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How to support SHERMAN AUSTIN
by adrienne
Friday Oct 24th, 2003 8:12 PM
20 year-old activist and webmaster Sherman Austin remains in federal prison for information another youth had on his website, which was linked to Sherman's site. Why should you care about this?
You may already know about Sherman Austin, a 20 year-old African American activist and webmaster who is currently serving a one-year sentence in federal prison for information another boy had on a website that was linked to Sherman's site. This message will provide links to additional information, provide a brief background, and tell you what you can do to support him.
When he was only 16, Sherman started running a website out of his home, on a server he had in his bedroom. His site included a free-hosting area. Another boy linked his site to this area, and his site included bomb-making information, the kind that is readily available on a variety of websites and even through That boy has never been charged with any crime, but Sherman, who did not author or post this information, became the FIRST and only person to be charged under 18 U.S.C. 842(p), a federal law sponsored by Dianne Feinstein in 1997 that makes it illegal to "distribute" bomb-making information with the "intent" to use it in a federal crime of violence. Sherman did not author or post this information, which was posted to a free-hosting area he offered on his website. He has no history of violence. Plenty of people with histories of violence post such information on their websites, but they have not been charged. This begs the question: why Sherman Austin? The answer has everything to do with the PATRIOT ACT and the post Sept. 11 climate of increased repression, as well as Sherman's race and his success as an internet activist.

You can learn more about the case via the following links:

These stories appeared in the San Francisco Bayview newspaper:

You can listen to the Democracy Now interviews by going to:

There is also an interview and essay that appeared in Counterpunch at:

Below is a letter that is being circulated in support of Sherman and in opposition to his selective prosecution and imprisonment. The letter is meant to encourage politicians and prison officials to ensure Sherman's safety while he is in prison and to advocate for the terms of his plea to be reexamined. Because white supremacists have placed a price on Sherman's head, his safety in prison remains a concern.

So far, a wide range of nearly 400 notable activists, artists, and educators such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Zack de la Rocha (of the band Rage Against the Machine), and the Indigo Girls have added their support, as you will see below.

If you would like to sign the letter (below), please send an email to <ahurley [at]>, indicating how you would like your name to appear. You will also need to send a verifiable home or work address, which will not be shared or made public, but is necessary to ensure that the letter is as effective as possible.

Legal teams are currently looking into possibilities for a plea withdrawal. If you can, please also send donations to his legal defense c/o Jennifer Martin at:

12115 Magnolia Blvd. #155
North Hollywood, CA 91607

"The events reported in the statement below are deeply troubling. Sherman Austin appears to be the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice, and I hope that this matter is pursued quickly, fairly, and justly." Noam Chomsky

We, the undersigned, are united in our opposition to the selective prosecution and imprisonment of Sherman Austin, a twenty year-old African American webmaster and activist. Sherman’s sentencing sets a dangerous precedent for the future of our right to express dissent and marks a troubling escalation in the criminalization of critical thinking and the erosion of the very civil liberties and rights our society purports to value.

On September 3, 2003 Sherman Austin surrendered himself to begin a one-year term in federal prison for the contents of a website that was authored by another boy and linked to Sherman's site,, on a free-hosting area Sherman provided there. The other boy's site included a direct link to the "Reclaim Guide,” a manual that provides crude instructions on how to build explosives. While this boy has not been charged with any crime, Sherman, who had no part in writing or posting any of the offending material, was prosecuted under a 1997 law sponsored by Dianne Feinstein that makes it illegal to distribute information related to explosives with the intent to use that information in a "federal crime of violence."

Numerous websites feature bomb-making instructions, and while such information is easily accessed via the internet and online bookstores such as, Sherman, who has no history of violence and who did not write the "Reclaim Guide,” is the first person to be charged under this law. The key element in the case against Sherman hinged on the question of "intent." Because Sherman's site is critical of U.S. government policy, police brutality, globalization, and racism, the prosecution and judge maintained that his politics provided grounds for proving intent.

