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VIDEO: Police Shoot as Protesters Flee, Oakland Docks
by Cram
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 6:21 PM
Video shows Oakland police shooting at protesters as they leave the protest site. The cameraman is shot as he flees. Close-ups shown of police names/badges.
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by Woman from the North
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 7:46 PM
Thank you to the people of Oakland. Keep strong. We're fighting up here in Portland too. We've taken a beating over the past weeks -- with rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades, nightsticks, illegal arrests, and all the weird star trek weapons the fascists have at their disposal. But, like you, we're stronger than they are because we believe in what we are doing.

Thank you for being in the streets, thank you for rising up. Thanks to the longshoreman for standing in solidarity with the anti-war protesters, and thanks to all for taking wooden bullets and other atrocities to protect our freedoms here in the US.

Every time someone tells me how soldiers are fighting for my freedoms, I think about how soldiers are half a world away, fighting an immoral war against my sisters and brothers in the Arab world for rich men's gain. Not for freedom, not for democracy, but for oil and power and wealth for the fascist regime here in Amerika. And then I think of all the people here, where they belong, who are REALLY fighting for our freedom, democracy, and right to free speech and free assembly.

The only people attacking my freedom and democracy now are either living in the whitehouse, living in an "undisclosed location," or carrying badges on the streets of my city. And the only people doing anything about it are the people like you, who are willing to stand up against this beast, even in the face of brutal force and corporate brainwashing.

You are the real freedom fighters. You, and I, and all the people all over the world who are rising up against this scourge. It's not easy, as the woman who was shot in the face by the pigs can surely attest. But we know there is no other choice. And remember: There are more of us than there are of them. Not only that, but they live off us. They live from our sweat, our labor, our resources. They cannot live without our consent. When we learn to use it, we have all the power.
by The Constitution
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 7:58 PM
You are to be commended and praised for speaking out and asking questions, of YOUR Government, not, shot at and harassed, let alone be attacked to the point of physical injuries, NO, at that line of lawlessness on the part of the so called Government you need to be clear that you need to and have the right to do what ever is necessary to protect yourself and society.
by Tarnel + Devin
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 9:04 PM
This footage, and the photos taken by others documenting this act of brutality, must be shown to the Police Commission, Oakland City Council, and any other oversight or watchdog groups.

At Chevron's refinery in Richmond, at a similar nonviolent protest, the CHP and RPD went crazy. Their brutality was documented, but no one presented the evidence to the Richmond Police Commission. As a result, the offending officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

The damning evidence is useless if it is not shown to those with the ability to help punish criminal abuses of power. It isn't enough for courageous individuals to document police brutality; the documentation must be made known to all.

Tarnel Abbott & Devin O'Keefe
by east bay resident
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 11:53 PM
Clearly the cops are out of control. This is as bad as the "riders". Yet another investigation will occur, and more bad cops will be kicked off the force.
by Anonymous
(anonymous@anonymous) Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 12:42 AM
The fierce reaction towards blockading military shipments indicates that the military establishment really cares about this blockade location, much more so than peace marches in San Francisco.

So it would be great to hold more and larger protests at this location. It is much more meaningful than blocking traffic.

Name and Address withheld by request.
by ...and we do it ANYWAY!
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 5:48 AM
I want to send solidarity to the American protestors who have become the targets of their own false government.

Over here in the uk we too are the target of dirty tricks and sly violence, with a media blackout to make sure no - one knows about the beatings, illegal detentions, eye gouging and threats of dogs and guns. Our cops havent openly fired on us yet, but I dont know how long that state of affairs will last. Enough of the uk. I think you people deserve huge respect and constant acknowledgement for the huge task of demonstrating within the belly of the beast. Your bravery and commitment gives inspiration and hope to the rest of us all over the world. Thank you. We are with you, the world is watching.
by cp
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 8:35 AM
"We've taken a beating over the past weeks -- with rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades, nightsticks, illegal arrests"
So they have used 'less lethal' bullets up there too? A number of the news stories about Oakland keep repeating that it was the first use of those weapons in antiwar protests, but how would these reporters know - the first one probably just made it up without checking around all the cities in the U.S., and the other reporters blindly cite the first one. Someone I ran into was saying that they use chemical weapons a lot in Portland.
The woman from Portland, above, mentioned that their police force used rubber bullets, etc on them too. I am very interested in finding out when and where the police have used these tactics in the last 50 years against non-violent protestors. I would like to use it to build a case. I was one of the lucky ones yesterday - I came away without a scratch. However, I intend to join with many other Oaklanders in making sure that the Police Department and City understand that we will not stand for this becoming the new "rules of engagement."

Thanks in advance to anyone who has done research or has tidbits of information.
by Charlie Kain
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 2:34 PM
As much as I believe in rock throwing as payback and as defense, maybe when something like this happens we should not throw and encourage others not to; by throwing the rocks, we've given justification for the use of force. While most people were peaceful and by no means deserved any harm, we have to think of how our actions will look. Let's leave the violence to the cops (but get footage of it and give it to the world!).
by Jesse
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2003 5:34 PM
There were plenty of cameras there and pretty much every aspect of the demonstration was on tape of some sort. Where's the proof of this phantom person who threw something? Where's the cop who got hit?

I was there. I saw noone throwing anything at any time other than cops throwing concussion grenades, pretending like they're in Iraq or something.

Besides, even if one or two things were thrown, how does that justify shooting litterally hundreds of rounds of wooden, beanbag, and plastic bullets into a crowd with grandmothers in it? Not to mention the use of concussion grenades. For more than an hour they were shooting at us. Even one or two people throwing things would not justify the kind of force that was used for as long as it was.

I wanted to throw rocks, but I restrained myself, just as many others must have been. But there were TV cameras there, as well as police cameras im sure, not to mention all the protest footage thats already been uploaded here on indymedia. Show me the proof, cuz I don't believe em.
by Terra
(terra [at] Wednesday Apr 9th, 2003 7:15 PM
I know for a fact that during 1995 - 1996 schoolyear up in Humboldt County deputies dabbed pepper spray directly on the eyeballs of peacefully protesting 17 year old girls with q-tips, which in other countries would be called torture. (and was). Here's a news article on it.

But this is hardly new. In 1920 picketers stood around the white house, still and silent, asking for the vote for women. They were beaten by police, hauled off to jail, tortured, given rotten food and when they went on hunger strike, force fed, and also put into solitary, and kept for up to 6 months on "obstructing traffic."
by Michael Haddad
(haddad.sherwin [at] Thursday Apr 10th, 2003 4:19 PM
I am a civil rights attorney representing some of the people who were shot at the Oakland Port demonstrations. We are seeing a pattern of people with cameras being targeted - and shot at - by police at demonstrations. If you have experienced this, or witnessed it, please contact us. Thanks, Michael Haddad

Haddad & Sherwin
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