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Rocco Galati: Boycotts are an act of treason under the new Homeland Security Act
by x
Saturday Dec 7th, 2002 3:35 AM
"Boycotts are an act of treason under the new Homeland Security Act. ... It is an act of treason punishable by 40 years to advocate a boycott in America now."
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Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati was interviewed by CKUT radio.  He presents his analysis on the Homeland Security act, trends in the U.S., Canada and the world.  The quote above is from CKUT's radio interview, and the MP3 file is attached.  The full program description can be seen here:

The talk that he gave (noted in the radio interview) is also online and available here:

Johnny Wizard is Mainstream!

The nazi fuck bush, the unelected American cop killer,
has still to be questioned by american corporate
dictates, why, General Ahmad, is not a wanted man by
American Patriot flag waving standards being coporatized
as not worthy thinking as. Our entire World can easily
witness, no American soldier has publicly stood up
verbally against my calls for bush and rumsfeld's
immediate arrest or execution for 9/11. Sure Blitzer,
and Bill Hemmer froth secretly in contempt for all the
American People, at the opportunity to sit secure well
blocking US interests at CNN headquarters, to watch in
glorious minute by minute coverage, scores of
unrepresented by corporate cult standard Humans, be
criminally murdered by their evil anti-American
propaganda by the will of now more than 2 billion people
the bushmob has declared as his personal enemy (60
countries), just like what Blitzer and Bill have done
unbiasedly regarding Afghanistan's heroin pushers, the
deliberate bombing of the Taliban's girl schools, and
the running of death squads by wimp ass coward and
traitor to EVERY soldier the world over, tommy franks,
largely as he has, against the understood by all to be
innocent, unarmed and practically defenseless. With
bush's america, showing no interest in preventing the
further degradation of the living standards of US People
in Afghanistan, (who were already at the brink of
starvation), but for to steal the resources of an
impoverished nation, and too, as they have, already
indebted to the World Bank by purchasing millions of
unused american minted terrorist handbooks from the
eighties, while spending 4-5 billion dollars a month to
continue killing US innocent people to steal even
further American values, like "we" don't even exist
anywhere. More wealth wasted than would be needed to
feed and house the entire population, while forming a
just police force accountable to a rule of conduct. But
no, according to the election rigging repuglicans, (ES&S
search "Dozens of Documented Reports") there is no money
to steal if they don't murder, torture, and rob from our
communities to destroy our belief in Humanity. Again, I
will remind you reader, and NRA card caring member if
your joining ME late, I have personally contacted Bill
Hemmer, and Bliter's secret "War Room" in Atlanta, as
well as contacting Walter Issacson (CEO of CNN), and Sid
Beddington (super dumbass CNN producer) with the
following facts, that they have refused to allow
Americans to openly consider in bush's criminal american
dictatorship. Our Mr. bush Jr. and rumsfeld, had a
plan revealed by MSNBC to invade Afghanistan, on the
premise of not following the criminal evidence for a
undisclosed crime, while planning to blame bin Laden for
it without producing any evidence, a crime that hadn't
even yet taken place when the plans were officially
drawn up and dated with General Ahmad, plans to
specifically attack the Taliban for not siding with
Enron we learned from Niaz, The Working Group, India,
cheney and Ken. Also, the Taliban, had offered Laden
for arrest during Clinton's tenure, but Clinton
admitted, they could not actually find any evidence to
stand the scrutiny of the public, nor justify the
reasons for Laden's blind vilification through corporate
controls. (It has been alleged it was Barbara Bodine
HERSELF who sent the Cole into Yemen against the voiced
concern of all involved military commanders, then
insured the criminal investigations into her matters
would be halted, as example.) So, clearly, a brand new
crime would have to be devised secretly. (Note:
without 9/11, how would it look killing indiscriminately
severely poor Afghan families not tied in anyway
whatsoever to flying American planes into American
buildings by a German, Mr. Atta, who was funded by the
General, salaried by the 30 billion plus Tenant?) That's
right. This same General Ahmad, from the ISI, not only
put together the 9/11 cover up plan together with the
bushmob in Washington according to several members of
the Senate Intelligence Committee, but also was
according to the fine FBI officers involved in the
criminal investigation, the prime terrorist funder, to
our Mr. Atta. ( Also, if this
doesn't already clearly paint a clear picture of
betrayal by CNN ignoring the American People, consider
this also: The bushmob insisted this same General be
the war criminal to go to the Taliban personally, to
tell US, no evidence would be offered against Laden, nor
public trial offered, against what would be to all
Americans who actually believe in the Constitution, and
the Bill of Rights, (or the Taliban leadership who
really believe in God while mistaking like everybody
else does), not guilty of the accusation based only as
blind speculation. The very same General who devised
the plot we're telling you, as documented, and confessed
to MSNBC by the White House ALREADY. What an
"embarrassment" the ISI blushed! So, what did bush,
america's false deity then state as traitor to ALL
humans while closing investigations? "We don't need any
evidence, we know he's guilty.", right on que. Mr.
bush, the demon plays that cheat against Humanity over
and over again now, like he figures someday it'll really
work for me, (never mind G), cause he figures no truth
exists actually in his dark evil world of betrayal
against himself as US all included. His wicked dumb
evil, that costs the lives and hardships of REAL
Americans, only succeeds, because corporate dictates
demand no discussions on anything politically factual.
(At least not for longer than two or three minutes, with
nobody respected as invited for being knowledgeable, or
knowing basic high school maths either.) It's the term
"we", bush and rumsfeld uses routinely, without
substantiated fact to honestly hold our conclusion, as
their criminal justification to willingly murder US
people as unheard of. He figures as the anti-Christ,
because he stole the title of President, he therefor
inherited all knowing wisdom like dark magic by openly
fooling himself, as all of humanity witnesses repeatedly
his falsehoods on our truer Nature. Not as a Jesus the
Creator might, to play the crazy, laugh at strangeness,
or sing almost lyrically to life for the joy of it, but
as a talentless demon monster to rob and murder from
ourselves as the established innocent factually, and
left unprotected because the Living eternal Universe can
be feared for nothing I suppose. If bush is not
following the criminal leads, nor the relevant public
information easily available for all to peruse, how can
he disagree with everyone without public answers to
disprove our existence? "Secretly", he and rotten
rumsfeld continue to state to the six billion plus of
US, even so though, it doesn't therefor make the
recorded History, or the actual evidence of reality go
away somewheres else, such as some of the great work the
FBI, or the CIA has done being directly involved, again
doesn't just vanish as not presidentially viable.(The
highest office in America, should be citizen.) Or, make
WMD just appear out of nowhere either, if Iraq don't
actually have any. You'd figure, as Mike said better at, but I can't recall specifically,
if bush has secret evidence to substantiate his
allegations against the Iraqi people, and thinks his
knowledge, being better than all US rest put together,
shows a threat to the American People, wouldn't he
therefor make it known to all, to protect ourselves
truly as concerned? Like Johnny would? Instead of, as
he is, using the bluff to excuse the potential MURDER of
untold thousands if not millions to also steal from for
himself, like the election, and that 50 billion?
Remember: bush killed New Yorkers to steal American
lives, and publicly showed Our world no interest in
arresting himself, the true evil doer for the 9/11 money
maker. No purpose in life, but to make others suffer
and die, is the bushmob mantra. (Even if weapons do
show up, staged, or otherwise, it is still no reason to
kill Iraqis to steal their resources, to leave US people
there, under a criminal dictatorship for a planned
thirty years of massive American casualties after
American casualties, so the bushmob can steal even more
from our grand parents left unprotected without police
protection here at home left alone.) Particularly, if
the public evidence we conclude as documented FACT
stands directly in opposition to bush's dark secret
fantasy of Universal criminal tyranny he spews daily as
lies against GOD in Our public air space. A planned
criminal tyranny of evilness, that has been released to
US publicly through one real American after another,
ignored overtime by the CNN celebs, yet, still happening
as Our high priority issues. I'm beginning to have a
difficult time keeping up with the truth that leaks from
the bushmobbed syndicate like a sieve practically
everyday too. Have you heard of,
"RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf" on CNN? Or, how about
"11-14-02_Chin-4.pdf"? (Don't miss that one.) I
haven't, but can't really stand watching them pretending
we can't see anything at all either. So, these terror
plans.. When the nazi bushmob was caught without them,
(as they were top secret presidential documents
entrusted to the witch condoleeza), could do nothing but
confess they were fully implemented. Why? Because they
walk through the entire scenario that bush puppeted the
months before to armed Soldiers. (God wins every time.)
Mr. bush and General Ahmad's plan, is to continue to
wage an unending war against humanity, (60 nations) as
the "way" of escaping public Wrath, Your Wrath American
Soldier, for something, that, again, for 9/11, hadn't
yet happened, but bush and rumsfeld prepared for to
close investigations on. Mr. rumsfeld was reported
( to have been told by his own
Secretary, in case he had forgotten his top job
responsibility while sitting behind his desk fidgeting,
he was, as rotten rumsfeld, required to be at NMCC
immediately. He didn't go after then either. The only
possible place the terrorist plan could have been
carried through to stand down the Air-Force. (Let those
under him take the bullet if push comes to shove.
American traitor rotten rumsfeld thinks of everything
too eh?) His public excuse I'm sure it would be, he was
concerned about the death of US People while sitting
there doing nothing. The same rotten rumsfeld, who
tells US openly in Our public arena while almost
cackling, he wishes to murder and torture completely
innocent people that Americans should be forbidden to
learn of in a open as the Public court room of Our peers
through America's once respected, if sadly, mostly
mythologized fair Justice system, now headed by
ashcroft, a total incompetent, who wishes not to
apprehend terrorists by tracking the criminals, but to
destroy what little freedom is left for America by
advocating, in public, the persecution of US innocent
persons instead. Really. Again, listen up Ashcroft,
last time: bush and rumsfeld's plan, that the White
House confessed to as fully implemented, demands by
excuse after excuse, that the actual evidence trail not
be followed, and that legitimate FBI, and CIA officers
(Rowley, and the insider trades for example.) are to be
continually ignored. Just as CNN has done staying
unbiased. Allowing bush and rotten rumsfeld to kill
innocent People deliberately, stealing America's Freedom
through injustice to themselves. First degree murders.
See, the nazi bush slaves go on and on how great it it
to be murdering innocent populations far away as
terrorists to steal and plunder, but, for who would be
there as themselves close up and personal (gods WE are)
to question their own demise by someone who thought
without thinking likewise? (God is Not.) This is why I
ask an American Soldier somewhere to stand as One single
person for America, a Family Man, and take out the
re-offending mass murderer, unelected dictator, Our Mr.
bush Jr., by thinking like a Soldier is really
Universal. And, if his successor, should do the same
secretly, publicly advocating wars, death squads, or
torture against Ourselves as the innocent to steal from,
WE do the same again, until, CNN finally opens up
communications to the American People as warranted to be

