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Legal Support

4/8 Legal Update on Yesterday's Dock Action
by Legal Support Team
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 5:16 PM
Update on protesters arrested at yesterday's anti-war actions in Oakland
4:30pm, Tuesday 4/8: Of the 29 people arrested during yesterday's anti-war action at the Port of Oakland, 4 people (1 woman and 3 men) still remain incarcerated. They are being held at the Santa Rita Correctional Facility. The police have delayed giving their reports to the District Attorney, so the D.A.'s office claims that it is unable to process the cases. They will allegedly arraign the 4 individuals tomorrow morning, at which point they should most likely be released. The legal support team asks people to call the numbers listed below to demand that their charges be dropped and that they be released immediately (rather than having to spend another night in jail.) Police reportedly targetted the woman in particular, believing her to be an organizer.

Please call:
Oakland District Attorney: (510) 268-7500
Oakland Police Chief: (510) 238-3365
Mayor Brown: (510) 238-3141