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PLEASE, Take Time To Conatact UN Leaders Re: Iraq War
by kevin
Thursday Feb 13th, 2003 6:20 PM
The UN is meeting to tomorrow to decide between war and peace. Take time to let them know how you feel. you might want to especially THANK France and Germany, as well as ask China and Russia, and France to use their VETO.
Contact INFO below:

Membership of the Security Council in 2003
The ten non-permanent Security Council members are elected by the United Nations General Assembly for a two-year term beginning on 1 January and ending the following year on 31 December. Every year five new non-permanent members are elected to replace the five due to leave the Council when their term expires.

Britain, China, France, Russian Federation, United States

Bulgaria, Cameroon, Guinea, Mexico, Syria

Angola, Chile, Germany, Pakistan, Spain

Secretary-General Kofi Annan
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212 963-4475
Fax: 212 963-7055

Telephone : (212) 308-5700
(24 hours a day, every day)
Main Fax : (212) 421-6889
Fax Political Division : (212) 207-8765
E-mail : france [at]

871 United Nations Plaza
(First Ave. betw. 48th & 49th Streets)
New York NY 10017
Tel: (212) 940-0400
Fax: (212) 940-0402
E-mail: contact [at]

Ambassador Alfonso Aguilar Zinser
Two United Nations Plaza 28th floor, New York, NY 10017.
Tel: (212) 752.0220 / Fax (212) 688.8862
Correo electrónico: mexico [at]

Ambassador Munir Akram
8 East, 65th Street New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-879-8600
Fax 212-744-7348
E-mail Pakistan [at]
Ambassador Munir Akram
Tel (212-879-8600): Ext: 127
pakpr [at]

136 East 67 Street, New York, N.Y. 10021
Phone: (212) 861-4900; 861-4901; 861-4902
Fax: (212) 628-0252

823 United Nations Plaza, 9th floor New York, NY 10017
Phone (212) 661 1050
Fax (212) 949 7247
spain [at]
Military and Peacekeeping issues:
gdelacruz [at]
fjsualdea [at]
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent
Representative to the United Nations:
ifarias [at]

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
28th Floor
885 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Tel: (212) 745 9250
Fax: (212) 745 9316
E-mail uk [at]

S.E. Dr. Ismael Gaspar Martins
125 East 73rd St. New York, N.Y. 10021
Tel: (212) 861-5656
Fax (2l2) 861-9295
E-mail: ang-un [at]
H.E. Mr. Ismael Gaspar Martins
emb.ismael.martins [at]

Mr. Stefan Tafrov
11 East 84th Street
New York, NY 10028
phone (212) 737-4790
fax (212) 472-9865
E-mail: bulgaria [at]

Mr. Martin Belinga-Eboutou
22 East 73rd Street
New York, NY 10021
Téléphone : +1(212)-794-2296
Fax : +1 (212)-249-0533
E-mail : cameroon [at]

350 East 35th Street
New York, NY 10016
E-Mail: china [at]
Fax: 212-634-7625
H.E. Mr. WANG Yingfan
Permanent Representative

Embajador Juan Gabriel Valdés
305 East 47th Street 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017 USA
Phone (212) 832 3323
Fax (212) 832 0236
E-mail: chile [at]

Mamady Traore
140 East 39th Street, New York, N.Y. 10016
Telephone: (212) 687-8115/8116/81
fax: (212) 687-8248
E-mail: guinea [at]

820 Second Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10017
Telephone: (212) 661-1313, Telefax: (212) 983-4439
E-mail: syria [at]

Send Thanks via this petition

You can send thanks on this form
With war looming so darkly and protests around the world
planned for this weekend, has initiated a
global letter, in conjunction with, to the
people of Europe. Please join us in thanking our European
friends for their support in our allied struggle and urge
them to demonstrate this weekend and encourage their
governments to stand for peace:
by wr
Wednesday Feb 19th, 2003 2:32 PM
S.E. Ambassador M. Jean-Marc de LA Sabliere
> > france-presse [at] <mailto:france-presse [at]>
> > (212) 207-9765
> >
> > H.E. Ambassador Mr. Sergey Lavrov
> > rusun [at] <mailto:rusun [at]>
> > (212) 628-0252
> >
> > H.E. Ambassador Wang Yingfan
> > chinamission_un [at]
> > <mailto:chinamission_un [at]>
> > (212) 634-7626
by chris parsons
(chrisparsons985 [at] Thursday Feb 20th, 2003 6:15 PM
Well, this certainly demonstrates the gullibility of the of the Appeasement Movement.

The French delegation was not opposing the war, but in defending French oil interests in Iraq.

As columnist Firas Al-Atraqchi, a fiery critic of US foreign policy, points out;

" is Russia's Lukoil, a rising power in the global oil industry, which stands to benefit from Iraqi oil fields. Lukoil joins a list of other Russian oil companies who have signed multi-billion euro deals with Iraq to develop and enhance Iraq's oil infrastructure once sanctions are lifted."

"China, Jordan, Germany, Egypt, and France would be the next in line to reap the benefits."

