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Documentary Skull and Bones, Brotherhood of death!

by xx
Real Media Video about Bush's secret society Skull and Bones
Documentary about president Bush's secret society the Brotherhood of death (AKA Skull and Bones)

Inside a cold, foreboding structure of brown sandstone in New Haven, Conn., lives one of the most heavily shrouded secret societies in American history. Yale’s super-elite Skull and Bones, a 200-year-old organization whose roster is stocked with some of the country’s most prominent families: Bush, Harriman, Phelps, Rockefeller, Taft, and Whitney.

Sometime in the early 1830s, a Yale student named William H. Russell—the future valedictorian of the class of 1833- traveled to Germany to study for a year. Russell came from an inordinately wealthy family that ran one of America’s most despicable business organizations of the nineteenth century: Russell and Company, an opium empire. Russell would later become a member of the Connecticut state legislature, a general in the Connecticut National Guard, and the founder of the Collegiate and Commercial Institute in New Haven. While in Germany, Russell befriended the leader of an insidious German secret society that hailed the death’s head as its logo. Russell soon became caught up in this group, itself a sinister outgrowth of the notorious eighteenth-century society the Illuminati.

Also for more info do a search of Skull and Bones in a search engine. or try here
§This is the Documentary
by xx
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by xx
Bizarre Skull & Bones initiation ritual captured on video by ace reporter

By Rick Wiles
April 25, 2001
© American Freedom News

For the first time, the public has glimpses of the weird occult ritual that President George Bush participated in during his senior year at Yale University.

Ron Rosenbaum, a top reporter for the New York Observer magazine, has scored another achievement in his 25-year-long investigation of Yale University’s Skull & Bones secret society.

Using high-tech night-vision video equipment, Rosenbaum’s undercover investigative team succeeded in videotaping the bizarre induction ritual that has been recited by numerous members of the Eastern Establishment – including President George W. Bush.

The all-male Skull & Bones society is composed of alumni of Yale University and includes some of the most powerful men in the United States of America. The society was founded in 1832 as an offshoot of a German secret society. Fifteen new members in their senior year at Yale are initiated annually into the secret society. The initiation ceremony has bonded Yale graduates who went on to become presidents, ambassadors, diplomats, Wall Street tycoons, senators, bankers, judges, lawyers, media executives, and university presidents. Members remain in the society for life.

Among the famous families in America who have sent sons into the Skull & Bones are the Tafts, the Bundys, the Buckleys, the Harrimans, the Lovetts, and the Bushes. President George W. Bush was initiated into the Skull & Bones during his senior year at Yale. Likewise, the current president’s father and grandfather – former President George. H.W. Bush and Prescott Bush – were members of the society.

According to folklore, new members of the society are taken to the basement crypt of the Bones Tomb (the fraternal society’s house on the Yale campus) to be made to crawl into a coffin. During two intense sessions with members, they are forced to recount their personal and sexual history to the other 14 “chosen ones.” Apparently, the purpose of this phase of the ritual is to help the new members bond with their fellow Bonesmen in preparation for their destiny to control the nation as part of the ruling elite.

Rosenbaum said much of the ceremony that he videotaped on Saturday, April 14, “centered on its death fixation.” The reporter said that the initiates “must die to the barbarian world” and be “reborn” in the elect of “The Order.”

Rosenbaum’s undercover team captured the eerie groans, moans, and screams emanating from inside the Tomb. The New York Observer reporter used three night-vision digital-video cameras, a tape recorder, a stepladder, and two walkie-talkies to capture video footage of the occult psychodrama.

According to Rosenbaum’s eyewitness account, the new members were led forward by a figure dressed as Satan. His appearance was greeted by, in Rosenbaum’s words, a “shrill, menacing and sometimes blood-curdling chorus of cries and screams and imprecations.”

The video shows one member – known as a “Patriarch” - posing as President George W. Bush, wearing a cape, and speaking in a Texas-twang threatening an initiate: “I’m gonna ream you like I reamed Al Gore!”

That statement was followed by the initiate saying, “Help me! It’s the devil!”

The initiates are referred to as “neophytes” and are bombarded with sexual insults.

Rosenbaum said the door opened and voices screamed, “Run, Neophyte! Run Neophyte!” The reporter said he could only see hooded figures racing about in the darkness.