Sure, only Jews in Kenya, like with Odigo, seemed to be
warned to stay clear from an impending terrorist act,
and sharon played a personal role as documented several
months ago to attempt the blowing up the Mexican
Congress and blame it on the Unionists, or bin Laden, oh
ya and also, I shouldn't forget, apparently, the rocket
launcher was painted blue lying in a field untouched
when the mossad in Kenya pointed it out to reporters
they brought to witness the whole story by-line, but
that doesn't therefor, make the likud party, or
especially ariel sharon Jewish. For ariel knows when he
steals or kills others as innocent being himself openly
a terrorist, is ariel knowing, real Jews would be
murdered too, by someone like himself, albeit, in secret
avoiding the trying but divided coppers, that he murders
also. But, hey, that's where he gets all the repuglican
money he doesn't earn but steals over the lives of Jews
he watches fall dead as unfigured. Mr. sharon, will
tell us how disgruntled he is to see only Jews die by
terrorism, then goes out as a PUBLIC FIGURE, and commits
the same, but far more hanious acts against G as a
pirating criminal National icon. So, sharon, what is it
that so upsets you to see US Jews die then you nazi
parasite, you cancer tumor, you disingenuous harbinger
of suffering to God as Humanity? It is only his private
show without questions for comment, as he can not answer
publicly without being dishonest about his criminality.
Murder is murder, and sharon, the bigoted-racist
murderer, the terrorist supporter and perpetrator, has
stolen the rights of the Children of Israel to live in
peace by good will, and Justice for everyone counted.
Jews are Palestinian. See, being Jewish is a religion,
and the ancient Palestine, is of a label for comprising
every understanding to this, that can not be completely
understood symbolicly as contained to be definitive.
Also, like America is truly melting, and murder
accomplice negroponte, can not face for personal
weakness, ineptness, and hatred for all of Humanity, so
advocates huge oppression against all America as real
People corrupted by a government of injustice, and
contempt for themselves unheard from. (Jesus, just try
to get together two people who agree on everything.
Justice however, should be a no-brainer for everyone,
but CNN say's nothing in Our defense as equals, and
would, as they do, watch You be robbed and murdered, and
not raise a word.) Also, just for double, the oldest
practicing Jews we know of through recorded history,
(the almost censored "Dead Sea Scrolls" included), are
dark skinned, and live in Ethiopia, and the likud party,
like so many other "settlers", are mostly filtered
christian Kaisers, who migrated from Russia on the
promise they would receive stolen property, (sure, I'm
jewish!) (search "ILA" and the "JNF") like farms,
houses, and Our children's toys. (FrontLine's one time
broadcast) See, If sharon didn't steal and murder,
repuglicans would have no excuse to receive kick backs
to plunder even further, from the great stupid American
People. Which is why a bush supporter is so deeply
ignorant on just about everything like Speilberg is
regarding the Holocaust, and like too many american
soldiers, who we can be sure, would die in sacrifice
from cowardice before bravery as evil under the
anti-Christ, dictating war crimes against US all as
Humanity unrepresented. Until Now. For, Christians
have no protection from anti-discrimination laws in
Israel, nor do Atheists either apparently. How spooky
dumb is that? Legitimizing hitler they are politically.
Jews are this, jews are that, and all of everyone else,
is something unquantifiable, unknowable, and all around
unloved and disrespected everywhere as G-D is
forgiveness to be abused on Christmas, according to the
deliberate practices of sharon singularly, as a bigoted
nazi murderer, and the written words of the banned in
Canada talmud also.) No bullshit. Clearly to all, very
anti-American. Biggest secret going! Why? Americans
are largely illiterate, drugged, and all around dumb.
Now, where is CNN, or Our beloved "wealthy" celebs, who
advocate blind obedience as slaves to the anti-Christ,
to discourse me a liar truly as Jesus? Nowhere? You
are still waiting People, while American families
continue to be robbed and left for dead by inaction
through corporate american standards. For, what can
only one God do I ask yourself really?

