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Flashpoints Sept 9: more DEA raid on WAMM; NYC theater; K Kelly+ B Lubin to Iraq
by Jaguar Johnny
Monday Sep 9th, 2002 10:15 PM
KPFA Flashpoints Radio Sept 9, 2002 (audio link/s in full story text below)
-Robert Knight and the Knight Report, Iraq has psychedelics of mass destruction?
-Update on last week's DEA raid on a Santa Cruz medical marijuana co-op
-Dancing for Your Life, Immigrant Theater in NYC
-Kathy Kelly and Barbara Lubin ready to go to Iraq
KPFA Flashpoints News Radio
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EVENTS SF BAY - 1) 9/10 8AM Father Bill leaves to report to prison for Fort Benning arrest; line Addison from Church of the Worker to MLK, MLK to 51st with signs of support; 2) 9/11 Justin Herman Plaza, SF. Vigil and Rally 6AM-7PM, w Medea, Spearhead, Holly Near

Monday, Sept 9, 2002 - Start Audio "for
-00:00 Dennis Bernstein: introduction: update on last week's DEA raid on a Santa Cruz co-op; Dancing for Your Life, Immigrant Theater in NYC; Kathy Kelly and Barbara Lubin ready to go to Iraq
-00:51 Dennis: now with Robert Knight and the Knight Report.. Robert: "AUDIOUS warlord Henry Kissinger advocates an 'stringent inspection process' to create a pretext for military action.. Tony Blair announces he will give the UN one last chance.. French premier demands immediate access.. Canada says it will not support an invasion.. Saddam Hussein says inspectors are actually US spies.. Iraq curfews in Southern Iraq.. plans to breech dams in the north.. old Iraqi nuclear plant.. reporter tour reveals a mushroom farm.. psychedelics of mass destruction?
-05:15 Dennis: update on last Thursday's DEA raid on a peaceful marijuana co-op in Santa Cruz.. "AUDIO interview with coop founder Valerie Corral of WAMM.. Valerie: they refused to show a search warrant and pushed me to the ground.. I was frightened and overwhelmed and tried to talk to them.. to explain what WAMM does.. more than 20 agents.. automatic weapons leveled.. some were wearing masks, some had helmets.. an amazing feeling of intimidation.. I'm an epileptic.. a paraplegic polio victim was handcuffed and asked to stand up.. I yelled, she's a cripple!.. the dialogue was intense.. I told them how over 100 of our co-op have died.. a community of sick people who have come together for much more than marijuana.. one agent almost started to cry, another said maybe I'll look for another job.. Dennis: how Valerie started the co-op.. an auto accident, head injury.. a medical journal reported how marijuana helped seisures in mice.. finally I replaced the other medicines with marijuana.. how many different symptoms are relieved by marijuana.. a true panacea.. and we take the money out of it.. a true co-op.. shook up the paradigm.. the moneymongering idea.. the drug world, dealer idea.. Dennis: how did they destroy the garden?.. Valerie: with chain saws.. tomorrow night's meeting, we face the possibility of not having enough medicine.. the sheriff supported us, called the DEA 'big babies'.. about how the activists and other co-op members came up and chained the fence.. locking the DEA inside until the sheriff came.. DiFi and Barbara Boxer have received many calls.. a rally next Tuesday 6pm in front of City Hall.. CA AG Lockyer has made a statement, has a meeting with Ashcroft and Huthinson.. Dennis: now w Steff Sherr (sp?) of Americans for Safe Access.. Steff:.. Lockyer press release requests a meeting with Ashcroft.. our mobilization on the 23rd in Sacramanto.. Gov Davis has been silent.. DEA is harrassing, terrorizing patients in their homes, but no charges filed... Boxer and Feinstein support this kind of terrorism.. we're asking everyone to mobilize on the 23rd.. all of our freedom is threatened.. look seriously at our government.. we are losing our democracy.. call Boxer 202-224-3553; Fein$tein 202-224-3841
-27:40 music break Spearhead, Rock the Nation "AUDIO
-28:48 Dennis: now w Judith Sloan and Warren Lerra of Dancing for your Life, Immigrants in Queens; Theater in NYC (no review)