Senator Feinstein, in a press release issued the day Sherman entered prison, expressed “dismay” that prosecutors had not pursued the “bombmaking” law “aggressively” enough as a “tool in fighting terrorism.” We ask, why is it that a nonviolent twenty year-old, someone whom the California Department of Corrections Senior Staff Psychologist determined “does not represent a risk to society whatsoever” and described as “a very, very peaceful, mild-mannered” person, has been sentenced under this law while others who present clear and identifiable threats, such as certain white supremacist and anti-choice organizations, have been permitted to distribute bombmaking information and make direct threats on individuals, clinics, and groups? We contend that the selective prosecution of Sherman Austin had everything to do with his race, his
politics, his effectiveness as an internet activist, and his mother’s lack of financial resources to mount an aggressive legal defense. We find it significant and telling that the actual author of the site directly linked to the "Reclaim Guide" is the son of affluent and conservative white parents.

We also question the validity of Sherman’s plea itself. Sherman, who was eighteen years-old when this case began, was told a "terrorism enhancement" would be applied to his case if he went to trial. This meant that he could have been subjected to an additional 20 years in prison if found guilty. We challenge the notion that a plea made under such circumstances could be truly voluntary. Sherman accepted two plea bargain agreements, one of which the judge rejected, sentencing Sherman to a term longer than what the prosecution suggested.

As is evident in the court transcripts, the decisions of U.S. District Court Judge Stephen V. Wilson were neither fair nor impartial. He stated that he hoped Sherman’s case would serve as a deterrent to other activists and “revolutionaries” and that he wanted to "send a message" by subjecting Sherman to a harsher sentence. As activists, educators, artists, and concerned individuals, we stand together to send a message back to Judge Wilson. We will not be silenced or deterred.

Many of us have published, recorded, performed, or presented work that is critical of U.S. foreign policy, domestic examples of social injustice, and the effects of globalization. Some of us have made statements that could provide even more compelling grounds for applying the standard of “intent” invoked in Sherman’s case had we offered free-hosting website space that the author of the “Reclaim Guide” could have used. Because Sherman is now serving time in federal prison for having expressed opinions not unlike our own, we feel compelled to speak out lest we be next.

Two days after entering prison, Sherman was moved into isolation because of death threats made by white supremacist groups. Thanks to numerous calls, faxes, and letters sent to prison officials, Sherman has now been transferred, but his safety in prison remains a concern. In the words of the Department of Corrections Psychologist, Sherman “is likely to become a victim by virtue of his youth, slight build and naiveté. He is totally unprepared to defend himself in such a setting. He is more likely to become brutalized by the experience than to learn from it."

We support the efforts underway to challenge the terms of Sherman's plea and probation, and we demand that prison and government officials ensure the safety of Sherman Austin while he remains in custody.

Aaron R. Aarons
Berkeley, CA

Tarnel Abbott
Richmond, CA

Wil-Dog Abers

Kevin Akin
Congressional Candidate
44th Congressional District of California
Peace and Freedom Party

Marika Albert
BC, Canada

Michael Albert
Z Magazine and Znet

Neal Albright
San Jose, CA

Stacey Alexander
Ontario, CA

Daisy Ambia
Santa Ana, CA

Anarchist Action, Australia
Australian RTF Chapter

Charles Anselm
Los Angeles, CA

Blake Anthony
Irvine, CA

Steve Argue
Editor, Liberation News
Santa Cruz, CA

Louise Auerhahn
San Jose, CA

Jim Ausman
San Francisco, CA

Antonio Austin
artist and writer
Los Angeles, CA

Melanie Austin
Englewood, New Jersey

Rachel Austin
graphic artist
Los Angeles, CA

Shermane Austin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Medgar Evers College
The City University of New York

Vincent Avila
San Jose, CA

Daniel Axtel
Web developer
Shelton, CT

Craig W. Baal
Riverside, CA

Robert Badger
Hollywood, CA

Miriam Baker
Jacksonville, FL

Elena Banales
Retired LaborWorker, Cake Designer

Guadalupe Banales
Environmentalist and Artist

Monica Banales
College Student

Shaymus Banks

Sandra Barbosa
Bloomington, CA

William H. Bardin
Oakland, CA

Ulises Bella

Patricia Bennett
Riverside, CA

Kevin Bernhardt
Los Angeles, CA

Samir Bitar
Performance Artist/Writer
Brooklyn, NY

Gay Block
Santa Fe, NM

Linda Boigon
Valley Village, CA

Blase Bonpane, Ph.D.
Director, Office of the Americas

Rushay Booysen
Obscure Promotions
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Bridget M. Borer
Minneapolis, MN

