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Reichstag Fire TV show, Hitlers 9/11 Fake terror to grab control!

by xx
This ia a history channel video Clip about the Reichstag Fire and the proof that the fire was set by the NAZIs, blamed it on the communist to gain power.
This ia a history channel video Clip about the Reichstag Fire and the proof that the fire was set by the NAZIs, blamed it on the communist to gain power.
Burning of the German parliament building (Reichstag) in Berlin. Allegedly set by a Dutch communist, the fire was used by A. Hitler to turn public opinion against his opponents, especially the communists. He enacted a decree suspending constitutional protection of personal rights, which effectively began the Nazi Party dictatorship. The fire was widely believed to have been set by the Nazis themselves, while others have argued there was no proof of Nazi complicity; it remains the subject of debate and research

Reichstag Fire - Encyclopedia Britannica - Reichstag fire, burning of the Reichstag (parliament) building in Berlin, on the night of Feb. 27, 1933, a key event in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship and widely believed to have been contrived by the newly formed Nazi government itself to turn public opinion against its opponents and to assume emergency powers...his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is supposed to have devised the scheme... On Feb. 28, 1933, the day after the fire, Hitler's dictatorship began with the enactment of a decree "for the Protection of the People and the State," which dispensed with all constitutional protection of political, personal, and property rights.

The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic)

1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others

2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights

3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis
§Reichstag Fire Video, History Channel
by xx
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by Dude, you publish this everywhere!!
Dude, you publish this everywhere!!
by jake
the person should use html links to the file at one particular server versus sending a 6 meg file to many indymedia servers. That not only makes it easier for the person to post (less time), but it saves computer space. Mr. "xx", learn how to do that. It's in your interest.
by xx
This is the only place I posted video, the photo I grabbed from somewhere.(the poster above may be talking about that)

I posted a link on main indymedia site to video here, did not repost.
by outrageous
Comparing Bush, Hitler, the Reichstag fire, and the WTC?? What king of blithering idiots are you??

You need to see somebody about this conspiracy paranoia crap. 9/11 can't have just happened - it couldn't be a bunch of sicko, mad-dog terrorists out to do some bad. It couldn't just be a bunch of guys who hate us. No, they couldn't hate the US enough. No, they needed to be part of a bigger plan. No. It had to be some deep, ulterior hidden agenda. I suppose that if it snows in North Dakota this winter, there will have been some conspiracy, some secret plot to drop the temperature. Give it a rest, moron. Get a life, or end the one you have. You are sick and frickin' twisted. The real terrorists would be laughing their asses off if they heard about this crap.
by zayre
Truly silly comparison. No reasonable person I have heard regards Bush to be a National Socialist.
by Truthseeker
Outrageous, you are the moron. This is a clear illustration of our civil liberties going down the toilet. Anyone who wants to trade their liberty for security deserves neither and is a true coward and ignoramus. Don't call yourself an American. Americans are brave and that is what it takes to be free. If you don't understand or disagree maybe you should relocate to a nice U.S. supproted dictatorship. They will gladly take good care of you.
by dude
History repeats itself. So wake. Rise up. or be trodden down with the rest of the nameless masses under the Fascist boot.
by Ingemar Smith
Outrageous, very original, flaming those that don't buy the official story. How long did it take you to come up with it that? The biggest conspiracy theorists of all are the ones out there that believe that Bin Laden planed and executed from some cave. You wouldn't know it from the whiteout by the corporate media but most people in the world NEVER swallowed the Bin Laden joke. So, contrary to what FOX, CNN and MSNBC tell you, you are in the global minority. So, naturally, in the face of this gigantic propaganda ploy, there are going to be other theories, albeit, few of them as extravagant as the Bin Laden one.
by I.Rate
You don't have to be a card carrying member of the NSDAP (NAtionalesoZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) to adapt their tactics and techniques.

In fact, tis hardly none that none other than Fidel Castro astutely studied Mein Kampf as a nascent student revolutionary, not because he was a NAZI sympathizer, but because of the information contained in it for building a mass movement. Reading out the stultifying prose it is chock full of tactics and strategy, then again so is Mao's Little Red Book, Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Der Kommunist Manifesto.

