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Ritter Speaks Out About the Right Wing Smear
by mike
Thursday Jan 23rd, 2003 4:16 AM
"Do you think this was an attempt to silence you?"/// Ritter: "Again, I don't want to get into that, I think that is a question that maybe you journalists should be delving into more. "
Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has broken his silence about his 2001 arrest in an internet sex sting, giving his only local on-camera interview to Channel Six News.

Transcript of Ritter Interview, Part I
This is the transcript of Darcy Wells' interview with Scott Ritter from the Wednesday, January 22 edition of Channel Six News at 6.
Scott Ritter: "I'd like nothing more than to be vocal opponent to this war, to being an affective voice to the anti-war movement. And that's one of the reasons why I am here today."

Darcy Wells: "Do you think you could be affective in speaking out against the war with Iraq now?"

Ritter: "Well again I will answer by noting that I was very affective in speaking out against the war in Iraq. That is with out debate. And these two issues have nothing to do with one another. In fact, if you think about one of the key points I bring out on the war in Iraq is the concept of the rule of law. And the concept of holding one accountable to the rule of law. I have been held accountable to the rule of law. The case was dismissed. And yet again those who likewise must abide by the rule of law and adhere to the requirement under law; not to discuss the case, they are not. You know I am a law abiding citizen. I haven't been in the past, I am now and I will be in the future. I am a good member of this community. I am a good American. I'd like to continue doing my patriotic duty of applying my knowledge and insights into a very critical issue. Yeah, I'll be a good voice to oppose this war. I'll be a good voice to talk objectively about the situation in Iraq. Nothing that transpired this week, nothing that's been spewed across the airwaves changes the fact that I am one of the top of the foremost experts on the issue of Iraq. I have the moral authority and the moral responsibility to continue talking about this issue."

Wells: "Do you think this was an attempt to silence you?"

Ritter: "Again, I don't want to get into that, I think that is a question that maybe you journalists should be delving into more. Frankly speaking, I am trying to hold together my family. Hold together my life. Reassert myself into the community and get back on to this important task. It did effectively silence me, it prevented me from going to Baghdad."

Wells: "Was that your decision or someone in Baghdad's decision?"

Ritter: "It was my decision. My responsible is for the larger issue of war and peace and my assessment of the situation based upon all that was transpiring in the media is that my going to Baghdad would bring this baggage with it and would detract from the larger issue of war and peace, and providing, opening up alternatives to war. So you know I need to disengage. I'd certainly like to clear this up and get back to the important task of is America going to war? What price will be paid? How can we avert war?"

Transcript of Ritter Interview, Part II
This is the transcript of Darcy Wells' interview with Scott Ritter from the Wednesday, January 22 edition of Channel Six News at 6.
Wells: " So what is your next step? What's your plan now? You are speaking about this, do you move on immediately from here, can you move on from here?"

Ritter: "You know I don't know. I am going one day at a time. I am rebuilding my life as we speak. Its not that hard to rebuild. You know I have a wonderful family. My wife is solemnly behind me. My kids love me. My friends are with me. I have received hundreds of phone calls, hundreds of emails from supporters around the country and around the world. You know there is a tremendous constituent out there that is urging me to go forward. I hope I will be able to but the most important thing now is to bring stability to my family and to my community."

Wells: "Who do you think leaked this information?"

Ritter: "I don't know but whoever did should be held accountable. I mean I am held accountable to the rule of law. I was called forward, I stood before a judge. And I have you know adscititious adhere to my legal and moral responsibilities in terms of discussing the details of the case. Why others are not held to the same standard I don't know."

Wells: "You know an Assistant District Attorney was fired because of this case. How do you feel about that?"

Ritter: "I feel terrible about it but its not my fault. You know nothing happened here that's out of order. You know I am not a legal authority, you know I don't know what the facts are and what the numbers are. But again I'll restate I was arrested in June of 2001. I was charged with a class B misdemeanor. I was brought before a judge, I stood before a judge, my wife by my side. I was held accountable to the rule of law. That judge along with the Colonie police department, and the Assistant District Attorney and my lawyers reached a ACOD, a dismissal of the case and the case file was sealed. Those are the facts and I see nothing wrong with that."

Transcript of Ritter Interview, Part III
This is the transcript of Darcy Wells' interview with Scott Ritter from the Wednesday, January 22 edition of Channel Six News at 6.
Wells: "But can you set the record straight, did you go online and talk to an underage girl concerning some type of sexual discussions?"

Ritter: "Again I must respect my legal and ethically responsibilities and not discuss issues pertaining to that case."

Wells: "You know when people see you and if you speak about Iraq in the future in the back of their minds they are going to be wondering, why what to know did Scott Ritter do this kind of this or didn't he, can you set that record straight?"

Ritter: "Well again, I have a legal and ethical responsibility not to discuss the details of the case. But what do we have going on here an extrajudicial proceeding. You know I have already stood before a judge, I've already been held accountable to the rule of law. The case was dismissed, the file was sealed. And I would expect everyone who adhere to the rule of law and who respect the rule of law to respect that. Again remember what the concept of an ACOD is, an ACOD removes the presumption of guilt and alimits the concept of this stigma arising from me having to respond to unstandabke allegations

Wells: "In your case it didn't work."

