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Kill Jews! Kill Palestinians! (cartoon by Latuff)
by Latuff (latuff [at]
Wednesday May 29th, 2002 1:33 AM
Palestinian massacre has been nice for racist statements from both anti-Semitic and pro-Israel creeps. Some claim for killing of Jews, others killing of Palestinians. No difference between them. They're all racists! END RACISM *A N D* OCCUPATION!!!
by Sheepdog
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 2:43 PM
Are the Palestinians allowed to possess fire arms as
well as the Jewish people? Just curious.
Any info?
by Mustt
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 2:48 PM
Great cartoon. I love all of your work. Keep it coming and don't pay attention to the war-mongering ignorami on this board.

Some of us are trying to evolve while others are simply devolving. Those who have evolved will make it through. Let them have their Big Macs, their war toys, their corporate greed and their right wing agendas...because when mother earth says "enough" it's time to roll.

by Ruth
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 3:23 PM
Well there is one tiny little difference in the Israeli-Palesinian "conflict". The Israelis are getting 3 $ billion dollars worth of arms and political and propaganda coverage from the U.S. While the Palestinians are virtually alone

PLUS the Israelis are shooting to STEAL land, and the Palestinians are shooting to get their FREEDOM.
by ....
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 3:50 PM
Then you woudn't mind if Native Americans started shooting your friends and family for their "freedom"?

They may have a legitimate cause, but they are detracting from it's "right-ness" due to their actions.
by just wondering
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 5:08 PM
Which is worth more, peace, justice or freedom?
by ...
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 5:23 PM
Looks like someone may be trying to use my usual handle to sow confusion. But you are right on the mark.
by ...
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2002 5:35 PM
The Israelis are continuing this conflict by refusing to accept what amounts to a Palestinian surrender because that would mean they could no longer take more of their land.

How are the Palestinians supposed to make peace with a land hungry aggressor supported by the most powerful country in the world to the tune of 4-12 billion a year?
by George
Thursday Nov 21st, 2002 1:57 AM
There is a difference:
arabs ARE killing jews and especcially they target children and civilians.
If any other nation make such acts, you,
f***ing nazis, call it a war crimes.
But if they are a jewsh kids they can be killed?!

Let me remind you that almost all killed arabs were armed and almost all killed israelis were unarmed civilians.
Just check the facts.
by Loki
Saturday Nov 30th, 2002 4:46 PM
Why does'nt Latuff ever critize India?or Russia?or China?or Briton?or Iran?or Hamas?
Its obvious this phony so called activist is not about peace,its his insane view on scapgoating Isreal and America on every world problem.This jerk supported the 911 attacks.
He thinks the gulf war illness is funny.
And it is groups like Islamic Jihad,Hamas,and Hezbulllah that are teaching hate as well.Latuff turns a blind eye to that though.You will never see a cartoon showing how Palastinian leaders do not want peace and want the total destruction of Isreal.Or how that Hamas targets mostly civillians and their use of human shields.Remember when its Latuff
1.Its Americas fault
2.Its Isreals fault
3.Its capitalisms fault
by king
Sunday Dec 1st, 2002 6:50 AM
who ever said arabic are animals might be correct only if he is an animal himself, dood before you judge, you need to gather information or true facts, do not consider cnn because they are never right, a true animal is who bomb civilian, ex: world trade center, and palestine, who ever is behind theses kind of actions are to be considered animals, .....
by billy
Thursday Dec 12th, 2002 9:38 PM
they are not 'allowed' to do much. jews are given 5 billion US dollars each year for military support. palestinians have few guns, lots of stones, and some homemade bombs that they use to fight the occupation.
by Ben
Friday Jan 3rd, 2003 7:56 PM
Look, The Jews stole land of the palistians. They could do nothing about it because the UN had the say. Who can decide who can have what land for who? The Jews are as much in the wrong as the Palistinians. Killing is wrong but how else are they supposed to get their point across if no one listens? "The World" handing over this land was a mark for trouble in the first place, if i was a palistian i would be fighting for my rights and for my country. Religion has nothing to do with it.
by Mike
Wednesday Jan 8th, 2003 5:11 PM
Thank you for most of the positive Palestinian support out there, and for recognizing that the Israelis truely do perpetuate this conflict under the guise of preserving their security. If they truly wanted peace with the Palestinians they would stop fanning the fire by ending settlement construction and confiscation of Palestinian-owned land, allowing refugees to return to their homelands, and allowing for the coexistence of arabs with jews as equals. Unfortunately, I truly do not believe that the Israeli government wants peace with the Palestinians.
by Mark Tinsley
Wednesday Jan 8th, 2003 5:27 PM
Well George, you say to check "the facts". How about this one:

80% of Palestinians killed during curfew enforcement are children.