As regards being NAZI like, as opposed to being a NAZI, the ideology and tactics of Sharon and Bush,
are every bit as NAZI like as Hitler's.

When it comes to turning reality on it's head, and saying that black is white and vice versa, what comes out of Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. is every bit as
heinous, lying, obfuscating and distorting as what came out of Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda.

What has been proven to work, will always be adapted and adopted by the Plutocracy, regardless of it's source and origin.

Violence, terror and oppression create fear and victims.

Victimology is a science, the science of identity politics and propaganda (myths).

Israeli's believe they are victims.
Palestinians believe they are victims.
Americans, now, believe they are victims.
Iraq's believe they are victims.
Koreans (North and South) believe they are victims.
etc, etc, ad nauseum, ad finitum.

We are all VICTIMS. Then again the I.Rate one says, there are no victims only volunteers. When we give over our identity as self sovereign humans, manipulated by none and governable by none, we cease to become victims.

I have no truck (dealings, exchange, barter) with anyone who wears or adopts the mantle of "identity" politics, be it based on religion, ethnicity, race, politics
or even such curious and scurilous epithets as "liberal" or "conservative" - two words incidentally which are more code words than words with any meaning.

by I.Rate
Sorry about the multiple posts. Had a problem with my browser.

BTW, a type in the first sentence second paragraph.

Should read "It is hardly KNOWN" not hardly none.

Again my apologies.
It has nothing to do with believing the CIA, CNN, or any media. Just look at it. Why is it so hard to believe that ben Laden (and a million other guys like him) can't just orchestrate some terror of his own? Why can't it just be a guy and his pals who want to make some world-size statement by wrecking us? They need our cooperation to pull this off? Why is this so unbelievable that it has to be part of some bigger, more complex plan. Because this is so unlike little benny-boy we have known since he was a tyke? Because gentle ben gave us his word he's being framed? Even if he's not smart enough, he's got the motivation, money, and die-hard believers of his own to pull anything off. He sure doesn't need help from any US agency. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everybody's a nazi, the moon landing and holocaust were fakes, and Elvis works at a car wash in Oregon. And maybe you think the WTC collapses were staged, too. You know, another one of those conspiracies of Bush, CNN, the Pentagon, and some aliens. Yeah, thats the ticket.
12-01-2003, 11:37

Lebanon's ambassador to Canada is under fire for comments he made last week in an Arabic-language newspaper in response to the government's decision to ban Hizbullah.

In an interview with the newspaper Sada al Mashriq, Raymond Baaklini said Canada outlawed the Lebanese resistance group last month because of pressure from a "Zionist party" that he said "controls 90% of the Canadian media."

He also advised that Canadians travelling in the Arab world should not wear Canada T-shirts anymore, and said he had been told that "Canadian police always suspect every man with a beard and every woman with a veil."

Baaklini told later The National Post his remarks were meant for an Arabic audience and he might have phrased them differently if he were addressing English readers.
by kringle
Of course "we" will never know the truth if "we" believe in conspiracy theories so readily.

Do you REALLY want to know what happened? Quit reading speculative posts from amatuer novelists and start reading hard science from the field.

It's one thing to fight the government with rhetoric, quite another to challenge science with an actual theory.
Point well taken, nessie. I'm not singing the praises of politicians, especially because I have such a low, low opinion of them, categorically, across the board, at federal, state, and local levels. I am just saying that it is entirely possible that WTC and terrorism doesn't HAVE to be a home-grown, home-cooperated conspiracy, and that in all fairness, Bush should not really be compared to the likes of Hitler.
by I.Rate
But that is the point.
Comparing Bush to Hitler is quite a fair, and accurate comparison, the both have so much in common, starting with being sociopaths.
by I.Rate
But comparing Bush to Hitler is a fair and accurate comparison, starting with the fact (quite observed and noted on) that Bush is a sociopath, a hystericist, a rude and war mongering rabble rouser
If what you say is true, we would never read your words, because you, your family, everybody you know, and everybody you ever heard of, would have been dead before you could have hit your "ENTER" key. But not just dead - hung by the neck with a coat hanger then used as an ashtray, or something. Read up on Hitler before you jump to any conclusions and call names.

