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Independent News

  • Berkeley Liberation Radio: On air at 104.1 FM or streamed online at [That on-air frequency was formerly occupied by Free Radio Berkeley: Founded on April 11, 1993 as a Free Speech voice challenging the regulatory structure and power of the FCC, Free Radio Berkeley has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with the government. Until it was silenced by a court injunction in June, 1998, FRB was broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 104.1 FM with 50 watts of power broadcasting to Berkeley and Oakland. Its successor, on the air since the KPFA protests in Berkeley in the summer of 1999, is Berkeley Liberation Radio.]
  • Free Radio Santa Cruz: 101.1 FM in Santa Cruz County. On the air for over ten years without a license. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in defiance of federal regulations. Listen Online.
  • San Francisco BayView: Awarded the National Black Newspaper of the Year, the SF Bayview continues to report on issues of black survival in Baview/Hunter's Point, bringing together a community through resistence and celebration of black culture and history.
  • Street Sheet: A regular newspaper which is written, edited and produced by homeless people and poverty activists. Street Sheet is sold by street vendors who get to keep the money, providing a support system and a voice to people shut out of Corporate America.
  • Street Spirit: A companion street newspaper serving the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • SF Liberation Radio: 93.7 FM in Sunset, Richmond, and Parkside. 4pm-11pm, 7 days a week.
  • Poor Magazine: POOR provides vocational training, creative arts and literacy education, new and multi-media access to very low and no income adults and children in the Bay Area, with the goal of deconstructing the margins of class and race oppression.

Media Organizations in SF Bay Area

  • Asian American Journalists: Their mission is three-fold: 1) To encourage Asian Pacific Americans to enter the ranks of journalism, 2) To work for fair and accurate coverage of Asian Pacific Americans, and 3) To increase the number of Asian Pacific American journalists and news managers in the industry.
  • Bay Area Black Journalists: Their objectives are: to groom black media professionals for leadership; to enhance the coverage of issues of concern to African American people; to work with Bay Area media in hiring and cultivating more blacks in management, and to make the media more responsible.
  • Berkeley Community Media: Berkeley Public Access Television working to build an electronic free speech forum to encourage democratic involvement and build community.
  • Bright Path Film & Video: A Bay Area activist organization searching for truth in its social, political and cosmic contexts through the lens of a video camera.
  • Center for Investigative Reporting: A base for investigative journalists and reporters to uncover the hidden truths about the individuals and institutions that affect our lives.
  • Earth Films
  • Film Arts Foundation: A non-profit in the media arts field, providing comprehensive training, equipment, information, consultations, and exhibition opportunities to independent filmmakers.
  • Headwaters Action Video Collective: A small group of film makers / activists who have been extensively documenting the struggle to save Headwaters Forest, and related issues in Northern California.
  • Media Alliance: Providing media activists with essential training and resources.
  • Modern TV: Producer and distributor of independent video and film
  • NewsWatch: The story behind the corporate news.
  • Paraffin Arts Project: Founded in 1995, Paraffin sponsors projects which promote literature, film and performance in the San Francisco Bay Area. "An obscurve vehicle for instruments of light."
  • San Francisco Frontlines: A newspaper for the new progressive majority.
  • Sleeping Giant Productions: A collective of video activists making corporate-free media for your viewing pleasure.
  • Slingshot: A radical, quarterly Berkeley newspaper.
  • Society of Professional Journalism (Bay Area)
  • Whispered Media: A Bay Area video collective that offers video witnessing, su pport and training, and produces video works about specific grassroots campaigns and organizations.
  • Wire Tap: Socially-concious youth in the Bay Area making their own media.
  • Women in Multimedia: A non-profit organization working towards providing support, education, and resources to women involved in new media/internet careers.
  • Writers Union Job Hotline: A nation-wide, non-profit alternative to job shops, temp agencies, and brokers that helps organizations find the writers they need, and writers find the organizations they need.
  • Video Activist Network: An informal association of activists and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic and environmental justice campaigns.