So stop your ill-informed, Arab-racist crap please, its degrading to watch.

by asdf
Friday Jan 17th, 2003 4:54 PM
Fools. Peace is a mere dilusion. There will be/can be no peace so stop preaching it... ya fuckin dickheads. U.S. should just get outa everyone elses buisiness. If they wanna be dipshits, by all means, let them kill eachother, i'll just sit back and laugh. If anyone attacks us head on, we beat the fuck outa them and blast their country back to the stoneage... Leave NO ONE ALIVE. I dont ive a rats ass if their "innocent" or not. That will lead to as close as "peace" as you can get for the US, just outa fear.
by ,
Saturday Jan 18th, 2003 1:55 AM
Latuff is an Enormous talent and All of His Defamers are obviously Envious of His Glorious Gift.
At Most,
they an draw stick figures..
by Tinko
(tinko [at] Saturday Jan 18th, 2003 1:51 PM
I'm rather Latuff that the other one... I'm sick of the status quo : they kill but they kill too, "no one's right, everybody's wrong"... that doesn't lead to anywhere and it is a lack of taking a stand. There are many ways of Keeping it real, ther'es Latuff, there's GazaGolfClub
and others... Peace yes, but straight peace, no bullshit
by Tinko
(tinko [at] Saturday Jan 18th, 2003 3:00 PM
I'm rather Latuff that the other one... I'm sick of the status quo : they kill but they kill too, "no one's right, everybody's wrong"... that doesn't lead to anywhere and it is a lack of taking a stand. There are many ways of Keeping it real, ther'es Latuff, there's GazaGolfClub
and others... Peace yes, but straight peace, no bullshit
by ,
Sunday Jan 19th, 2003 4:52 AM

Latuff is an Enormous talent and All of His Defamers are obviously Envious of His Glorious Gift.
At Most,
they can draw stick figures..
by Your just jealous but it is only natural, Lok
Sunday Jan 19th, 2003 5:00 PM
Your just jealous but it is only natural, Loki...

Your just jealous but it is only natural, Loki...