You may think that, like Germany c.1930's, our country is headed for hell on a jet, but it just isn't there, yet, so don't rush it.
by Howard
If you want to know the truth about 911 go to and see Alex Jones' 911 the road to tyranny. You can find the links that let you watch the entire movie for free online. Also check out the prior knowledge section. It's well documented with mainstream sources.
by Jerry Jenkins
Conspiracies will always abound where the government and media seem so intent to disregard or cover up the facts, we have holes in their stories you could drive a truck through. Little bits of info that do come out and then get dropped, such as Atta's passport surviving the crash and being found in the rubble (does anyone still remember that? The story was dropped as fast as it was reported Oh, and he got aboard a plane with a "Republic of Conch" passport, ever hear of Conch? I can't imagine you have, it's fake).

Let's look at another similar scenario: The OK City bombing has ex-military experts testifying an ANFO couldn't do more than scuff the outer wall, the FBI changes their story about the crater size 3 times, people in the building who survived the horror remember the ANFO truck bomb go off as a shudder and then the walls disintegrating a few seconds later as another blast ripped the building apart, and everyone and their mother is saying the support pillars crumbled from the inside. There is as much consistency in the WTC attacks as there is in the Murrah bombing. Why the disinfo if we are the victims? What comfort do we get from being mislead? None, it only breeds FEAR of the terrorist boogeymen.

Now I can buy that terrorists act on their own and create havoc on their own, but who is allowing them to do this and to what end? We have the largest military and intelligence force in the world and we can't stop a plane coming in over the nation's capital and hitting this country's military HQ? Come on... this was all done completely from a cave in a back waters country? We aren't watching for this sort of behaviour from people who have been threatening the WTC towers regularly since 1993?
Yeah Bin Laden has money and contacts and everything you need to wage a guerilla war, but we have those resources times 1,000 and we can't stop him. Not to mention the CIA has spoken with him at least twice between the embassy bombings and 9-11-01 and the second time was purportedly in France in July 2001. It's not so much that information taken in small blips as it comes out of the media looks suspicious, it's that when you weave them all together and look at all the discrepencies and information gaps that you really start to see it as something bigger than a small group of disgruntled terrorists. Pile historical context onto this blanket and you really start to wonder what it's all covering.
Why the deceit and disinformation if you have nothing to hide? It's certainly arguable as to the governments involvement in the actual event, but they sure have capitalized on it anyway. It's our fear that the media trades on for ratings and the current war-hawk administration trades on for support of beating the war drum (and just throw vast oil reserves in on it too).
"Where they blow smoke, they've surely built fires."
by jer
I've generally found conspiracy theories to be a bunch of unrelated events glued together with really bad paste.

And while I am aware that the government has lied, and they could do it again, when events like 9/11 take place, I gather the information I have before me and what I can dig up (including the various links that have been provided at sfimc over the past year) and form my beliefs based upon that which I am convinced. To this point, that al-Qaeda planned and carried out this attack has the most merit.
by just one
The world's a big place in terms of population and geography. How on earth is any agency of any country going to keep track of the activities of any other group half way around the world. Nobody can predict what the next guy is going to do, let alone precisely enough to be in exactly the right place at the right time to interfere. Especially when his plan is formulated in secret. The combinations of people, places, targets, timing, and weapons pose an INFINITE number of unpredictabilities. The FBI and CIA are not to blame for not second-guessing the next move of a bunch of sickos, any more than they should be able to predict the precise rainfall to occur 27.128 miles northeast of Ames, Iowa next July 7th.
You have some likelies you watch, but there are ten million of these morons, and you can't know the details of their stupid little plans.
These agencies cannot second-guess, with the level of precision being demanded of them, where and when the next act of terrorism will occur. Neither you, nor I, can second-guess a traffic accident we may encounter on the way home today. Or tomorrow. The possibilities are limitless. I am not saying they do a great job at anything, and they deserve a lot of criticism for 57 other reasons, but not this one.
by world citizen
In determining reality, a scientist uses the scientific method: starts with a hypothesis; conduct an experiment; analyze the data; publish a report for peer review. This last part is critical because scientific findings must be validated before being accepted, and this means other labs must be able to conduct the same experiments and achieve the same results. And when this process returns with contradictory data, it often indicates a flaw in the initial experiment and/or analysis.