The voices also cried, “Find the femur!”

Rosenbaum said the devil-figure pulled the initiates into a white tent in the courtyard where “they found their femurs and emerged with what looked like a thigh bone, although it was impossible to tell whether it once belonged to a human or not.”

The initiates were then led to the centerpiece of the ritual.
by xx
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by xx
For those of you that can't believe President Bush is part of this occult group. Check out page 47 from his book a charge to keep.

He also admitted it in a Time magazine( Time is run by Skull and Bones BTW)

TIME: But you sure shared a lot of the same upbringing: Andover, Yale, even Skull and Bones. Did you have any qualms, say, about joining an elite secret club like Bones?

BUSH: No qualms at all. I was honored.
by xx
Video and articles at this url of Bush and other world leaders, engaged Mock? human sacrifice in front of a 40 foot stone owl!

But you know they couldn't be related?
by ii
John Kerry, who will be a "Democratic" candidate for president in 2004, is a member of Skull and Bones as well. Interesting.
Here is the Bohemian Grove Video and Article URL

Please check it out Article from Sacromento Bee and LA Times online as proof that Bush goes there also!
by xx

the infamous Yale secret society which counts among its members Supreme Court justices, business tycoons, CIA officials, and the current President of the United States and his father. With the possibility of an all-Skull & Bones presidential race looming (former Senator John Kerry, a possible Democratic candidate, is a member), we wanted to learn more about this mysterious organization.

Almost forgot that thanks!
by xx
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Video from MSNBC about Skull and Bones

Copy of MSNBC website Taken Down Because of pressure from high places?

Video came from that website

by xx
The Skull and Bones control most of the Mainstream as well as a big Chunk of the Left alternative media as well.
Two of its members founded the law firm that represents the New York Times. Plans for both Time and Newsweek magazines were hatched in the Skull and Bones tomb. The society has controlled publishing houses such as Farrar, Straus & Giroux. In the 1880s, Skull and Bones created the American Historical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Economic Association so that the society could ensure that history would be written under its terms and promote its objectives. The society then installed its own members as the presidents of these associations.

Check out the website below here are some of the topics

THE NATION's NED Connection — part 1 / part 2
The Nation magazine's not-so-progressive connections to the National Endowment for Democracy and other private agencies with elite ties to the US foreign policy establishment.











The Ford Foundation's Skull and Bones Link

"Alternative" media paymasters: Carlyle, Alcoa, Xerox, Coca Cola...? (Brian Salter, 29 Sep 2002)
A look at some connections of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees...

Its rather ironic that DemocracyNow did a story about skull and bones, but gets its funding from some of the same people.

Here is the Democracy now link to the Skull and Bones radio interview.
by bubblegum chewer
Perception manager agents 08 and 23 report immediately to sector SF. Sensors indicate an impending failure in The Matrix.
by Jaime
Yes, Kerry is a member of Skull and Bones, and I am deeply diasppointed in this bit of information. I sincerely hope that next election will not put me in a position of choosing between the S&B members for president, in which case I will have to take my support elsewhere.
by Laura Morseth (llm_58 [at]
I think the Organization/CULT, stinks! Murder and mayhem; and Barbarians-us(don't think so!), and sacrifice to other Humans-oaths? Stupid, EVIL, portraying Christian! I say, "throw ALL Government Officials" out of their offices, down to Gutter Govt.(name for DHS/CPS-Social Services), completely, totally, "clean house" in Every State, and "Start all over", with New, unconnected to CULTS, personnel. Our "children" are being "taken" for "no reasons"-now, understand much; makes me sick. Saddened by this! Counterproductive to "TRUE DEMOCRACY!" Stupors by the American Public, aren't acceptable at this point-10/11/2003 Saturday. Lambs to the Slaughter? Insanity! Vile and disgusting, to learn President G Walker Bush, is CULT Leader, in DISGUISE! REV. JONES, of Guyana, anyone?
by Laura Morseth (llm_58 [at]
I think the Organization/CULT, stinks! Murder and mayhem; and Barbarians-us(don't think so!), and sacrifice to other Humans-oaths? Stupid, EVIL, portraying Christian! I say, "throw ALL Government Officials" out of their offices, down to Gutter Govt.(name for DHS/CPS-Social Services), completely, totally, "clean house" in Every State, and "Start all over", with New, unconnected to CULTS, personnel. Our "children" are being "taken" for "no reasons"-now, understand much; makes me sick. Saddened by this! Counterproductive to "TRUE DEMOCRACY!" Stupors by the American Public, aren't acceptable at this point-10/11/2003 Saturday. Lambs to the Slaughter? Insanity! Vile and disgusting, to learn President G Walker Bush, is CULT Leader, in DISGUISE! REV. JONES, of Guyana, anyone?
by a
Skull and Bones is a part of a system that works and will work Forever
by nevada smith
Bones then and Bones now are very different. Change will come with time.

