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Zionazi Cyberterrorist Attacks Alert!

by Alice McDermott
Zionazis are getting desperate to thwart the truth about Zionism and racist, anti-democratic, apartheid Israel from getting to the masses! They are sinking to ever deeper levels of mischief and deception with the latest weapon in their bag of tricks: spamming with e-mail identity theft.
Zionazis are getting desperate!

They are stooping to new bottomed-out levels to try to obstruct the truth about Zionism…

The following was sent to me by another pro-Palestinian peace activist. The Zionazis must be getting desperate about the truth that is emerging like wildfire about the racist, anti-democratic apartheid regime of Israel, which is founded on discriminatory, racist Zionism. They know that once Americans know about this, they will most certainly NOT want any of their tax dollars going to aid such an immoral country as Israel is.

Although all activists are targetted, the pro-Palestinian activists appear to be getting cyberterrorized the most by the Zionazis, who slamming them with hundreds, even thousands of spam anti-Arab e-mails a day.

Law professor and pro-Palestinian activist Francis Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, came back from his two-and-a-half week vacation to find 55,000 messages packing his inbox. Messages that supposedly came from Boyle were forgeries, one of thousands that were sent out in the names and from e-mail addresses of prominent advocates for the Palestinians, all designed to sow dissension, create confusion and waste valuable time in the activist community.

"Primarily, it's been a frustrating nuisance. But there have been many angry misunderstandings, creating a lot of distraction," said Nigel Parry, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada website.

E-mail identity theft, known as a "Joe Job" by spam experts, is a new, and disruptive tactic.

The FBI didn't find anything illegal, since there were no threats that rose to the level of "hate crimes". I wonder what the FBI would do had the e-mails been anti-Semitic e-mails… somehow I think their reaction might be different especially after pitbull-like organizations such as the ADL started barking public outcries about "anti-Semitism and hate crimes against Jews". Also, it was pointed out, no money was stolen, public safety has not been endangered and the computers have not been hacked or "technically intruded into" as one agent put it. "The offensive messages are all protected by the First Amendment."

Sometimes it seems as if the First Amendment only applies to certain groups of people. But this will not be tolerated for long.

At any rate, please check out the following e-mail forwarded from a Bay Area peace activist:

I am writing this from a Ruckus Society Tech Training gathering in Northern
California. I thought I'd post some interesting information I have learned
various sessions here at camp. Anyone who uses a computer for email, (or
anything, really) will probably find these things very interesting...

Please read important #3 if that is all you have time for.

1. A very nice (sarcasm) company by the name of Booz-Allen is the # 9
company on
the top 100 list of federal gov't contract recipients. They make most of
money from the defense department, like all the top ten gov't contract
recipients. Here's the important information: They have developed a program
named "carnivore" the gov't is currently using. It is installed at major
routing points in the net and at major Internet Service Providers computers.
"watc hes" all the traffic in and out of a router or through an ISP. In
it follows people around the web and "records" where they go ... especially
they go to certain "target" sites. This is happening. Files are being
all with the purpose of "fighting terrorism."

2. Booz-Allen is engaged in the creation of a program called "Magic
This program is designed to figure out people's passwords so the military
have access to *ALL* email accounts...for the purpose of fighting terrorism.
Magic Lantern insidiously will install a "virus" on your computer so that
you next log in to your email using a password, Magic Lantern sends a copy
the password to a Military computer, and they can then access your email.
is all stuff I got to read in the Washington Technology (a magazine devoted
celebrating the newest technological contracts awarded on Capitol Hill).,2100,48648,00.html,2100,54342,00.html

It was H IGHLY recomended to me that those of us that use our email to
engage in
social justice work be aware of these realities and change our passwords
Frequently, making sure to include numbers in our passwords.


3. Yahoogroups recently cut off the service of several antiwar and
pro-palestinian list servs in the interest of "national security." All the
archives, and especially ALL MEMBER INFORMATION for these groups was
over to the FBI. This is not a rumor or a joke. Just three weeks ago,
yahoogroups also SOLD all of our emails to spammers.

We should be getting list serv spam in the near future. I was advised by
system administrator of and and a system administrator
of that we move our list serv over to an activist friendly server like
theirs. It is free, and they will always fight any requests from the feds
access ou r membership list, or archives.

I would like to very seriously suggest this.

I do not personally have a problem with the feds reading anything on this
serv, but I do not like to think that we are using a service that has shut
other groups because of their anti-war content.

This camp has been highly informative about tech stuff. It has also opened
eyes to how protected I am in the Midwest. The bulk of surveillance and
harassment is happening on both coasts, in San Fran, Seattle and in DC and
It shocked me to learn just how much is happening, and not only to the
in Direct Action like Ruckus. I'd also like to suggest if anyone on the list
an email account through a university, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. that you move it
a much more secure location, like:
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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