Creationists and Conspiracy theorists on the other hand start off with a foregone conclusion and then try to find evidence to support their claims and disregard facts that don't. Instead of submitting their "scholarly" work for peer review in professional journals, they sell mass-marketed books to the layman -- "proof" to the true believers.

There's a very good reason why the vast majority of the C&Cers never directly challenge science with science of their own -- they know their evidence will not measure up to scrutiny of scientists. And that's why C&Cers are often called crazy or nuts, because we know what they refuse to see -- what they hold onto because of belief.
by bov
"because we know"

do you?
by Jerry Jenkins
I'm not trying to sell anyone wholesale on any theory. It just strikes me as funny that people will believe the "facts" as given by mainstream media and anything uncovered or followed outside of that is conspiracy theory b.s. It is very true that conspiracy theorists will pick evidence to suit their claim, but it's also the same for mainstream media too.
The possiblity of a passport surviving a plane crash and building collapse is akin to the Warren Commission finding a perfectly intact bullet on a stretcher. It is convienent beyond plausibility (just disregard physics kiddies, nothing to observe here), but we stretch our minds to it anyway.
This is a very tough subject and very sensitive on both sides. We should question what we're sold wholesale. Who watches the watchmen? Conspiracy theorists don't harm the status quo, shutting them up because you don't like where the arguments going doesn't give you the right to say all conspiracy believers belong in the same group, there is plenty of carefully followed alternative journalism that colors outside the lines and winds up at the same place conspiracy theorists land. Just because a few people say UFOs and Secret "Black Ops" Government forces are behind all ills of our country with nothing other than sci-fi conjecture, doesn't mean you can just label and dismiss anyone who would question the truth as presented.
Why is it so hard to believe we knew (as a government) before hand when FBI field agents are called off the trial of two hijackers a week before the crash, after a hijacker in a Minnesota flight school asks how to steer a 747 in air and claims he's not interested in take off or landing, after a Bronx mosque was warned to stay out of Manhattan during that fateful week, a school student of Middle Eastern descent in Brooklyn told his entire class that the buildings wouldn't be there in a week (kids just can't keep their mouths shut can they?), on and on and on... People on the street knew and our at home intelligence services were clueless. All I'm trying to say is that there are a lot of discrepancies being reported (or not being reported as the case may be) and if you think scientific thought and reasoning is the only way forward, why would you wholesale swallow what the government offically releases and ignore all other compelling evidence? Does it not fit with the sanitized version you're handed? Or is it more of an ad hominem attack? it doesn't come from smiling, good looking talking heads so we can ignore it... Chances are good if the mainstream media picks it up and then drops it quickly, it's for a good reason and you will usually find it doesn't fit the "acceptable" version of events. We're asked to look quickly and then move on.
Did our government know? We have no one stepping out to say they did, but have an awful lot of people stepping out to say we didn't and to quickly kick out of sight anything contrary to that statement.
If you can accept the mainstream media line of fact recitation, all the better for you. After all, I live in your world, the burden of proof is on me, not on you.
by Jackson
If you doubt the September 11, "conspiracy paranoia crap" then please type: American Airlines flight 77 into a browser and then look for that video the Pentagon released showing that building being hit by a Boeing 757-200. Please note that this is the video in which the very first "frame" was left out of the version shown to the American public) file from those frames because ANYONE viewing the entire video can clearly see that there is no Boeing Jumbo Jet anywhere in that footage. (Not unlike when Time/Life printed the frames in the Zapruder file backwards making it appear as though Kennedy’s head to snap forwards instead of to backwards and to the left.) I’m not saying that nothing slammed into to the Pentagon that day just as I am not say Mr. Kennedy wasn’t hit in the head with a bullet (head: twice; throat: once; back: once), I’m just saying that the person(s) guiding those planes or pulling those triggers are not the ones with their faces plastered all over your TV screen.

If, indeed, a Boeing's product is shown in that footage it would most likely be one of their fine and highly accurate CRUSE MISSILES. (My guess is that the object seen in the video, flying very, very fast and only a couple of feet off the ground, is more likely some sort of combat aircraft drone.) If you chose to take the time to search for this video or you chose to look at the few photos available from that event look for the aircraft’s debris, which should be plentiful at a crash site where a 137 ton aircraft is said to have slammed into a building at several hundred miles per hour yet it only punched a 2 meter diameter hole into its target! Where in God’s name are all the parts, parts of either the plane or of its passengers and crew?

