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Legal update - 6:03PM
by Apoyo legal
Thursday Mar 20th, 2003 6:10 PM
A legal update for ya'll
Thursday March 20, 2003 at 05:04 PM 1586572 1586066 angry delivery co. to protester: I'll blow your brains out!

Legal Update for March 20, 5:00pm

Over 1000 arrests have been made to date, and people are being held in one
of two locations at present, either Pier 27 (the holding area rented by
police earlier this month in preparation for this demo) or 850 Bryant.
Unconfirmed locations for possible relocation of arrestees include San
Bruno, San Rita and Candlestick Park - these locations are mainly being
disseminated by the mainstream media, but we haven't had confirmed reports
of this yet.

Approximately 200-500 are doing jail solidarity from within the jails,
refusing to cooperate with police until they agree to cite and release
people without fines or probation, and all with the same charges.

Six police brutality reports to date have outraged the community, as SFPD
has raged out of control. Starting at 11am , a young African-American male
was attacked by cops, beaten with billy clubs, and then dragged, alone into
an unmarked vehicle. The Legal Collective has been unable to account for
this guy, and nobody's heard from him.

A father, with his young son on his shoulders, was videotaping the sit-down
demonstration of his wife, when police encircled them, presumably for an
arrest. The husband called to his wife to throw him the keys and then the
diaper bag, at which point the cops went crazy, dragged the crying boy off
of his father's shoulders and began beating the father with billy clubs.
This item has received national media attention.

At the police entrapment location, 7th/Mission, serious headwounds were
sustained by a protester attacked by police, and an ambulance carted him
away to a hospital. His status is unknown.

At Powell and Market, 8 policeon horseback barreled through the crowd
swinging their billy clubs, and attacking the protesters.

At the Federal Building, a group of wheel-bound veterans were demonstrating,
when one protester was dragged from his wheelchair and beaten by police.
Look for video on this site.

In the most bizarre attack to date, a man was walking away from the protest
when a bike cop rode up behind him, slapped him across the face, and made a
comment about "forced overtime".

People began at 7am this morning shutting down the city, and now they are
continuing to shut down the system. People should be aware that key organizers are being singled out and targeted, and some have been arrested and are being held at undisclosed locations. There are unconfirmed reports that they are being held on felony conspiracy charges. People organizing
from within the jail should also be made aware that they will be singled out
and taken to a different jail.

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(sm95132 [at] Thursday Mar 20th, 2003 11:12 PM
is there a legal fund or organization who is helping and providing legally assitence to those of you who are putting their personal safety and liberty at risk in protesting this war of conquest and colonization ?

where and how can us (the arm-chair protesters) donate and help ?

--sm95132 [at]
by al
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 2:08 AM
amazed and so impressed by the courage of my brothers and sisters in SF doing amazing work with such incredible commitment.
Thanks and keep rocking.
Hopefully we can pull something as grand not too far away over here.
Massive thanks and solidarit with to you from across the pacific in australia.
by Joe Human
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 7:07 AM
Thanks for the news that Hallinan didn't immediately release these idiots to go back and oppress more of the citizenry. It's great to know they were held up. The next step is reparations to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh well, we can dream.

Those other "i'm a victim" comments you're running are too funny. Next you'll wonder why the next local elections will go further against you, without a clue why -- hilarious!

by trying to make a livin to feed my family
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 9:36 AM
Is it legal to run them over if i get pisssed?
by trying to make a livin to feed my family
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 9:54 AM
Is it legal to run them over if i get pisssed?
by newspaper
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 10:13 AM
Maybe they protest too much
UNHAPPY: Inconvenience caused by the civil disobedience is directed at the wrong people
Kevin Fagan, Rachel Gordon, Chronicle Staff Writers
Friday, March 21, 2003
©2003 San Francisco Chronicle | Feedback


From the man with a broken ankle who had to hobble across downtown to get to work, to the Muni driver who was hours late to pick up his kid, plenty of people were feeling anything but peaceful toward peace activists Thursday.

Inconvenience was the goal of the anti-war protesters -- it wakes people up to the cause, they said -- but even among many who agreed with their politics, tempers snapped all over San Francisco.