-40:12 Dennis: Kathy Kelly of "AUDIO Voices in the Wilderness, and Barbara Lubin of Middle East Children's Alliance going to Iraq soon to work for peace.. (no review).. Father Bill off to prison tomorrow morning, come out at 8AM show support
-55:00 Mary Bishop, wrapup
-55:55 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

Friday, Sept 6, 2002 - Audio OK "for
-00:00 KPFA News Summary
-03:00 Dennis Bernstein: introduction: Israeli military using civilians as human sheilds; reliability of confessions; Iraq weapons inspector, Scott Ritter
-03:57 "Dr.Dennis: about a tactic used regularly by uniformed Israeli terrorists.. ie using civilians as human sheilds.. now w Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees - winner of the health development prize from the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2001.. Dr. Barghouti: WHEN ATTACKING IN THE CITIES OR THE VILLAGES, WHEN THEY THINK THAT THERE MIGHT BE RESISTANCE.. THEY PUSH WOMEN, MEN, CHILDREN IN FRONT OF THE SOLDIERS.. SO THAT IF THERE IS A RESPONSE THE HOSTAGES WILL TAKE THE FIRE.. OR WHEN THEY THINK THERE MIGHT BE EXPLOSIVES.. THEY MAKE CIVILIANS (AT GUNPOINT) WALK IN FRONT OF HEAVILY ARMED SOLDIERS AND TANKS.. HUMAN MINE SWEEPERS.. ABOUT MEDICAL DOCTORS THEY USED AS HUMAN SHIELDS.. about Abdul Mu Sin (sp?) a 19 year old they shot.. trying to get to a handicapped man hiding in a house.. they took the 19 year old and used him as a human shield.. they shot at the house and shot Abdul in the head, he died.. then they bulldozed the house with the crippled man inside.. "THE WORST MORAL DETERIORATION IN THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL".. THE ISRAELI ARMY HAS BECOME A BARBARIC ARMY, BELONGS TO ANOTHER CENTURY.. the army admitted for the first time, what we have been accusing.. the soldiers stealing from houses they are searching.. we have hundreds of cases.. an occupying army, a corrupt army..
from jerusalem.indymedia - VIDEO: Israelis kill Palestinian mother in her home in Bethlehem - this video was supposed to be censored - but played on Israel channel 2 TV. It is not widely known, but Israel censors all photos and videos leaving the Occupied Territories. Attempting to smuggle video out of the areas could result in imprisonment (if you are an International) or torture or death if you are a Palestinian. Play Video Clip
Dennis: about your brother, Marwan, "Marwanaccused of terrorism.. Dr. Barghouti: Marwan Barghouti is an elected official.. they are trying to paint us all as terrorists.. we are a people killed on a daily basis.. 1,875 killed, 45,000 injured in the last 20 months.. in US terms, 165,000 killed, and 3.6 million wounded.. if people resist this, is that a crime? is it wrong to resist military occupation?.. they are claiming that any resistance, even non-violent, makes one a terrorist.. the bias of the media is helping Israel.. Dennis: today in NYC, the Congress of the US had a special session.. the chaplain who opened it up, said we must stand in solidarity with Israel.. Dr. Barghouti: UNARMED DIRT POOR REFUGEES BEING MADE INTO *AGGRESSORS*.. SOLDIERS WITH F16S AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS BEING MADE INTO *VICTIMS*.. THE TRUTH IS THE PALESTINIANS ARE THE PRIMARY VICTIMS OF THIS CONFLICT.. WE FEEL SORRY FOR EVERY ISRAELI THAT HAS BEEN KILLED.. (BUT) THE VAST MAJORITY OF CASUALTIES ARE PALESTINIANS.. THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION HAS BECOME A CANCER.. WAR CRIMES COMMITTED IN VERY VICIOUS WAYS.. EXAMPLE THE RECENT MASSACRE IN GAZA.. ISRAEL USED AN F16 FIGHTER TO ATTACK A UNARMED CIVILIAN NEIGHBORHOOD.. USED A 1000 POUND BOMB TO KILL ONE PERSON.. KILLED 19, INCLUDING 11 CHILDREN, WOUNDED 200.. AND WE ARE LIVING 24/7 UNDER STRICT MILITARY CURFEW.. PATIENTS DYING EVERYDAY NOT ABLE TO GET TO HOSPITALS.. CHILDREN BEING SHOT FOR PEEKING OUT THE WINDOW.. IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST GET TO KNOW THE FACTS, THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT.
