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Just Cause/Measure EE Wins In Oakland
by Lynda Carson (lyndacarson [at]
Wednesday Nov 6th, 2002 3:50 PM
Oakland renters acheived victory over greedy Oakland Landlords. Defeat at the polls leaves Oaklands ruling class wonder why all their money could not win the hearts of the victims who have been exploited these many a year.
Oakland Ca--In a tight election bid to shift the balance of power in Oakland, Measure EE takes absolute power from the landlords who have been evicting to make a profit.

Oakland renters now have a defense against unfair evictions, and are making moves to consolidate their political gains for future political adventures.

The Rental Housing Association of Northern Alameda County spent over $500,000 to defeat the Oakland renters pushing for Measure EE, and calls made to Wanye Roland and Steve Edrington of RHANAC for a comment were responded by hang ups.

Despite Oaklanders being flooded with nasty mailers by RHANAC portraying the renters as sex offenders, drug addicts, and bikers who must be evicted, the best of Oakland stepped up to the polls to support the renters.

Just Cause/Measure EE Vote Tally.



The community is being urged to call members of
RHANAC to let them know why Oakland renters defeated them (greedy landlords) at the polls.

The Gang of RHANAC.

Steve Edrington 510 / 749-4880

Rick Philips 510 / 531-8662

Wayne Roland 510 / 339-7152

John Holmgren / Oakland Association of Realtors

510 / 339-2121