In the Bush day it was a perpetuation of the aristocracy. It has become a perpetuation of the meritocracy.
by dunno (rexracer666 [at]
Meritocracy... yes yes... in your land of dreams and fairy tales... Meritocracy for 9/11, meritocracy for the shame on Iraq, meritocracy of the Frankenteins america creates... Don't understand what I mean with Frankenstein? Read about it at michael moore's site... ;-)
by asdasd (asd)

by nevermind
Bones, CFR, TC, Builderburgers, they are all involved in this Shadow Government. The ignorant people who have mistaken the New World Order for peace keeping need to open their eyes. However; even if they do open their eyes we can't change anything, the communist elite, whom hide behind false tax exempt trusts control it all. So, I suppose ignorance is bliss!
by Christian
On Coast to Coast AM radio last night, Alex Jones was a guest, a man who infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a hidden camera. It is most sickening to realize our President, as well as his opposition, are members of a psychopathic, Satanic organization, motivated by a lust for power. George W. Bush was asked the question by a reporter, which I witnessed on TV, "Do you believe the God of the Christians and Muslims is the same God?" Bush, obstensibly Christian, answered, "Yes." Those of you who are Christian readily see the grave error in this. Others, you need to come to Jesus Christ and find salvation, as the devil has your country and world by the throat, and its leaders are leading people into hell. God help us all.
by S. C.
"Skull and Bones is a PART of a SYSTEM that works and will work Forever"

Their illness won't prosper, their defeat is unavoidable. They know it and they only have left to harm so much as they can.
by CBB (study and translate)
The organization, although seen as elitest, is not the "satanic, scandalous group" that the sensationalist American public readily describes. Rather it is a breeding ground for our nation's most influential politicians and captain's of industry. It should not be slandered on the basis that it restricts its membership or that it carries a ritual.
by FluxRostrum
John Kerry, George Bush 1 & 2 & Prescott Bush
all members
several more skull & Bones videos available
by shubur
Does this not strike anyone that this is the ANTICHRIST foretold by jesus.Scary to think that the most powerful country is in control of a group of satanist believers hiding behind christian faith and controlling the world
by Seraph (Mega.Ultimate.Ruler.Of.The.Universe [at]
What intrigues me is that we have become so mixed up in our religious beliefs, we have forgotten what really came from where, and what really means what... Satanism is really just a bunch of crap collected from religions taken over by Christianity. Christianity is a mix of other old religions... We question the symbol on our money, the pyramid & the all seeing eye. During Christmas we decorate a pyramid-shaped tree with a symbol of light or an enlightened being at the top... When it all comes down to it, the symbology.. doesn't it refer to sex? What does this, and our destroyed history, have to do with the bs being pulled today?

Somehow, I just can't believe it's all for monetary gain, while we destroy ourselves, and even though human greed is so strong.... What does it mean? We cast religions against eachother, political parties against eachother..but in the end they were all the same. We're being duped.
by The Misfit
Bravo to mega@gmail, in reality, that's all it is, extremes on either ends of the poles are extremes nonetheless. They're the same except for their spin. Govern yourselves with your own words and deal with life as it may come.
by R & R (humzaraj [at]
I think a lot of us are mad because we wish we could be a part of this socirty that we are not. If I was given a chance to become a member i would do it. It is just insane to hear that people think they are MONSTERS, MURDERS. I bet you anything if you were given a chance to join this society, you would also say YES!

Through the power and authority He has delegated to us now, we must do what needs to be done NOW, to save our children and future generations.

