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Democracy NOW! did a story about and was started with money from Skull and Bones/CIA Funds

by xx
Democracy NOW! did a story about and was started with money from Skull and Bones/CIA Funds
Democracy NOW! did a radio interview About Skull and bones. They make it sound like its bad. But apparently its not too bad to get funding from. Apparently they enjoy being controlled by Bushes skull and bones society. Filtering the News to fit the propaganda need of their Nazi masters. Pacifica was also setup with ford foundation funds. This is how the Skull and Bones seeks to ctrol the right and left media, Giving an illusion that people have areal choice, when in fact they do not.

They take money from the Ford Foundation, for this money they act as the gatekeepers for the left. They push the Skull and bones agenda but with a left slant.

Please read the article below before you make your mind up. Expose the fraud!

by bob feldman
The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's historic relationship to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is rarely mentioned on Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW / Deep Dish TV show, on FAIR's COUNTERSPIN show, on the WORKING ASSETS RADIO show, on The Nation Institute's RADIO NATION show, on David Barsamian's ALTERNATIVE RADIO show or in the pages of PROGRESSIVE, MOTHER JONES and Z magazine. One reason may be because the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations subsidize the Establishment Left's alternative media gatekeepers / censors.
Take Pacifica / DEMOCRACY NOW, an alternative radio network with annual revenues of $10 million in 2000, whose National Program Director was paid $63,000 in that year. In the early 1950s--when the CIA was using the Ford Foundation to help fund a non-communist "parallel left" as a liberal Establishment alternative to an independent, anti-Establishment revolutionary left--the Pacifica Foundation was given a $150,000 grant in 1951 by the Ford Foundation's Fund for Education. According to James Ledbetter's book Made Possible By..., "the Fund's first chief was Alexander Fraser, the president of the Shell Oil Company."
Besides subsidizing the Pacifica Foundation in the early 1950s, the Ford Foundation also spent a lot of money subsidizing many other noncommercial radio or television stations in the United States. According to Ledbetter's Made Possible By..., between 1951 and 1976, the Ford Foundation "spent nearly $300 million on noncommercial radio and television."
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Pacifica relied primarily on listener-sponsor contributions to fund the operations of its radio stations. And in the early 1970s, Pacifica also began to accept funds from the U.S. Establishment's Corporation for Public Broadcasting [CPB], according to Rogue State author William Blum--who worked as a KPFA staffperson in the early 1970s. But in the early 1990s, some Pacifica administrators decided to again seek grants from the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations. As former Pacifica Development Director Dick Bunce wrote in the appendix to the "A Strategy for National Programming" document which was prepared for the Pacifica National Board in September 1992, entitled "Appendix Foundation Grantseeking National Programming Assumptions for Foundation Fundraising":
The national foundation grantseeking arena has changed enough in recent years to make activity in this arena potentially worthwhile--for organizations prepared to be players and partners in the same field as NPR, APR, maybe some others...The foundation funding of interest is in gifts of $100,000 or more a year, for several years...Three of America's six largest foundations (Ford, MacArthur, Pew) have begun to fund public broadcasting, public radio in particular, and evidently intend to continue doing so. Pacifica requested meetings with each of these foundations earlier this year and was treated seriously enough in subsequent meetings to give us some hope of securing funding possibly from all three. A `Report Sheet' on this work is included in Appendix 3.
Beyond these three foundations there are no others among the country's 100 largest which have made substantial grants to public broadcasting. So the second tier of foundation prospects look substantially different from the first tier requiring more work on our part to open doors, establish `standing' and find a workable `fit.'

There are nonetheless a number of interesting prospects--in some cases only because of particular people who are currently involved, or because of formal criteria which we could try to fit. The second tier list includes several from the top 100--Rockefeller, Irvine, Surdna, George Gund--Nathan Cummings--and a number of smaller foundations, but still capable of 6 figure grants: Aaron Diamond, Revson, Rockefeller Family & Associates, New World, Winston Foundation for World Peace.

Once we drop to the $35,000 to $75,000 grant range, the list enlarges, but these take as long to cultivate as the bigger ones, so it makes sense to start from the top.

Foundation fundraising at this level has extraordinary payoffs--but it takes senior staff time, not `grantwriting' but in communicating. It is therefore expensive, and not successfully done as an afterthought to everything else in the day. It also requires `venture capital visits' to the foundations to open doors and conversations that lead to partnerships.

In initiating three top level contacts in April, May and June, and attempting to capitalize on the opportunities apparent to us, we have already been stretched beyond our capacity to really interface effectively with these funders--although admittedly much of the problem to date has been due to the fact that we don't yet have a clear business plan for national programming.

Foundation grantmaking will most likely proceed as short-term funding. Funders will want to `fund projects, not operations.' We should presume that we can succeed in raising serious money to launch or establish new programs, etc. but not to sustain them beyond start-up. The standard of self-sufficiency will be required for many proposals we submit, and our own planning will be most successful if we relate to this funding source accordingly.

