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Dr. Nick Begich Lecture -- HAARP, Emerging Tech., Non-Lethal Weapons

by john -- aimc
Dr. Nick Begich Lecture -- HAARP, Emerging Tech., Non-Lethal Weapons, a serious warning from this scientific researcher.

-- a must listen for anyone following the US. Military

Nick Begich Lecture on HAARP, Pulsating Frequencies and Emerging New Technologies (and much more).

Audio in MP3 (should stream).

è Introduction -- Chiahni Young

è Part 1 -- HAARP and New Technologies

è Part 2 -- Activism and Education

è Question and Answer Period

"I believe, indeed, that overemphasis on the purely intellectual attitude, often directed solely to the practical and factual, in our education, has led directly to the impairment of ethical values" -- Albert Einstein.

Much of this article relates to information that many readers may not be familiar with, that may at first appear somewhat sci-fi or phantasmagoric, information on emerging technologies that will seemingly require a global regulatory regime to ensure their ethical uses. The above a propos quote from Alberta Einstein opens the prologue to "Earth Rising The Revolution", a well footnoted book by Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick which highlights the crisis humans face on a global scale to establish the ethical uses of new and emerging technology.

To help us understand the issues surrounding this new technology and its potentials, researcher Dr. Nick Begich who has written extensively on this subject, has lectured internationally, and has acted as an expert witness and speaker for the European Parliament, came to Calgary to participate in "The Confernce of the Peaple: Breaking the Silence," organized by Chiani Young and Marilyn Evan. Throughout his life Dr. Nick Begich has been involved in the political aspects of his research and has met with countless community groups and politicians to raise an awareness of the issues and potential solutions.

On October 13, 2002, Dr. Begich delivered a lecture at The Convention Centre in Calgary Alberta Canada. Begich has been heavily involved in the ongoing international debate surrounding the HAARP project in Alaska, an experimental public/private partnership between the U.S. military, the defense industry and big oil (or natural gas on the Eastern Slope as it were). The purpose of this experimental facility begins with the assertion that the project is looking at the effects which occur when manipulating and lifting the ionosphere, essentially raising the ionosphere by many kilometers into the outer atmosphere. However, the research of Dr. Begich and other researchers around the world reveals that the HAARP project has the potential for many other environmental affects and applications, not simply those of a ground based StarWars program.

These applications may not have originated from within the work of researchers such as Begich but from within the documentation for the patents of the technology itself. The research appears to be bearing out what has been suspected for many years, that the U.S. government has taken seriously its inventor Bernard Eastlund. "What's up there now is not, in my opinion, big enough to be concerned about. It has to be used judiciously, but it's not the kind of power level that can do the stuff that's in my patents yet. But they're getting up there. This is a very powerful device. Especially if they go to the expanded stage." -- Bernard Eastlund quoted in E Magazine in 1997. Another such inventor who we need to be reminded of is Nickola Tesla, an electrician assumed to be a genius of some kind for his part in bringing forward the use of AC electrical power (not a madd scientist) whose ideas and imagination predates that of Eastlund.

Military uses for HAARP in the post ABM treaty era include:

- higher resolution imaging and signature of incoming short-range ballistic missiles, particularly from submarines.

- disabling of electronics aboard hostile aircraft and missiles (2).

- disruption of communication signals that use the ionosphere (i.e. short-wave).

- destruction of low-flying satellites that burn-up as they fly into the "raised" ionosphere.

- Earth Penetrating Tomography (seeing into the earth) and other new surveillance systems.

In his lecture, Begich argued that these facilities will go far beyond their usefulness to protect the U.S. from other hostile nations and will open the U.S. to heightened international suspicion and criticism, because of other potential applications. Begich sites a major environmental hazard to this kind of work that relates to the capacity of HAARP to affect weather patterns through altering the course of the jet stream. When the ionosphere is pushed upward it creates a low pressure area below, where lower atmospheres will rush in to fill that hole. This affects systems that are above and below the ionosphere, creating a disturbance that can be understood as both a pushing of the jet-stream and the beginning of a butterfly effect, resulting in weather disturbances elsewhere on the planet. Begich argues that this is a reckless approach to science, if this is indeed what HAARP is capable of. At a power level of 10-100 Billion Watts of energy, the research of Dr. Begich suggests that it is. The low frequencies (ELF/VLF) coming from the way the HAARP project operates also posses a serious biohazard according to Begich.

