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Green Party calls for Removal of Kissinger from 9/11 Investigation

by jolie green geant
Green Party calls for Removal of Kissinger from 9/11 Investigation
Green Party calls for Removal of Kissinger from 9/11 Investigation
by Mark Dunlea 11:17am Sat Nov 30 '02
phone: 518 286-3411 dunleamark [at]

The Green Party today harshly criticized the Bush administration for appointing former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to head the government investigation into September 11th, saying that if was reprehensible to appoint someone widely regarded worldwide as a war criminal to oversee an inquiry into how 3,000 Americans were murdered.
Green Party Calls for Kissinger to Be Removed from Panel to Investigate September 11th

Accuse Him of Being a Terrorist

The Green Party today harshly criticized the Bush administration for appointing former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to head the government investigation into September 11th, saying that if was reprehensible to appoint someone widely regarded worldwide as a war criminal to oversee an inquiry into how 3,000 Americans were murdered.

Kissinger is presently facing several legal actions due to his role in the overthrow of the democratic government in Chile in 1973, and for efforts to murder political opponents throughout South America . He is also widely blamed for the illegal bombings of Cambodia which killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

"It is clear that Kissinger was appointed by the Bush administration to ensure that the truth about September 11th remains hidden. His prime qualification is his long history of being willing to ignore U.S. and international law. We need someone to head this investigation who will be willing to discover who paid for the September 11th attacks, regardless of whom they were, and to determine whether or not our country's intelligence agencies did an adequate job in response to various warnings they received about such an attack. Kissinger has been brought in to bury the truth," stated Mark Dunlea, Chair of the Green Party of NYS.

The Greens continued to criticize the compromise reached last week between Congress and the Bush administration to create a panel to investigate the September 11th attacks. "This panel falls far short of the independent commission sought by the victims of the families of September 11th. The Bush administration is doing everything it can to prevent the American people from learning the truth about September 11th. The scope of the committee is severely restricted, it is controlled by the President and the two major parties, and effectively allows a single member of the committee to veto any particular witness from being called," added Howie Hawkins of the Syracuse Greens.

Kissinger is widely blamed for the U.S. efforts to overthrow the democratically elected Governor in Chile in 1973 , including the assassination of President Allende. In recent years, prosecutors in Chile, Argentina, Spain and France have sought to have Kissinger testify about what happened in Chile. Kissinger chaired the secret U.S. committee that oversaw the covert operations.

Victims of General Pinohcet's 17-year military dictatorship have brought legal actions in both Chilean and American courts against Henry A. Kissinger. One investigating judge in Chile has formally asked Mr. Kissinger to respond to questions about the killing of an American citizen, Charles Horman

Relatives of Gen. Renéé Schneider, commander of the Chilean Armed Forces when he was assassinated in Oct. 1970, have filed a $3 million civil suit in Washington against Mr. Kissinger and other officials who, according to declassified United States documents, were involved in plotting a military coup to keep Mr. Allende from power. General Schneider was known as an officer committed to upholding the Chilean constitution and therefore opposed to the rumored incipient coup against newly elected Socialist President Salvador Allende.

Mr. Kissinger has acknowledged that he initially followed Mr. Nixon's orders in Sept. 1970 to organize a coup, but contended that he reversed his position later. The newly released documents however showed that the C.I.A. continued to organize a coup and provided money to military officers who killed General Schneider.

Human rights lawyers in Chile have also filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Kissinger and other American officials, accusing them of organizing the covert regional program of political repression called Operation Condor. The plan involved the coordination of efforts by military dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay the 1970's to kidnap and kill hundreds of their exiled political opponents. Argentina has also begun an investigation into American support for and involvement in Operation Condor. A judge there, Rodolfo Cancioba Corral, has said he regards Mr. Kissinger as a potential "defendant or suspect."During a visit by Mr. Kissinger to France last year a judge there sent police officers to his Paris hotel to serve him with a request to answer questions about American involvement in the Chilean coup, in which French citizens also disappeared. Kissinger fled on to Italy.

