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Portland IMC responds to SF Indymedia Conflict
by reposter
Thursday Jan 15th, 2004 7:39 PM
Portlands response to whats going on
After examining the conflict in the SF Bay Indymedia community, with the information that we have Portland Indymedia activists have collectively decided that the actions of the current SF-IMC group are directly contrary to the spirit of Indymedia, to it's Principles of Unity, and to basic ethical behavior.

Therefore, Portland IMC activists have consensed to no longer recognize the current SF-IMC as a legitimate IMC until SF-IMC justifies it's actions of unilaterally taking over the SF server. Until that time, SF-IMC will be removed from the cities list on the Portland IMC site.

Portland IMC activists also agree that the subsequent New-IMC decision to recognize the new SF-IMC group was not valid with Gekked as the sponsor because the hard questions regarding his own actions have not been asked, nor answered. We feel it was a conflict of interest for Gekked to be the sponsor of his own groups petition to be recognized by New-Imc. Therefore, we recommend that SF-IMC's official recognition within New-IMC be RETRACTED, with a NEW application required for any future recognition.

Furthermore, Portland IMC activists encourage the Indybay group not to compromise and accept any deals but rather to demand that the SF Indymedia community remain a single IMC and that the people currently controlling SF-IMC justify their actions or step aside.

Indymedia activists across the broader Indymedia network are also encouraged to speak up and take action to address the wrong that appears to have been done.
by Midwest IMCer
Thursday Jan 15th, 2004 11:38 PM
Fortunately the article has appeared on every single IMC site around the country, and those of us working in IMC collectives - outside the SF area - will leave this article up, as we decide whether emulate the folks in Portland. This has now become a global IMC issue, not just on the lists, but on the wires. And the global IMC community will undoubtedly react.
by IMC volunteer
Saturday Jan 17th, 2004 3:35 PM
The Portland article above was hidden (now unhidden) by another IMC volunteer who was disgusted with all the personal attacks happening on and wanted to keep that from happening here, and not because we didn't appreciate Portland's statement.

I personally feel that what we need is more transparency, not less, because lack of transparency and accountability has a lot to do with how this mess got to where it is today. At the same time, a place like the newswire which can be easily abused while hiding behind anonymity doesn't seem to be the best forum for sorting all of this out.
by lamar
Wednesday Jan 21st, 2004 12:48 AM
thank you for your support! with your help we will one day have an independent news that we can be proud of, untill then keep up the good work
things only seem to have gotten worse at the "old" sf sight
as they have banned most of their readers and driven the rest away with personal attacks. can't the leadership of imc global just close it?