Other Military Industrial Complex uses for HAARP seem to included:

- weather disruption (1) (2) (3) (4)

- non-lethal weapon development (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

- behavioral modification of humans on a mass scale (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

An example of the thousands of documents that have been collected by Begich and his group of researchers can be found at, Joint Services Program Plan and Activities. Also, works by Begich entitled "Waking Up the Military" and "Terrorists in the News".

The usual military applications become complicated as other new technologies emerge that are using frequencies that have an affect on the human physiology and particularly in the manipulation of the brain. The use of this kind of technology has taken since the 50's to mature into the first applications that emerged in the early 1990's, particularly in the area of non-lethal weaponry. French riot police have been using such non-lethal weapons as those that emit specific frequencies to change a person's brain physiology and chemistry since the early 90's, capable of manipulating a person's emotional state to that of fear/terror or passive submission. Through the piles of research into the possible applications of HAARP, Begich argues that the project demonstrates that it is capable of emitting extremely high levels of pulse energy in the same pulse range that is used by human brain waves (4 - 20 Hz. (pulses per second)) or higher, these are Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) or Very Low Frequencies (VLF) that were mentioned earlier. His research indicates that the technology is capable of coupling with natural systems such as the brain and could be extremely dangerous.

What Begich and others are suggesting is that such innovation must be lead by the international scientific community and not the present U.S. Military Industrial Complex (who is clearly in partnership with commercial interests), that any potential manipulation of the brain warrants considerable attention. "These technologies will increasingly impact every area of human activity. They will challenge fundamental aspects of freedom, liberty, privacy, and the very essence of our individual personhood." (Earth Rising, Pg.2). In the lecture Begich makes a substantial argument to the effect that such technology will have on the ability for democracies around the world to function, making a strong case for the education and public debate of the issues surrounding new technologies and frequency based non-lethal weapons.

To understand the potential of this technology, Begich argues that we need to make the connection between what we now know scientifically about the human body and information we know about patterns within our natural environment. Western scientific information and knowledge about the flow of energy within the human body has dramatically accelerated in the past 20 years and so it is not unusual for scientific researchers to be tripping back to discover new connections with ancient medicines from around the world. For example, the scientific mapping of the body's energy flow has apparently been discovered to resemble or match the energy meridians mapped out by Chinese acupuncture.

In a live demonstration of a new electronic acupuncture tool, Begich acknowledged the positive applications of this new technology. The tool uses frequencies to detect pressure points as it moves across the surface of the skin, and then, once the tool is over the point, will allow the user to apply frequencies to "clear" the point, effectively replacing the use of needles in this ancient medicine. In recalling the discovery 2 years ago of a 5000 year old body which had emerged frozen from inside a glacier in Europe, Begich explained that it was marked with tattoos. These tattoo markings correspond with known acupuncture points that were later found to correspond with ailments within that body. In his lecture Begich suggests that it is entirely plausible for previous cultures to have had the capacity to sense such energy meridians, that acupuncture/acupressure may have been a fairly common practise in pre-historic time.

It is generally thought that radio frequencies are relatively harmless as a steady stream, with all kinds of frequencies passing through our public spaces to no effect. If any one of those signals was made to pulsate at a rate that parallels that of the brain, is it possible for the brain to lock onto or actually to become effected by such an electro-magnetic pulsation? Begich offers us a startling demonstration of how the human brain has been affected in the past by such pulsation's by looking at the natural electro-magnetic pulsation of Earth itself which is 7.83 Hz.. The natural pulsation of the human brain when it is in a state of ideal waking consciousness happens to match that of the Earth's.

Not surprisingly, Begich founded Earth Pulse Press to disseminate his books and research. Please visit their website for more information.

john freebury -- alberta independent media centre


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by helix
This is outstanding. thanks for posting it
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