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Support The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28!
by Solidarity 28 (antifalegal [at]
Thursday Aug 29th, 2002 9:25 PM
Silence Is Approval!
Demand Justice Now!
Support The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28!

On the morning of August 24, 2002, twenty-eight anti-racist activists went to the Baltimore Travel Plaza to protest the neo-nazi organization "The National Alliance." Some two hundred racists were gathering there to meet before caravanning to their march and rally in Washington, D.C. later that day. As the activists entered the parking lot of the Travel Plaza, it began to storm and the group was confronted by several police cars. The twenty-eight attempted to return to their cars when suddenly they were surrounded by dozens of police cars and wagons. Held in the pouring rain for nearly an hour, they were eventually cuffed and brought to the Southeast District police station. After hours of shivering on the floor of a conference room without being charged, they were transferred to Central Booking and held for almost twenty-four hours before receiving their papers. When they finally were allowed to see commissioners, some of the twenty-eight were released on their own recognizance while others received bail amounts upwards of $10,000. None of these twenty-eight activists had committed any crime, nor were they told what they were being charged with until after they had been interviewed. Bail was raised and all activists are now out of jail, but the legal battle is just beginning.

Later that night...

Baltimore police carried out a raid on a community center, the activists were using to coordinate jail solidarity, without a warrant. They confiscated pamphlets, magazines and other literature. Immediately afterward, police surrounded a progressive activist center and they attempted another warrant-less search. The activists inside refused to talk to police and instead called the media. The police left the scene when the media showed up. Police then followed and pulled over cars traveling to and from these locations without providing reasons for the stops. Several people were pulled over at gunpoint for trying to reach these safe spaces.

The Baltimore Police Department is going forward with their trumped up charges. Once again the police are protecting violent racists over the interests of our communities.

In addition to funds, the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 are also in need of legal support. Any legal resources you can provide will be greatly appreciated and are desperately needed.

It is clear that the charges against the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 and the harassment of the Baltimore Anti-Racist community are part of a larger attempt to silence the voices of committed activists. Due to the scale of media coverage and the various regions represented by the defendants, this case is important to everyone continent-wide who is opposed to racial and other nazi prejudices.

Accurate information on the charges and the police tactics and response to anti-racism must be disseminated. Corporate media accounts are based on the statements by the police and the National Alliance. Please spread the true message as far and wide as you can. Flyers, benefits, teach-ins, demonstrations, etc. are needed to assist the Anti-Racist 28 through their court cases.

The Results:

Twenty-six activists have each been charged with:

One count of rioting (unlimited penalty)

Three counts of second degree aggravated assault (punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a $2,500 fine)

One count of possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure (punishable by up to 3 years in prison and/or a $1,000 fine)

One count of malicious destruction of property valued over $500 (punishable by up to 3 years in prison and/or a $2,500 fine)

One count of disorderly conduct (punishable by up to 60 days in prison and/or a $500 fine)

The twenty-seventh activist, a minor, received the same charges plus an additional 20 counts of Second Degree Aggravated Assault. The twenty-eighth activist, a representative of the National Lawyers Guild, was also arrested while he attempted to protect the rights of the activists. He was charged with one count of failing to obey an officer (punishable by up to 60 Days in prison and/or a $500 fine).

The National Alliance claimed to police that they were confronted by anti-fascists in the morning. If so, they had been there and left well before the twenty-eight had arrived. The police decided to round up anyone in the parking lot and are attempting to pin any real or imagined crimes the National Alliance racists complained of on these innocent activists. These anti-racist activists need your assistance as they are facing a combined total of about 1,177 years of jail time.

Please donate to the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Legal Defense Fund. Many thousands of dollars will be needed by these brave and dedicated activists to fight these bogus charges. Much thanks to all of the great people who sent money for bail, but the serious costs will begin now. Every little bit counts.

Please send legal support donations to:

Black Planet Books
1621 Fleet Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231-2931 USA

Phone: 410.537.5005 E-Mail: antifalegal [at]

Personal checks or money orders should be made out to Black Planet Books. If sending cash, please conceal it well. Please note in envelope that your donation is for the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Legal Defense Fund.

In solidarity,

The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Defense Committee

Silence Is Approval!
Demand Justice Now!

Please Distribute Widely

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by NO, Hell NO
Sunday Sep 1st, 2002 9:04 AM
Prosecutor's Office Prepares Conspiracy Indictments For ARA Leadership Possible Federal Interstate Commerce / Civil Rights Charges May Follow

8/29/02 9:28:48 PM
Discuss this story in the forum

Baltimore, MD -- The following is a very good summary of what the police and prosecutor's offices are saying about Anti-Racist Action, from a poster on Indymedia:

Steel pipes and gas grenades

by whatever means... 6:13pm Thu Aug 29 '02

The acquired nobility of your innocent struggle certainly deserves a response from the "community." In lieu of funds to your underground book seller, here is my contribution:

According to the police and prosecutors' office, the facts are clear.