Computer systems administrator Owen Rowley was so furious he could barely spit out his words after having to struggle 20 blocks, on a mending broken ankle, from BART to his job on Union Street.

"These people have nothing better to do," he sputtered after finally arriving. "Those hippies blocked my bus. They made me walk on my bad leg.

"They are professional protesters, and forcing your opinion on people is not democratic."

Chances are the driver of the bus that couldn't get to Rowley was no cheerier. The Municipal Railway's fleet was stymied and rerouted all day, often leaving drivers to watch the action from the sidewalk while their buses sat silent.

Albaro Franco, a Muni driver for the past 10 years, parked his 6-Parnassus bus at Seventh and Mission streets for more than two hours -- after officials diverted it from Market Street hoping to avoid demonstrators.

"It's been bad all day," said Franco, who was able to make only two of his scheduled runs on his 10-hour shift. Usually he makes five. He was getting anxious, because the delay meant he wasn't going to be able to pick his two young boys up from school.

"These people can protest, but people have to get to work, pick up kids," Franco said. "It's not right to disrupt the lives of so many people."

At Beale and Market streets, three other Muni drivers leaned against their empty coaches and fidgeted while they watched police wrap twist-ties around the wrists of protesters a few feet away.

"God only knows if I get overtime for this," grumbled one driver who gave her name only as Gina. "Some people have to work. Damn."

"Hey, I agree with them -- leave 'em alone," snapped one of the other drivers. Gina frowned and turned away.

San Francisco Supervisor Tony Hall was among city officials who blew his top as protesters shut down intersections. He promised that next week he would urge the Board of Supervisors to call on District Attorney Terence Hallinan to prosecute the arrested protesters "to the fullest extent of the law."

"This goes far beyond someone expressing their views on the war," Hall said,

upset after being stuck in traffic for more than an hour at Market Street and watching two ambulances also struggle to move. "Look at what these people are doing. What has this got to do with the war?"

Financial District workers Allison Cruz and Rosemary Stewart said they agreed with the surging crowds they had to thread through to get to their jobs.

They just didn't agree that blocking streets was good, and they certainly didn't think getting to work late was good.

"I'm against the war, too. But all this does is hurt people," Cruz said. "I'm not the one dropping the bombs."

by Marley Fowat
(marleyfowat [at] Friday Mar 21st, 2003 4:24 PM
If you were wrongfully arrested in San Francisco on Thursday 20 March near Mission and 7th or know someone who was, here is information about a class action suit against the city and the police department for wrongful arrest. This info applies also to people who were wrongfully arrested in other parts of the city. Please pass it on.

Ishmael Tarikh, the director of Bay Area Police Watch says he wants to file a class action suit against the city within the next 10 days if he has 15 to 20 people come forward. SF Lawyers Guild is also interested in representing suits against the city for police misconduct.

Here's who you should call

415.951.4844 x228 Bay Area Police Watch Director Ishmael Tarikh
415.285.1011 San Francisco Lawyers Guild Legal Aid
415.553.9530 San Francisco Attorney's General Office

As for the citation you were issued for Failure to Disperse, the police are obligated to order the crowd to disperse as well as give them the opportunity. Neither happened. As for blocking traffic, unless the police have video of you in the street, they would be unable to prove that you were not on the sidewalk at the time the police arrested you. At your arraignment hearing on the 19th, 20th, or 21st, plead Not Guilty to both charges, and make them take it to court. At that point, the police dept will have to produce proof that you committed a crime or exonerate you.

Marley Fowat
by ExistentialMusic
(ExistentialMusic [at] Friday Mar 21st, 2003 9:20 PM
Does anyone have ANY information on those being detained with felony charges, when the trials will be for those arrested on 3/20, or how the outcome of any proir trials has gone?
by frog
Friday Mar 21st, 2003 9:31 PM
I haven't been updated since around 3pm. Many of those on Felony are being reduced to Misdemeanor and release today. I don't know if they have been released yet, but I don't believe so.

