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update from bloc
by bodzin
Saturday Mar 15th, 2003 4:51 PM
timeline so far
2:50 I hook up with the bloc on Mission, between 8 & 9
3:00 Captain Springer gave 3 orders to clear Mission, most people get on the sidewalk
3:04 sheriff van & bus arrives
3:08 sheriffs let people in from south sidewalk, from the east, so i just walk through to witness arrests. 15 people are sitting with arms linked on Mission, surrounded by about 10 cops. cops start arresting.
3:15 sheriffs & cops charge the north sidewalk to get people back, using clubs to push, but not apparently swinging
3:17 officer 947 uses starts tearing at the right ear of an arrestee for no apparent reason. when the arrestee is raised to his feet, officer 473 holds the man's throat from both sides, rubbing the vagal sinuses.
3:20 officer 2124 told me to get back behind the police line
3:22 officer 647 uses a vagal sinus maneuver on an arrestee
3:24 three scream from the 3 remaining protesters in the street. i can't clearly see what's happening, as they are completely surrounded by cops.
3:25 one woman appears to be on her front on the ground, with a cop pulling her hair to lift her head.
3:38 cops stop blocking the street, march away. I hear a Channel 7 reporter refer to the march as “the Black Flags,” which I have to tell her is a musical ensemble from the 80s.
3:40 protesters retake street. walk north on tenth, then many break into a run to 9th & market.
3:43 i hear that a protester was hit by a civilian car, but can get no verification.
3:46 Capt. Springer warns more of unauthorized march. He clearly wants to keep people from getting past 7th Street. I notice that the MUNI buses ahead are all backed up, so I go forward on my bicycle to check out the scene.
3:51, at the other march: I get to SF Center (at 5th & market) just as the march arrives. shoppers are locked out by nervous security guards. The march proceeds by without apparently breaking anything, not even knocking over any newspaper boxes. totally peaceful. still, 100 cops are present for the 500 or so marchers.
3:55 many marchers abruptly sprint south on fourth.
3:59 Three marchers are arrested at 4th and Mission. Cops push them back to Market Street.
4:01 I see another arrested person on 4th near Market, and a bystander tells me he was grabbed from the crowd by a group of cops, though he wasn’t apparently doing anything at the time.
I felt like filing this story, so I left. After riding around a little, I got to the office at 3rd & Market, and found that cops had closed 3rd to cars and were getting read to clear the street and sidewalk.
4:15 I hear a lieutenant (2 bars on the hat) say “Time to start picking them off.”
4:16 A man in black abruptly runs east down Stevenson. A sheriff’s deputy runs after him into the Hearst Parking Garage. Four motorcycle cops go to help. The guy turns tail and evades the motorcycle cops, one of whom rams my bicycle. The Sheriff’s deputy, I see, had dropped his can of pepper spray, as though he was ready to use it.
4:18 about 40 cops in helmets run down Third Street to clear it. I go into my office to file this story.

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by Pigwatch
Saturday Mar 15th, 2003 6:24 PM
947 - Jones, Wendell A. (Has history of brutality from other protests.)
473 - Mendez, Shawn M.
2124 - Gittens, Neville K.
647 - Palada, Michael P. (Has served in SFPD tactical division. Tac division trained especially in torture techniques, verbal orders only, and covering for other dirty cops like Sanders, Fagan, and Suhr.)

Congratulations to these thugs of the day! You may have earned your own Thug-with-a-Badge trading card. Anyone with pictures of these rogue officers, please post them.
by bodzin
Saturday Mar 15th, 2003 7:32 PM
4:30 or so: 15 cops surrounded about 80 people sitting on the sidewalk in front of Zain's Liquors at 3rd & Stevenson. The group included 5 apparent observers (two of whom ended up getting arrested) and two cyclists.

About 30 more SFPD and about 30 SF Sheriff's deputies were kept an eye on the sidewalk. Many people observed the arrests from across the street, from the Hearst Garage, and from other vantage points all around. Several Office of Citizens Complaints (aka SFPD Internal Affairs) investigators were on the scene.

The arrests went on til about 5:40. I didn't detect any overt violence, though observers were not allowed to get close enough to really tell.
by Vodka
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 2:46 AM
MLK and "Japan won" --

You're both morons! Congratulations!
by ...
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 4:25 AM
But then, it does help if the people on the right sound like complete morons with bad grammar and spelling. If our country wasn't spending so much on bombs, maybe these folks could have gotten a good education and wouldn't have to live in embarassment.
by San Franciscan
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 7:36 AM
Actually the left has been always less intelligent and educated.
by ac
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 9:22 AM
Oh, and I suppose that's why conservatives on talk radio are always criticizing academia, because people with graduate degrees are disproportionately left or liberal?
by idiot
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 10:08 AM
hey dummys, the left and the right are both WRONG!

wake the fuck up. life is not about choosing sides!

dont fall into that trap!

by anarchist
Sunday Mar 16th, 2003 10:26 AM
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