"Where do the U.S. and the U.K come in? Nowhere. They aren't even on the list of countries awarded oil contracts with Iraq."

Funny that.

Ironically, the U.S. imports 70 percent of Iraq's oil output, directly and through third parties.

France is also a major weapons supplier to the Iraqi dictatorship

Between 1982 and 1987, Iraq received or ordered a variety of equipment from France, including more than 100 Mirage F-1s, about 100 Gazelle, Super-Frelon, and Alouette helicopters, and a variety of air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, including Exocets.

Other attack helicopters purchased included the Soviet Hind equipped with AT-2 Swatter, and BO-105s equipped with AS-11 antitank guided weapons.

by CD
Thursday Feb 20th, 2003 8:47 PM
Well, If it's a choice of:
(A): WAR for corporate greed
(B): NO WAR for corporate greed.

(Contact the UN members NOW ! )
by repost
Saturday Feb 22nd, 2003 12:13 AM

E-Mail Floods France's UN Office After Iraq Plea

Tue Feb 18, 4:38 PM

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - France's U.N. Mission was flooded with electronic fan mail after Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin urged the Security Council to "give peace a chance" in Iraq, French officials said Tuesday.

Some 5,000 e-mails -- overwhelmingly favorable and the vast majority from Americans -- were logged Friday, the day de Villepin delivered a speech stressing that use of force was not justified at this time against Baghdad, the officials said.

Another 12,000 messages were received over the weekend, the officials said.

While President Bush has warned that time was running out for Baghdad to dispose of any weapons of mass destruction, de Villepin drew a rare burst of applause from the Security Council gallery when he said U.N. inspections were showing results and force was not yet justified.

"What is at stake here is war and peace and our common responsibility," de Villepin said. "We are willing to try to give peace a chance."

The responses included:

-- "I have watched France's foreign minister's speech yesterday at the U.N. Security Council and was very proud of France's position which was based on principles," wrote a man from Irvine, California.

-- "Merci merci merci. Thank you thank you. Remain firm. Continue to oppose the Bush administration. PLEASE!" a Los Angeles woman wrote. The letters were shown to Reuters on condition their authors would not be identified.

-- "THANK YOU for your courage and conscience in opposing the war criminals of Washington. Your hard work will make all of us safer in the long run. Hold fast just a little longer," wrote a man from Elora, Tennessee.

-- "Please stand strong and do not allow the United Nations to be used as a puppet for my so-called government," wrote a Chicago, Illinois, man.

by Ruth
Saturday Feb 22nd, 2003 8:36 AM
No war for corporate greed sounds better!! Also boycott the USA and UK: tourism, fast food chains, entertainment.
by sarah meyer
(sarahmeyer [at] Saturday Feb 22nd, 2003 9:20 AM
The UN passing of the 2nd resolution for the War on Iraq will be meaningless to the people of the world if support for the war is through bribery by the United States. Risible, really.

Mrs. S Meyer
Sussex, England
by Real Americans
Saturday Feb 22nd, 2003 5:34 PM

by RePost
Tuesday Feb 25th, 2003 11:32 PM
Presidents of the UN Security Council countries

President José Eduardo dos Santos
email: angola [at] (US embassy site)

* Britain
Tony Blair (no email address at present)
email: gwwilliams [at]

President Georgi Parvanov

President Musonge
email: spm [at]

President Lagos
email: presidencia [at]

* China
President Jiang Zemin
email: webmaster [at]

* France
President Jacques Chirac

Chancellor Gerhard Schroder
email: InternetPost [at]

President Lansana Conte
email: info [at]

President Vicente Fox

President Musharraf

* Russian Federation
President Vladimir Putin

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar Lopez
email: portal.presidencia [at]

President Bashar al-Assad
EMAIL: moi [at]

* veto power country

by irving glick
(irvving [at] Wednesday Feb 26th, 2003 4:04 PM
Boycott aid to Israel.
by CC
Friday Feb 28th, 2003 11:43 PM
Here's another site for UN contact info. I don't get it (but for the more computer literate) I suspect that you can e-mail all countries at once.
by K
Monday Mar 3rd, 2003 10:55 PM
by Craig B. Jones
(bananashke [at] Tuesday Mar 4th, 2003 10:03 PM
I am just an ordinary American. I am in my 50s, married; my spouse and I have a son in college, and a modest house with a mortgage. In economic necessity, both my spouse and I must work full-time to keep this house and allow our son an education, and to have a hope of any security as we get older. There is nothing particularly important about us or our lives, with certainly no particular stature or influence; no need for any more attention to be paid to these thoughts or concerns than any other American. Our lives are busy, in fact far too busy between work, family, and the little community volunteering we can do. It is more than a struggle to have the time to participate in discussion of national civic issues, even though such participation may be part of our duty as Americans. I guess this makes me part of "the silent majority." To make the time to think these thoughts through and compose them now, means loosing sleep. It would be far easier for me to assume that those in power are making the right decisions, in my name, affecting my life and life all around the world; to assume that the "affairs of state" are at least in reasonable hands - as advised by the Department of Homeland Security, to "let the experts do the worrying," as we ordinary citizens go about our everyday lives.

