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Free Rocky Boice Jr. & the Carson 10!

Sunday, December 08, 2002
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Type:
James Cosner
Location Details:
The Humanist Hall, 390 27th St, (between Telegraph and Boradway) Oakland Wheelchair access at 411 28th Street (alternate entrance to the Humanist Hall)

This meeting will be a planning meeting for Rocky Boice Jr.'s upcoming court date (December 17, 2002). All people are encouraged to attend and get involved in this important case. For more info, check out the website at The following is a recent interview of the defendant. Free Rocky Boice Jr. Now!! an interview with Rock and Terry Boice (Rocky's Parents) Who is Rocky Boice? Rocky is a young Native Father from Hopi and Paiute tribes. Rocky comes from a strong family and is engaged to be married to a young Hopi woman named Kim Susunkewa and they have a wonderful two year old daughter named Tezia. Rocky is a very valuable member in the Native community in Carson City. Rocky graduated from Sherman Indian High in Riverside, Ca. Rocky grew up racing BMX and became very succesful at it from the ages of 5 to 16. He was state champion 9 times and nationally ranked, and he won over 300 trophies. He took these skills and applied them to car racing where he won 11 out of 15 main events. He would have been track champion and state champion in the hobby stock division had it not been for his unjust incarceration. Rocky is a talented basketball player who took part in many Indian tournaments. He also enjoys hunting and fishing, he often served the people by bringing fish and meats to the elders. He is a very active particapent in Pow Wow's where he sings and drums for the people. He is also very active in native ceromonies, such as Sweat Lodge, and other Native Ceremonies. Like in the cases of Leonard Pelteir and Mumia Abu Jamal, Rocky is innocent and yet he has been found guilty by an all white jury for a crime that everybody knows that he did not do. He is presently incarcerated and facing 27 years before parole elligibilty. Why is Rocky innocent? There is no evidence. There are no credible eye witnesses. There is no murder weapon. Rocky could not live with himself if he seriously harmed another person. When he first learned that someone had been seriously harmed, he was shocked because his involvement left no one harmed. The states key witnesses prove Rocky's innocence, for exaple Julien Contreres states that when Rocky is the first in and the first out of the hotel room and when he left, there is no bllod in the room. Why does the Carson city rulers have it out for Rocky? Our family has exposed the Carson City Gov. for being racist and irresponsible in their duty to protect the Native community against violent attacks. Could you please give us some examples. The Sheriffs would never pursue with investigations or any action when crimes were committed against Rocky. Even 911 calls were not responded to. The sheriff himself Rod Bannister said publicly I could care less wether The Indian and Mexican communities feel they are being descriminated against. Ernie Adler who ran for state senator said Native people do not vote and therefor there is no reason to meet with them. Could you give us some history to the problems between the Indigenous and the Latino communities. First of all, the Indian people here have always been looked down upon by the whites and when the Chicanos came to Carson in the late 80's they too were looked down upon by the same whites. When the Chicanos came there was Native and Latino unity. The racist jocks and racists in general made a carreer of attacking the Native and Latinio communities. At first the Indians and the Latinos would stand together against these racist attacks. How is Rocky being treated in custody? He is held in lockdown because he is not classified as a prisoner as of yet. Since Sept. 19 he has been in the hole. We as his family have yet been approved for regular visits although the normal time frame is 3 weeks. What is your overall feelings and thoughts about what is happening? The system is trying to break the spirit of the people and silence our voices. We were all taught in their schools that we have rights, than when we try to exert our rights, we find out that we never had rights under this system. If you question or expose them, they come against you and take away the most precious part of our lives, in our case-our son. Rocky Boice Jr. was rairoaded and framed unjustly to further attempt to break the people. Up until the late 6o's, in a town clso be named Gardnerville, the "good" old cowboys had and blew a loud whistle at 6pm daily to tell all the Indians to leave town until morning. Could you please talk about the Boarding Schools? The Mission School system was designed in Carson City and all over to violently force the Indian people to accept the white way. In 1868, a white preacher who studdied the "Indian problem" advised the Gov. to use the boarding school system because he knew that the children had to brainwashed from birth. The BIA would use cattle trucks to round up the indian children and force them to the boarding schools--the schools fundamental job was to committ cultural genocide--to remove the people fom our culture, language, traditions, ceremonies, customs and ways of life. Through all these examples, they are still practicing lynch mentality. In the past they used the rope and today they use the courts. The people must open their eyes, to stand up and demand no more crimes against the people. "The Spirit of the Native People will never Die!" Terry Boice "If anybody hurts our loved ones, family, and people, we should see that they can never do it again!" Rock Boice Sr. How can the people help? Get informed. Look at the facts. Come to Carson City and support Rocky at his sentencing hearing on Dec 17th at 9am. Visit the website Send donations for the legal defence-to 387 Colorado St. Carson city Nevada 89701. Make checks to Carson Ten.
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