John Bouchard
Riverside, CA

Adrienne Braun
San Bernadino, CA

Rivers Brown
Ashland, OR

Chris Brozda
Soquel, CA

Renae Bryant
Norco, CA

Chris Burnett
LA Indymedia
Los Angeles, CA

Bruno Cabral
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Daniel Cabrera

Mat Callahan
Musician, author

Jim Calvert
Amarillo, TX

Robert Calvert
Huntington Beach, CA

Laura Cambron
Whittier, CA

Scott Campbell
Oakland, CA

Michael Cardenas
Independent Media Center

Conan Dean Carey
Ph.D. Candidate, Japanese Literature
Stanford University

Margaret B. Carey
Attorney at Law
Denver, CO

Willard Carpenter, Instructor
Social Sciences Dept.
City College of San Francisco

Mar Carrillo
Chino, CA

Rose Marie Castro
Richmond, CA

Cherry Cayabyab
Seattle, WA

Karina Cesa
Arleta, CA

John Chionis
Sedona, AZ

Ashlee Christoffersen
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Alison Chubb, Ph.D.
Biologist and videographer
Redwood City, CA

Wei-min Brian Chiu, Ph.D.
United Auto Workers
Los Angeles, CA

Erick Church
Hillsdale, MI

Schaun Clark
Customer Service Rep.
Compton, CA

Alan Clarke
Nottingham, England

Kimberly Claytor
Costa Mesa, CA

Dan Clore
Columbia City, OR

Paul t Cobbin
aka Captain Wardrobe

Wendy Cohen
Los Angeles, CA

Compassion for Farm Animals
San Diego, CA

Betty A. Connolly
Earth First!

Matthew Convey
Victoria, Australia

Jay Conway
Riverside, CA

Yvette Cooper
Los Angeles, CA

Yannis Cosdmadopoulos
San Francisco, CA

Ed Cotton
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Covents
Bettendorf, IA

Kate Crosier
San Jose, CA

Kathleen Crume
School Administrator

Roy Culver
Athens, Greece

Soula Culver
Richmond, CA

Vika Culver
Athens, Greece

Lewis Currier
Jerome, AZ

Mary Currier
Jerome, AZ

Catherine Curtis
Sunnyvale, CA

Anita Dacanay
Shaker Heights, OH

Karin Dalesky
Grad student, Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Washington, Tacoma

Rev. Pondurenga Das
Berkeley, CA

Sharon Davidson
Montrose, CA

Richard C. Dawson
Torrance, CA

Nicholas De Genova
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Latina/o Studies
Columbia University

Naomi De Gracia
Los Angeles, CA

Zack de la Rocha

Jesus Diaz
Vancouver, WA

Resha DiMenna
B.C., Canada

Danny Dixon
Riverside, CA

Frank Dorrell
Publisher of Addicted to War

Jim Douglas
Davis, CA

Mike Dow
Alameda, CA

Mike Drum
Oakland, CA

Gary Dunaway
Peoria, IL

B.R. Dupuis
Seattle, WA

Nick Eaton
Selden, NY

Riva Enteen

James W. Evans
Richmond, CA

Chris Fagundes
Visalia, CA

Nina Falk
Berkeley, CA

Michael Farrer
NSW, Australia

Diane Farsetta
Coordinator, East Timor Action Network/Madison
Madison, WI

Jane Fehlberg
Albany, CA

Mel Figueroa
Silver Lake, CA

Folk This!

Zackariah Moore Fosdyck

Freedom Smugglers
Noisy Neighbors Recording Artist
RTF Orange County Chapter

Ken Freeland
Houston Coalition for Justice Not War
Houston, TX

Ted Friedman
San Francisco, CA

Jessica Friedrich
Angwin, CA

Cameron Frost
Victoria, Australia

James Fujii
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature
University of California, Irvine

JoAnn Gabrielson
Walnut Creek, CA

Donald Herman Collins Gallegos
Riverside, CA

Rosalba Gama
Santa Ana, CA

Melissa Garrett
San Diego, CA

Ottawa, Canada

Paul George
Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Palo Alto, CA

Mark M. Giese
Racine, WI

Mandeep S. Gill
UC Berkeley graduate student

Professor Ann Fagan Ginger
Berkeley, CA

Warren M. Gold, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Art Goldberg
Berkeley, CA