by Anon
Sunday Feb 16th, 2003 1:34 PM
Carlos, honey, I love the picture, but comparing Israeli settlers to skinheads is hitting below the belt. Even the most brutal settler doesn't deserve to be compared to those savage, bone-headed, pasty-faced Germanic man-whores.
by Sara
Tuesday Feb 25th, 2003 5:31 PM
Hey George, what the hell do u mean by arabs wanting to kill the kids? r u a freak? everywhere u look, u hear that a fat assed israelie gunman shot 3 to 4 kids. If u have never seen that on tv, then all u've been watchin buddy is cartoon network. C'mon man, grow up and stop spitting the shit u've been eating.
by none
Saturday Mar 15th, 2003 6:18 PM
palestinian are not alone alllah with them they expect from allah what the jewsh do not expect
by anti-war man
Tuesday Apr 1st, 2003 1:01 AM
First of All I want to remind everyone that during the holocaust, The Jews lost nearly 6 million people! This is more than any Arabs will ever be killed by Israelis, so in fact, they have suffered more in that way. Also, for the past thousand years or so, up untill the middle of last century, the Jews had no country, no home. So after the holocaust, things reanained how they had always been: No country in Europe would take them in. A few decided to leave for America, the rest decided to make their home in their former home, Israel (or Palestine then) the only home they had ever had. As for the couple thousand Palestinians living there, they were basically living in mud huts in the middle of a barren wasteland, much like the surrounding region. Those Jews that got into Palestine and were not oppressed by the British immediately began irrigating the land and cultivating it until the desert turned into lush valleys and magnificent modern cities rose out of the sand. It soon came to a point where everything desireable about Palestine had been created by the Jews, they had basically created a much superior environment in the enitire area. In turn for this hard work in making the area beautiful again, the Jews requested that it be re-declared their home of Irael. Not more than a few hours after the County of Irael was made official, many thousands of heavily armed arabs rushed in from all borders of Isrel in hoping to slaughter the desperately underarmed and poorly trained Iraeli soldiers (sound familiar anyone?). This attackers were somehow repelled. These Arab countries would attack again in a few years time, right amid the High Holy Days, or the Holiest days of the year for the Jews, hoping to catch them off guard. Again the brutal attack failed and the Israelis even gained land! This land was promptly given back. So you see, the Jews have had a sad and long history filled with murder, attempted genocide and struggle. Add the recent suicide bombing that had been ravaging Israel for the past year or so on top of that. I am not saying that that the Israeli Government is completely just in their actions for I fell more can be done to ease the tension between both sides and I envision an Israel where there is equality between Arabs and Jews, but i feel all of this changes the perspective a bit and i feel many people are taking he Arab side too strongly without justifying the actions of both sides. Thank you for listening and I hope this little blurb meant something to you!
by Charlie Johnson
Thursday Apr 3rd, 2003 4:07 PM
Firstly, Palestinine has nothing to do with the people living there now- the Romans renamed the land after conquering the Jews back during the time the the Temple. Secondly, Palestine was NEVER at any point declared an Arab country- despite being offered a country of their own in 1948 AND 2000. Many pity the Palestinians in Israel now- yes some live as refugees- but it was other ARAB countries who pressured them into leaving their houses and become refugees and promising the destruction of the Jewish State in return. Yasser Arafat is now sitting on 1.3 BILLION dollars- incase you were wondering why Palestinians may be forced to scrounge for money now despite millions and millions of donations. Their Government is CORRUPT. And incitement of hatred taught in textbooks and mosques right now will bring nothing more than a frighteningly corrupt future generation.
by anti-war man
Friday Apr 4th, 2003 3:31 PM
Thanks for pointing that out. It seems manipulative of the Palistinaians to stir up so much propaganda as poor oppressed refugees when they are being backed by Anti-Israeli Arab countries. I think that if people were more knowledgable of the history of the current situation, there could be justification (or lack thereof) for both sides. As it stands now, it is mostly a good guys-bad guys conflict and sadly, because of misinformation, the Israelis usually come off as the latter.
by get your facts straight
Saturday Apr 5th, 2003 7:29 AM
the israelis really are the bad guys. This doesn't mean they are equally guilty, or that there are not peace loving, progressive elements among them. But as a whole, they are in the wrong. The steal land by force and then live on it. That's wrong.
by joan
Wednesday Apr 9th, 2003 8:27 PM
Some history facts that will answer the person who said that Israel wants to steal land. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly (the UN is a world peace and security organization conformed by leaders representing almost every country in the world ) voted to partition Palestine into two states, one Jewish and the other Arab. The UN partition plan divided the country in such a way that each state would have a majority of its own population. The territory designated to the Jewish state would be slightly larger than the Palestinian state (56 percent and 43 percent of Palestine, respectively) on the assumption that increasing numbers of Jews would immigrate there. According to the UN partition plan, the area of Jerusalem (the land so desired by the Palestinians) and Bethlehem was to become an international zone.
The Jewish leaders accepted the UN partition plan. The Palestinian Arabs and the surrounding Arab states rejected the UN plan and regarded the General Assembly vote as an international betrayal. Some argued that the UN plan allotted too much territory to the Jews. And as a matter of fact that 13 percent that you may argue was the Negev(the desert of Israel). Most Arabs regarded the proposed Jewish state as a settler colony and argued that it was only because the British had permitted extensive Zionist settlement in Palestine against the wishes of the Arab majority that the question of Jewish statehood was on the international agenda at all. So here you see that the Jewish people have always tried to make peace with the Palestinians but they haven’t accept it.
by knows more than u
Saturday Apr 12th, 2003 2:02 PM