But I can't convince myself to continue to be blithe and silent. I see things happening now, decisions being made which are more than troubling: they are frightening. I am compelled to loose the sleep and neglect the tasks in my ordinary life that need to be done, to think these thoughts through.

We should remember that, as we have been taught, one of the things which sets America apart is that our government is supposed to be an extension of the American people . . we do not follow the dictates of the government, rather, ours is supposed to be a government of the people and by the people. When the administration sets foreign policy, it is you and I being represented to the world. We had better be sure that actions taken in our name are ones we can live with; are true to our best principles. We had better be sure that such actions are intelligent, productive, and not destructive to our and the world's long-term interests.

Why is my country threatening a pre-emptive war? Being forced into war is one thing; but do circumstances really exist that justify American arms being applied on the other side of the world, with terrible efficiency, without prior attack on us or any other nation by the country we threaten to invade? What specific fundamental American interests are involved? And is such action consistent with American principles and values?

I am aware that even raising these questions can prompt a charge that I am un-American. Must an American citizen who questions proposed war be branded unpatriotic? We must remember, it was the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War II which established the principle that even ordinary citizens who do not question their nation's policies, who blithely "follow orders," are complicit in whatever wrongs their nation may commit. It was America who helped establish this principle. How can we ignore it now? It seems to me, not only is it not unpatriotic to question . . it is in fact patriotic to engage in this debate, and it would be unpatriotic of us to remain silent and "let the experts do the worrying."

It is also logical to question, aggressively, the veracity of arguments made in support of war. Calls to war are inevitably emotional and political; they are highly subject to exaggeration, stretching and, yes, the breaking of truth. We must admit that even our own American government throughout our history has not hesitated to dissemble when trying to promote armed action. Look at the trumped-up Gulf of Tonkin incident. Look at the lies promoted through the Vietnam conflict, hiding statistics of death. As recent as the 1991 Iraq war, we remember the heart-wrenching first-hand eye witness testimony of a young Kuwaiti girl, about Iraqi solders in a Kuwaiti hospital stealing incubators and leaving newborn babies to die on the floor. This testimony, presented to Congress and paraded before the American public, was instrumental in promoting that war; but as disclosed later, that young girl turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, and she was not a first-hand witness . . her story was rumor. Even now, in relation to the threatened new war on Iraq, it was disclosed that supposed original-source evidence of Iraqi violations of United Nations resolutions posted by the British government, was in fact not original-source British intelligence, but was plagiarized from postings on the Internet. It is human nature to stretch the truth and even lie in political and emotional debate. Americans are not immune from this, and neither is our government. When we are considering the greatest human-made horror of all, a shooting war, we must question evidence and motive.

I don't think you have to love Saddam Hussein or be an apologist of his regime, to question America starting a shooting war in the Middle East. This is not a choice between "love George Bush or love Saddam." It is perfectly logical to agree that the Baathist rule in Iraq has been horrible, has perpetrated death, mayhem and horrors on its own people and its neighbors in the past; and at the same time, question whether current circumstances rise to the ultimate horror of all: a shooting war. We should compare and contrast the justification provided now for war on Iraq, with circumstances of other horrible regimes, and policies brought to bear on them. During the long and horror-laden Apartheid reign in South Africa, why did America not gather a military force to invade to overturn it? Was not South Africa pivotally involved in the affairs of all sub-Saharan Africa, with all its human rights and geopolitical considerations? As South Africa is a mining source of Uranium, was there not concern that nuclear and other "weapons of mass-destruction" were potentially under the control of this regime of evil? Yet, America and the world confronted South Africa with "constructive engagement" rather than raw military might.
Perhaps more pointedly, compare the current American administration policy toward North Korea with its policy on Iraq. North Korea is, in its own way, as deplorable in the treatment of its own people as is Iraq. While Iraq is accused of harboring "weapons of mass destruction," North Korea has pointedly re-activated a plutonium-generating reactor and practically admitted its intent to pursue a nuclear weapons program. It is broadly admitted that North Korea has nuclear bomb capability, and has tested medium-range ballistic rockets. Yet, the same American administration which claims the right to initiate war unilaterally against Iraq, says that the United Nations and diplomacy is the only proper venue to resolve the Korean crisis, without unilateral military intervention.

Why the disconnect between current policy toward Iraq and North Korea? I have thought about this a great deal. The only logical scenario I can come up with, is this: The administration has calculated that it can afford to militarily bully Iraq, while it cannot get away with militarily bullying North Korea. In the Fall of 2000, the administration found Iraq to be a pragmatic target, a weakened nation really unable to mount a credible counter against American military threat. Iraq was entirely off the American and world political radar, until the Bush administration decided to put it there. Facing the Fall 2002 Congressional elections, the administration calculated (correctly) that playing the Iraq card could be used to political advantage. Does this sound too cynical to be true? It was disclosed that just this kind of strategy was recommended by Republican advisors, at just that time. I find this incredibly sad, and as an American it makes me angry, but apparently it is true. In contrast, the current Korean crisis was put on the radar screen by the actions of North Korea itself. Since North Korea actually has weapons of mass destruction and is likely to use them if threatened with military invasion, well, we should let this crisis be handled carefully and with diplomatic means.