Ritter: "Well again not because of any wrong doing on my part. I have adhered to my responsibilities under the law, I have adhered the requirements both legal and ethical not to discuss the details of this case. I could only wish that everyone could did that because we won't be here. I'd be in Baghdad, we might have an opportunity to pursue an important initiative that could prevent war and lets remember lets put this in a larger perspective here, war and peace. We are talking about the potential deaths of thousands of Americans, the destabilization of the region in the world. And its a darn shame I am not focused on that issue right now."

Wells: "Have you broken the law, ever?"

Ritter: "Have I ever broken the law, have I gotten a speeding ticket? Yeah. Have I gotten a parking ticket? Absolutely. Let me say this what happened on June 15 was the first time I was arrested and the first time I was charged with any crime. But I want to reiterate that I stood before a judge, I was held accountable to the rule of law and that judge dismissed the case. And I think everybody should remember that."

Albany School Janitor Charged with Sex Abuse
The janitor for an Albany elementary school is behind bars, accused of abusing a four-year old girl! Police say 48-year-old Robert Buchanan lives in the apartment above his alleged victim on Clinton Street. That's where investigators say the girl's mother found her locked in a bathroom with Buchanan, visibly shaken. Police say it appears Buchanan somehow lured the girl upstairs. He's been suspended from his job at Philip Schuyler Elementary School. District Officials tell us they've never had a problem with him before.

Arrest in Greene County Fire
There's been an arrest in a fire that ripped through a trailer in Catskill. Tracey Finkle has been charged with second degree arson. A mother and her five children are homeless because of the fire. Police say Finkle is the girlfriend of the father of some of the children. There was apparently a conflict between her and the mother.

Self Defense Coach Accused of Sexual Abuse
He taught children a sport based on honor and tradition. But police say a local Tae Kwan Do coach was doing more than mentoring; accusing him of sexually abusing a teenager. Guilderland police arrested 39-year-old Carl Slater of Rotterdam on Monday afternoon after finding him in the back seat of a car with a 15 year old girl. The two were in the parking lot, with the car running, behind the Capital Northeast Tae Kwon Do, where Slater is a part-time instructor of junior students. After questioning Slater, police learned he'd been communicating with the girl in an AOL chat room since last fall. He used the screen names, "H.K. Corky" and "Apophiss." Police also confiscated 600 photographs of kiddie porn they say Slater downloaded on his home computer. Slater spent the night in jail and is now out on bail. Police are trying to find out if there are other victims because he had access to children at Tae Kwon Do, and at the Cumberland Farms store where he worked in Guilderland; you can call police at 356-1501.

Big Honor for Local College President
A local college president has something in common with Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, and Colin Powell. RPI president Shirley Ann Jackson has been named one of the 50 most inspiring African Americans. A book published by Essence magazine features African Americans who are breaking barriers in a number of fields, including politics, education and entertainment.

Saratoga Socialite Leaves Millions to Hospital
She was known for her dramatic entrance into Saratoga parties. But now, in her death, socialite Mollie Wilmot is getting noticed for her generosity toward a local hospital. Wilmot was the heiress of a department store fortune and died in September at the age of 78. In her will, she left three million dollars in cash to specific people, but wants the remainder to be split between Saratoga Hospital and a foundation in Florida. Lawyers don't know how much the hospital will get yet, but it will be in the millions. Wilmot lived in West Palm Beach and New York City but was treated at Saratoga Hospital during when she summered there. She gained national attention in 1984 when a Venezuelan freighter crashed into her Florida home. The hospital says this gift will be the largest in its history. Hospital officials say they will use part of Wilmot's donation for a 70 million dollar expansion project.

Commentary: Dan DiNicola on 'Roe v. Wade'
This commentary originally aired on the Wednesday, January 22 edition of Channel Six News at 6, the 30th anniversary of the landmark abortion ruling.

"I've had three encounters with women who have had abortions. In each case it was, 'I don't want the baby right now, I can't have it.' In each case the woman went into the procedure without one qualm of conscience. In each case, the effects were emotionally devastating. As in, 'Oh my god, what have I done?'

I'm not Mr. Churchgoer, but maybe it's the old fashioned Catholic boy deep down which impels me to have a hard time with abortion, unless the mother's life is in danger. At the same time, because I can't prove articles of faith beyond reasonable doubt, I believe, in the woman's right to choose, to govern her own body.

And if you believe abortion is a sin, then let her have her right to sin. To live with the consequences of her act freely chosen. Is it wrong to say 'Just because I believe in a woman's right to choose, it doesn't mean I have to agree with her choice?'

Again, I believe in a woman's right to choose, but I don't always agree with her choice. Can't we just leave it at that without calling a woman a murderer? Knowing that, like my three friends, many women who have abortions live forever with a pain worse than the hurt brought on by shouts and condemnations? If you happen to be a Christian, does it not make more sense to show so-called offending women love, rather than disdain?

Roe v. Wade does not command us to agree with abortion, but with freedom of choice. I ask you again, am I contradicting myself? Am I taking an immoral position, by saying we can believe in a woman's right to choice without agreeing with what she has chosen?"

Dan DiNicola
feedback [at]

These are the personal views of Dan DiNicola, and do not necessarily represent the views of WRGB-TV or Freedom Broadcasting.

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