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Port of Oakland: Shock and Awe
by liz
Monday Apr 7th, 2003 8:56 AM
Oakland police just used concussion grenades this morning...
Oakland police just used concussion grenades and rubber bullets this morning prior to making arrests at the Port of Oakland. Channel 2 news reporters are even taken aback. Several protestors currently jumping barrricades at SF Fed Bldg...4 arrests. Things calm at Concord Naval Station right now, but cops ready to move in.

I CANNOT understand the Oakland PD response.. I was lulled by their tactics at Saturday's march and rally (very few cops present, NO riot gear...even kinda friendly) This shit going down now is enraging. The news reporter on channel 2 can't get even close enough to what's going down. A union rep (not involved in the action) was arrested in the melee. I am so horrified and angry I can't even think right. I'm going down there now.