The justification for war on Iraq now has variously been promoted by this administration as, based on Iraq's violations of United Nations resolutions after the 1991 Gulf War; needed to get rid of "weapons of mass destruction;" needed to bring off a "regime change," to topple Saddam Hussein; and most recently, based on supposed links between the Iraq regime and Al Quida. This shifting from justification to justification has the feel of trying to hit the right chord for maximum political effect, to get "bounce" in public opinion so that war can be commenced. But none of these justifications has stuck enough to achieve this effect. More to the point, we need to ask: Is there anything of enough significance, is there any real, immediate threat to America, to American citizens, which really justifies an all-out shooting war? The attempt to argue links to Al Quida, to me feels strained and contrived; there is no real evidence. And rather than conjecture, there needs to be hard and significant evidence, in order to justify the all-out horror of war. Are there violations of U.N. resolutions adopted after the 1991 Gulf War? If so, they have not been shown convincingly or overwhelmingly. And any such violation needs to be more than just technical: It must constitute a substantial and immediate threat, it must pose a circumstance worse than the horror of war, to justify starting a war. This also has not been demonstrated to me.

No one can argue that the world should stand by and let Iraq, which has shown itself in the past to be capable of horrible aggression, to reach that point again. But the Iraq of today, is hardly the same nation which started war against Iran, and which invaded and took over Kuwait. Iraq is a wasted, weak country, not even in control within its own borders, and hardly the regime which presumed to take over a neighbor. Are there any alternatives to a shooting war? There is an international resolve to follow alternatives to achieve the desired end. It seems clear to me that a widened inspection regime, coupled with mandatory destruction of hardware and manufacture capacity when found, is a far, far better alternative than war: It would achieve the desired end of keeping "weapons of mass destruction" out of Iraq hands. As I understand it, this is the alternative now proposed by France, Germany and Russia. This makes sense to me. Surely, such alternatives should be tried . . in fact, all possible alternatives should be pursued, especially while there is no imminent threat, before a U.S. war of aggression is engaged.

Military might used simply because it is available, is not a coherent or productive foreign policy. But this appears to be the foreign policy of the Bush administration. Even as an ordinary American, it is crystal clear to me that there will be no real peace in the Middle East, with or without Iraq; and no real improvement of American-Islam relations world-wide, until the central issue now fueling anti-Americanism is resolved: the securing of a just peace for the Palestinian people. (And let me note here: It is not necessary to be anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, to see that the Palestinian people have been and are now oppressed.) Peace, security, and a viable homeland for both Palestinians and Israelis is possible, and is what we should be working toward. But this most important and pivotal of Middle East issues, has been absolutely ignored by the American administration, as instead it focuses on a hasty, pre-emptive war with Iraq . . which would likely only further sour U.S.-Islamic relations, and fuel, not resolve, terrorism. How sad, and how frustrating for average Americans who see this so clearly.

Military might does not translate to greatness for a country. Greatness relates to how well a country can promote humanity, for its own and for the world's people. The military is strictly backup for this central purpose. The nation which uses its military force in a haughty, swaggering manner, which calculates that force of arms alone will promote its interests, frankly does not understand history. That nation will find its claim to greatness relegated to the dustbin of history. It is ironic that in adopting a policy of aggressive "pre-emption," making war as a first-strike, America would become like the Iraq we so universally condem. I do not want or expect this legacy for the America which I know and believe to be still possible. Not for my America; not in my name. The use of arms - and especially, the initiating a full-out war, is the result of a failure of policy; it is not policy in itself.

I also want to observe that the sacrifice of common ground soldiers in a war which results from failed policy, is more than tragic: it is a slap in the face of those soldier's families, and an insult to their honest patriotism. It makes fools of their honest desires to serve. We all support our enlisted men. But we will not support their needless sacrifice, their being made cannon fodder, simply so that leaders not on front lines can express some misguided sense of power.

Those who know America, who have been brave enough to honestly study its history, know that far too often, our promise of greatness has been failed by actions motivated by greed, racism, fear, and ignorance. If we do have greatness in us, it is in the willingness to admit past wrongs, and striving to renew ourselves to now live up to the best of our principles. Among these are, justice, tolerance, patience, strength in peace, and the pursuit of humanity for all peoples. Surely, we have acted before in ways living up to these principles; our history is not only failure to be great, but also the achieving of great actions living up to our best potential. But today, in the pursuit of a policy of initiated war on Iraq, there is a disconnect between our best principles and the administration's actions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why is this? What motivates the American government today to take these directions?

I am old enough to remember what it was like in America in the 1950s. Sometimes it is painted as a time of post-World War II prosperity and happiness. It was also a time of gross American intolerance toward our own citizens; and of rampant paranoia about world affairs, the threat of atomic war, and the "red menace." Americans had a "bunker mentality" about the world; innocent citizens were blackballed from being able to pursue their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; Americans were encouraged to inform on each other. It was a time of fear and paranoia.