Poisoning of Mankind: Blood Types, Copper Deficiency,
Evolution Theory, Shroud of Turin, & Illuminati

C.A. Bouthillier -- c.bouthillier [at]

This is written to reveal the deliberate systematic poisoning of mankind that has been going on for generations, and who is responsible. As God is my witness, these things are True.

“If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom He has chosen, He has shortened them.”

They have saturated us with poisons, or as they state, “We will blanket them with poisons.” -- Their Secret Covenant (

The Blood Typing Farce: About 85 - 95% of the population, who have blood type ‘O’ and ‘A’ which are the thinnest blood and lowest blood volume, and type ‘B’, have copper deficiency, due to slow poisoning from blood thinners/alkalizing chemicals and copper antagonists that they have saturated the food and food chain with. The deception of different blood types has been maintained and enforced through the poisoners’ many fronts; AMA, FDA, CDC, USDA, and the Naturapathic/Alternative community, as well as too many others to list. (Ref 1,2,3,6)

“In 1900, Karl Landsteiner, a physician in Vienna, Austria, noted that the sera of some individuals led to the ‘discovery’ of ABO blood types.” Essentially, he noted a distinct difference in viscosity or the clotting factors of blood. Later on his students “discovered” the AB blood type. The major blood types are AB,B,A,O; type O is the thinnest with the highest alkaline pH level, the next being type A. Type B is the thickest of the blood types, and is in about 10% of the populations, and type AB is of normal viscosity and is in about 2-4% of populations. Type AB has the strongest immune system of the blood types. For the purpose of this writing the focus will mainly be on the majority blood types; these thin blood types clearly show the types of poisons being put into the food and food chain.

Viscosity/Alkalinity pH Levels & Blood Types: The viscosity/pH level of the blood is determined by essentially the individual’s mineral balance or imbalance as is the case with poisoning. This mineral imbalance starts within a generation and is passed on to subsequent generations. A perfect or near-perfect mineral balance consists of a normal blood viscosity, and has a strong immune system. Conversely, when a mineral imbalance exists, there is abnormal viscosity, resulting in a weaker immune system. As mentioned focus will be mainly on types A and O blood types, which are the thinnest and lowest blood volume, have the highest alkaline level of the blood types. As such, it is reasonable to assume there exists a mineral imbalance in the blood, causing the pH level to rise abnormally. The mineral responsible for balancing the pH level to prevent it from rising too high, is copper. Copper is acidic at a pH of 5.5. The body needs this acidic mineral to balance out the other numerous alkaline minerals. We have been programmed through an organized misinformation campaign that acidic is bad and alkaline is good; thin blood is good. In reality we need a balance between the two to maintain optimal health – especially glandular and immune system health. This is the importance of copper and why without it we will certainly die. It is important to note here, that the body has two types of copper, bound and unbound. The liver stores unbound copper until it is needed to balance the pH level of the blood. Copper is acquired only through one’s diet. Through a mechanism called the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis, the body detects when it needs copper to normalize the viscosity/pH level of the blood. This signal is sent to the adrenal glands, where the copper transport protein ceruloplasmin is released into the blood stream and makes its way to the liver, where it will bind with the unbound copper. The then bound copper is transported to the blood, where it is needed to balance out the pH level, so the blood can carry nutrients to the parts of the body where needed.

Effects of Blood Thinners/Alkaline Chemicals on Adrenals: (Ref 4,5)When the body detects an abnormally high blood pH level, the adrenals go to work to produce ceruloplasmin. When the blood is consistently thin (copper deficient) the adrenals cannot keep up with the demand for ceruloplasmin, and consequently adrenal function slows down, and the unbound copper in the liver does not get transported to the blood where it is needed. The liver then starts accumulating this unbound copper. It is important to keep in mind that the copper levels in the liver did not cause the toxicity, it is the thin, copper deficient blood, so the problem lies therein with a copper deficiency. (Recall in “Wilson’s Disease”, where the patient is allegedly copper toxic, blood tests show low levels of ceruloplasmin, thus indicative of blood thinning—copper deficiency.) So, it stands to reason that at least 85 – 95% of the population is copper deficient. If the food and food chain was untainted and did not have any poisons, we would have never gotten to be copper deficient. ALL the food now contains copper antagonists, blood thinners and alkaline chemicals, so that any copper that may have been present is greatly reduced or negated. They have been depriving us of this most important nutrient, which must be acquired through the diet. We were born copper deficient, not because we were created with “genetic defects”, but because we have been slowly poisoned over generations with blood thinners, copper antagonists, and alkaline chemicals. All the proof is self evident in the grocery stores. There are thousands of these blood thinning ingredients in everything we consume, and put on our skin. EVERY item has a combination of blood thinners/alkaline chemicals/copper antagonists. Even supplements are loaded with these poisons.You’ll notice that some are stacked with vitamins, which are not required for supplementation, since our body produces its own. Vitamins are blood thinners. Also there are copper antagonist minerals that decrease the copper in the body, and the “other ingredients” always have alkaline chemicals. You cannot get a copper supplement to boost your levels of copper – they ALL have been prepared in an alkaline base, which negates the copper.