1.) You and your crew attacked and injured people in the area of a hotel because of what they looked like. You hit a young man and woman in the face and body with a steel pipe because of what they looked like. You attacked, vandalized and damaged a bus engaged in interstate commerce because of what the riders LOOKED like.

2.) The so-called Nazis you hate so much, it turns out, are people too. You can disagree with them, but, like civil rights volunteers on a chartered bus in 1960s Alabama, if you attack, assault and injure them, you are going to jail. They traveled to the district to attend a peaceful march to express their opinions. And just like your opinions, most people tend to disagree with them.

3.) Some young activist is probably eventually going to suffer as a result of your actions. Should the National Alliance return to the area and come "prepared" to defend themselves from your violence, your history of prior bad acts will mitigate what ever consequences they would otherwise expect to face for violently protecting themselves from you noble "activists."

Your gloating about hitting their leader in the face with a tire iron last year and every boastful posting on this site will be used by any good lawyer to protect these people from legal action should they put one of you people in traction or in the morgue for attacking them next time.

4.) And finally, for the record, according to the same prosecutor, your "lawyer" was arrested at the scene for failure to obey a peace officer but will be probably be facing a conspiracy indictment along with some of the rest of your crew because you conspired, as a group, to commit a crime. You then, as a group, traveled to a location to commit what turned out to be a violent crime and you caused damage to property and injury to innocent people in the commission of that violent crime.

For that, you are now soliciting money from us.

Good luck.

by one of the 28 t
Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 11:38 AM
Steel pipes and gas grenades? Haha if only. You know...we're also goverment funded.
by NFTtiti
Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 1:27 PM
'The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. Against Nazis, anything is permissible. Whatever it takes to rid the earth of this cancer must be done and done soon.' - Nessie

The only good Christian is a dead Christian. Against Christians, anything is permissible. Whatever it takes to rid the earth of this cancer must be done and done soon. - Ceasar

The only good Jew is a dead Jew. Against Jews, anything is permissible. Whatever it takes to rid the earth of this cancer must be done and done soon. - Hitler
by HM
Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 1:32 PM
3 peas good point it was by the will of good people that Hitler and Ceasar ceased to exist
by kollontai
Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 3:11 PM
"Jews & nigs"
by nessie • Monday September 02, 2002 at 08:42 AM

"My kind of people."

My kind of person standing up for my kind of people:nessie

sf.indymedia might be the best site in the world or this is as good as it gets...

p.s. tho my partner's in remission from a serious disease & my feet 'n legs (circulation) are finally somewhat better after getting broken glass in my feet in a home accident a year ago, not even from a demo to change the world (a dropped pyrex mixing bowl,) and a couple of resultant hospitalizations, we're still here. My advice like Brecht's remains "Change the world. It needs it " (but be sure to wear shoes, if you can.)
by Carolyn
(BcBlackListBc [at] Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 11:39 PM
Alex Vahtras wasn't Jewish.

He used to live with me about a year ago.

he's deffinately not Jewish.

why dont you do your homework?

oh yeah, thats right...most skewed views are only interested in generalization.

In fact, most of them ARENT "nigs" or "jews" as you put it.

by Carolyn
(BcBlackListBc [at] Monday Sep 2nd, 2002 11:39 PM
Alex Vahtras wasn't Jewish.

He used to live with me about a year ago.

he's deffinately not Jewish.

why dont you do your homework?

oh yeah, thats right...most skewed views are only interested in generalization.

In fact, most of them ARENT "nigs" or "jews" as you put it.

by Ffutal
Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2002 12:10 PM
The National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group, held an anti-Israel rally in Washington Aug. 24. "Despite displaying slogans in support of Palestinian independence, the group made their real agenda known by also protesting non-white immigration to the United States and shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets," reports the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL says the 250 white supremacists were outnumbered by some 500 counterdemonstrators, "including left-wing anti-racist and anarchist groups."

In advance of this event, the Arab News managed to outdo itself. The English-language Saudi newspaper's house Israeli, Israel Shamir, actually wrote a piece blasting an e-mail from an unnamed pro-Palestinian activist who urged his supporters not to make common cause with the National Alliance. "The letter of this 'Anti-Fascist Network' looks like an attempt of the Jewish lobby to make its adversaries to fight each other," Shamir writes. "This thing has no end. Today they want us to fight NA, tomorrow they would ask us to condemn Farrakhan, and next day--to reject Hezbollah and Hamas."

"These people should be worked with, not rejected out of hand," Shamir adds. "Some of their erroneous ideas could be corrected. If they would just say 'affirmation of European legacy' instead of 'white supremacy' you would discover that the arguments against them collapse. The meaning is quite similar, but wording is important." The Washington Times reports that at the rally, "alliance members held signs that read 'Nuke Israel' and 'We Don't Care About Your Holohoax.' " Yes indeed, wording is important.

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