-17:20 Dennis: Bush continues to threaten an invasion of Iraq.. now w Scott Ritter, former chief UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq (link2).. Scott: I'm a former Marine Corp Intelligence Officer.. I cut my arms control teeth on the Soviet Union.. "Scott (more on Scott's background).. during Desert Storm I worked to interdict Iraqi missiles aimed at Israel.. when the UN needed an intelligence officer they called me.. I'm a no-nonsense person.. Dennis: Bush saying Iraq posing a terrorist threat.. your understanding?.. Scott: Iraq has never completly complied.. a real need to get weapons inspectors back in.. since 1996, inspite of the obstacles Iraq put in front in.. 95% of arms manufacture eliminated.. I get upset now when I hear people say that they know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.. for Iraq to have weapons today, they would have had to reconstitute the.. Bush has to prove this.. WE DESTROYED THE FACTORIES.. STOCKPILED BIOLOGICALS WOULD BE DEGRADED, WORTHLESS TODAY.. NOT A REAL THREAT WORTHY OF WAR, INSTEAD A WAR BEING FOUGHT FOR POLITICAL REASONS.. for 'regime change'.. the Republicans and some Democrats have boxed themselves into a rhetorical trap.. Dennis: Senator Biden recently held hearings.. you weren't invited, but Richard Butler was?.. Scott: Richard is entitled to his opinions, but he simply doesn't know anything.. now allowed by the policital powers that be.. to lie to the Senate.. the head UN diplomat currently said the weapons inspectors have no evidence.. Biden picked Butler to present.. a pre-ordained finding that Saddam must go.. told egregious lies.. maybe Biden forgot my phone number.. he didn't want me, because I would have brought truth to bear.. I pressed for the hearings.. Biden initially demurred.. but over the summer something changed.. now he held a sham hearing.. with forgone conclusions.. Biden never intended to have a truthful hearing.. the final expulsion of inspectors in 1998 didn't occur the way Butler says.. Butler worked hand in hand with Clinton.. to use the inspections to feed information for American bombing... the Americans went after 200 targets, most had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction.. Butler allowed the inspection process to be abused by the US.. the Iraqis would be damn fools to let inspectors back under such circumstances.. their manufacturing base has been eliminated.. THE US DOES NOT WANT INSPECTORS BACK IN.. THE SANCTIONS WOULD BE LIFTED AND IRAQ WOULD BE WELCOMED BACK INTO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.. THE US SHOULD BE HONEST.. PUTTING *REGIME REMOVAL* AHEAD OF DISARMAMENT.. THE US IS LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.. THE MOST DANGEROUS THING, WE'RE GOING TO LOSE THE WAR ON TERROR.. US IS REINFORCING BIN LADEN'S MESSAGE, THAT THE US WANTS TO DESTROY THE ARAB WORLD.. A WAR ON IRAQ WOULD DESTABILIZE THE MIDDLE EAST.. CONDEMNING THE WORLD TO TERROR WAR.. THE US PEOPLE WOULD LIVE IN FEAR.. A KIND OF WAR WE DON'T WANT, BUT AN ATTACK ON IRAQ WILL GUARANTEE THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN.. EMPOWERING THE FORCES OF ANTI-AMERICANISM FOR DECADES TO COME.. about a pro-American Kurdish group.. since 1992 Saddam has tried to destroy this group.. beware of this kind of speculative allegation.. Dennis: Condi Rice said there is no choice, we *have to* do it.. Scott: she is showing her ignorance.. this is a dire situation.. "malnurished a threat to national security?.. when is war moral?.. I've been there, she hasn't.. a moral crusade? shows how empty US policy is.. we knew Iraq was going to use chemical weapons against Iran, and did nothing.. because the US wanted them to.. to use this event as a rational for war now is hypocrisy.. Dennis: Poppy Bush helped plan the Iraq invasion of Kuwait?.. Scott: for the US to pretend we didn't know about Iraqi intentions is a lie.. Saddam was/is a brutal dictator.. but US looked on Saddam as a bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism out of Iran.. a huge debate in Poppy Bush's whitehouse.. Bob Dole physically embraced Saddam, called him a 'true friend of the American people'.. we need to fall back on the foundation of international law.. we need to get weapons inspectors back in.. END THE SANCTIONS.. THE BEST WAY TO GET RID OF SADDAM, IS TO STOP FOCUSING ON THE PERSON OF SADDAM.. REBUILD IRAQ'S ECONOMY, REBUILD THE MIDDLE CLASS.. WE WOULD HAVE THE ENTIRE WORLDS' SUPPORT.. Dennis: about Dennis Kucinich.. Scott: a man concerned with the truth.. I was invited to a hearing by Kucinich, showed on CSPAN.. I will support him in anyway possible.. Dennis: you have stood up to the president, the fallout?.. Scott: the US muddied up the inspection issue with their political bombings.. I've been consistent.. I adhere to what I know.. I am proudest of.. no journalist has been able to contradict me on a point of fact.. THIS IS ABOUT DEMOCRACY.. PEOPLE HAVE TO GET INVOLVED.. I feel an obligation to share my expertise.. my message is a simple one: the TRUTH.. that's the most patriotic thing I can do right now.