Short-Run Strategies for Developing a Foundation Grantseeking Program

Seek Development Committee leadership in planning for Foundation grantseeking.

Pursue 3 `anchor' grants to acquire funding beginning in FY'93 from the Big 3 foundations we've already begun to work with.

Long-Range Strategies for Developing a Foundation Grantseeking Program

Initiate an informal `feasibility inquiry' of foundation support for Pacifica's objectives by requesting visits with the dozen top prospects to shape proposals and establish relationships...

Foundation Grants Summary: Late this spring we began our first efforts in national foundation grantseeking on behalf of national programming. We have a good chance of securing six figure grants in the coming fiscal year from any or all of the 3 foundations we're working with, but our approach is still dependent upon our own organizational progress toward a business plan that we are committed to following through on.

The second tier of foundation prospects is more challenging, and will require increased staff resoucres, a modest feasability inquiry and active planning with the Board Development Committee.

By 1995, billionaire speculator George Soros' Open Society Institute had given the Pacifica Foundation a $40,000 grant. And in 1996, the Carnegie Corporation of New York gave Pacifica a $25,000 grant to launch its DEMOCRACY NOW show. In 1997 came a $13,000 grant from the J.M. Kaplan Fund to Pacifica to provide support for DEMOCRACY NOW. And in 1998 came a $25,000 grant to Pacifica from the Public Welfare Foundation "to report on hate crimes and related issues as part of its `DEMOCRACY NOW!" public-affairs radio program and an additional $10,000 grant to support DEMOCRACY NOW from the J.M. Kaplan Fund. That same year the Ford Foundation gave a $75,000 grant to Pacifica "toward marketing consultancy, promotional campaign and program development activities for radio program, DEMOCRACY NOW." In 1998 and 1999, two grants, totalling $22,500, were also given to Pacifica by the Boehm Foundation, to support its DEMOCRACY NOW show.
In early 2002, an additional Ford Foundation grant of $75,000 was given to Deep Dish TV "for the television news series, DEMOCRACY NOW, to continue incorporating the aftermath of the September 11th attack into future broadcasts." Besides being presently subsidized by the Ford Foundation to air Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW show, Deep Dish TV, with an annual income of $158,000 in 2000, was also subsidized by the MacArthur Foundation in the 1990s. Between 1993 and 1998, $190,000 in grants were given to Deep Dish TV by the MacArthur Foundation. And one of the members of Deep Dish TV's board of directors in recent years has apparently been a WBAI staffperson named Mario Murillo.
Another Ford Foundation grant of $200,000 was given in April 2002 to the Astraea Foundation, whose former board finance committee chairperson, Leslie Cagan, is presently the chairperson of Pacifica's national board. Three other grants have been given to the Astraea Foundation by the Ford Foundation since 2000: two grants, totalling $75,000, in 2000; and a $200,000 grant in 2001 "for general support and subgrants to community-based organizations addressing social, political and economic justice, especially those focused on lesbians and other sexual minorities." The former finance committee chairperson of the Ford Foundation-sponsored Astraea Foundation recently signed a $2 million "golden handshake / sweetheart contract" with the Ford Foundation-sponsored, soon-to-be-privatized DEMOCRACY NOW producer (who has apparently been receiving a $90,000/year salary from Pacifica in recent years for her alternative journalism work).

