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Jerry Brown Endorsed Shooting Of Protesters And Port Workers
by 'We The People' Demand Jerry Brown Resign
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 12:39 AM
Jerry Brown has a reputation for being "liberal" or even "progressive", but many Oakland residents know better. Brown has been a strong supporter of sending minority students to a new military academy he helped set up and now Brown has openly endorsed the use of wooden and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters and dock workers.
By all accounts the protests at the Oakland docks today were peaceful and not only was the police action unprovoked but the dispersal order given was only two minutes before the police opened fire. Many of those injured were port workers and the Business Agent of the local ILWU was arrested by the OPD without reason.

"Groups were coming to take over the port, all right, now that's not acceptable. .... Police, in the line of fire there reacted in the best way they know how. You've got some pretty violent people there, those fellows who put on black masks and picked up big rocks. One guy took a slab of concrete and threw it at one of the officers," [Jerry Brown] told Reuters.

Jerry Brown's sordid past:

Jerry Brown creates military academy so that more Oakland residents can grow up to fight in foreign lands for US oil interests:

Jerry Brown supports the use of Oakland for a US Marine training exercise for urban warfare. The exercise was needed by the Marines to train for missions like those in Somalia and now Iraq. In a very direct sense Jerry Brown is responsible for what is going on today in Baghdad!
§throwing a grenade at people going to work
by 'We The People' Demand Jerry Brown Resign Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 12:39 AM
Jerry Brown Has No Shame!!! His sick thugs on the dock not only abused workers and protesters but they were laughing and making homophobic comments while doing it....
§Jerry Brown Should Be Thrown Out Of Office And Shunned
by 'We The People' Demand Jerry Brown Resign Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 12:39 AM
What kind of sicko would do this to peaceful anti-war protesters!!!
§And To Think Jerry Brown Once Had A Show On KPFA
by 'We The People' Demand Jerry Brown Resign Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 12:39 AM
All it takes is a little power and a supposedly peaceful man who claims to be into nonviolence will do this to his own citizens. Dictator and thug Jerry must be removed from office. Petitions must be started to get him out of office before his thugs kill again (remember the Riders scandal, in that recent case Jerry defended actual murderers)
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