what you wrote about the UN is absolutely right...but you got the countries mixed up! in fact, Palestine agreed to have a state in common with Isreal. Israeli government is the one who refused the offer. For many years, arabs have tried to make peace with jews, but if jews keep invading their country (yes, it is their country), there is no way they will obtain a peaceful resolution. Arafat is there for his people, he is not a dictator, that's why he's loved by most Palestinians. On the other hand, Sharon is a killer. he has (through his army) killed many innocent arab civilians. how do u defend that? arabs too, with the suicide bombers have killed innocent israelis. how can anyone justify their deaths. u cannot say that either country is innocent, but in my opinion, one country is more guilty: israel. i'll mention it again, its government and not all its people. stop the killings. stop trying to force someone out of their country. stick to your own, they did enough by giving you some land. be thankful for that. stop pressuring people (arabs) to flee their country (by force) and expect them not to try to protect themselves by all means.
by anti-war man
Monday Apr 14th, 2003 2:47 AM
I am sorry to disappoint the person who wrote the previous message but the fact is, The Israelis DID support a peaceful land distribution agreement and it WAS the Palestinians who refused. And as for the arab's striving for peace for many years, well, you may want to research how the day Israel was declared a country by the UN, they were attacked by arabs on all but its Sea-facing border. This "war" cost many civilian lives on both sides, however the rape of Israili women and girls was especially common by the arab soldiers. Finally as the dust settled at the close of the war, the under-armed and outmanned army had come out on top? Does this say anything about the Israeli's will to fight and their ability apart from the help of America. That is not all of the Arab "peacemaking" that has occured however, as they attacked in a full-on invasion of Israel nearly a decade or so later. This sneak attack came on the Jewish High Holy Days, the holiest time of the year within the Jewish Religion. Talk about hitting below the belt. But even with the gigantic advantage of being able to enter any synogogue and slaughter its full capacity of occupants, the Israeli army still fought off the attack and even gained some land in the process. THEY GAVE IT BACK. So you see, the arabs are NOT the innocent victims in this one, and they are certainly not the peacekeepers. However i do have sympathy for them. I feel sorry that the arabs (Palestinians included) wasted their best chance to make peace by resorting to the lowest forms of violence. Please to be informed on the backround of this subject before you post any more baseless Arab sympathy messages.
by Joan
Thursday Apr 17th, 2003 12:44 AM
thank you for suporting me!!
And for everyone i just want to say that ignorance is the base of this coflicts. Please do not talk without knowing that what you say is real. Because for the ears of the inocents there´s nothing more real than what we say.
by Julian Frantzman
Monday May 19th, 2003 4:55 PM
There is at least one difference between Israelis and Nazis. The Jews in Nazi Germany were not terrorists, they were productive(maybe the most productive) members of German society. The Palistinians in the West bank are mostly supporters(if not directly involved) in terror. So if the Jews and settlers seem a little heavy handed maybe its because their innocent wives and kids are being targeted every day by terror.
by ...
Wednesday Jun 4th, 2003 6:14 PM
The US should stop funding Israel and turn its back on the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This accomplishes two things.
1. The animals can kill each other off(ideally), or Israel gets its way
2. The arab countries can no longer blame the US for propping up the evil zionists.
The fact is 4 billion dollars is nothing to Israel. The money buys the US the right to tell Israel what to do, but Israel is increasingly reluctant to be pushed around by the Americans. If the US extricates itself from the situation, Israel and Israel alone will have to bear the consequences of its own decisions.
I want you to understand what’s going on in Israel. During WW2, many rich Jews (i.e. Rockefeller) donated massive sums of money to Britain and the US to fight the axis of evil. For this they were promised the Belfour Declaration, which promised the creation of the state of Israel. After the war it was white-papered which means it became void. Many Jews moved to the states many became refugees around the world (i.e. Cyprus). Jews moved to Israel and found nothing but dry barren desert. They irrigated it, started farms, kibutzes and cities such as Tel Aviv were formed. In 1948 when the UN announced the state of Israel they didn't give Israel all the land including west bank and Gaza, actually they were given a little less. The Palestinians were also offered a state but their greed and Arab support got to them and refused to accept the land given to them.
Remember, Great Britain owned Palestine before Israel became a state, where were the suicide bombers then?
So when the UN announced the creation of the Israel, within a few hours heavily armed Arabs from all the surrounding countries invaded Israel and all was thought to be lost but Israel and her six tanks fought back and defended herself. A few years passed and Israel was attacked yet again when all the surrounding countries barricaded it. This happens a lot by the way at least once every decade.
Anyway before 1967 Israel reached the outskirts of Gaza, the west bank and half of Jerusalem. Then they were attacked and in defending themselves they pushed the aggressors back even farther into the Palestinian territory.
As for today's refugees, they are refugees because the surrounding Arab forces told the Palestinians to leave the areas of Israel AND they promised them safe haven in their own lands until these powerful Arab countries overrun it. As we all know that didn’t happen and instead the Palestinians were stuck outside of in places like Gaza and the West Bank.
Today, none of the Arab countries such as Jordan and Lebanon want to accept the refugees and so they fight for ‘their land’. I am talking about the brothers of these Palestinians, they are the same people, but they won’t accept them into their own country and yet they support the Palestinians. Do you know what that tells me, the countries around Israel will not give refuge to the Palestinians because they want them to fight with Israel until Israel is no more. They are barbaric, corrupt and certainly unfair.
As for Israel, Israel does not want to keep the land of Gaza and the West Bank. If they do then eventually it will no longer be a Jewish state. In addition to that, Israel took the entire Sinai and was continuing into the heart of Egypt until America asked them to stop and so they did. Sinai, although desert, has a lot of oil. If Israel was really an occupying force, then I’d imagine that that huge land mass would be the last thing they would give back to Egypt in exchange for peace and for a while this worked.
Palestinians are being taught that
Israel massacres
they are refugees because they were thrown out by Israel
Kill the Jews and you will go to heaven, that kind of thing