In April of this year, a British human-rights campaigner applied to a London judge to arrest Mr. Kissinger under the Geneva Conventions Act of 1957 for the "killing, injury and displacement" of three million people in Indochina during the Vietnam War years. The judge rejected the application.

Kissinger has been blamed as the mastermind of the secret and illegal bombings of Cambodia beginning in 1969 during the Vietnam War, which by some estimates killed as many people as the subsequent Pol Pot regime. An estimated 600,000 to one million people were killed in this decade long holocaust. U.S. B-52s pounded Cambodia for 160 consecutive days in 1973, dropping more than 240,000 short tons of bombs on rice fields, water buffalo, villages; this was 50% more tonnage than we dropped on Japan during WWII. At the time the Pol Pot took over in April 1975 Cambodia was a devastated nation on the verge of mass starvation with crops unsowed and vast numbers of refugees in and around Phnom Penh suddenly cut off from the U.S. aid that had kept them alive. High U.S. officials were estimating a million deaths from starvation before the Khmer
Rouge takeover

President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger also gave the go ahead to Indonesia's invasion of East Timor and subsequent massive war crimes there.

by Jack Straw
The problem isn't just Kissinger. The senior Democrat on the panel, George Mitchell, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (the real gov't), just like Henry, and on the boards of companies like Disney (which owns ABC), Xerox and Federal Express, and a partner in a major Washington law firm, along with Bob Dole. Kissinger in fact seems like a lightning rod to divert attention from the rest of the panel.
by Don Thompson (juliobrat [at]
How in the fuck does Bush get to pick the indepenent investigators when it's Bush we are going to prove caused 9/11? Hang the fucking scumbag and Kissinger with him.
by Sheepdog
Mr.September 11:
Wow! That’s sure some list. Got to have another folder for these.
This is going to take some time to go through. And I thought I had a near complete list. Much thanks.
by young
A baby killer hires a baby killer to cover up his baby killing. Should we expect anything different than this scenario ?
by Tarik A. Abul-Qasim
If Henry Kissinger heads this fact-facting committee I am afraid that we will never know the real truth and the truth. the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will be buried with the victims of 9/11.
by Tarik A. Abul-Qasim (tarik [at]
If Henry Kissinger heads this fact-facting committee I am afraid that we will never know the real truth and the truth. the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will be buried with the victims of 9/11.
by Mr. Toad
These people have quite an imagination! They should be in Hollywood, I have it: they should be in Tennessee. Writing speeches for Al Gore! You'll fit right in.
I guess fabrications, exaggerations, and lies suffice for news around here, too.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on"....
-Sir Winston Churchill
by Mr. Guy
How can you call any of this information a 'fabrication' when the history speaks for itself?

Mr. Kissinger is up to his neck in lawsuits concerning the US-led Chilean government coup which put Pinoche in power. Remember Pinoche? This is the guy who murdered hundreds of his own people, as well as hundreds of Spanish citizens. This is why he was extradited to Spain.. The installment of Pinoche was the handiwork of Mr. Kissinger.

Oh and hey, how about the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam war? You guessed it- Kissinger gave the green light to bomb a country with no provocation. Thousands of civilians were killed.

Yep.. this is your Kissinger.. do a little web search, or even better yet, since you are obviously one of those people who has to 'see it for yourself', go to the library. See if you can find the news about when Kissinger was warned not to visit Brazil and Europe because the government could no longer guarantee his immunity against prosecution.

The scary thing is not that people are complaining about Kissinger, but rather that someone whose morals and history are under such scrutiny is now heading one of the biggest and most necessary investigations in American history.

This is what I personally find disturbing. Wouldn't you feel a little more comfortable about the WTC/9-11 investigations if someone who isn't accused of war crimes by several countries was heading it? I sure would.

