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Joseph Wilson promoting critique of govt. propaganda by Sam Gardiner

by Required reports: Wilson tells us he plans to circulate the text of a briefing by analyst Sam Gardiner that suggests the White House and Pentagon made up or distorted over 50 war stories.
Sam Gardiner's text appears to be here, linked from the article:

Sam Gardiner speculates that various stories in the media orignated in what was to be called the Office of Strategic Influence. Here is an article from FAIR noting that Rumsfeld stated that while the Office of Strategic Influence was killed in name, it's activities were going to be carried out:

Main story:
by Herman Schmidt (HSchm48031 [at]
Sam Gardiner's work is solid and worrisome. Yet, more troubling is that breadth of the gullibility of the American public when emotive buttons are pushed. Gardiner makes a solid case, but shouldn't all of us have reached similar conclusions based on less comprehensive information?
by northern joe
Operating a propaganda machine from within the WH aiming it at the voters? Who else thinks it likely such behavior would have been considered impeachable by the founding fathers.

by Dee Dee
Lynch was a hero too - just not the kind that the administration tried to fabricate. Just a young girl who was terribly harmed and then used.
by Marion Delgado
This consortium of neocons, mafia, corporations, religious hucksters, liars, rednecks, military monomaniacs, greedy power sycophants, mooney eyed arm waving death cult christian delusionists, racketeers, amoral opportunist politicians, and their wilfully ignorant acolytes who reflexively believe any propaganda that the collective anus of the above mentioned cast shits on them are the pathological power nexus that rules this nation this day.
Our country is no longer a democracy, nor is it the the land of the free and the brave.We are not good, exemplary, inspirational, or any of the adjectives that that were heralded by our civics teachers to make us proud to be American. These onetime descriptors of a nation we believed ourselves to be, have lost their meaning. They have become vapid platitudes uttered by black tongued reptilian death merchants not as ideals to live by, but as parsing tools and brand recognition devices to separate and label the public, to turn us against each other and provoke mindless nationalism.
We have become a rogue terrorist nation pretending to be something else, fooling no one but ourselves. We have in five short years become the most reviled and loathed nation in the world. We export more weapons than any other nation. We spend more on our military than all the rest of the world put together. Even so, our bought and paid for shills for the defense industry that is, our high minded representatives in congress allocate more and more taxpayer money to this unending black hole.
We have gone from a two party representative democratic republic to a one party menagerie of psychopathic relatively stupid but monied whores and opportunists called Republicans and their fake opponents the jellylike emasculated and equally bought Democrats, all lapping at the feet of private wealthy controllers who want what is yours. Wealth rules this nation now. It always has but now it is touted as the way things should be and idealized. Everything is to be subordinated to private wealthy interests. The gap between rich and poor is growing annually. The middle class is shrinking as the wealthy elite in this country discovered they have something in common with the pigs that rule third world nations cheap exploitable labor.
The propaganda this voracious weathy class of pigs produces is amazing in its audacity and arrogance. Aggressive imperial preemptive war and occupation for control of resources is called promotion of democracy nevermind the once vaunted principle of democracy that a people have the right of self determination. We will impose democracy whether they like it or not just so long as that democracy is controlled by us and strictly adheres to the ridiculous and untenable principles of free market capitalism, that is, easily exploited by the wealthy.WMDs, aluminum tubes, yellow cake, Al Queda-Saddam complicity, giant caches of bio or chemical weapons, cartoons of mobile laboratories and drones capable of delivering mass terror to our shores in less than an hour all an elaborate ruse to get the public behind them.In other words they lied to you and manipulated you and have so far soaked you about 350 billion dollars. They have killed 100,000 Iraqis and 2000 of your kids. Hey look at the bright side Dick Cheney's stock options in Halliburton are worth 3160% more because of those handy no bid contracts they got from over in Iraq. He sure likes the military at times like these. He didn't like it so much when on three different occasions he wormed deferments from the draft when the Viet Nam war was happening.
Who are these neocons we here so much about? A bunch of them are ex Trotkyists who after becoming disillusioned at the prospects of being commisars in the permanent revolution gave up the trappings of leftwing utopia for the wealthier and more promising positions as commisars of the righwing permanent war on terror. Give up the ideology but keep the desire for power and dominance. The other half of the neocons are the pasty inbred spawn of the zionist contingent of the ruling class bent on U.S. imperialism through military aggression to protect and consolidate their wealth and be Israels proxy in the middle east.
by laffin my ass off!!
dead on target, m'man!
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