If a thing is done wrong often enough, it becomes right.
-Richard A. Leahy

Johnny Wizard


Holy Jesus Man!

Have you heard the Revelations from India's government
to the FBI now made public?, regarding the principle
terrorist funder of Mohammad Atta being, the ISI's,
General Ahmad? The bush administration's personal
confidant, and top secret military strategist? See, it
was Jim at MSNBC that informed US of bush's terrorist
plan existing as once top secret presidential documents,
and, that this same general, was also responsible for,
according to several members of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, developing the said war strategy of invading
Afghanistan on behalf of the evil bushmob, with the very
anti-human premise, of blaming bin Laden for a crime
without any evidence to substantiate our public
accusation, to murder more than a hundred thousand,
plus! A crime, 9/11, I will remind you, that for when
the evil plan was devised, hadn't even yet taken place.
But was threatened would happen, if the Taliban didn't
side for Enron's interests in serving for Ken Lay, one
of bush's many bum buddies. (They apparently do that
sort of thing on a regular basis, with all the members
in their secret meetings of the 'only Boners'
fraternity.) It doesn't take much either to understand
why rotten rumsfeld, corporate america's sweetheart,
(you know, the sadistic nazi war criminal who gets off
on murdering or torturing innocent people), told US he
wanted to have arrested those at the WhiteHouse and the
Pentagon, or even in the Military, who would dare as
Americans, to inform Americans what he and bush were
truly doing in their names.

Destroy the unelected unarrested heroin pushing American
cop killer war criminal, the demon we all know so well
as corporate america's false deity, the super evil doer
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr. Now Patriot Soldier, and
be loved by all as Savior. Or not, and be a thoughtless
degenerate, a cowardly regressing nazi bush slave, who
would sacrifice your own family as yourself truly,
because JESUS CHRIST, life is living to survive for
Justice, as God is warranted to be as ourselves, with
equal rights to being as is of US all included. Mr.
ashcroft tells Americans he is purposefully destroying
their freedoms as legal due process because he, as an
idiot, and a traitor, has to fight ourselves as a
terrorist blindly in Our names without American Justice,
but never explains his action, is asked to, nor could
he. As ashcroft, like most in the bushmob are, is
founded completely unqualified. Why doesn't ashcroft
move to have bush and rumsfeld arrested or executed
immediately by following the criminal leads for 9/11 on
behalf of Americans as an American?, what with all the
ample evidence documented as factual and everything?
Instead, decides too, like the demon bush demands in
attempt to sway his capture, that evidence will no
longer be mandatory for him to decide who should be
stolen from, as the left dead to be robbed as forgotten
by Justice denied to all as Godly. American soldiers
are truly as represented, weak, slow, and painfully
pathetic cowards, refusing to protect their own families
as a national defense measure, instead, as nazi dumfuk
bush slaves, willingly support the murder of would be
themselves as criminals, truly against US all as the

Mr. bush was quoted once again defending his
irrationality as criminal murder rampages against the
innocent as ourselves like he did in New York City with
rumsfeld, by stating,

"Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say
something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an

The evil anti-Christ figures he'll just continue to rob
and murder American Patriots while destroying freedom as
Justice for US all, and simply escape Your wrath by
corporate america making no fuss to speak in Our defense
as the still living to be underestimated as equals.

