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Legal Update on Oakland Arrestees: COME TO HEARING TOMORROW!
by sfschism
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 9:59 PM
31 Protesters STILL being held at Santa Rita jail in Dublin on traffic violations, after this morning's brutal attacks on picketers at the Oakland docks. One protester being held for unknown reasons overnight, with a 9am hearing tomorrow morning.
31 protesters were arrested at today's dock actions in Oakland, where Oakland police opened fire into a crowd of defenseless protesters who were unable to move within the confines of fences and blockades. Supporters were told they would be released today at 4pm, but officials still have not released any of the detainees. As far as we know, they are all being held on traffick violations and city infractions (which means they are not to be held, but cited instead), including "walking outside of a crosswalk". At least four protesters are are also being held on charges of refusing to obey a police officer. Jail officials have made another committment to release all the women but one by 1am this morning. No information on the men inside, including Jack Heyman, ILWU dockworker, has been made available. There are reports that some people may have bail, and that there are three men doing jail solidarity inside. People are encouraged to go out to Santa Rita jail and be there when people are released. (1.5 miles from Dublin/Pleasonton BART)

One protester, Laura Glenn, is being held on trumped-up charges overnight. She will have a hearing at 107 Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse at 9am tomorrow morning. Please come out to 661 Washington Street in Oakland to show your support - don't let her fall between the cracks!!

For more info, call: 415-248-1011