While we're on that topic.... I'd also feel a lot more comfortable about the IAO (Information Awareness Office - run by Dr. John Poindexter) if it wasn't being run by someone who has been convicted by a federal court of lying under oath.
by O. Sama
I think the 9/11 appointment is a front. There are plenty of scumbags that could do the job. But henry needs an excuse for hanging out in D.C. so he can have a front row seat to the grand finally of his life long work.
by planker
Famous Quotes

The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."
-- Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, about Chile prior to the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected government of socialist President Salvadore Allende in 1973

"Why should we flagellate ourselves for what the Cambodians did to each other?"

-- Henry Kissinger - who (with Richard Nixon) was responsible for the
massive bombing of Cambodia in 1973, which killed three-quarters of a
million peasants and disrupted Cambodian society, setting the stage for Pol Pot to come to power and ultimately kill another one-and-a-half million people

"Covert action should not be confused with missionary work."

-- Henry Kissinger, commenting on the US sellout of the Kurds in Iraq in 1975

"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little

--Henry Kissinger

-- Catherine Austin Fitts

The Kissinger Bombshell
An Open Letter to 9/11 Skeptics and

(Written in astonishment.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our lord and emperor George W. Bush has
just tied together the entire
of 9/11 lies and related wax, stuck a wick in it, and handed us the
He has done so by appointing Henry Kissinger chairman of the
"independent" commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks.

To all those who want the unvarnished truth about the "Attack on
starting with the families of the victims, this would have been a slap

the face - were it not so laughable.

Sequel to the Warren Commission

The resident of the White House was explicit in stating that the
is not supposed to actually investigate anything about 9/11. Wrote the
Associated Press, "Bush did not set as a primary goal for Kissinger to
uncover mistakes or lapses of the government that could have prevented

Sept. 11 attacks."

So what is Henry supposed to actually do? "Instead, [Bush] said the
should try to help the administration learn the tactics and motives of


Aha. In other words, the panel is supposed to produce more scary
about what the freedom-hating evildoers are planning to do to us next.
Sounds like overkill: Isn't that what every department of the
is already doing?

The Kissinger commission is being called to life nearly 15 months
after the
attacks. The White House refused to sign off on the investigative
until Congress agreed to its conditions. The panel can issue subpoenas

if the Republican members agree. In the polite words of Stephen Push,
leader of the 9/11 families ("Families of September 11,", the commission concept is simply "too

So far, no surprise. For fifteen months, Bush and Cheney have
acted to delay the calling of an independent 9/11 investigation. They
tried to stop the release of any information about the attacks - let
about their level of prior knowledge! And they have otherwise
the most secretive administration in modern American history.

But Henry Kissinger? Now that is a surprise!

Who could have imagined that the Bush regime would so obviously expose
themselves to ridicule by appointing one of the world's best-known war
criminals, terrorist masterminds, and professional liars as the head
of a
New Warren Commission?

Highlights of Dr. Kissinger's Career

Kissinger's name seems to be magically entwined with the date of Sept.

As national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon
administration, he helped engineer the CIA coup that overthrew the
government of Chile, on Sept. 11, 1973. For a detailed account of that
atrocity - the original Sept. 11th attack - see:

In a famous comment on Chile at a 1970 White House meeting, Kissinger
no secret of his utter contempt for democratic government: "I don't
see why
we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the
irresponsibility of its own people," he said.

Now everyone remembers where they were on the morning of Sept. 11,
though we know precious little about how and why the horrible crimes
of that
day were allowed to happen. But who knows that on the same morning, a
federal suit was being filed against Dr. Kissinger by relatives of one

his countless victims?

"Family of Slain Chilean Sues Kissinger, Helms - Military Leader Was
in Kidnap Attempt Linked to Nixon Administration"
By Bill Miller, Washington Post, September 11, 2001

As a direct result of the Pinochet coup, at least 3,000 Chilean
were "disappeared" and assassinated. As horrible as that was,
Kissinger has
been involved in even worse crimes.