Ford Foundation's Skull & Bones Link
by bob feldman
A few years ago a movie called SKULLS—which seemed to draw its initial inspiration from Yale University's secretive Skull and Bones society—was shown in some theatres around the United States . According to the 1998 edition of SHARING THE PIE: A CITIZEN'S GUIDE TO WEALTH AND POWER IN AMERICA by Steve Brouwer:
"Skull and Bones is a small, secret society of Yale University. During the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century it was home to many rich, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant young men who went on to run the country, including William Howard Taft, Republican president from 1908 to 1912; Averell Harriman, the leading financier of the Democratic Party from 1932 to 1992; Prescott Bush, the manager of Harriman's bank, Republican senator, and father of George Bush; and George Bush, Republican president from 1988 to 1992 [and the father of the current U.S. president, George W. Bush]. The list could be filled out with the names of scores of very influential Americans--for example, Henry Stimson, Republican financier and two-time secretary of war, and Henry Luce, the nation's leading publisher (TIME, LIFE, FORTUNE, etc.).
"In the first half of the twentieth century, George Bush's father and his generation of Bonesmen were intimately involved in maintaining family wealth, looking after the welfare of America's largest banks and corporations, running the affairs of both political parties, and directing U.S. foreign and domestic policies."
The 1990 book TELEVISION AND THE CRISIS OF DEMOCRACY by Douglas Kellner also observed that former President George "Bush's father Prescott had connections with the intelligence service, was involved in the secret investment bank...and, like his son, was a member of the secret Skull and Bones society at Yale..."
Like George W. Bush's father, the president of the Ford Foundation between 1966 and 1979, McGeorge Bundy, was a member of the Skull and Bones society. In addition, both the father [Harvey Bundy] and the brother [William Bundy] of former Ford Foundation President Bundy were members of Skull and Bones. According to NATION magazine contributing editor Kai Bird's MacArthur Foundation, LBJ Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation-subsidized book, THE COLOR OF TRUTH: MC GEORGE BUNDY AND WILLIAM BUNDY--BROTHER IN ARMS:
"In his junior year Harvey [Bundy] was selected to the most exclusive and ritualistic of fraternities, Skull and Bones. Only fifteen men were tapped for membership each year in the secretive club. [Harvey] Bundy was enormously pleased...
"Nothing affected him more at Yale than the people he met at Skull and Bones. They met twice a week, and [Harvey]Bundy claimed the friendships he formed were such that Skull and Bones `did more for us than any other single experience in our lives.'...
"Skull and Bones had been founded in 1832...William H. Russell...endowed Skull and Bones with a considerable fortune, managed by the Russell Trust Association...The clubhouse and its dining facilities were one thing, but the Russell Trust also owned a summer house on Deer Island, a rustic retreat in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York. The Russell Trust also reportedly had a special fund from which any Bonesman caould withdraw up to $15,000 in a lifetime for any purpose...
"Skull and Bones...reinforced the paridigm of the Bundy brothers' Boston Brahmin upbringing..."
The Ford Foundation's Vice President for Educational Programs who also chaired the Ford Foundation's Public Policy Committee when McGeorge Bundy was Ford Foundation President--Harold Howe--was also a member of Skull and Bones. Under Skull and Bones member Howe's chairmanship, the Ford Foundation's Public Policy Committee "dispersed several million dollars a year on projects which were seen as too far afield from Ford's guidelines," according to THE COLOR OF TRUTH.
Another Skull and Bones member who has been playing a prominent role in U.S. Establishment politics since the now-deceased McGeorge Bundy moved out of his Ford Foundation office in 1978 is U.S. Senator John Kerry--who has been mentioned as a possible Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2004.


"It's the primal scene of American power, of Bush family values. For two centuries, the initiation rite of Skull and Bones has shaped the character of the men who have shaped the American character, including two Presidents named Bush.

Last Saturday, for the first time ever, that long-secret rite was witnessed by a team of outsiders." That's the opening of reporter Ron Rosenbaum's front-page piece in this week's New York Observer. He is the first to do an expose on the most influential secret society in the nation. It's a part of Yale University, which this weekend celebrates its 300 anniversary with among others, former Presidents Bush and Clinton.

On April 14, the New York Observer team used high-tech night-vision video equipment able to peer through the gloom into the inner courtyard of the Skull and Bones "Tomb" in New Haven. Among other things, the Observer team witnessed privileged Skull and Bones members mocking the assault on Abner Louima by crying out repeatedly, "Take that plunger out of my ass!", and members hurling obscene sexual insults at initiates as they were forced to kneel and kiss a skull at the feet of the initiators.

Short clip from Skull abd Bones documentary.

by a
I don't want to see that chart posted one more time to SF-IMC, do you hear?
by I DO
PLEase post it again!!!
by Boy
Please may I have another?
I know you guys don't like being exposed. I want this addressed, you have to answer this.

Democracy Now! and Pacifica need to be taken beack by the people or shut down. We don't need another CIA propaganda outlet no matter how left they sound.

by editor
That's not the issue. It's about disk space and bandwidth, both of which are limited. This thing has already been posted repeatedly, ad infinitum. If you want to refer to it, don't post it again. That's an extremely rude thing to do. Instead, post a link.
by bov
Just a thought - if a graphic gets posted over and over, could you simply put a link to it (yourselves, as an editorial policy), with some sort of generalized note about graphics posted more than (x) number of times get replaced by a link?

Maybe that's too extreme. Just a thought.
by editor
it's tedious, time consuming, unpaid work, and a royal pain in the neck. We only have so much time and energy. It would be enormously more efficient, and a heck of a lot more polite, if posters would do it themselves.
If html were used would it show up on the page the same as uploading it?

I mean not just a link you have to click on?
by ?
COINTELPRO ATTEMPT TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER--->left_gatekeepers.giff94265.gif
One would think a conspiracy theory against effective left organizers would make more sense than this. Saying Democracy Now is funded by the CIA is like saying Indymedia is funded by PG&E since the computer runs off electricity...
by Paul Wolf (paulwolf [at]
In my opinion the foundation-funded leftist orgs are mostly loyal oppposition groups. The history of the Ford Foundation suggests that some may be controlled opposition groups. It doesn't mean that every org that accepts money from the FF is a CIA front. It does mean, though, that they don't mind working for an organization that funds CIA fronts.

I am sure it's difficult to make a living as a political activist, but all of us have to make ethical choices about who we work for.


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