Tell me Mr. or Ms. "[O]utrageous", generally speaking whenever a crime is of such a nature that it has a huge and everlasting impact on the citizen and the direction of this country, why is it that acceptance of the “official” explanation of the event requires the suspension of one’s logic and understanding of the basic laws of physic? To me the crimes of September 11 could only have been committed by the likes of Lee Harvey Oswald himself…if you catch my drift.
by bombed-out
Well, I'm a sidelines person, taking theories and spoon-fed information in one go and not deciding what's to take as real, until the truth springs out.

But, I wonder why did the plane that hit the Pentagon, struck the building at it's most hardened and protected area [the building was being renovated and the area was strengthened {This info was gathered from a National Geographic's TV documentary}]?

I think that the plane really hit the Pentagon, but what actually transpires {rather than the plane hitting the Pentagon}, is the bigger mystery.
by bombed-out
Well, I'm a sidelines person, taking theories and spoon-fed information in one go and not deciding what's to take as real, until the truth springs out.

But, I wonder why did the plane that hit the Pentagon, struck the building at it's most hardened and protected area [the building was being renovated and the area was strengthened {This info was gathered from a National Geographic's TV documentary}]?

I think that the plane really hit the Pentagon, but what actually transpires {rather than the plane hitting the Pentagon}, is the bigger mystery.
by bombed-out
Well, I'm a sidelines person, taking theories and spoon-fed information in one go and not deciding what's to take as real, until the truth springs out.

But, I wonder why did the plane that hit the Pentagon, struck the building at it's most hardened and protected area [the building was being renovated and the area was strengthened {This info was gathered from a National Geographic's TV documentary}]?

I think that the plane really hit the Pentagon, but what actually transpires {rather than the plane hitting the Pentagon}, is the bigger mystery.
by vumsdor (Jamesjnc [at]
It is hard to believe with the advent of the internet that people with such access to info can be so blind. It was obvious at the time it was happening that this was a staged event. It was ment for shock value. The name of Bin Ladin was being mentioned within an hour of the second crash, and has not stopped since. This so called conspiracy is not actually that. Rather it is a mass delusion on a global scale. Even these illuminated ones who do plot, are not truly in control what is being manifested on earth. Knowledge has been so corrupted that the only avenue to truth is to ask IAMIAM for guidance , to open your mind and read between the lines, and once it starts to become apparent that somewere in the midst of all these dilluted theories lies the truth. That we are slaves,and the only way to escape this prision is through spiritual enlightenment, that can only be attained by the true meaning of the story of Jesus " He defeated death"!! To conclude, yes 9/11 had to be done for the sole purpose of creating fear in order to suspend our rights as US citizes. You see, we are the last to go. We will soon know what the rest of the world has delt with for years. We battle wicked spiritual forces not flesh and blood. Accept eternal life, love even your enemies. Men make plans, but also does the Holy Master of Creation.
God be with you. VUMSDOR
by pointer


On Halloween Night 1938, Orson Welles produced a radio play based on H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds. Many Americans, either tuning in late or possessing what by modern standards is an almost quaint level of naïveté, believed that it was not fiction, that invaders from Mars had actually landed in New Jersey and were laying waste to all before them. Panic ensued. Many people fled for their lives. Others got Old Betsy down from her place over the mantelpiece and rushed out into the yard to have at 'em. Casualties were reported.

This was not lost on the psychological warriors of the world. Ten months later, Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels spoke on the radio. He told the German people an only slightly less outlandish tale, that not Martians, but Poles had invaded. Unlike Welles, the Nazis had actually prepared some faux evidence. They were emboldened by the success of the Reichstag Fire, a ruse that had swept German civil rights and the last of the Nazi's internal opposition away with one blow. The Nazis dressed up some prisoners in Polish uniforms, broadcast a violently provocative diatribe from a radio transmitter a few miles from the Polish border, shot the place up, and left it strewn with corpses.