Destroy Our Mr. bush Jr. now, and be loved by all as
God would!

From: British News
July 17, 2002
Britain backs US plan for attack on Iraq
By Philip Webster, Political Editor

(Quoting the terrorist supporter blair, Philip was),

``To be TRUTHFUL about it, there was no way we could
have got the public consent to have suddenly launched a
campaign on Afghanistan but for what happened on
September 11.'' ...

Oh, so there was a criminal intent known also by
yourself then blair to prop up heroin pushers to save
Enron's impending criminal bankruptcy?

We have repeatedly witnessed, CNN and CBC refusing to
represent our Democracies, our FBI officers, like airing
Coleen Rowley, General Ahmad, or the sabotaging of the
Moussouie investigation by ashcroft, or the CIA,
regarding the insider stock trades, or dealing heroin.
The innocence of the Taliban for 9/11, and the barbarity
of the Northern Alliance as heroin pusher slave owners.
No, every single american according to CNN being
unbiased, does not want bush the anit-Christ arrested
immediately for killing Americans in New York City to
steal our worths and freedoms as worthy of defence
matters by their own measure as corporate cultists. As
I told you, Bill Hemmer and several other celebs at CNN,
now are fully aware of bush and rumsfeld being the true
purpetrators of 9/11, yet, Bill continues to play evil
against US all, figuring nobody ever will know without
CNN coverage on his contempt for American Patriots he
asks to have sacrificed for as bushwhores like himself
and Blitzer. CNN refuses to protect Americans as equals
commited to Justice for US all.

It was just reported by Chris Marden on the 27 November
2002, that bush's top whore richard pearl, has advised
Britsh MPs, that bush secretly as the anti-Christ has no
intention of allowing the Iraqi inspection process to
succeed, and instead, is commited to murder ourselves
either way.

Again, bush and blair, like CNN, have no evidence to
substantiate their allegations against Saddam, and have
stated because they have no evidence, they therefor as
demons, can murder anyone on the face of this planet to
steal our lives in OUR names as US innocent. Mr. blair
and the bushmob have recently stated, that they have no
evidence that Saddam has any WMDs, nor, is any threat to
OUR WORLD community, and because of that, if the
inspectors find no weapons, and Saddam insists it is
because he doesn't have any, this, accordingly, would
give these criminal master minds a cause to murder
hundreds of thousands of innocent people, if not
millions, and steal all the assets of the Iraqi people,
while destabilizing our entire endangered species. They
are mass murderers, threatening humanity to recommit
more murder as TERRORISTS! Never while I stand ALIVE
evil nazi dumb fucks. KILL BUSH NOW! Hey, have you
heard about rotten rumsfeld's P2OG? "O", as in Oh
rumsfeld is truly an evil fuck! Apparently, rumsfeld
wants to provoke terrorist activity to murder ourselves
as innocent cilivilians, as an opportunity to invade any
country he wants to rob and plunder further. Also, most
importantly, according to the official documents, rotten
rumsfeld figures it would be important when he and his
mobsters commit these crimes, it be understood, that
nobody be able to trace it to himself, or his partners
in crime, so they figure, the criminal acts should be
carried out through his department at the pentagon,
then, get this, he won't therefor be accountable, or
scrutinized by the American people through corporate
news channels. The offical pentagon report details

You see the American cop killer unelected bush or blair,
tommy franks the death squad recruiter child killer,
unelected rumsfeld or unelected cheney, unelected
poindexter or unelected ashcroft, you kill them
instantly for attempting to escape the criminal arrests
of those responsible for mass murder of Americans in New
York City. You either shoot them dead on the spot, or
tear them to pieces with your bare hands God lovers. No
legitimate judge, jury, or police officer, would do
anything but commend you for saving OUR lives. The
bushmob our threatening our entire humanity with
criminal murders to rob from ourselves deliberately.
Counting on american nazi troops to mindlessly slave to
their orders, soldiers so unbelievably dumb, weak, and
cowardly to allow the bushmob to rob not only from their
own parents and children, but even themselves as they
fall dead as cowards, before they even dare to publicly
ask questions about what the fuck they're actually
doing, that frankly, leaves me even beginning to have my
own doubts.


Mr. blair, you evil nazi fuck, you do not have OUR
consent to commit murder in our names against ourselves
as the innocent in Afghanistan, Iraq, or in Britain.
Especially now, what with your ties now made public to
terrorist acts through the IRA against innocent
civilians to steal our values, that you have threatened
US Brits to not learn of as having already. (Shayler.)
Mr. blair evil nazi fuck, WE DEMAND AS THE BELIEVERS IN

Americans, the world over are known as cowards, dumb,
and willing victims for bush sacrifice as lifeless
degenerates, but the Brits, well, you got a another
thing coming!

Johnny Wizard has decided to stay for snacks.

Some quotes from:

Americans Against World Empire, Americans Against Bombing

"Moslems don't hate us because we are "good" or "free."
They hate us because we have been killing them, a
million dead in Iraq, and humiliating them," Editors

"Bush, himself the most intellectually backward American
president of my political lifetime, is surrounded by
advisers whose bellicosity is exceeded only by their
political, military and diplomatic illiteracy," Gerald
Kaufman Former Labor Party Shadow Foreign
Secretary,Balt. Sun 8/23

`You know what I believe, and you know I can't do
anything about it with the crazies in this
administration.' Colin Powell's Eyebrows NY Times

"Americans will also have to accept that their
triumphalism and disdain for international law are
creating enemies everywhere, not just among Muslims,"
How Islam Lost its Way, WASH. POST 12/30

"Nevertheless, the president continues to divide
humanity into the moral equivalent of shirts and skins.
"Our responsibility to history," he said, "is already
clear: to answer these attacks and rid the world of
evil." Not only is this a ludicrous principle on which
to base a foreign policy but also an equally ludicrous
interpretation of the world's major religions. Mr.
Bush should pull out his trusty Bible and brush up on
what it says about original sin," Arianna 12/6/01