Sadly, and to our shame, this paranoia was promoted and exploited for domestic political purposes. The greatest example of this, of course, was Sen. Joseph McCarthy, a Republican senator who's demagoguery was so extreme, it led to even his own downfall. Many, many others also engaged in this exploitation of fear for their own political promotion, and long after the fall of McCarthy. Up until the end of the Cold War, fear-mongering about the "red menace" was relied on to get and maintain votes.

There was also no lack of financial benefit to some parties in this atmosphere. Tremendous federal military spending benefited corporations, to an extent where even President Eisenhower, in his farewell speech to the nation, warned us all of the threat of the "military-industrial complex." It is striking that President Eisenhower, a Republican and a product of the military, saw this so clearly and had the bravery to point it out.

Of course, concerns regarding Soviet-promoted aggression across the globe were real. Strength and resolve was needed to counteract this challenge. But military power alone did not bring about the end of the Cold War: in the end, it was patience, and the willingness to "constructively engage" in change without war, which brought on its end. Meanwhile, during this time the periodic abandonment of our best American principles did not win us favor among the peoples of the world. And domestically, the political exploitation of fear was shameful - I would call it, un-American.

When the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union melted away, this substantial domestic political advantage was lost. As already disclosed, political strategists have been casting around for ways to replace this loss.

And then, the absolute horror of 9-11 happened.

It is important to be very clear about this: The extremists who engineered 9-11, are not at all defended here. Al Quida leaders are extreme zealots, who's demented philosophy of establishing a medieval-age Islamic dominion in the Middle East is not merely historically flawed; it is tragically unreal, founded in religious extremism. But the handful of philosophical leaders of Al Quida could not have engineered 9-11 or the myriad of other incidents, without the ability to recruit their own cannon-fodder foot solders across the world. Ironically, ham-fisted American bullying helps recruit these foot-soldiers. Let us not forget that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden hate each other, and have quite exclusive philosophies about the world, power, and the Middle East. They are not allies of each other; their only commonality is the ability to exploit hatred of the United States. An American invasion of Iraq, especially outside of the sanction of world opinion, will play right into the hands of Al Quida and enable it to recruit even more foot-soldiers.

The point here is, while the "War on Terrorism" reflects a real threat which must be engaged, it is also being exploited as the new political opportunity that cynical strategists have been looking for. Like the Cold War, it has the prospect of going on practically forever; the enemy is amorphous, not based in any one country, although there is an "endless" supply of governments we can attempt to overturn in the search for this enemy. Lucrative contracts are once again open to big business in new military hardware, new technical systems and weapons, even while domestic humanitarian needs are abandoned, and the federal deficit again returns, in fact ballooning to new record levels. The "War on Terror" has already been politically exploited for votes here in America, and can be expected to continue to be, for decades on end. But this exploitation is wrong, it is morally bankrupt; and as patriotic Americans, we should not tolerate it.

Extremist terrorism in the world will not be overcome by simple-minded, bullying force of arms. An American insistence on the use of arms, especially as a rogue nation, will only feed terrorism and prolong this "war." The current threat to invade Iraq plays right into this hand, and is just what Bin Laden would like to see. All alternatives should first be exhausted. Unless and until America is seen across the world as conquering its own fear, greed, intolerance and ignorance; until our foreign policy is based on promoting the humanitarian needs of common people, rather than corporate interests, we will continue to recruit foot-soldiers for the "enemy." Strength, yes; but not as an end in itself. "Constructive engagement" of the world's problems is the real path to victory in the "war on terrorism."

In America, we have to be aware of those who would exploit fear and terrorism for political and financial gain. Please, no new McCarthyism! We see it raising its head today, and we must call it out. Rather than adopting a bunker mentality, rather than seeking enemies under every bed, encouraging Americans to inform on each other, establishing intrusive new databases, and duct-taping ourselves inside our homes, we need to have the courage to treat ourselves, as well as the world, with justice, tolerance, patience, strength in peace, and the pursuit of humanity for all people. Only then can we hope to claim an American pursuit of greatness.
by peacey
Tuesday Mar 11th, 2003 3:41 PM
geek-speak translation:

click and drag to select *all* the addresses below

copy - then paste them into the cc or bcc fields of your email program.

( put any address in the 'to' field - I put my own so I'd recieve and keep a copy )

france-presse [at]; chinamission_un [at]; rusun [at]; uk [at]; bulgaria [at]; info [at]; guinea [at]; mexico [at]; syria [at]; ang-un [at]; chile [at]; Pakistan [at]; spain [at]; contact [at]

by zhengrong lisa li
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Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 13:55:20 +0000

Mr. Raymond Ranjeva and Judges of UN international court of justice,

I have to write to you for the critical assistance on saving my family's life, terminating the on going involuntary nuclear weapon human experimentation and other human experimentations, personal persecutions and terrorist threats conducted by the global terrorists, at-large criminals, at-large murderers, CIA, FBI, Motorola, Chinese and U.S government. Some of them are even mentally sicked. My persecutors are - Jessie Zhang, Williams Clinton family, Jeff Jones, AL Gore family, Bush family, Jingtao Hu family, Dave Wisti, Peng Li family, Xuebing Cao, Zhaodi Song, Richard Cheney, Christopher Gavin, Jeff Leclair family, Tom Redith and U.S mind control victims led by Cherly Welsh .