Luis Fernando Gomez
Human Rights Activist
Alexandria, VA

Jennifer Gordon
San Francisco, CA

Juanita Gordon
Ada, OH

Tom Gorman
Glendale, CA

Harold Greenblatt
San Francisco, CA

Damon Gregg
Stow, OH

Iliana Guevara
Los Angeles, CA

Chantel C. Guidry
Lawrence, KS

Omar Guzman
Joliet, IL

Jamie Hagen-Holt
San Diego, CA

Paul Hagen-Holt
San Diego, CA

Paul Hamingson
Woodland Hills, CA

Dorit Hanover
Culver City, CA

Hunter Hargraves
Stanford, CA

Harold S. Harmon
Moreno Valley, CA

Adrienne Harris
Richmond, CA

Theodore Harris
Philadelphia, PA

Patricia Hartz, Ph.D.
University of California, Irvine

Chris Hayden
Lawrence, KS

Darlene Heinz
Registered Nurse
Kansas City, MO

Carl Henriksson
Solidarity Organization Twiga

Randy Herr
Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Herrick
San Diego, CA

Megan Herrington
Everett, MA

Meg Hickman
Pasadena, CA

Julie Hoigaard, Ph.D.
Social Science
University of California, Irvine

Tomoyuki Hoshino

Sophia Hronopoulos
Obirin University
Tokyo, Japan

Adrienne Carey Hurley, Ph.D.
Stanford Institute for International Studies

Dave Ijams
Richmond, CA

Eric Alan Isaacson
San Diego, CA

Steven Jacobson
Larkspur, CA

Aram James
Co-Founder Santa Clara County
Citizens to Elect Our Public Defender
Palo Alto, CA

Garrett James
Santa Cruz, CA

Cameron Jeffries
construction worker, artist, founder of Now or Never
Waldorf, MD

Laura Jester
Tacoma, WA

Scott Jodice
Wrightwood, CA

Steve Jodice
Wrightwood, CA

Cynthia Johnson
Kensington, CA

Kris Johnson
Ex-Defense Force Member (Navy)
Victoria, Australia

Ti'Ondra Jones
teacher, revolutionary activist
Oxon Hill, MD

Jolena Jordan
Riverside, CA

Andrew Kahn
Staten Island, NY

Odinga Kambui
Dallas Committee to Keep Assata Shakur ‘Free’
Dallas N'COBRA
Dallas, Tejas

Ramsey Kanaan
AK Press

Kathleen Kane, Ph.D.
Carmel, NY

Rebecca Kaplan
Oakland, CA

Erich Keefe
legal worker
Berkeley, CA

Anjali Khosla
Iowa City, IA

Brandon Kikuyama
Mission Viejo, CA

D e N i S e K i N G
Life Sciences Exhibit Developer
e x p l O r a t o r i u m
Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception
San Francisco, CA

Hilary Klein
San Francisco, CA

Janet Kobren
Oakland, CA

Karen Kolehmainen
Associate Professor of Physics
California State University, San Bernardino

Sarah Kotzamani
Berkeley, CA

Erik J. Kremsreiter
Chandler, AZ

Michael Kussman
Studio City, CA

Keith Lampe
Cha-am, Thailand

Andrew Lane
Lansdale, PA

Marilyn Langlois
Community volunteer
Richmond, CA

Melanie Langlois
Creative Spirit
Berkeley, CA

Jillian Lashmett
Nashville, TN

Lawrence Anarchist Black Cross
Lawrence, KS

Thomas Leavitt
Santa Cruz, CA

Cecile Leneman
Oakland, CA

Bernard Levy
Peace & Freedom Party State Central Committee (SCC)
San Diego, CA

Daisy Leyva
Perris, CA

Veronica Leyva
Perris, CA

Owen Li
Chico, CA

Erika Licon
Altadena, CA

Lydia Limmor
Sylmar, CA

Laura Lindley
Los Angeles, CA

Roger Linn
Roger Linn Designs

Josh Lofthouse
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Timmy Lu
Baldwin Park, CA