The Genetically Modified (GM) food crops have been modified by changing an acidic protein and making it an alkaline protein by inserting additional alkaline amino acids into the sequence, thereby negating any copper that was contained in the crop. This is the purpose of GM foods, to deprive us of the mineral copper. The “Mad Cow” disease that is widespread is from copper deficiency – see Ref 10. This is another way they deprive us from copper. (See Ref 8,9 for Other Food Notes & Comments on other alkaline foods.)

We Were All Created With Blood Type AB: We were created with type AB blood, with normal viscosity and a strong immune system, and have mutated into the other blood types because of the poisons. Through their misinformation campaigns the “official” history is that type AB blood type is the newest and rarest, emerging 500 – 1000 years ago. It is interesting to note that the Shroud of Turin, the suspected burial cloth of Jesus, has blood type AB. The cloth has been dated to about the first century AD, and as of yet has not been disproved.

The Evolution Lie: through another misinformation campaign of theirs is the lie of evolution theory. (Ref 7) Apes do not have blood type AB – only humans were created with type AB – and ALL of us were created as blood type AB, until the poisons mutated us into the other blood types. The poisoners perpetuate the evolution theory lie as another means to rebel against God – against Creationism.

The Myth of “Disease”: (See Ref 4,5)Copper deficiency is responsible for virtually EVERY “disease” and symptoms manifesting now, accelerating aging, and death. Parkinson’s, MS, mental depression, diabetes, autism, ADD, pancreatic, digestive problems, low hormone production, Cystic Fibrosis, many other ‘birth defects’, cancer, bone & muscle degenerative conditions, shortened lifespan, heart/cardiovascular disease, allergies, respiratory illness, and the list goes on. These things happen gradually over time, so we do not suspect we are slowly being poisoned.

“Man’s days will be 120 years.”

“Never again will a child die in infancy.”

So, meanwhile, we have all these people dying and suffering needlessly, because they are copper deficient. Blood type is nothing more than the degree of copper deficiency in the vast majority of the population. The blood type AB have survived through this, indicating that some areas of the world and/or some groups have been excluded from the poisons –the poisoners themselves.

The Poisoners: How did they manage to pull off such a successful, massive poisoning campaign.? They are one entity coordinating & cooperating with many, they possess great wealth, and they have many fronts. They own/control virtually ALL the food and food processing entities, personal care products included, and everything that manufactures poisons. They successfully sneak the poisons into the food and food chain, because they control every aspect of our government – every agency, organization, congress, house, FDA, AMA, CDC, USDA, and the list goes on. They have agents and fronts to control us and control what goes into our food and food chain. It’s all about control and profit/greed, keeping our minds weak and our lifespan shorter and shorter. Their fronts, agencies, and corporations benefit and profit greatly from what they do. Yes, they are all connected – that is why they are successful in what they do. Through taxation we pay these people who allegedly represent us, and who give their authority to all these fronts to approve the poisons, without the consent or knowledge of the people. The Constitution does not give authority to our government representatives to lie to us and deceive us, nor does it give authority to the government to act without the consent of the people. The government is supposed to be looking out for the best interests of the people it represents. When this is no longer the case, as now, the government ceases to be the rightful, legitimate government, and as such it is time to abolish this government.

“The number of the mounted troops was 200 million…I heard their number…” – virtually the entire voting age population of the US.