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth ---Today the world faces
a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction,
manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may
well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if he
miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant and
sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on

"In 1960, when I came out of prison as an ex-convict, I
had more freedom under parolee supervision than there's
available to an average citizen in America right now...
God almighty, what have we done to each other?" Merle

"The Sudanese rebels had...Israeli support." Wall Street
Journal 9/17

"well-funded, semi-autonomous, unconventional centers of
U.S. foreign policy." America's Pro-Consuls

"Average annual cost per military service member,
including training, pay and benefits is now $98,425," NY
TIMES 4/19/02 according to study by Stephen Daggett,
military analyst at the Congressional Research Service

"Now, in the views of many scholars, Bush has restored
the ``Imperial Presidency,'' a term Arthur Schlesinger
Jr. used to describe Richard M. Nixon's administration
in 1973.

``The power President Bush is wielding today is truly
breathtaking,'' said Tim Lynch, director of the Project
on Criminal Justice at the libertarian Cato Institute.
``A single individual is going to decide whether the war
is expanded to Iraq. A single individual is going to
decide how much privacy American citizens are going to
retain.'' Wash. Post 11/22

"We do not agree that if Iraq complies with its
obligations concerning weapons of mass destruction,
sanctions should be lifted." --Madeleine Albright from
an essay by John Pilger (The Guardian 03/04/2000) This
never countermanded by Bush.

"'Smart Sanctions' make no provison for paying salaries
of civl servants in Iraq. Therefore, regardless of how
much medicine, chalk and chlorine arrives in Iraq,
doctors, nurses, teachers, water and sanitation
engineers will remain underpaid and desperate to find
the income to support their families The Iraqis' meager
income is already less than a quarter of pre-Guilf War
levels." ECONOMIST 1/26/02

At the other pole is Donald "Rumsfeld's Pentagon,
increasingly seen by some as an asylum where a coterie
of vengeful Cold War unilateralist relics plot a return
to a forceful, Reaganesque Pax Americana, broadening the
war to encompass military action against Iraq, Syria,
and Lebanon--essentially fusing Israel's national
security agenda with that of the United States. No fans
of multilateralism or diplomatic initiatives, this
crew--despite its majority's lack of uniform service or
time spent in combat zones--is particularly bellicose,
and contemptuous of Powell and his belief in conflict
limitation," Saddam in the Cross Hairs

"Making truth the first casualty of our war against
terrorism carries a price. Other nations and peoples
are more resentful of pious hypocrisy than of
Realpolitik bluntness." Bruce Fein, 10/9, WASHINGTON

``Who has reason to hate this country? Only a few
hundred million people -- Arabs, Muslims, Serbs, and
numerous others whose countries have been hit by U.S.
bombers. Imagine hating a country so much that you were
willing to cross an ocean and carry out an elaborate
revenge against its people, killing yourself in the
process. This is something far more than the sort of
ideological anti-Americanism that leads student mobs to
throw stones at U.S. embassies abroad; that's kid
stuff. This is an obsessive, fanatical, soul-consuming
hatred,'' Joseph Sobran column

Scott Ritter, the former UNSCOM inspector who dealt with
the Iraqis many times, recently told CNN on 2/18/01 "In
terms of large-scale weapons of mass destruction
programs, these had been fundamentally destroyed or
dismantled by the weapons inspectors as early as 1996,
so by 1998 we had under control the situation on the
ground." Saddam, says Ritter, poses no immediate threat.
Again confirmed Yahoo 4/11/02

Some 7,000 Jewish settlers in Gaza (mostly American
immigrants) take up 40% of the land, with 1.3 million
Palestinians crammed into the rest, WALL STREET JOURNAL

"The West Bank is not a political battle at all. It is
a contest over whether or not the word of God is
true....Israel has a right to the land," U.S. Senator
James Inhofe, Republican leader in Senate, 12/4/01

How Cheap it is to "Buy" Congress --Enron gave donations
of about $500,000 per election, Israeli Lobby gives 2

"Palestinians recognized Israel's right to exist, in
return for a future state in Gaza & the West Bank in the
Oslo accords," signed in 1993. Wall Street Journal,

"There is now one commissioned officer for every five
enlisted, it was one to six just 10 years ago, and one
to ten in WWII," Carlton Meyer

"Washington's turning a blind eye to Turkish human
rights abuses, and its sponsorship of the expansion of
Turkish influence in the region, have probably done more
than anything else to convince Russians that American
rhetoric about human rights is hypocritical, and that
the United States is implacably hostile to Russian
interests ....unnecessary and frivilous
provocations...." Anatole Lieven, NATIONAL INTEREST
winter 1999

"The Russian Defense Budget is $4 Billion, the
American--$284 Billion" NEW YORK TIMES 1/16/2000; "Rus.
attack Submarine fleet down from 200 to 20," WASH. POST
8/16/2000; Rus. surface fleet now 35 ships, English
Navy has 34, Since end of cold war Rus have cut their
fleets by 80%, LONDON TIMES, 10/20/00) Anatol Lieven
reports that the total Russian budget for 2001 is $42
Billion (NYT 4/13/01)

"The plight of the Russian military also raised
questions about the justification of U.S. military's
enormous budget, according to retired U.S. General
William Odom, a former director of the National Security
Agency, "It does raise the question of why we need 10
carrier battle groups and close to 100 attack
submarines," he said. The U.S. budget for 1999 was
almost $280 billion while the Kremlin Russian budget was
just a fraction of that, at an estimated $5.6 billion.