Sorry I wasn't more helpful - did you try calling the national lawyers guild or the sherrif's department?
by Bathgate
Saturday Mar 22nd, 2003 6:23 AM
Greetings from Florence, Italy.
We're doing our best to keep our demonstrating high in the public view over here - this afternoon, Saturday, a joint US/UK vigil in front of the respective consulates is scheduled - and we're aghast at the brutality being perpetrated in SF. Reports of what you're being subjected to will be read out.
Hands across the miles to end the immorality and illegality of this war.
by michele
Saturday Mar 22nd, 2003 10:27 AM
if you have to drive, starting from monday, new speed limit at 10mph
by KD
Saturday Mar 22nd, 2003 4:29 PM
Keep going San Fran
Rallyed Wellington NZ yesterday, 5000 apparently which is a good size. Much anger and voice. Very intimidated looking bunch of cops at the US embassy but appeared to be fair on the whole......heard three arrests but unclear. I know it's small but it's one fucking massive show of solidarity from each individual. concerned. I was at the much bigger Auckland rally feb15 .............we're all thinking of you.
by C 4
Sunday Mar 23rd, 2003 5:57 AM

Jag hotar kapital judisk anhängare
Krigare Bo Lundgren , Lars Lejonbor
Och mera idioter på plats som hotar oss
De ropar USA - Britten har rätt till krig och död !

Jag hotar USA president Bush mördare
Han känner sig God att sprida krig överalt
Att döma rund i världen människor
Med eget evangelisk och judisk kapital religiös rätt !

Jag hotar Bulgarisk judisk maffia Solomonas styre
Tidigare kommunist utbildade till mänsklig FN-s fred
Judisk flock mördare skriket nu krig
De försvarar stjärna Davids som Hakkors !

Jag hotar alla Er mördare som dödar irakisk folk
med mina pappers poem som sänder till Er
Ni hotar och dödar människor med bomber
Ni dödar i Gods judisk namn religion till rätt !

Jag hotar judisk FN general Kofi Annan
Han är högt grad mördare att bära Nobel freds medalj
Han stöder kriminell Bush psykopat tanke till krig
ALLA DE SKRIKER - Död till alla som är inte med oss !

Jag hotar alla Er rikaste bomb mördare
Ska åklaga och döma mig framför värld
Ni ropar död och dödar med bomber
Jag kämpar mot Er religiös judisk rätt med poem !

Stefan d-r Dimiter Tcholakov

22 mars 2003
Växjö - Sverige

Sunday Mar 23rd, 2003 2:24 PM

Sunday Mar 23rd, 2003 9:17 PM
this is the person we really need to be angry at
by Kelly Nixon
(kpn4 [at] Sunday Mar 23rd, 2003 11:49 PM
I was one of the few females held from thursday to friday night on a feloney charge. Agrovated assault on an officer to be exact, I was released with absolutly no arrainment, trail, court date, nothing! Besides the boredom, the experience was actually great! I learned a lot and met some awesome women. I also got stuck in the joint with a fellow protester and we became jail buddies... she was a cutie! Thank you so very much for everyones help and support. I love all of you who were thinking about us and out on the streets for me while I couldn't be. Folks who dod jail solidarity... YA'LL ROCK!!! Much love, keep on revoltin'
by Rat
(kpn4 [at] Monday Mar 24th, 2003 12:31 AM
Hey, I was unable to do a quick spell check before I sent my last comments. I'm not illiterate, just quick to send things. I swear I'm a lot smarter than I type.
Much love,
by Douwe
Thursday Mar 27th, 2003 10:33 AM
During the demonstration on the 22nd of March in Amsterdam, Netherlands, approximately 60,000 people protested peacefully...

...later that day the news showed 10 people attacking the police with rocks. Violence-loving camera(wo)men and war-loving pacifists downgraded the statement this demonstration should have been to the politicians and the TV-watching grumblers.

The Dutch government is officially pro-war, but NOT the majority of our people! Please forgive us our official stance, our democracy was shortly out of service. We are trying to fix it!

Greetings, hugs and kisses to all ya peaceloving people out there! Idealism is NOT a dirty word, certainly not in a world that is far from ideal. Keep on having your voice heard and be not afraid to be insulted, be laughed at or be beaten; your message is pure, if given without aggression.

Love, Douwe
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