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Stated purpose of Aug. 2003 "Christian Zionist" conference. Land theft of Gaza,

by eco man
Read the history and goals of Christian Zionism at this San Francisco conference web page:
Land theft of East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank ("Samaria and Judea") are clearly approved nowadays. See purposes section at the end.
Here is the URL of the web page with more of the images of the flyer-posters for the August 2-6 2003 "Christian Zionist" San Francisco conference:

Some are copied here:

July 24 2003 New York Times article on "Christian Zionist" Tom Delay of TEXAS. Republican Majority leader of U.S. House.
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by John Veldhuis
If there ever were people belonging in straight jackets...
by Mark Dankof (kramfoknad [at]
The tragedy of what the United States is supporting in Palestine is not supported by all orthodox Christians, but primarily those who have bought into the historically recent, and deceptive Biblical hermeneutic of Dispensationalism. Those of us on the theological and political Right who have not been purchased by Sharon, DeLay, Robertson, Falwell, and Company are genuinely sickened by the entire situation, both in the Middle East as well as in America, where the Israeli lobby seems to own both major parties. My article on Dispensationalism on my web site may be of interest to some of your readers. Sincerely--
Here is a link to your articles on Dispensationalism:

I haven't read them, and I probably won't, because my spirituality is not dependent on a textual basis. But I thought others might have a hard time finding the articles on your website.

What would Americans think if the U.N. (especially nowadays when the U.N. is so disliked by the right) declared part of the USA a "Jewish state," or if the British government maintained a mandate over part of the USA to impose massive immigration of Jews into a part of the USA. Without the USA's approval? What if there was resistance? Would Americans call it terrorism or freedom-fighting? Especially if this Jewish state continued to expand into the USA beyond the initial borders approved by the U.N.

This is such a no-brainer. The U.N. has condemned the continued expansion of the Israeli settlers, but the Israeli government ignores that part of U.N. decisions, and focuses only on the initial U.N. proposal for a Jewish state.

Here is an excerpt below from my Yahoo Group homepage:

U.S. drug-war ads say drugs fund terrorism. Terrorism begins/ends with "Christian Zionist" GOP Majority Leader Tom DeLay's support of fundamentalist Israeli settler land theft:

stop-us-military-aid-to-israel-banner.gif" new_refusenik_watch_eng.gif" 49709.gif"
I hope Indymedia leaves both versions of my above comments. It was a mistake that I corrected, but I now like the fact that it shows the URLs of the images.

Others can use those URLs to put the images on web pages, in emails, etc.. 2 of the images are regularly updated, and are on hundreds of websites. The URLs themselves are clickable on many message boards, and in most email. So copy and paste them anywhere.

Here is a good quote from this article: "Christian Zionists may identify themselves as evangelical Christians, but not all evangelical Christians agree with their uncritical support of Israel. In July of 2002, nearly 60 prominent evangelical theologians and heads of organizations wrote to the President, voicing an even-handed policy towards Israelis and Palestinians that affirms two states, 'free, economically viable and secure.' They asked that the President vigorously 'oppose injustice, including the continued unlawful and degrading Israeli settlement movement,' which they characterized as

'the theft of Palestinian land.'

Emphasis added.

Jews recently (last few years) won civil damages for the theft and/or disappearance of their property and money in Swiss banks, wills, etc. during and after World War II.

Theft and/or destruction of Palestinian lands, homes, businesses, farms, etc.. is more recent and equally deserving of compensation. By Israel and its sponsor, the USA.

The first Gulf War was supposedly because of Iraqi theft of Kuwaiti land and oil.

Why does Israel get a pass for its theft of Palestinian lands and properties?

End the Hypocrisy!
The U.S. (G.W. Bush) said they believe in freedom for all People. How about freedom for the oppressed Palestinian People..

West Bank and Gaza are only 22% of what is TODAY, Israel, West Bank and Gaza.
The Orange areas are Israeli settlements in the already small 22% that is West Bank and Gaza. What kind of carved up mess will the Palestinian State be unless all the settlements are removed (which will probably never happen) or just make the settlements part of the New Palestinian State (which can happen right now)??

For there to be Peace and for there to be a reason for the Palestinian People to stop their fight for Freedom:
We need a Palestinian State with Reasonable Border NOW, If the Road Map that is backed by the U.S., U.N., E.U., and Russia is to work...
Send in a Joint, U.S., U.N. Peace keeping Force to the West Bank and Gaza for the sole purpose of trying to avoid conflicts between the Palestinian and the settlers..
Then have the Biased (biased because they will always be on the side of the settlers) Israeli Military retreat to the pre 1967 Israeli Borders, They can then concentrate their effort on guarding this Border..
Example of a possible solution:
In return the Refugees have no Right of Return inside the 1967 Israeli Borders..
One complaint that Israel has is that the Right of Return will result in two Palestinian States, (The Right of return is almost impossible any way because the land and homes they lost are now built up with Jewish homes businesses etc…)
The Refugees can be helped to settle somewhere in the new Palestinian State..
The Settlements are now part of Palestine...
If the some 300,000 Israeli Settlers living in Palestine do not like living there, they can move to Israel...
If the 1,000,000 or so Palestinians who now live in Israel do not like living in Israel, they can move to Palestine...
If 1,000,000 or so Palestinians can live in Israel, then some 300,000 Israeli Settlers can live in Palestine if they choose to stay..
If you take Israel, West Bank and Gaza, West Bank and Gaza is only 22% of the total area in Question, This small amount is not too much to ask for millions of Palestinians who must have their freedom to have a peaceful life.
If this solution was implemented there is a good chance the so called terrorist (seen as freedom fighters by the oppressed Palestinian People) would stop their fight, if not they would be very foolish because then Israel would have a just cause to fight back and the U.S. would have a just cause to help Israel fight back.
Otherwise we will continue to have:
Israel: We have to confiscate Palestinian land and demolish Palestinian homes because there are suicide bombers???
Palestine: We have to defend ourselves because Israel is slowly confiscating all our land and demolishing our homes. We have no military to defend ourselves and our land. If we do nothing, we will soon have nothing at all???
The era of colonization is past,. We can not expect to oppress millions of Palestinian People and still have peace.

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