The world’s greatest enemy is ignorance and no war can end until ignorance is defeated.

Finally, in any war, people are always killed. Yes, civilians are murdered but not intentionally. In war times, sad things happen and everyone regrets it but that’s what war does. The difference between Palestinian terrorist groups and Israeli Defense Forces is that the terrorists usually attack the civilians for the sole of killing the innocent, (for all I know this is probably jealousy). As for the IDF, they are defending their country; they are sorting through Palestinian homes in search for terrorists. People shoot back, so they shoot forward and if a person unwilling to be arrested is dumb enough to shoot at armed soldiers while standing next to his 2 year old daughter, then of course civilian, even child casualties will occur but if anyone thinks that a civilized, democratic society goes out of their way to shoot children or mothers or any civilians, I urge you to think again.

Imagine what America would do, if every day 15 people died on a bus in LA. Then a pizzeria blew up in NY. Then a truck burst through an army base and blew up a bunker. What would America do? What would any civilized country do?

For now I’ll leave you with my final thought. I think that if the state of Palestine was to be created, nothing would really change, Palestinian militants would continue bombing except at that point there would be something a little stronger, because remember it would have an official government. All of these terrorist groups such as Hamas, and Islamic Jihad all promise never to end the intifadah until Israel is no more and by the looks of it, their Muslim brothers next door feel the same way. If Palestine becomes a state what would it tell all the fundamentalist Muslims in the world about resistance. “You see, the Palestinians did it! If you be patient but be loud and show your force you too can take over whatever you want.” Is that what the world wants, to tell a baby that if he screams his head off and throws his broccoli away enough times then he will eventually get his ice cream. To say, yeah, that’s right, terrorism does work. Why aren’t we doing it? It may sound naive now, but remember, if a state of Palestine will exist one day, their will be civil wars and the third world war will be between Muslim fundamentalist and radical nations and western units with America. I could go into detail about that but this is too long as it is.