Activist Organizations in SF Bay Area

News and Activist Organizations Worldwide

indymedia gassed in quebec
  • A journal for hacktivists.
  • A-Infos Anarchist News: Always up-to-date, multilingual service of global anarchist news.
  • A-Infos Radio Project: Connecting you to the movement to reclaim the airwaves.
  • Adbusters: A good start for aspiring culture jammers.
  • AK Press: Excellent source for radical books, zines and other publications.
  • AlterNet: Updated daily, a major news source for censored social justice news.
  • Anti-Racist Action Network (ARANET): A coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to halting the rise of the racist right.
  • Anti-War: Libertarian-based news against war, conflict and violence worldwide.
  • Backwoods Home Magazine: Self-reliance and survivalist news for the coming New World Order!
  • Between the Lines: A weekly radio newsmagazine that offers timely, in-depth interviews with progressive activists engaged in the fight for a more just world.
  • Black Radical Congress: A national gathering of activists that recognizes contributions from diverse tendencies within Black Radicalism --- including socialism, revolutionary nationalism and feminism --- and is united in opposition to all forms of oppression, including class exploitation, racism, patriarchy, homophobia, anti-immigration prejudice and imperialism.
  • Challenging White Supremacy Workshops: Workshops designed by white anti-racist organizer Sharon Martinas. Many of the issues raised are of particular concern to white activists committed to creating anti-racist political practice in white-dominated progressive grassroots movements, and are also pertinent to activists of color working within these movements.
  • The Claire Files: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
  • Common Dreams: Always up-to-date, excellent source of social justice news.
  • Crimethinc:
  • Dog Eat Dog Films: Michael Moore's production company, creating films that would otherwise be censored.
  • Drudge Report: Popular site which prioritizes daily corporate media.
  • Essential Information: Nader/consumer-oriented site monitoring multinational corporations.
  • Ether Zone: Conservative-slanted watchdog of elites and police state misinformation.
  • FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, watches corporate influence of the corrupt corporate media.
  • Free Republic: Conservative-slanted alternative news site.
  • Free Speech TV: Online and satellite news and programming for those that hate the corporate media.
  • Guerrilla Media: Canadian culture jamming project.
  • Harm Reduction Coalition
  • Independent Press Association: Support network for freelance journalists working for social justice.
  • Institute for Local Self-Reliance: News about community self-organization and self-reliance.
  • Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.: Organization providing educational services to reporters, editors and others interested in investigative
  • Jay's Left and "Progressive" Directory: An abundance of links to activist organizations, news, and resources.
  • John Tarleton: Personal site of disgruntled journalist with many articles.
  • Labour Start: International trade unionist news, updated daily.
  • Love Underground Vision Radio (LUVeR): Anon-corporate, DIY, totally uncensored, noncommercial, nonprofit internet-only radio station with 24-hour 'live' programming with 'no-limits' content.
  • Media Access Project: Activists working for access into media monopolies.
  • Media Bypass: Investigative journalism on all kinds of issues you aren't supposed to think about.
  • Media Channel: Watchdog group which breaks censored stories and monitors the corporate media.
  • Mid-Atlantic Infohop:
  • Narconews : From somewhere in a country called America comes in-depth reporting on the ruinous drug war.
  • National Radio Project: Social justice newsdesks which are updated regularly.
  • National Writers Union: worker organization for freelance journalists
  • New Republic: Stuffy old-school leftist journalism, but covers what corporate media censors.
  • News Directory: A comprehensive directory of corporate/government media organizations.
  • One World News Service: A community of over 950 organizations providing news and analysis on issues from around the world.
  • Pacifica Campaign: Addresses the controversy surrounding the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors' abandonment of its founding ideals of progressive free speech community radio.
  • Paper Tiger / Deep Dish Satellite Network: Paper Tiger is a national collective of videomakers dedicated to smashing the myths of the information industry by creating and distributing alternative television and video; Deep Dish is the first national satellite network linking community-based producers, programmers, activists, and people who support the movement for a progressive television network; assembles material from around the country and the world and transmits it to community television stations and home dish owners nationwide.
  • Parascope: Conspiracies, aliens, the paranormal and covert operations.
  • People's Video Network: Coalition of over 50 public access shows working against corporate media.
  • Politechbot: Declan McCullagh's weblog which brilliantly covers government/corporate activities.
  • Progressive Magazine: Liberal/progressive monthly magazine.
  • Protest.Net: Always up-to-date, a worldwide calendar of anti-globalization/anti-capitalism protests.
  • Very corporate media dot-com news outlet, but will often print stuff that more uptight and powerful media won't touch.
  • TAO:
  • War Resisters League: Resisting war and militarization since the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • Weekly Planet: Florida-based weekly which keeps a critical eye on corporate media.
Provided as a public service, this forum was created because BART rail service is a valuable transportation system that needs improvement. This can only be achieved if patrons have a centralized place to be heard about issues of concern, and this forum represents the first and only of its kind.
by .
i notice that the santa cruz region has their own separate "links" displayed on the top banner

i was wondering if y'all could divide the links on the side bar by region and display the links tab on each regional top banner ,because that would make it a lot easier to organize.

i live in a region where there is little going on and when there is a rally or any event only a few people know about it.

also it would make sense to know who else is doing what .around here i know about a lot of "activists propagandizing " going on only online facebook pages and it would be be awesome if others knew about them,to get the ball rolling.and start initiatives off them .

also a having a tech list of standards ./recomended tools for "activists" very visible displayed in the "more " section on the side , i know there is the rise up tools but some people might not know about that .

for example some of those websites DO NOT use httpS
many folks ex; food not bombs use facebook :( to organize and what not
or use corporate windows /macs
this might be toooo much to ask but what about having a website or wiki for anyone to use as website?
i know about this
but do others ?
just some ideas that i had im sure other also had some thing similar

thanks . peace and love

i don't care if yall delete this
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