-49:00 music break
-49:18 Dennis: that people would confess to a crime that they didn't commit sounds strange, but it happens all too frequently.. why?.. now w Professor Peter Brooks of Yale.. author of Troubling Confessions.. Prof Brooks: most of us would crack under physical torture.. and many people crack under phsychological pressure, they begin to doubt their own memory, and agree to anything.. about a "Troubling young man in Connetticut.. said, you say I must have done it, ok, I must have done it.. let me sign.. Dennis: about skillful interrogator techniques.. Prof Brooks: minors and people of low intelligence are more suggestible than others.. people can have memories implanted in them too.. convinced they had a blackout.. sometimes investigators start with the belief that they have the true story and are just looking for confirmation from the suspect.. confession is deeply bound up with our whole personality structure.. a strange form of speech.. when you confess to a priest, one thing.. but if you confess to the police, it rarely turns out that things go better for you.. a significant problem.. DNA testing has found a number of people that confessed were actually innocent.. Dennis: a 13 and 14 year old convicted of killing their father.. also their child molestor tried for the very same crime.. Prof Brooks: a very strange case.. two different scenarios led to two separate trials..
-58:00 Mary Bishop, wrapup
-58:28 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

Thursday, Sept 5, 2002 - Start Audio "for
-00:00 Dennis Bernstein: "theintroduction: 20 heavily armed "AUDIODEA terrorists raid sleeping Santa Cruz medical marijuana co-op; US Navy bombs Vieques, gases journalists, burns vegetation; black Muslim woman traveling in Ohio convicted on trumped up charges
-00:46 now with Robert Knight and the Knight Report.. Robert: Dennis Halliday, former UN weapons inspector.. Arab League says invasion would open the gates of hell.. Bush wants in.. to boost Republican midterm elections.. at Rep. Dennis Kucinich hearings in DC, Halliday: I fear Bush will get Congressional approval, but pray he will fall on his face in the UN.. domestic concerns driving the invasion plan.
-05:45 Dennis: 20 heavily armed DEA terrorists "AUDIO raid sleeping Santa Cruz medical marijuana cooperative, WAMM (Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana). Bernstein interview with Susan File who had machine guns stuck in her sleeping face this morning.. Susan: WAMM Director Valerie Corral and Mike Corral have been handcuffed and arrested.. DEA agents are pulling up plants as we speak, 200 serious ill people in our collective.. most of our cases are terminally ill, we lose several patients a month, generally.. the DEA says it is going to take down every club in California.. they don't care about our suffering at all.. (SF Chronicle story) (action alert) (S.C. Indymedia)
-10:37 Dennis: now w Dr. "AUDIO Mike Alkalay (sp?), a physician living with AIDS, and head of the Oakland Cannabus Buyers Club "Oakland .. Mike: the collective is wonderful.. on Sunday afternoons.. at the meetings given out in every form imaginable.. Valerie had a terrible head injury in a car accident, severe epilepsy.. her husband an article about marijuana helping a mouse with epilepsy.. they tried marijuana and it worked.. they started the co-op ten years ago.. we're going to have lots of agonizing early deaths there.. I can't take my AIDS medication without the marijuana.. and w Steff Shorr (sp?) of Americans for Safe Access.. Steff: Valerie is out of jail.. activists and patients went straight to the site when they heard about the raid.. they blocked the road so the DEA couldn't get out.. the DEA called the sherriff and the sheriff came out and supported the activists.. the DEA wearing masks to hide their identity and all carrying guns.. we tried to talk to the DEA agents.. a war on severely ill patients.. doesn't make me feel safe.. very frightening.. EMERGENCY RALLIES TOMORROW, FRIDAY SEPT 6, AT ALL DEA OFFICES ACROSS THE COUNTRY.. at NOON in SF 450 Golden Gate.. at NOON in Oakland 1301 Clay Str. more info call Steff 510-486-8083, or see this action alert from "bruce Bruce Merkin of the Marijuana Policy Project in DC.. Bruce: the US attorney in Washington said enforcement to increase.. even very small operations.. it has become federal government policy to torture the sick.. this is domestic terrorism.. about 'Drug Czar' John Walters article in the SF Chronicle..SF DA Hallinan appalled.. the Director Of Public Health in SF wrote the US Senate to beg them to stop the DEA.. '4000 persons with chronic illness left without medicine on which they rely'.. Steff: Governor Davis and AG Lockyer, silent on these cases.. Bruce: the DEA trying to say if you use drugs you support terrorism.. they are seeing countries all over the world rethinking marijuana prohibition.. many DEA people would lose their jobs.. CA Senators also silent.. a bill in the house.. Fein$tein may be hopeless but,
"phone Phone Action: call Barbara Boxer, 202-224-3553 and demand an end to these raids in California.
-30:00 Dennis: "AUDIO US Navy bombs Vieques again, gases journalists, burns vegetation, w Professor Deborah Santana of Mills College.. Prof Santana: about the similarities with the Israel occupation of Palestine.. more info or call 787-741-0716.. if we can stop it there we can stop it anywhere.
-43:38 Dennis: "AUDIO black Muslim woman, Jambalya Ali (sp?) traveling in Belmont County, Ohio convicted on trumped up charges.. interview w CAIR spokesman
-55:40 Mary Bishop: wrapup
-56:13 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

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