Barbara Lucore
Ladera Ranch, CA

Christine Lynch
Lawrence, MA

Art McGee
Co-Founder, Media Justice Network
Oakland, CA

Heather McGuckian
Riverside, CA

Keith McHenry,
Tucson, AZ

Gayle McLaughlin
Richmond Greens

Robert T McQuaid
Ontario, Canada

Susie Macksey
Los Angeles, CA

David Marquez
Vice President Riverside County Young Democrats
Riverside, CA

John Martin
Palo Alto, CA

Stephen A. Martin
Fort Madison, IA

Adam Marx
Hopkins, MN

Sarah Mathews
Anaheim, CA

Anna Meehan
San Bernadino, CA

Raymond Meyer
Mt. View, CA

Steven Mikulen
Los Angeles, CA

Doug Miller
Salt Lake City, UT

Peggy Miller
activist, craftsperson, and reporter

Robert E. Miller
El Sobrante, CA

Malavika Mohanan
Palo Alto, CA

Edgar T. Monk
Richmond, CA

Richard Moreno
President, Not In Our Name (Mt. SAC) Student Alliance

Leuren Moret
Citizen Scientist
President, Scientists for Indigenous People
Berkeley, CA

Adam Moyer
Revolutionary Poet
Centuria, WI

Liv Murphy
Santa Fe, NM

Chizuco Naito
Tokyo University

Futoshi Nakagawa
Tokyo, Japan

Nicholas Napolitano
Granada Hills, CA

Anjali Nath
Fullerton, CA

Anahita New (U.K. National)
Bangkok, Thailand

Laro Nicol
Activist and father

Danielle Nicolet
Studio City, CA

Maghaze Nina
Los Angeles, CA

Natasha Noriega-Goodwin
Costa Mesa, CA

Robert Norse
Santa Cruz, CA

John O’Brien
Los Angeles, CA

William P. O'Connell, MFT
San Jose, CA

Devin O'Keefe
Richmond, CA

Seon O'Neill
Berkeley, CA

Guy Oosterhoff
Sydney, Australia

Raul Pacheco

John Paige
Oakland, CA

Jody Paulson
Fort Wayne, IN

George Peabody
Editor, Molokai Advertiser-News
Kaunakakai, Molokai, HI

Joe Peacock
Hampton, GA

Monika Penner
BC, Canada

Sara Pereira
Bodyworker/Student of Chinese Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

Marilynne Pereira
Teacher of English to second language students
Golden Valley High School
Merced, CA

Craig D. Peterson
Pleasant Hill, CA

Maggie Phair
Los Angeles, CA

Rita Pickering
Coral Springs, FL

Kathleen Pliska
Long Beach, CA

Csaba Polony
Editor, Left Curve

Justin Poree

Cecil Powers
Hunting Beach, CA

Judith Poxon
Sacramento, CA

James Pratt
Richmond, CA

Mary Prichard
Pt. Richmond, CA

Gilberto Ramirez
Brooklyn, NY

Edessa Ramos
poet, writer, theater artist
Zurich, Switzerland

Mary Ratcliff
Editor, San Francisco Bay View newspaper

Amy Ray
Indigo Girls

Sarah Rea
Student Journalist
Los Angeles, CA

Juan Reardon, MD, MPH
Richmond, CA

David Remer
Frankfurt, Germany

Revolution Summer
San Diego, CA

Richard Reynoso
Riverside, CA

Michelle Richardson
Engineer, Silicon Valley for Civil Rights, ACLU
San Jose, CA

Ed Rimbaugh
Sebastopol, CA

Jose Rios
Peoria, IL

Melissa Rodriguez
Anaheim, CA

Stephen F Rohde Esq
Rohde & Victoroff
Los Angeles, CA

Mili Rosenblatt
Oakland, CA

Kyle Rotterman
Woonsocket, RI

Jennifer Martin Ruggiero
Teacher of Computer Science & Imaging
Los Angeles, CA

Stephen Ruoss, M.D.
Associate Professor
Stanford Medical School

Ethel Ruymaker
Oakland, CA

Nina Ruymaker
Berkeley, CA

Ray Sakover
Riverside, CA

Jon Salenger
Los Angeles, CA

Emily Saliers
Indigo Girls

Talene Salmaszadeh
Riverside, CA

Rob Santucci
High Bridge, NJ

Marc Sapir, MD, MPH
Berkeley, CA

Al Sary
Mountain View, CA

Alex Sassmannshausen
Schrassig, Luxembourg

Paula Schumacher
Lawrence, KS

Fiona Searson
Assistant in Nursing

Palak Shah
Brookline, MA

Ruth B. Shields
San Francisco, CA

Miriam Shipp, MD, MPH
State of California
Department of Health Services
Oakland, CA