Under an agreement ratified by Kyrgyzstan, it would earn
US$7,000 for each takeoff or landing of a U.S. Air
Force plane.......some thirty to forty
U.S.fighter-bombers and several transport planes are to
be stationed at the airbase at Manas. JAMESTOWN MONITOR

"In another action, Ashcroft moved to inhibit press
freedom, a First Amendment right, by encouraging federal
agencies to use the pretense of national security to
hide public records that the press is ordinarily
entitled to receive under the Freedom of Information
Act. The law was passed during the Cold War to
encourage an open government. Last month Ashcroft
issued a memo to federal agencies telling officials that
if they decide to deny requests for information filed
under the FOIA, they "can rest assured that the
Department of Justice will defend your decisions ... ."
Helen Thomas

"U.S. military has established 'zones of exclusion'
near sensitive U.S. military installations and during
major exercises in which international airspace laws are
declared invalid. The Gulf of Sidra conflicts with
Libya in the 1980s occurred whenever the U.S. 6th Fleet
established a huge "zone of exclusion" just off the
Libyan coast..... In one incident, a hotdog Navy F-14
pilot shot down two Libyan Su-22s which were cruising
off the coast. The Navy concocted a phony "dogfight"
story...... For the past ten years, the USA has mocked
international law by unilaterally imposing "no-fly
zones" over most of Iraq and parts of the Balkans,"
Carlton Meyer

"Here we are, the most powerful nation in the world, the
sole surviving superpower, and around the globe our
military folks are hunkered down like inmates in
maximum- security prisons. In dozens of other overseas
hot spots, our soldiers live in virtual barbwire-
enclosed fortresses and call themselves POPs --
prisoners of peace," Col. David Hackworth

And 500,000 Iraqi children died, after PR atrocity lies
(Hill & Knowlton) that 20 babies were thrown out of
incubators by Iraqi soldiers. (ed.)

Rus. Military Spending $6+ Billion; China Military
Budget $17 Billion; Bush 6/01 wants $329 Billion

"There is virtually no situation anywhere in the world
that can't be made worse by U.S. intervention,"
Stromberg's Law (THE COSTS OF WAR, Transaction
Publishers, l997)

"The U.S. has perverted the U.N. weapons process by
using it as a tool to justify military actions, falsely
so. ... The U.S. was using the inspection process as
a trigger for war." --Scott Ritter, former head of the
U.N. arms inspection team in Iraq, on the NBC TODAY
SHOW, December 17, 1998.