My whole family have been hostaged by Bush family, Jingtao Hu, AL Gore, Williams Clinton, Hongmin Yu, Yuping Wang and other personal persecutors by the assistance of Motorola, FBI, police and U.S government because of my involutary victimization.They are persecuted mentally and physically, and in need of immediate medical care -

My father Hongcai Li, 64 years old, originally very healthy, is persecuted mentally and physically, poisoned and resulted in blood problem and kidney problem,
My mother Shuqing Wu, 61 years old, is mentally and physically persecuted, poisoned, sexual tortured, and assaulted with physical damage,
My brother Xuhui Li, 31 years old, is sexually persecuted to cause physical damage, mentally and physcially persecuted,
My husband Yuqi Chen, 40 years old, is mentally and physically persecuted.

For the release of the hostage status and the concern of the life-threats caused by the terrorist activities, I have contacted Mr. Kofi Annan, U.S Attoney General John Ashcroft and FBI for help. My family, innocent witnesses and international human rights activists including Mr. Bertrand Ramcharan of the Office of the United Nations High commissioner for Human Rights and international human rights activist Geoffrey Robertson are illegally imprisoned inside a concerntration camp used for conducting human experimentation on me.

The concentration camp is controlled by the terrorists, Motorola, police and FBI in Chicago area. There are cameras used to video tape the event by Jingtao Hu's son. I was told these video tapes are used by Motorola, Chinese and U.S government. The event is broadcasted ( partially or completely ) as paid TV show. Since my family members are the critical witnesses of my victimization, the persecutors are threating to not to release them. FBI is threating to transfer them to Mr. Kofi Annan's concentration camp, and even threating to send them back to Chinese President Jingtao Hu's concentration camp. Mr. Kofi Annan, John Ashcroft, UN peace keeping corp (commanded by Heping Wang, global terrorists and at-large murderers, Mafia Yuping Wang and Hongmin Yu), Chinese military, U.S military, police, FBI, Motorola are on site for participation.

I'd like to get your attention and help on the safe release of my family. Since my whole family are victimized by the government crimes and terrorism activists of Chinese and U.S government, I'd like to get help from you for refugee protection in a third contry other than U.S and China, terminate my victimization and bring the persecutors into justice through a lawsuit. Please let me know how to co-ordinate with you for necessary actions. Because of the overwhelming false identity issues, I'd like to know if I can get contacted by you directly through emai.

My family, and critical witnesses of my victimization are exposed under no-protection status . Please help us !

Thank you,

Zhengrong Lisa Li

From: "zhengrong li" <zhengrongli69 [at]>
To: thirdopinion [at]
CC: admin [at]
Subject: an involuntary victim of nuclear weapon tests is looking for help !
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 20:14:26 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an involuntary victim of nuclear weapon tests.

The experimentation is conducted by the Department of Energy of China and U.S by the support of the United Nations, the Chinese Government and U.S. Government.

There is no contract signed or previous knowledge about any human experimentation contracts.

Both of my parents are chinese nuclear scientists. The people who are conducting nuclear experimentation on me are their previous colleague. I am also be used for lots of other human experimentation projects by United Nations, Chinese and U.S. government.

My car and my living space are poisoned by nuclear radiation for satisfying the human experimentation conductors. And also used for the purpose of murdering and physical damaging by my personal persecutor, at large criminals, my previous colleagues from Motorola and mental sicked Dave Wisti and Jessie Zhang.

The experimentation equipment is also controlled and used as a terrorism threats by the international terrorists - Williams Clinton, Jeff Jones, Jingtao Hu, AL Gore, Bush Family, Christopher Gavin, Yuping Wang, Jessie Zhang, Hongmin Yu, Zhaodi Song, Xuebing Cao, Jeff Leclair and his family gangster connection , Dave Wisti and family.

All my family are persecuted and hostaged by the terrorists by the conspiracy of Motorola, Chinese Government and U.S. government.

I am looking for help from you for the support of terminating the nuclear experimentations, looking into this crime, getting my family out of the hostage status through a third country refugee status.

There are on going UN investigation frauds concerning all the involuntary human experimentations on me. The investigators are chosen from my persecutors and the experimentation conductors. It is acting as a plot to ensure the continuation of this experimentation on me by the excuse of protecting me out of the life security threats through the involuntary human experimentations conducted by at large murderers, mafia, criminals -- Williams Clinton, AL Gore, Jingtao Hu, Geoge W. Bush, Jeff Leclair, Hongmin Yu, Jessie Zhang, Jeff Jones, Christ Gavin, Dave Wisti, Yuping Wang by the assistance of the United Nations, Chinese Government and U.S government. Please help me on looking into this crime and save the lives of my family and the innocent witnesses.