All the fighting can stop if Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, etc just allow the refugees to settle among their brothers and all this violence will end. In truth, look in any history book, the reason for the refugees is not Israel’s fault. In the area where Palestine would be there is no useful resource but some farming can be done. A country, and I’d hate to say it, run by yet another Muslim Fundamentalist government, corrupt like any, has no future. Its land locked, has no really beneficial resources and it would certainly end up fighting Israel for land on a basis such as unfair humanitarian needs, would raise the question why does Israel get the developed lands. I’m telling you, a future state of Palestine can not exist without outside help. For sure, their economy would be worthless and humanitarian need would grow a lot more when they are not based under Israel supervision. At least Israel, believe it or not does support for the refugees. They allow Palestinians to enter into Israel, work for good currency. Isn’t it ironic that before 1967 when east Jerusalem was run by the Arabs, no Jew was allowed to enter it and see a holy site such as the Western Wall. So no one can say Israel is unfair or unjust. Is Israel occupying right now?…yeah I guess they are but the Palestinians don’t need a state, they can easily live Jordan. The question is raised, is it really about a Palestinian state or is it about Israeli destruction? I think all the educated ones can answer for themselves.
by Jacob Voytovich
(jacobvoytovich [at] Monday Jun 9th, 2003 5:10 PM
Excuse me, I made a mistake in that article I just wrote. The Belfour Declaration was written i Believe during/after WW1 not 2 but the same idea still stands, just a similar but different enemy.
by Accurate History
(beshsaleh [at] Wednesday Jun 11th, 2003 1:17 PM
Self defense must be a Jew (Zionist) because he is a hypocritical racist. While I'm here I will give you a brief history lesson. If you are Jewish you are likely not Semitic and have no biological ties to Israel. Most Jews (an estimated 85%) are descendants of the once powerful Khazarian Empire, an Eastern European nation whose kingdom and people by decree of the king converted to the Jewish Faith in mid 600 AD. After finally being surmounted by Russian in the 1200's, masses of the jewish converts would disperse through Europe, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and so on. Eastern Europeans Jews, the largests group of jews and also known as Ashkenazic Jews, are not descendants of Israelites but of a Turkish/Finnish tribes. It's funny how even Jews who trace their lineage to Eastern Europe refer to themselves as Ashkenazic Jews. According to the Jewish researchers of the Torah, Ashkenaz was one of the fathers of the Turkish people. Anyways I made nothing up. I researched pure impartial sources of history and archeology. And before you accuse me of antisemiticism, I must tell you most of the sources I used were written by Jewish researchers who seek the accurate truth of where their people come from and who refuse to capitalize on Zionist propaganda. See for your self...go to the library, get online, talk to imparial professors of Eastern history who are not supporting any Middle Eastern movement and you'll find the truth. If I pissed any Jews off with my spill too bad. And by the way I'm of Semitic descent so don't use the number one accusation. Bye for now
by honesty
Wednesday Jun 11th, 2003 2:19 PM
Hey, i think the picture is pretty cool. there are a lot of prejudice bias people in here. The crisis in Israel is not one-sided. both Israelis and Arabs are equally to blame. both have thwarted peace when an opportunity has the israelis have done recently ...if you've paid any attention the news recently you know what I mean, both are stubborn and have committed horrible crimes against each other where the true victims are the innocent civilians. it would do you some good to look at the situation objectively and see the wrong in both groups. that's when you're views truly are valid. unfortunately, peoples views are corrupted by their stands on religion, ethnocentricism, nationalism and the like. Open you're eyes and realize that both people need to make some drastic changes and truly desire peace.p.s. Smack your point of view is pretty interesting but before I agree I want to do some research of "pure" and " impartial" sources myself :)
by Jacob Voytovich
Wednesday Jun 11th, 2003 5:35 PM
I am not racist in any way, shape or form. I go to one of the most diverse schools in the country and I have many friends of many religions, Christian, Jewish, Muslims and Hindu. I don't hate one people but I think my stance on the issue of Israel is clear. If you look at anywhere where there are terrorists, you'll find Saudi money. If you look at Arafat's former(or not) party, Hamas, it is a terrorist organization. I think that countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon are all corrupt and I don't know of many who would disagree on that point. I also think that Israel has a right to exist, and with that right, they also have the right to defend themselves. The civilian casualties are a shameful part of the process to say the least but it does not make Israel's purpose much less valid. We can argue forever about this, but I don't have the time. I swear, I am taking a very objective look at the situation in the mid-east and I do recognise the right of the Palestinians to not be a subject nationality.
Again, an easy but clear solution to me would be to replace many of the corrupt, propogandists governments and allow the refugees to enter the territory that they have a right to be in. Say what you will about Israelis, but if some kids kept breaking my windows everyday, I'd eventually go after them too.
by Kaplan
Thursday Jun 12th, 2003 2:25 PM
Sir, you can't believe everything you read, or were taught in school, or watch on the news and accept it at face value. That's dogmatic. Believe me, the media can be extremely biased eventhough they profess universal thinking. Where did you get your information from, because it is highly inaccurate. You go back to 1967. Yes, there were violent resistances and inexcuseable offenses (most being from non-Palestinian arabs, but that's a different issue) but this was done out of desparity and retaliation against the footed Zionist occupation and to attempt to redeem what ancestral property they could. Of course it was all in their minds because officially "Palestinian territory" became obsolete after 1948. Any well learned scholar would affirm that Israel's occupation started well before 1948 and even shortly before the 20th century--the whole plan was formatted in the late 1800's by Zionist. However, the first episodes of violence would begin in the late 1920's and 30's And as any official source would prove, the first terrorist acts would be set off by the Zionists. My family is originally from Israel and lived in Israel during and before these volitale times. They have