This stunt ultimately proved to be the single most deadly psy op in all of human history (we hope). It was called Operation Canned Meat. The German people, who are apparently dumb as Yanks any day, fell for it hook, line, and sinker. They counterattacked clear to the gates of Moscow. Casualties were reported.

by Rob
International Terrorist #1 - George "dubya" Bush. I find myself sickened at the sound of his voice, and every day I can only imagine what sick and demented ideas he is comming up with. The world should take him seriously, not as a hero, but as the #1 causer of death on this planet. I recently watched Michael Moore's, "Bowling for Columbine", and it completely reaffirmed my views on how twisted the U.S government is. For the past 30 years no country has ever even come close to invading as many countries as the U.S has. I believe that there no end to this in the future.
Bush is on his way to becoming the most feared person in the world. He now gave himself the power to use first-strike nuclear weapons. He is also slowly turning the U.S into a dictatorship. if you were to fallow how Hitler became so empowered, you will see that Bush is doing the exact same thing.
I hope one day that sick twisted SOB gets what he deserves; a surface to air missile right up his ass.
by Radian
Right, you dumb fuckers. They really didn't pick up pieces of peoples bodies who were on the flight. On the cvr there is some arab piece of shit screaming allah ahkbar at the top of his lungs, i'd bet my life on that. A good friend of mine spent weeks at a private lab identifying pieces of people. The cia killed them all beforehand and ran them through a wood chipper after the drone hit, right. Oh dont forget they burned all the biomass before they scattered it all the fuck over.

Airplanes are made of aluminum, aluminum melts and burns in air accidents. The fuel was the bulk of the weight and did the most impact damage.

The stupidity expressed here should be grounds for castration. Spare the gene pool..Slit you throat on occam's razor...
by Andre Schaefer
So you would advocate violence to ameliorate your hatred?

Have you no decency at all?
by Slashbunny
You want sick OUTRAGEOUS? Why don't get yourself a copy of the Northwood Documents. That's sick.
by Slashbunny
Darwin has a message for you:

by kwild
I think it's particularly ironic that a person who is, himself, a known "serial liar" would be so incredibly preoccupied with conspiracy theories about the U.S. government.
by Reuben
I never heard of a single news story of Al Quaeda taking credit for Sept 11,2001. Just remember wether its a death due to an accident at work, a plane crash, product fault, or whatever the corporate fascists are willing to "take that risk".
by FTN (tskat [at]
Truthseeker: Ok, why don't you join those 'noid "round earth" conspiracy group... here's there URL:

I don't think you're a moron, but I think you're REALLY reading way too much into things. The way I see it (and I'm not going to go into detail because I'm only here cause this is an assigned research paper) is that the US government is designed so that conspiracies cannot exist, or for that, last. Bush will be gone in a few years. No president gets reelected after declaring a war.

AND! I sure don't feel like my civil liberties have been taken away from me. In fact, I just got out of the navy where I didn't have any. While in my 6th month of my enlistment, I asked to get out and they let me. And that's something that a lot of people don't know you can do. The war on drugs might be against the constitution, but I don't see anything else.

When it comes right down to it...I look at this war in a utilitarian point of view, so it's easy for me to justify our actions. But all in all... Saddam Hussein is a RACIST and a PURSECUTIONIST. Not "evil" because I’m atheist evil isn't even in my Vocab.... but he abuses his people and the world would be better off without him.

So I'm not going to cut you down, but I know there is not any fun in being a radical. I'm a liberal myself, but support my shipmates and those other service men and women. Saying to myself* FUCKING HIPPIES!*
by WINIK (Parade Magazine)
Isn't it great that inpublic the MEDIA and government push one story and in another they refute the first???

In this article, placed on a D O D website, RUMSFELD ADMITS A MISSILE HIT THE PENTAGON.

