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The Rise of an Anti-American Army in Iraq
by repost
Tuesday Aug 5th, 2003 4:10 PM
"We are grateful to the Americans for what they did, but they have caused us many problems, too, and we need them to help us," Ahmed Adnan, a customer at the stall, said. "Maybe this army will make them sit up and listen and hear our problems. Until then, more and more people will join."
Published on Tuesday, August 5, 2003 by the Times/UK
The Rise of an Anti-American Army in Iraq

More than a million men have reportedly answered the call from a young cleric to join his 'Mehdi army' to defend Iraq's religion and country -- and drive out the Americans.

by Catherine Philp

SADR CITY, Iraq - As the muezzin calls the faithful to evening prayer and shadows lengthen against the mosque walls, dozens of young men line up patiently at a table, clutching pieces of paper scrawled with their details.

The men are answering a call from a controversial young firebrand cleric to form an Islamic Shia army in defense of their religion and country, but also, many say, eventually to take on the occupiers from the United States and drive them from Iraq.