helplessy witness the true Eastern European encroachment headed by the Zionist. My grandparents said they never had a single problem with the Arabs nor did most of the other Jews before the 1930's. The Palestinian Jews and Arabs were able to coexist in relative peace and the Jews faced no opposition towards their religious proceedings until decades later when Arabs began to retaliate. One of the reasons is that the Arab government in Palestine was not well structure and I don't mean unorganized but had little power. My grandfather was never even discriminated fact him and most of the Jews were adored and honored because of their more modern appearance and commodities. Palestine was scarcelty populated at the time and most of the Arab inhabitants were a peaceful, rural, and agricultural people who lived off their land and livestock for centuries. Many Jews would drive to these lands and buy wheat, crops, or livestock. My grandfather, as was the consensus of others Jews living in Palestine at the time, would never imagine bad blood between the two ethnic groups and befriended many. The point is, it's the experience that matters, not an account, and Palestinian Arabs are not to blame, nor are they culturally terroristic and animalistic as you paint them to be. The fault is not on the side of the Jews either, it is the Zionist movement and it's incorporation in the Israel government. Zionists' relentless and indifferent tactics ushered in the tention, and now the Arab's deep rooted inclination for revenge and fanatic religious beliefs are prolonging it. There are many Jews against Zionism because they realise it's cruel motive and the contention it has caused. I still have family in Israel and they witness Israeli crimes that will never make it to your TV screen...alot of their crimes go unseen by the rest of the world for the sole purpose of keeping supporters like you. Now the crimes committed by the Palestinians are unjustifiable and I do not condone anything they do, especially because they put my families' lives at risk everyday. But think about it. This a somewhat of a crude and trite analogy and I do apologize but it applies: say some world power took over the USA ( of course this can never happen) and took property and jobs and land from Americans. How many Americans do you think would just sit back and not fight? I garauntee the prostesters would be the minority and that many Americans would even die out of patriotism and desparity for their nation. Every group of people is capable of this--were not the Zionist responsible for the first terrorist attacks on the King David Hotel when desperately fighting for occupancy of Palestine, which killed many civilians. It's in all our blood. Don't just stigmatize one group of people based on what is presently happening. See them their humanity and try to understand and empathize with them if you had their yoke around your neck. But if you limit yourself to the article or book you read or the news show you watch and don't consider it's possiblity to be adulterated and even corrupt, then you can live in your ignorance and hapily make all the unilateral statements you want.
by Jacob Voytovich
Friday Jun 13th, 2003 4:24 PM
Kaplan - To answer your question of where I get my sources; I read books, articles from around the world (Russian newspapers (I was born in Russia), translated arabic articles supplied by some friends of mine, etc.), I have many jewish contacts in Israel as well as a muslims/arabs contacts. Believe me I hear pretty much everything that goes on down there and in other places of the world. I'd like to point out that there are very few things in your article that I would disagree with, and excuse me for leaving out many of the facts that you put in your article such as...Many zionists during the zionist movement were indeed terrortists fighting for a similar goal as the Palestinians are today.
That is absolutely correct, but I felt it was irrelevent to the situation that I was presenting. I'm not saying that the zionists didn't do terrible things as well the good, because they certainly did but that is all in the past and has no influence on today's situation.
Today, we have a cycle of violence with palestinian suicide bombers getting money to their families for killing civilians. And then Israel goes out and attacks a Hamas leader causing a few militant deaths and lots of injuries. Palestinian civilians die too, its a shame that it happens and everyone regrets it.
So who is supplying the money? Rich muslim american stock brockers? I don't think so...I think the governments are. More so, through a lot of talks and logical reasoning, I think its fair to say that many of the suicide bombers are threatened into performing the treachurous tasks. Think about that for a second, are there really that many people willing to kill themselves knowing it will result in instability? Not as many as there have been. Especially since Israel is trying to enforce a policy that when a militant does one of these bombings, their family's house is destroyed. I think young palestinian people are being forced to do this by their very own leaders and their incentive is $10,000 to their families. It is naive, but not too far fetched. Why is it that there are never older suicide bombers?...the people that have less to live for. Well I don't know but in defence for my argument and my reputation, let it be known, I don't blame the Palestinians directly, I blame corrupt governments. I blame the palestinian teachers who teach kids that Israelis and Jews are all evil and the best thing that they can do with their lives is go out and kill a Jew. I blame Arafat and his men that gave rocks to little palestinian boys instructing them to throw the rocks at Israeli soldiers and civilians. Look those up in the books. I don't blame the Palestinians for this dilema, I blame the gov's. Naturally it isn't one sided. Israel should probably manage a full campaign to take out terrorist organizations and fully occupy the area again, establish an interim palestinian government, IF that is what the people really want, this government would be a self running institution under Israeli restrictions and support. When things are cleared, proper school systems are established, proper hospitals, and work for sure and the end of the intifadah has begun then let the people vote for their leaders and eventually establish a mutually beneficial environment between jews and arabs. I'm probably wrong but who knows?
Anyway, I'm interested to know, Who do you blame for all this?
by Jacob Voytovich
Friday Jun 13th, 2003 4:53 PM
I want to add something to my first article, I ended by questioning the concerns of the Palestinian people. I remember reading an AP article a looong time ago (2000 i think) which I just found again and I'd like to give you the first paragraph.
"Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat turned down an American plan to set up a $30 billion international fund to resettle refugees, a Palestinian official said Thursday. "