As Nixon's national security adviser, Kissinger helped plan the
bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Hundreds of thousands of
civilians were killed in this unprovoked action against a neutral
state. The
bombing destabilized the U.S.-backed Cambodian government, paving the
for the later takeover of that country by the Khmer Rouge.

But hey, let's not let mass murder detract from the man's
achievements. In
1973, Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a deal to end
U.S. invasion of Vietnam.

The Nixon government had at first refused the Paris peace deal with
Vietnam. Instead, it chose to level Hanoi in a massive Christmas 1972
bombing, leaving nothing there but dust. A few months later, Nixon and
Kissinger accepted the same deal, with minor changes. Now that's how
you win
a peace prize!

Kissinger was the only major cabinet member who miraculously survived
subsequent fall of the Nixon regime. He remained Secretary of State
the appointed Unpresident, Gerald Ford. (Ford was the first
"president" to
not have even run in a presidential election, so there was no need to
actually steal it.)

Okay, class. Anyone remember who the other key players in the 2-1/2
Ford administration were?

Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller, brother of David.
Chief of Staff: Dick Cheney.
Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld.
Director of Central Intelligence: George Herbert Walker Bush.


Papa Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger. Sound familiar? Today, the
same four
men run the regime of the Idiot Prince.

Now *there* is a story for the historians of the future! Papa Bush
apparently cut some nice deals with his CIA boys at the time, and in
gratitude the agency later named its new headquarters the "George
Walker Bush Building." We'll leave the rest of the Papa Bush story
aside for
today, though it may surpass even Kissinger's for sheer criminality.
is Henry's day.

In 1973, while still with the Nixon administration, Kissinger became
one of
the founding fathers of the Trilateral Commission, together with
Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, brother of Nelson. This association
billionaires, business leaders, academics and politicians was brought
together by the three men in an effort to arm the global elites of the

Europe and Japan against what at the time seemed like an unprecedented
social and economic crisis. The Trilateral Commission has continued to

annually ever since.

In 1975, Kissinger traveled with Ford to Indonesia, where they met
with the
U.S.-backed and U.S.-armed dictator Suharto, who oversaw the killing
millions during his 35-year reign. The day after Ford and Henry left,
Indonesian forces invaded the independent territory of East Timor.
of the territory's population was exterminated during the subsequent
occupation, but this had little impact on continuing American and
arms shipments to the regime in Jakarta. Recently released documents
establish that Suharto received a green light for the invasion from
president and secretary of state.

The 9/11 panel will not be the first "Kissinger Commission." In the
1980s, under the Reagan-Bush administration, Henry was called to lead
investigation of U.S. policy in Central America. They provided the
for the death squads that U.S. forces had armed and trained in El
and Honduras, and for the "Contra" army that was organized by the CIA
invade Nicaragua.

Since then, the doctor has lived more quietly as the head of Kissinger
Associates, which provides "consultancy" (door-opening) for oil and
deals and much else besides, and which counts among its clients the
government, NATO, many corporations, and foreign countries like China
Central Asia.

French prosecutors paid a surprise visit to Kissinger's Paris hotel
suite in
2001, questioning him with regard to the war crimes charges that they
have been required to level under French law. They let him go his way,

henceforth, Henry will have to be a touch more discreet when strolling

the banks of the Seine.

2001 saw the publication of Christopher Hitchens's book, "The Trial of

Kissinger." Released in 2002, an eponymous documentary details the
horrific and astonishing crimes. Couldn't Bush have found anyone less
conspicuous, or less farcical, to wash his dirty laundry? One can only
conclude that this was the only man the White House knew they could
If you want to cover something up, better pick someone with tons of
his own
dirt to hide.

Kissinger's appointment is an act of tremendous hubris - or else of
desperation. Is the official story of the 9/11 attacks really so
wobbly that
the regime must resort to hiring him?