The detailed information of my victimization can be found at :

Thank you,

Zhengrong Lisa Li

From: "zhengrong li" <zhengrongli69 [at]>
To: mcforums [at]
CC: zhengrongli69 [at]
Subject: Please help me
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 00:06:30 +0000

Dear Friends,

Please help on terminating the on going international human rights abuse crime
by signing this petition -

Please forward this email to others you believe share your concern.

My parents has been hostaged , and persecuted because of my victimization by the global terrorists -- Williams Clinton, Jeff Jones, Jingtao Hu, AL Gore, Bush Family, Christopher Gavin, Yuping Wang, Jessie Zhang, Hongmin Yu, Zhaodi Song, Xuebing Cao, Jeff Leclair and his family gangster connection , Dave Wisti and family by the assistance of Motorola, chinese and U.S government.

I have contacted FBI, U.S attoney General John Ashcroft, UN Secretary-General kofi Annan, UN international for the following matters and asked Mr. Raymond Ranjeva the Vice-President the International Court of Justice of United Nations to help me on releasing my family out of the life-threating hostage status.

Zhengrong Lisa Li


From : "zhengrong li" <zhengrongli69 [at]>
To : oig.hotline [at]
CC : zhengrongli69 [at]
Subject : An emergency message to Mr. John Ashcroft
Date : Mon, 10 Nov 2003 02:24:58 +0000

Mr. Ashcroft,

I am an unvoluntary TIA human experimentation victim. The overtly conducted human experimentation on me has been going on for 3 years and still on going. I am also become a target of personal persecution, gender related persecutions and mind control. My persecutors are Illinois Governmnet, Motorola shareholders, CSC share holders, U.S Government and Chinese Governmnet. Not only my privacy is invaded but also my human rights are denied. I am not be able to get legal help so far.

My persecutors illegally targeted me for human experimentation without any legal contracts.They are conducting human experimentation on me but using one of my previous colleague from Motorola named Yuping Wang for legislation matters. To cover up for this crime, they put me into the mental hospital three years ago and made fake human experimentation contracts "signed by" me. Government frauds and white collar crime are used for covering up.

The human experimentations conducted on me are lethal. My physical security and wellness are threated. My parents, my brother and other innocent witnesses are used as hostages by U.S and Chinese government. They are physically and psychologically tortured by the secret society, mafia, gangsters, FBI and CIA.

I am looking forward to getting contacted by you for releasing the hostages and terminating my victimization from the legislation point of view.

Zhengrong Lisa Li


From : zhengrongli69 [at]
To : inquiries [at]
CC : zhengrongli69 [at]
Subject : Please help
Date : Thu, 20 Nov 2003 23:33:36 +0000

Mr. Kofi Annan,

I am looking forward to getting your attention on helping me to get my husband , parents and brother out of the control of the international terrorists. They are currently hostaged, life-threated and persecuted by my persecutors because of my victimization.

My persecutors are U.S. and Chinese government, U.S president Geoge W. Bush, Chinese President Jingtao Hu, Chinese Embassy and Consulates in U.S, CIA, FBI, U.S. and Chinese DOD, Illinois Government, the international shareholders of Motorola and Computer Science Corporation. Most them are at large criminals, at large murders, mafia, gangsters, corrupted government officials, mental sick human abusers.

Following is an incomplete list of the well-known individual persecutors of me and my family:

Human rights abusers, Terrorists, and at-large criminals Chinese President Jingtao Hu and son,
Human rights abusers, Terrorists, and at large criminals Peng Li and family,
Human rights abusers Rongji Zhu and son,
Human rights abusers, criminal protectors and assistants the international shareholders of Motorola,
Human rights abusers, criminal protectors and assistants the international shareholders of Computer Science Corporating,
Personal persecutor Zeming Jiang's son Mianheng Jiang and family,
Human rigths abuser, at-large criminals - staffs from Chinese Embassy in U.S and Chinese consulate in Chicago,
Human rights abuser U.S president Geoge W. Bush family,
at large criminal and terrorists Bush family,
at large criminal AL Gore family and son,
Human rights abuser, Motorola shareholders and terrorists Clinton family,
Previous Motorola CEO, at large criminal, terrorist, and drug dealer Christopher Garvin,
Pervious Motorola employee, mental sicked Dave Wisti and his family's U.S DOD connection,
Motorola employee , mafia and terrorist Jeff Jones and family,
Mafia, at large murder and terrorist Hongmin Yu,
Motorola employee, Mafia, at-large criminal Jessie Zhang,
Motorola employee, Mafia, at-large criminal Yuping Wang,
At-large criminal, terrorist Zhaodi Song,
Previous Motorola employee, at-large criminal, terrorist Xuebing Cao,
At large murderer and terrorists Jeffery Leclair, his eldest brother and family,
Local gangsters led by Yuan Gao of Chinatown of Chicago, IL in U.S.A

The interweave of the government crimes, government frauds, organized crime companied by the usage of military force through power abuse, the illegal imprison the witnesses, the terrorism activities, the inhuman cult makes this crime full of violence and terrorism. The progress and severity of this violent massive human rights abuse crime are extremely overwhelming towards the powerless and innocent people. The lawless and shameless attitude by the human rights abusers is making effort to mislead the public and threats the human rights advocacy actions. The gangsters, mafia, at large criminals, at large murderers and drug dealers, the corrupted government officials and human rights abusers are playing a significant role internationally to threat the global peace, humiliate the protection and respect towards human rights using terrorism threats, white collar crimes and power abuse.

