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Contact Us
by SF Bay Area Indymedia ( indybay [at] lists.riseup.net )
Monday Dec 15th, 2003 5:30 AM

Do not email news releases, articles, or event notices to Indybay — you must publish to the newswire or calendar yourself.

How to write or suggest stories for the center column.

Feedback with regards to site content, and any other inquiries, should be directed to:


Please send the URL of the article when making a request!

Alternately, you are welcome to leave a voicemail at (415) 633-6349.

Get Connected

We are always looking for people to get involved as media producers and in other logistical roles. Please introduce yourself by sending us an e-mail.

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Working Groups & Regional Contacts

If you want to get involved, please send us a message introducing yourself! But don't feel like you have to contact somebody before you publish something yourself.

Central Valley
Dan Bacher, Environmental Justice and Water: danielbacher 'at' fishsniffer.com (916) 487-4905
East Bay
Dave Id, Reporter/Editor: daveid 'at' riseup.net (510) 730-1409
Peninsula / South Bay
Ruth Stevens, Reporter/Editor: (650) 279-3545
San Francisco
Bill Carpenter, Reporter/Editor and Video Coordinator: wcarpentx 'at' gmail.com
Santa Cruz Indymedia
Alex Darocy, Reporter/Editor: alex 'at' alexdarocy.com
Santa Cruz IMC news list
Receive information on upcoming events in the Monterey Bay Area and a summary of recent Santa Cruz Indymedia features.
Tech Working Group
The tech working group maintains Indybay's servers, codebase and mobile applications. E-mail indybay@lists.riseup.net if you have a question or are interested in contributing, or to report a security vulnerability.
Mark Burdett, Tech Coordinator: mark@indymedia.org OpenPGP fingerprint 81024cebd3e8404c1b4aa20b9d6add9af4cef0a5
Web Collective
The SF Bay Area Indymedia website collective is responsible for maintaining and updating all content on the website. E-mail indybay@lists.riseup.net. We do not accept news releases via e-mail; instead, please publish directly to the newswire or calendar.