Asdru Sierra

Marko Sihvo
Espoo, Finland

Jennifer Silvers
Norman, OK

Steven Slap
anti-racist activist
Lake Pleasant, MA

Michael Slate
writer, Revolutionary Worker newspaper
host, Beneath the Surface, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

Charles Slay
East Palo Alto, CA

Ashley Smith
Flushing, MI

Naomi Snyder
Santa Monica, CA

Howard Sodja
El Sobrante, CA

Matthew Sorensen
New School University
New York, NY

Tye Southard
Hollywood, CA

Carolyn Spidle
Santa Fe, NM

Brian Squadrilli
Huntington Beach, CA

author and international activist

Christian Stauffer
Silver Spring, MD

Joseph Stewart
Santa Cruz, CA

Jeffrey G Strahl
Berkeley, CA

Roger Nathan Strickland
Lawrence, KS

Samina F. Sundas
Palo Alto, CA

Sue Supriano
Berkeley, CA

Jeff Swanson
Los Angeles, CA

Colin M. Sword
CEO & Chairman
Delta Engineering Corporation

Jeremy Syrop
Chappaqua, NY

Bruce Tanner
San Jose, CA

Hallie Montoya Tansey
San Francisco, CA

Jon Taylor
Los Angeles, CA

Wesley Teal
Lawrence, KS

Judith Tekampe

Sheila Thorne
Berkeley, CA

Megan Tibbetts
Anchorage, AK

Jack Tobin, Ed.D.
Boston, MA

Andrew Tonkovich
Lecturer, University of California, Irvine
President, UC-AFT Local 2226

David Torres
Labor Worker

Susana Torres
Human Resource Support

Diana Touchton
San Francisco, CA

Terry Towne
Tucson, AZ

Mitch Trachtenberg
Trinidad, CA

Lan Tran
Newport Beach, CA

Linda Tran
Stanford, CA

Juan Treminio
University of Texas at Dallas

Paul Tsorraccia
Los Angeles, CA

Serena Turley
Co-editor, The G-Spot
Arizona State University

Alissa Van Nort
Civil Servant
Berkeley, CA

Daniel Vargas
Los Angeles, CA

Virginia Vèlez
Mother and activist
San Francisco, CA

Evelyn Velson
Women for Peace, East Bay
Oakland, CA

Ricky Vertolli
Vineland, NJ

Elaine Vigil
Laguna Hills, CA

Laura Villegas
Los Angeles, CA

Deirdre Visser
Artist and teacher
San Francisco, CA

Lloyd Wagner
Saginaw, MN

Randell Wakefield
Chino Hills, CA

Darlene Wallach
San Jose, CA

Megan Wallis
Los Angeles, CA

Professor Dana Ward
Executive Director
International Society of Political Psychology
Pitzer College
Claremont, CA

Jonathan Weiner
San Francisco, CA

Heidi Werntz
Activist, Photojournalist, and Law Student
Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Alaska Whelan
Riverside, CA

Susan Whitmyre
Long Beach, CA

Carla Williams
writer and artist
Oakland, CA

Cynthia (Cindy) Williams
Political Activist, Stained Glass/Mosaic Artist

James Williams
Huntington Beach, CA

Melba Williams
Palo Alto, CA

Susan Williams
Huntington Beach, CA

Whitney Williams
Providence, RI

Brittney Willis
Nashville, TN

Deborah Willis-Kennedy
Professor of Photography & Imaging
Tisch School of the Arts
New York University

Steve Withers
Electoral Reform Coalition
Wellington, New Zealand

Gordon Wright
Berkeley, CA

David E. Wunsch
Unemployed electronic engineer
San Jose, CA

Jiro Yamaguchi

Armando Yañez
San Jose, CA

Jim Yarbrough
Newbury Park, CA

A. Daniel Yavuzkurt
Student, Penn State University

Melissa Yang
Dayton, OH

Kortney Zeman
Pomona, CA

Howard Zinn

Sharon Zorn-Katz
Riverside, CA

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