He brought death squads to Chile in 1973. He covered up death squads
Central America in the 1980s. And now should we expect him to tell us
full story of how the CIA helped create Osama Binladin's death squads?

this guy who is going to explore why the Air Force was stood down, or
and how so many FBI agents were blocked from investigating reports
terror pilots had infiltrated the United States? Or is Kissinger going

tell us why George W. Bush killed the FBI investigations into the
family's connections to terrorism in early 2001?

Seriously. We can really have a field day with this.

But dangers lurk. Kissinger's appointment is the latest signal of an
absolute and open intent to play HARDBALL. Let us all beware what
"surprises" are in store during the next days and months.

Kissinger features prominently within the "Defense Policy Board" run
by Paul
Wolfowitz at the Pentagon, which also includes veteran warheads
Perle and Newt Gingrich.

These men, termed the "Wolfowitz Cabal" by no less a personage than
Powell, are the Supreme Chickenhawks of the War Party. For years they
individually and collectively called for the (further) destruction of
and, depending on their mood, preemptive war with Iran, Syria, North
Korea -
you name it. At a meeting earlier this year, they declared Saudi
Arabia the
real enemy, and considered the option of taking out the Saudis right
the planned war in Iraq. The powerpoint presentation viewed by the
group on
that day concluded with the following grand strategy for the upcoming
"Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt

On Sept. 11, 2001, as though that day was not bad enough for all of
Kissinger, who was in Berlin, called in to CNN during the attacks. He
basically argued that the attacks fully justified any American
whatsoever. The next day, he wrote that the U.S. had every right to
states that "harbor people who have the capability to do something
this," emphasizing that it made no difference whether these states
had anything to do with the Sept. 11 attacks or not.

So watch out for sudden revelations about the alleged 9/11 hijackers
"prove" both Saudi Arabia and Iraq (or any other country) must
be crushed. The groundwork for such an attack, should the regime
decide to
go with it, has been prepared during the last weeks with the sudden
"discovery" of Saudi financing of terrorism - something that never
the Bushes before 9/11, of course.

May fortune and God only give us enough time to work on this, and we
people will peacefully bring down this regime. Appointing Kissinger
turn out to be their greatest blunder. Perhaps it will finally awaken
antiwar movement to the continuing importance of learning the full
truth of
9/11. No doubt many of the antiwar organizers can well remember the
1970s, when their protests against the Vietnam War were directed at
other than: Henry Kissinger. Why has he of all people been given the

We need to gather everything known about this man and throw it hard
wide, until the whole sham of the investigation is exposed. If we are
enough time, and still fail to bring this house of lies crashing down,

will have been our own fault.

Strength and best wishes to you all,

by questions
No wonder the Green Party is marginalized. They can't even ask the right questions. They should have said:

How dare Bush appoint this scourge of leakers to a job that requires the exposure of embarrassments in the intelligence world? Won't a grateful Kissinger do Bush's bidding by protecting the Saudi bankrollers of terror for "reasons of state"?

I believe the answer to be NO, but at least ask the right questions.

by Carol Brouillet (cbrouillet [at]
Certainly if Truth be told- both Kissinger and Bush would go down in flames. After researching 9-11, and trying to break the story (somewhat futilely in the mainstream and Gatekeeper controlled Alternative Press), I came across a damning expose on who were on the joint House/Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, which was headed by the very men who breakfasted on September 11, 2001, with the "Money Man" who sent $100,000 to Mohammed Atta (identified by the FBI as the lead pilot in the WTC attacks). The inquiry itself's mandate was to provide an alibi for the CIA and help justify its obscene budget. Same with the 9-11 Commission- it's supposed to come up with a plausible scenario that doesn't link Bush, Cheney, and Myers with the biggest Special Operation in CIA history... It will be interesting to learn who else will be on the committee.

Do check out who was on the Official Inquiry Cover-up-
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