Johnny Wizard

Kill bush Now!
Ask any public american bush supporter, why do they
mindlessly as slaves without thought to question,
advocate as terrorists, the planned for murder of those
known by all to be innocent? As yourself, publicly
accused in our names without evidence, as done so by the
bushmob is still, and will be for always, the high crime
of murder in the first degree. A crime well
established, as again, I am filing as voiced publicly,
against the perpetrator war criminal bush Jr., and
rotten rumsfeld, as pirates of my freedom to live for
such willingly. I demand their immediate arrest or
execution as confessed guilty for 9/11. An american
soldier to not do so, is no American Patriot, but a nazi
coward, and a traitor against all the nation as America
for the People enshrined by the Constitution, as equals
under God, innocent until proven otherwise.
Do you think I'm going to go silent?, while the bushmob
murders innocent people in humanity's name to steal
freedom's won value?, as garnered only through Justice
ever fought for? Do you think US for a fool maybe
corporate devolving human haters? Mr. bush and
rumsfeld, who with General Ahmad, were the central
perpetrators of 9/11, as the actual evidence is
concretely established by the FBI and MSNBC with
presidential directive documents, with no contention
offered from anyone, for as vile evil is deceived,
they've already confessed to the deed as guilty of,
against the American people as it's Justice system is of
ourselves truly living.
But yes, american soldiers are too weak minded to pay
attention as even alive apparently, according to almost
all American corporate news broadcasts, as worth
consideration whatsoever. I'd have to agree, on general
terms, americans soldiers represented, are cowardly nazi
dumb fuck scums. Read posts at us.military by signed so
as bush whores. Barely literate, who spout endlessly
about how good it feels to drop bombs on US as the
innocent and practically defenseless, while cowering in
fear from those who suggest their job is to protect
America as the equal rights through law instills, not
for the evil, unelected anti-Christ, American cop
killer, Our Mr. Bush Jr. to steal further from the
American ideal.
We witness in silence to watch their OWN protectors run
away to be cowards to drop bombs on ourselves in
Afghanistan, so the bushmob can sell heroin and leave
the Afghans unprotected, and so further too, rifle all
our savings as won for already battles. A criminal is
only to be, as known so by evidence. Those to hide the
identity of bush's america war reason as good cause, is
a deceived nation murdering innocent people to steal our
purpose as themselves, unworthy. Like evil tommy franks
the terrorist does, murdering people indiscriminately as
the unrepresented by corporate outrage, to be denied
justice for yourself too american dimwit. Or rumsfeld,
who after implementing the strategy to murder good
police officers, offered a reward to kill Omar the Just,
because Omar publicly suggested arresting the terrorists
by following the actual ample evidence as the true
American belief system lost to the evil dictates of
Un-American rumsfeld's illegitimacy, unchallenged by
corporate standards. All of America's intellectuals are
forbidden from public acknowledgement through corporate
cult standards, though, like Chomsky, sell millions of
books almost yearly to US masses. Fuck, I'd destroy
American traitor, American cop killer bush, rumsfeld, or
death squad leader tommy franks in a heart beat, how
about you American Patriot Soldier? Evidence these
three sadistic nazi demon child killers demand we no
longer follow, to arrest the true criminals, for 9/11 as
example, which would be naturally, the bushmob
themselves, headed by the royal dumb fuk, america's
false deity, the anti-Christ, Our Mr. Bush Jr., the
evilest thing that has ever existed in the entire
history of humanity. The american corporate news
entertainers, do everything they can, to rob from the
great American people, their life savings and living
standards, by actively working to watch the bushmob
destroy the American Constitution through ample
corporate media access, er, coverage to not be so
concerned with those freedom living matters for our
entertainment value. Ask a dumb fuk nazi bush
supporter, what a regressive tax is, and they'll go
mindlessly blank, while advocating the robbery of their
Own grand parents with VLTs, as their very own family
being cheated, and mislead, which is why, they are so
stuck ignorantly evil, and dumb as themselves TRULY,
honest to God, whoreshiping to bush as their all knowing
false god unthinkingly. Americans are truly dumb son.
(2% Social Security are what Americans are getting back
in themselves as investment, but the nazi bush
supporters don't want Americans to publicly figure the
simple math, but instead, to get access to CNN almost
daily need only advocate further shysting, as americans,
on the whole, are genuinely stupid to be conned
generally as a nation that, in total, holds the highest
rates of illiteracy, innumeracy, incarceration, and just
overall, dumb fuckedness.) Mr. rumsfeld tells american
nazi soldiers he wishes to torture and imprison
completely innocent individuals as would be their own
brothers and sisters, as denying us all legal due
process, while purposefully, publicly advocating more
terrorism to benefit the coffers at the Pentagon, and do
American soldiers not just shoot him, and bush dead
immediately as war criminal mad men on the loose
re-offending? No. Not present anywhere as Brave
Americans ready for sacrifice apparently. Too fucking
stoopid to tink about duh American flag as worth
protecting as their own brethren still living. We hear
corporate america go on about how important it is to
murder established as innocent people for no reason but
to put more money in bush and rumsfeld's thieving
pockets, while managing CNN for less
responsibility,(Less investment for the time spent, or..
more money for the buck right?) all over the arguments
that terrorist threats exist secretly that no one
actually knows about, while I, Johnny Wizard, tell NRA
members publicly, and American soldiers to destroy bush
and rumsfeld immediately to many thousands the world
over, relying only on the facts clearly documented.
Yet, corporate america makes no mention about the
importance of practicing the tenants of law to apprehend
the two demon fascists, while instead, tells US those
that hate bush with a vengeance, just live in some cave
hidden away unknown somewhere secretly, and do so
because... We hate freedom under bush as dictator. Mr.
Bush, you demon nazi freedom hater, you and me, a fight
to the end, bare hands, televised, world wide, then
rumsfeld, ashcroft, and finally tommy franks and his
wimp ass slave boys. The evidence for 9/11 I stand
with, is irrespective of my opinion. The bushmob
actually killed Americans in New York city, and no one
can actually find disagreement with the documented to be
true facts, not the FBI, the CIA, the RCMP, nor, the
Secret Service. Nor any of the many police officers I
have spoken honestly with. But they, as the corporate
cult cogs down at corporate news command, continue to
lie as the American public to be drawn cowardly conning,
uninterested in arresting or immediately executing bush
and rumsfeld as mass murderers, instead, to continue to
murder and rob from those they believe are weak as
underrepresented by corporate control without themselves
as US being. Ever. Bill Hemmer knows bush killed all
those many, like himself in New York City, and he speaks
nothing in his defense as a victim to his own shallow
existence, as nor does he speak in defense of soldiers
sacrificed to be as easily propagandized to become
traitors to their own family and neighbors. Well, I,
for one, am willing to mark down cowardly american
soldiers for what they truly are individually, and will
continue to Fight as I have, as a true American Patriot,
until, those left standing for Freedom, are those who
uphold the Amercan principles as law in the American
Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, to garner true
happiness for the American Nation of Human beings the
Universe over. Think NRA member. I'll post this to
practically every American military usenet group, and
not one American Soldier will articulate a disagreement
with our findings as documented, however, CNN will
continue to broadcast, that WE, the God Loving, the Just
Living, the Atheists, are a poor minority worth
sacrifice in the millions for demon bush as the unheard
publicly from on the importance of your Justice to be
so. That they, the corporate cultists, wish YOUR
unquestioning faith and dying obedience for bush to
suffer and die undeserving for, is as they witness our
world to be what they see to be themselves. Practicing
their machinations as corporate agenda. Unthinking...
Kill bush now!
Johnny Wizard
Is Enron Behind The War In Afghanistan?
Look, American soldier..
You now should know, bush and rumsfeld murdered
Americans in New York City, and as consequence, have no
interest in acknowledging as pursued the criminal
investigations. CNN holds no responsibility, as we
witness repeatedly, to American soldiers, but to harbor
those who pirate our rights to openly steal real lives.
If bush makes no mention of himself stealing 50 billion
dollars, murdering American police officers, sabotaging
the weapons inspections process, funding israeli
atrocities against the God loving, and warring our world
as the anti-Christ by running death squads against the
innocent, well, CNN, the american success, sure ain't
gonna be speaking out for your stolen freedoms poor
dying comrades. For what benefit in market share would
there be to work for your living, dirt bagged? CNN is
so colorfully excited about selling the glossy bush war
to kill the poor stupid people, but for what american
fascist weak binded bushmobbed soldier without
principles? Again, how stupidly dunce does a poor
cowardly american soldier have to be to not believe?
Nobody but a cult corporatized illiterate fascist nazi
vermin parasite, just like Jew hater ariel sharon would
support the murder of American soldiers for a criminal
conflict that doesn't serve to protect. But if it, as
bush nazi evil does with little struggle over the masses
complaining, and america marches off to criminally war
the third world as the bad guys, our World, indeed this
Universe will then know the absolute true cowardice of
american soldiers, as premised upon the weakness of
america's army to not uphold America's own rule of Law
for freedom as themselves included. It only takes One
Soldier to turn this tide to destroy bush Jr. and
rotten rumsfeld, and that Soldier is where in America
partner? Who American soldier, do you think bush as
traitor does steal from as the duped General public as
corporately represented to be painfully unawares? Do
american soldiers have to convince themselves their
families are not worth fighting for, and instead, lay
their lives down in sacrifice to the bush demon who
would also steal from their graves as the lifeless to
speak out for themselves ever? Ever? Did you know
American Soldier, the Pentagon, after receiving
complaints from surviving soldier families, (some of
like the over a thousand documented American troops
slaughtered in Afghanistan) that taps wasn't being
played because of so little real talent present in
american military affairs, and that now, when a cowardly
American nazi soldier dies for the bushmob, the mock
national guard will hold a horn to his lips and act out
the part to your grieving as stolen from family, while
secretly pressing a hidden button, that will play a
cheaper recording? But shhhh...
The fact that you don't see this post, or others nearly
like it at american military internet sites, exemplifies
their fear and weakness to stand as a force worth
reconing with. (Look, we destroy bush and rumsfeld,
stop funding the drug trade and sharon, and begin the
public trials, all in three simple steps.) No, to be an
american soldier in bush's america today, you have to
hide from your cowardice like the 9/11 evidence, and be
something corporate news america is not. Involved.
Just go ahead and die for nothing american soldier, but
for to be unaccounted as hidden without value, while the
bushmob robs from your grand parents as unprotected.
Tis' true it does further seem, american soldiers, on
general terms, are super dumb ass nazi scums, who hold
little of no conviction to protect the America I
remember. Why? Because the unelected war criminal,
American traitor, mass murderer, cop killer bush is
still spewing his blind hatred for the progress of our
civilizations, instilled through law as a function to
gain justice for people, People who are suffering and
dying for bush's contempt of our American dream.
Destroy traitor bush and rumsfeld for escaping to
recommit murder today, and be actually caring for your
world tomorrow, or not, and deem yourself unworthy by
your own admission to play fair as the eternal standing
proud, strong, and forever free.
Free to be living justly for yourself
truly as caring to know this as everything.
Now, how about the Koran?