I see the similarity in the Reichstag debacle. Unfortunately for me, I too was astonished at 9/11. I personally did not know anyone but was outraged at the "terroritists" of the time. Through my own "research" of several sites both for and against the involvement of U.S. officials or Afghani cave dwellers with 1950's weapons who could have orchestrated the attacks. I have begun to doubt the "official story" of the 9/11 attacks. There are way too many irregularites to dismiss it as an unconcievable attack. The statement by Bush that he "saw the first plane hit on tv before he spoke to the classroom in florida" is a clue. No one had any footage of the first plane except for the Fireman's video, which could not have been delivered anywhere until hours after the buildings fell because he filmed everything from the first impact on through the recovery. So how did Bush see it? CCTV probably. How would one get that? Also, why would someone just sit there for twenty minutes before the next one hit without a statement of concern? Theres also a great photo of him on that day in the classroom holding a book upside down that he is clearly pretending to read. This guy is obviously the biggest moron ever to hold office. I wont say elected because he wasnt. Look at the put options of UAL and AA days before. Someone knew these companies would be hit hard along with the market in general. Why were there several witnesses describing hearing explosions before the buildings collapsed? Why did some witnesses see flashes of light on the lower floors just seconds before the collapses. Look at the USGS survey site 34km away from the WTC which records two short, but massive seismic incidents before the towers fell that rival the seismic recordings of the impacts. There are records of a National Guard unit planning for emergency deployment to New York on the 14th of September 2001 which were observed on or about September 8th. Im not saying you have to believe conspiracy nuts, hell, im not fond of them either. But scientific data does not choose liberal or conservative sides. Inquire as to the specific heat needed to melt steel. Look at the heat generated by burning jet fuel. The two do not collaborate, but that is the official story. Most people are upset about 9/11, Im upset because 9/11 is not going to be the last or worst we will see.
by mike
Anyone spouting off at the mouth with responses to the suggestion of a similarity between Hitler and Bush's techniques need to take into consideration one thing. It's you individuals who are shining examples of fish playing into their proverbial nets. If this is indeed a modern day mirror institution of the Nazi techniques, then you are fanning the flames of their scheme and ignorantly conjurring the emotion of others, influencing them to think out of rage and anger as opposed to independent intelligence. Unfortunately for we independently thinking American's, we are outnumbered by a vast majority of hot head good ol' boys that fit snuggly in the pocket of any person in the house that is white. People such as you firmly believe that any red blooded American who sleeps in the white house speaks a golden word. You trust anything American and nothing foreign, you jump on the bandwagon and don't stray from the beaten path. The equivalent of a fish with a hook in it's mouth being reeled into shore, because you've already taken the bait. Well you know how the story goes, at the end of the day when the truth comes out and you're bleeding at the gills after you pushed the other fish out of the way so certain the bait was genuine, the other fish do not feel sorry for you when you are the fool and on a skillet down in Texas.
by Nate (nathan.gau [at]
Interesting site, though I don't buy everything here. I actually came here looking for a quote by Hitler made directly after the Reichstag fire... something to do with terrorism.

I'll be honest folks. I didn't buy into the whole 9/11 conspiracy thing until 10 months ago. I never even realized just how easy it would be for me (an intellectual who takes nothing for granted) to be easily duped, until one day, a muslim coworker told me that he believed in this conspiracy and challenged me to check it out myself. So I did, with the intent to prove him wrong, only to find out that maybe I was the one who was wrong. The pentagon thing is clearly an issue, but honestly, I'm more concerned with the physics behind the WTC. I have an engineering background (2 bachelor's degrees) and while I couldn't care less about people nitpicking the President's words as to where and what he saw on TV, but I do care about published reports saying that refined Kerosene (which burns at about 1500 F) could cause steel supports to melt (which melts at 2900 F) uniformly across every structure (not possible) and cause the buildings to collapse from the ground (not from the impact site). That's what makes me sick.

I don't take sick pleasure out of being right on this issue. I WANT TO BE WRONG, and in some perverse sort of way, I wouldn't mind being ignorant again either. My challenge to those who claim that there is no conspiracy, is simple: PROVE IT, and do it so that I can believe you too.

Oh yeah, to the idiot said that "creationists and conspiracy theorirsts start off with forgone conclusions and then find the facts to fit their theory." I'd like to know if you used the scientific method to prove there is no conspiracy, or do you rigorously test those whom you would like to believe (such as the government or media members) so that you ensure that they use this method? I doubt it... You just assume that they did. Personally, if you actually used your precious scientific method, you'd probably find that your evolutionist friends are just as guilty as the creationists whom you derride.

Your ignorance is only surpassed by your arrogance.
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