In front of the government crimes, government frauds, organized crimes, widespread covert involvement with drug crime, white collar crimes conducted by Motorola and governments, the law enforcement of these two governments is not at the right position to help the victim and innocent witnesses but be made part of the government crime. My intention and effort for seeking for justice by reporting this crime to these two governments is too weak to compare to this turbulence situation. My persecutors are playing a role of conducting global control for international human rights abuse and criminal protection purpose. The people I am seeking help from could be victimized by my persecutors through the mind control technology. They are mentally and physically persecuted and even facing life-threats for criminal protection purpose.

Following is the information of my hostaged and persecuted family -

My husband: Yuqi Chen, 40, persecuted and victimized because of my victimization;
My father: Hongcai Li, 64, not only hostaged, but also persecuted and victimized because of my victimization, immidiate medical attention is needed;
My mother: Shuqing Wu, 61, not only hostaged, but also persecuted and victimized because of my victimization, with potential heart problem, immidiate medical attention is needed;
My brother: Xuhui Li, 31, not only hostaged, but also persecuted;

Their pictures and my identities can be found at :

I am seriously asking for your help for urging the release of my hostaged family and archeiving family reunion after 2 years long seperation. Please contact me by email : zhengrongli69 [at] .

My detailed personal information can be found at : .

I have contacted UN international for the following matters and asked Mr. Raymond Ranjeva the Vice-President the International Court of Justice of United Nations to take the leadership to help me , my victimized family and innocent witnesses .

Follow is the email I sent to the judges of UN international Court of Justice --


From : "zhengrong li" <zhengrongli69 [at]>
To : mail [at]
CC : information [at]
Subject : please help on saving innocent lives !
Date : Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:09:58 +0000

Dear Judges,

I learned there are several investigation conducted by UN concerning the on going global mind control, human control and terrorism crime through the usage of the global survillance and space weapon system by the support of Motorola, Department of Defense of Chinese and U.S government.

The global terrorists - Hongmin Yu, Jeff Jones,Yuping Wang, Jessie Zhang, Dave Wisti, Jeff Leclair, Xuebing Cao, Zhaodi Song, Christopher Gavin, Williams Clinton, AL Gore, Jingtao Hu, Peng Li, Bush family are using space weapon, telecommunication system, satellite communication system, space weapon system, thoughts reading and mind contorl technology conducting massive human rights abuse - torture and persecute innocent people in forms of power abuse and organized crime.

I am the involuntary victim of this crime - my victimization has been 3 years long. I am living under brain damage and life threats everyday. My husband Yuqi Chen, father Hongcai Li, Mother Shuqing Wu, Brother Xuhui Li are persecuted and hostaged by the terrorists. Our picures can be found at :

My rights as an involuntary victim of this crime has been totally invaded through a false identity crime, so-called Yuping Wang is Zhengrong Li, conducted by Chinese and U.S. government.

All investigations has never provide any concrete human rights support towards me. None of the investigators met me and talked to me. The investigators ended with no rescue solution towards me. All the investigations are acting as a cover up to prolong and take advantage of my involuntary victimization.

The ongoing investigation initiated by UN is used by my persecutors. One of the example is that a male persecutor originally from China name Xiaolin Fan, the husband of a female persecutor of mine, become part of the investigation team for my victimization. ( His wife is in charge of inject partcle into my brain without my awareness. She works as a technicain of the computer lab of the physics department of Northwestern University with the educational background of high-engery physics.) This couple have been exposed for the violation of the law. The involvement of the Xiaolin Fan as an so-called investigator totally invade my rights as a victim.

By the consideration of avoiding the involvement of the people who are currently controlled and depending on Chinese and U.S. government, who was/is deeply involved with or controlled by Hongmin Yu and other terrorists, who made fraud of the investigation, I'd like to ask for Mr. Raymond Ranjeva's attention to take the leadership on looking into my victimization and save the life of my family and innocent people, bring justice towards us.

To avoid the further involvement of Chinese government towards my victimization, I have to give up my nationality as a Chinese. I am looking forward for refugee support from a reliable third country other than Chinese and U.S government.

As a victim who is facing physical pain, brain damage and life threats daily, whose whole family are hold as hostage and persecuted by terrorists and mental sicknesses dialy , is looking for help to restore my human rights, achieve family reunion and terminate my victimization.

I have massive witnesses who are threated and controlled by the terrorists, I am looking forword for your help on provideing internation protection towards the witnesses, release the turth of my victimization and bring the persecutors into justice.

My detailed information victimization can be found online as a public petition at a reliable petition site:
targetted to Mr. Raymond Ranjeva the Vice-President the International Court of Justice of United Nations for gaining public support for reporting this crime.


I am looking forward to getting contacted and get your help as soon as possible.

thank you,

Zhengrong Lisa Li

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