The poisoners are playing God; they rebel against God and everything that is God and Truth. They hate God and they hate the Truth. They are of that line that we’ve been warned against time and time again…they are of the line that was disinherited 2000 years ago. They do not worship the One and Only True God, our Father in Heaven; they worship that which is evil; they are anti-Christ – they are many….”But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you, and he is filled with fury because he knows his time is short”…..”the great dragon who was hurled down out of heaven who leads the whole world astray….” .—they are known as Illuminati, Elite, proponents of their “New World Order”, and other secret sects and societies…..Priory of Sion (Prieure du Sion), among many others.

They have NO power or authority over us. We are now the Christ and we are many. Through the power and authority He has delegated to us now, we must do what needs to be done NOW, to save our children and future generations.

The time for the rebellion (revolution) is now, for the lawless ones have now been revealed. God manifest in Jesus His Christ 2000 years ago, now He manifests again in His Christ…..that is us…

Praise, honor, & glory be to God forever and ever……Amen.

In the name of our Father and the Son…
His faithful and loyal servant,

C.A. Bouthillier


1. History of “Blood Typing”

2. Blood rates from different parts of the world

3. Distribution of blood types

4. Copper: The Maligned Mineral (The many functions of copper and copper deprivation, depletion)

5. Copper: Defining the Human Requirement

6. misinformation about origin of Type-O

7. 28 separate studies showed that Chimpanzees have the blood types A and minimal O, but never B. 8 separate studies showed that Gorillas have the blood types B and minimal O, but never A. There is NO blood type AB in either of the man-apes. But man has both A and B AND blood type AB as well as very much O

9. For information on alkaline levels of the many chemicals it can be found from chemists, and some web sites by searching for the name of chemical and “alkaline” or “pH”. There were just too many to list in this writing.

A Case For the Role of Copper Deficiency in “Mad Cow” Disease and Human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease……Research has suggested that copper also has an important role to play in the prevention or moderation of certain neurodegenerative diseases including the polyglutamine diseases (such as Friedrich ataxia and Huntington's Disease), Parkinson's Disease, Wilson's and Menkes' Diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease, also called "Motor Neuron Disease" in the UK), and Alzheimer's Disease.

“The number of the mounted troops was two hundred million. I heard their number.”

by bonnie
this skull and bones society is real.. and fake to those who cannot accept it.. they say that adolf hitler used to go into a trance before he sent out his men to kill... george w bush's great grandfather used to also smuggle money for adolf hitler whilst his own son was at war with the nazi's.. the only reason america is choosing to fight the iraq people is beacuse of there main sorce of money OIL. america wants all the power.. cannot accept anything less..they gave afganistan there weapons in the first place.. george bush has pulled a sheet over your eyes.. and in reality he answers to the cia.they are in power whether we choose to accept it or not.i have recently been watching a dvd i purchased off ebay and this is what has bought my attention to this. george w bush and his family are liars. they tell u what they want u to believe..thats the power of the media
by peace sells but whos buying
these satanic motherfuckers are leading and consuming us into death and destruction. Pls accept the truth. goverment, religion, money will never help our dying earth and our dying youth. Pls for the sake of our children lets unite, lets create life not death.
by Vilovus
u all wish to be mambers...
by j. Thompson
This isn't a human sacrafice. It is a ritual burning of an empty casket at a yearly party that lasts 2 weeks at Bohiemian Grove.
by John
I am conducting research for a paper on the Skull and Bones Society. Specifically, I am investigating whether Prescott Bush and 5 other Bonesmen stole the skull of Apache Chief Geronimo from his grave in Fort Sill, OK in 1918.

There are plenty of documents and books about the topic, but I am looking for an interview/discussion with an actual Skull and Bones member. I would like to find some quotes form Bonesmen, if possible. The quotes or statements would not necessarily have to be about Geronimo, they could be about anything related to Skull and Bones.

Here is an excerpt from a Ron Rosenbaum article in the Observer about the topic:

"Her initiate guide explained to her, she told me, that in order to prove their mettle and perhaps to bond them in mutual guilt over participation in an illicit act, each class of 15 new initiates to Skull and Bones were required to dig up, to “confiscate,” the skull of a famous person and bring it to the Tomb to be enshrined in its skull collection."
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