Johnny Wizard
Christ I'm Actually Rising!
Destroy the traitors to our humanity, the unelected
lawless dictator Mr. bush, and rotten rumsfeld the
sadistic savage now American Patriot Soldiers. Stand up
for your country, and live for your family. The
corporate TV news professionals show you, as an American
Soldier a concern for your life as unworthy of
discussion, actively censoring the political reality on
bush's america, while encouraging soldiers to commit
crimes against our being, by keeping us all uninformed
as the sacrificial sheeple. The bushmob have actively
worked to not arrest themselves for 9/11, and in so
doing, are purposefully ignoring the public evidence
that is freely available. Mr. Tenant and Mueller would
have you believe the officers of America, who have
completed the criminal investigations outlining the cop
killer bush, are unworthy as American Patriots serving
the cause for freedom and liberty to not be publicly
acknowledged, while blaming Laden for every terrorist
crime that happens before an police investigation even
begins! See? Evil deceived. What do you think? Is
not a list of all supporters of the bushmob in Congress,
who voted to dismantle the Constitution, and wage a
criminal war, as without just cause to murder Soldier
families for stolen Human values, a good list to be
broadcast? Or shall we sit in doubt while these
talentless demon monsters murder millions of US as
innocent cowards? Who isn't a freedom fighting al-Qaida
member according to the evil tommy franks dum fuk's
conclusion? How stupid can an American Soldier be, to
be asked by rumsfeld and CNN, to destroy their own
principles, and to sacrifice their lives for such
cowardice in whoreship to the evil dictates of the
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.? And, to the still
groggy, without the payoffs of corporate america's holy
Larry King even!, or the anti-Semitic fascist Saturday
Night Live troop to boot your stupid carcass to the
front line as entertainment? BA HA HA HA (like SNL's
new, it's all so hilarious audience, paid for likely
because the degrading intolerant bigoted news crew, have
so little real talent performing to the robbed and dying
to be devalued and murdered by their inaction to even
joke about it. Why? No money in contributing to the
poor stupid people without TV contracts, or TVs,
electricity, or running water now that the clouds are
being privatized.) $155,000 is the base pay of bush's
now anti-American criminal congressmen, and that's
before corporate bribes, oops, I mean corporate BRIBES
to urge YOUR "willed" sacrifice in corporate america's
"democracy", now that bush's america is convinced
evidence is no longer a requirement to convince US, who
is truly an evil doer, or who actually wins elections on
behalf of the People. You ask yourself, again, who are
you dying for American Patriot Soldier? Know that this
paper, like all the rest, will reach the CNN and Coast
to Coast network staff under one name or another, and
yet, they'll continue to turn against the interests of
American soldiers by not addressing our present top
priority concerns regarding the facts on your schedule
for departure. Only broadcasting the popular, bush
contempt for all American lives as too much trouble, as
unworthy the free time to openly discuss things before
"they" die, all those nasty evil powerless People. I
dare you American, to be a Soldier and email this to
your brothers and sisters, to convince them with tough
Love, how you wouldn't want to see them die unjustly for
Mr. bush Jr., Art Bell, or even me as the Wizard. Or
spew instead, how you would as a traitor to yourself,
your family, your country, and God too, sacrifice your
worthless self as unfactored, but for to be a pitiful
coward, falling to die by your own sword on stupid evil
bush's corporate command over your rights to be
represented fairly. Be your own Savior!
Big G is cool, or not. You decide Holy.
The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
kinda even all ready.
P.S. Don't miss the awesome magic Johnny Wizard papers,
"Let Love Rule", or "Strange is Strange", slowly now
disappearing from your nearest search engine dealer!
Get your free copy now, before they're all gone to the
slave owners who truly have know power anyway...
Johnny Wizard

by Curious George
Monday Dec 9th, 2002 4:43 PM
Johnny, how much amphetamines do you use on a daily basis? Chill bro.
by sandy
Thursday Jan 2nd, 2003 11:57 PM
check this out. It's intense
by sandy
Thursday Jan 2nd, 2003 11:59 PM
scroll up

the radio interview is at the top
by R.E.M.
Friday Jan 3rd, 2003 6:21 AM
Well, if boycotting is something made illegal in the Homeland security act, then at least that portion of it will certainly be struck down if ever taken to court; there's too much precendence against such a measure. However, I'd like to know what section of the Homeland security act this lawyer is interpreting.

Getting a second opinion on something like this is akin to getting a second opinion when told you're going to have a serious illness by your doctor. It's all a matter of what context he views the law in. My guess is his perspective is affected by Canadian law, which is somewhat different than U.S. law precedent.

Though perhaps Canadian lawyers are using American law precedents in their courts. I know that the Supreme court of Israel has.

It's interesting to me that people of other countries are referring to judgements in our courts for precedents in their courts.
by 8472
Thursday Feb 13th, 2003 12:54 PM
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