our world around. We need to unite behind the True Alternative to bushco, where is the Unity?

And now, at this critical time in our nation, there is a total blackout of The One, the man that will end the corruption and restore our Democracy. Kerry and Edwards are just Phony Politcian Posers. Al, you speak the truth, but you just do not have the experience or the extensive plans in place as Dennis does. I understand that tv believing people might fall for this electability crap, but shouldn't EVERYONE in the 'Alternative' press should be uniting to spread the word about DK.

Why the silence? Supposedly non-profit status means an organization can't promote candidates, that's what told us. Yet NPR is 'non-profit' and they shamelessly pump Kerry and Edwards daily. Have you ever listened... NPR is such a friggin joke... folks, can't you AT LEAST post the facts on your website- reach down and see if you still have your cajones, eh?

Kucinich just got 30% in Hawaii!!! silent. WTF! nada. Headline- Kerry wins 3 states (wtf - Kucinich 30% is THE Story!!!) 'the progressives' not a word. Have they been infiltrated?
Michael Moore- Clark bailed and he remains silent in shame.
Paris, DaveyD, Michael Franti, Chuck D? Where are y'all- don't tell me you're falling for the Posers?
If you're behind Al, that's cool, anyone but the millionaire posers. Personally I think |Divide and Conquer| is their strategy, so DK and Al need to Unite. Now is the time when we all need to stand up for truth.

What about Mike at Mike refuses to reply or respond on this subject, almost like a bush believer when you're talking about 911. Mike has posted thousands of articles on the corruption of our government, and now when we have the chance to end corruption by voting for THE honest man. Silence- On and on about Israel day and night, nothing about what we can do right now to end this system. Is everyone in the 'alternative press' just resigned to the endless corruption of our system, they're just going to keep on posting stories about the corrupt kerry administration? Why not help spread the word and get out the vote for The Uncorruptible One and CHANGE our world now! Why not- GET UP, STAND UP and FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!

Where is the alternative press exposing the obvious sham of the Democratic Primaries. Dean pumped for a year straight, Dean dominating, then he just falls apart like that? Come ON! What a Joke. And now in just one month, after a few primaries we're supposed to believe that kerry has it all locked up. A few tiny rural states in the dead of winter, where it's frigid cold outside and the opportunity for public discourse is severley limited. This is how our democracy, and perhaps the fate of the world is decided- and we're all just going accept this sham? How many Americans voters know that Kerry's net worth is $839 million- man of the people my ass! This fact alone should wake up some people. He is a POSER! Look past their rhetoric and look at their records, KUCINICH is THE ONE!!!

The big lie now is that kerry has it all wrapped up. The $$ media is intentionally pumping this trying to get all Kucinich and Sharpton supporters to just give up and not vote. Of course this is a lie!! If skull and boner kerry cannot get the 2147 delegates before the convention then it will be a free for all. Dennis doesn't have to win any states, we just have to force an open convention!!! That's do-able! Dennis Kucinich is the clear alternative and one of the best speakers since MLK. His convention speech will blow kerry and edwards empty platitudes out of the water and DK WILL WIN THE CONVENTION!

This is our big chance to end the corporate control of our government. I think it's clear that an armed revolution will never work- did you see the brutality in miami? Twenty year old kids with clubs and uniforms beating other kids with signs that said 'end the greed'. Totally mindless goons, that's our future if we elect patriot act voters K/E.

Think about it, the internet is still open, but if the telecoms have their way it will soon be under their control. Kerry and Edwards both own stock in verizon and a host of other multinationals, will they sell out the internet- duh! It's a no-brainer. In four years we won't have an open and free internet anymore, it'll be more controlled than ever. Thus it's obvious that RIGHT NOW is the time for our peaceful revolution. We can vote out the millionaires and put in a True American.

This is a Call Out to all Freedom Fighters-

Call in sick this week and spend your time working for DK and the Peaceful Revolution! It is possible! UNPLUG YOUR TV, try listening to music for the revolutuion (free mp3s at for a day. Get inspired and do something to BEAT the MEDIA- NOW!

See DK's Vision for America- The True American Dream
See the Difference between Kucinich and the 'Electables'
Show your friends what's really happening in Iraq

What can you Do?
Send emails out to everone you know. Take some time and go thru all the spam fwds you get and harvest all of the emails in there, you can literally get hundreds of email addys. All it takes is for one powerful email to catch fire and it could hit a million homes before super tuesday. Emphasize that the primary turnouts are low, in TN pop. 5 mil, 350,000 voted in the primary. You can make a difference!

I Plead with all IMCs to make fighting for Dennis Kucinich your top priority. Nader appears to be mind-controlled or something... what's with coming out on meet the press and not even mentioning Dennis? Nader actually said to Amy Goodman, "Kerry and Edwards will make a strong ticket." This is the guy that's been fighting the corporations, tossing in a pump for the millionaire posers? Doesn't anyone question anything anymore? These actions do not reflect the Ralph Nader we know, very strange indeed.

PS- IMC techsters -it keeps going down!
There is important info there that needs to get out before the primaries. Is this being shut down by cointel pro... as i sure you noticed hawaii imc newswire stories were down before the primary, minnesota- blue stories don't work, idaho i, posted an audio, uploaded the mp3, but the script was broken and it didn't post the mp3 link.

C'mon IMCers- Why not Post these audios front and center-
BE the ALTERNATIVE to the $$ MEDIA!!!

§Last 4 Candidates and how they voted 150x177
by ben frank Wednesday Feb 25th, 2004 4:56 PM
for webmasters to post on their site.... (hint, hint antiwar, commondreams, democracy now ;-) maybe they can't favor dennis, but they can post the truth can't they?
by wasup
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2004 8:15 PM
I'm voting for Dennis no matter what, and telling whomever will listen. We don't have to settle.
by Iagree
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2004 8:18 PM
There should be a feature of Dennis Kucinich on the front page.
by ben
Thursday Feb 26th, 2004 11:09 AM
COME ON IndyBay Where is the Feature?
... there is NO time to waste!

We must work together to expose Kerry and Edwards as the millionaire posers they are.

All of these other issues are just a distraction. Unite for Kucinich and we'll get radically positive changes on all of these other issues you're currently featuring.

Nothing else matters! gay marriage, animal rights, mad cow, corporate hogs at the trough.... it will all change if we unite behind Kucinich!

They have successfully used -Divide and Conquer- to distract progressives into fighting their own mini battles. Don't fall for it anymore

Indybay! Who is telling you NOT to run a feature on Kucinich/Sharpton ?
by Debra
(cognizant2 [at] Friday Feb 27th, 2004 11:48 PM
I have been working steadfastly on the Kucinich campaign, and I appreciate the Indy perspective-I am heartened. I am trying to educate the voters here in California that we must stand by the potency of Kucinich in the primary, not accepting a watered down weak solution, as offered by Kerry at this point. Kucinich is doing such a good job of pushing Kerry and Edwards farther to the left. His message must be heard all the way to Boston!
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