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Operation 'Change The Subject'
by Liberez L'Ours
Saturday Jan 10th, 2004 12:12 PM
Just another anti-Bush essay...

The latest Bush Regime proposal, to build a Moon
colony and then invade Mars is almost ludicrous.
I like the basic concepts, though not if our government
is going to handle the job. The problem is, the
U.S. is going broke. Adding another $50 billion a
year on manned space exploration for at least the
next 20 years is a non-starter.

But even if no money is ever spent on another
NASA fireworks spectacular that might send a few
scientist-tourists into space, the Bush Regime
did manage to change the subject today. Cable news
networks happily discussed Mars and Moon missions
all day long. Everyone is apparently thrilled at
not having to talk about Iraq and how many GI's
are being killed each day, or how many hundreds
of billions of dollars will be wasted.

$50 billion probably won't buy much in a few years,
not at the rate the U.S. dollar is depreciating.
Ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill wrote that
President Bush was like a blind man in a room
of deaf people during meetings with his advisors.
That is insulting to blind and deaf people, but
probably captures the essence of Mr. Bush,
who has no interest in things like the national
budget or economics; not unless the polls say he
is or he needs to memorize a speech written for

Sadly, there is no friend of Poppy Bush that is
wealthy enough to buy out this failed George W.
venture: "Amerika". When he was younger it was easy
enough to drill dry holes and mismanage business
ventures and then get bought out by rich people
seeking favor from President Bush the First. Arbusto
was tiny...Spectrum 7...Texas Rangers. Chump change,
even back then. Now we're talking tens of trillions
of dollars of debt and obligations! Is Mr. Bush
planning on God performing another miracle and
balancing the budget? Perhaps alien beings will
rescue the U.S.? God only knows what Mr. Bush is

There is an old saying that God helps those who
help themselves. It may even be partly true. But
too much of a good thing, like helping yourself,
cannot be good. Helping yourself to other people's
money and property is tricky and requires discretion
and moderation; go beyond the bounds of decency and
you're into Sociopath Territory. That is probably
the best way to describe Mr. Bush: a sociopath.

Only a Class A sociopath could lie so consistently --
even to himself -- while carrying around a 200 pound
"Red Letter" Bible and constantly waging bloody wars.

There is another saying that fits Mr. Bush even
better: Even the Devil can quote scripture.

I think we should write off Mr. Bush's trip to the Moon
and Mars as just another half-baked proposal intended
to deceive us and to distract us from the obvious
problems right in front of us.

Pay attention to what Mr. Bush is doing. Ignore the
lying words coming out of his mouth. You can always
tell when he is lying: his lips are moving.
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