Hm...that gets you thinking, was Arafat (Just one piece of the corrupt muslim fundumentalist government equation) more interested in Israeli land than in the welfare of his people? What do the Palestinians have to come home to that existed 30 years ago? Nothing much I imagine so why not take the 30 billion, lower the poverty level, resettle the refugees and stop the violence...well it tells me that Arafat was a hater that didn't care about the welfare of his people just as many of the men in control today don't care about their welfare, because they support the violence and were raised to hate Jews. Its sad isn't it?
by Chris Slater
Saturday Jun 14th, 2003 1:38 PM
I agree with Mr. Votovich. I think that the problems that are fueling the situation in Israel are the muslim fundamentalist governments that are advertising Israel as an evil occupying nation. These are the same people that are responsible for Anti-American Hatred. Everything is revolved around Saudi money and arab media. Mr. Votovich, don't let anyone here call you a racist, you are 100% right, I stand by your opinions.
by JW
Saturday Jun 14th, 2003 11:13 PM
i actually came across that article, if anyone else wants to read it

I would think the Palestinian people would be pissed off at this, but obviously they just want genocide
by You don't know anything
Sunday Jun 15th, 2003 11:54 AM
Are you kidding me!? Have you ever read a book?
In 1948, there was a plan for states of Israel and Palestine. But the palestinians wouldn't have it so they attacked Israel and Israel defended themselves and won their freedom. They never had a problem with a Palestinian state before.

I swear, you must be the most ill informed person alive or you want genocide like all those other terrorists. 1 word, IGNORANT and while your looking that up, look up some facts about the war in 1948, it will do you some good.
by me
Sunday Jun 15th, 2003 6:35 PM
You know what doesn't make sense? Statistically, most Jews are not religious yet they claim their entitlement to Israel on religious basis. The Zionist movement, regardless of having a reference to biblical "Zion" is not religiously grounded. They are Marxists; in other words, they are socialists athiests. this is fine and dandy, yet the Zionist government incorporates a biblical concept into a political issue, and when confronted by a Christian or Talmudists will eagerly state the biblical importance and necessity of a Jewish state. Isn't this contradictory? Since when has it been acceptable for religion persuade governmental political policy and implementation anyways? Why can't they be honest and admit their only motive is the promotion of a Jewish state or country, if Jewry can refer to a nationality in addition to followers of Judiasm.
by Jacob Voytovich
Monday Jun 16th, 2003 6:23 PM
You know, that originally the Jewish people were offered the territory of Israel or Uganda. I swear i'm not making that up. They had a choice to have the Jewish state be Uganda (Much larger land mass) but there was no tying bounds with that land and the point of Israel was to establish a place that Jews can be associated with so that events like the Holocaust could never happen again.

In WW2, the Jews were gathered up like herd, and massacred. Jewish people in WW2, no matter how religious they were, were all treated the same, like dogs.There was no safe haven for Jews except America but even America wasn't allowing everyone in. So after the war the UN decided that it was a valid need for the Jewish people to have a state. So Israel was created as a Jewish State to protect the Jewish people.

The Jews do have a claim to Israel though, they used to live there. There is a saying that any Jew has heard before, "Next year in Jerusalem". Thats the only region that Jews can associate themselves with, Christians have Rome and most of Europe, Muslims have anything from indonesia to Turkey, etc. The Jews have that one little piece of land the size of Rhode Island. And it is taught in the religion that the land they have a right to is actually a lot greater so they do have a claim there for sure.

I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding what you are trying to say. If their is meaning the Jews, they are promoting and keeping a Jewish State. I don't think that there is any debate about that. And as for Jewish being a nationality, I'm not sure I Know what to say to that. I geuss I would think of it this way. If you are a Jew born in the USA, then you are not Israeli, you are a Jewish American. AND if your born in Israel, you are a Jewish Israeli. There isn't only one religion is Israel ofcourse but Israel is a Jewish state. So to say that being Jewish means you are a citizen of Israel and you are a believer in that religion really wouldn't work. Basically, what I'm saying is that I don't think that is the intent of Israel. I also think I didn't understand what your trying to say.

BUT, you will very rarely hear a Jew say that in defense. That issue is risen up by the Arabs. The whole point of that argument, is that they want the Jews to go away, and the only thing they have to used against them is that they lived there first. Now the question is asked, how long must you go back in history to decide who has rights to that land.
by Jacob Voytovich
Monday Jun 16th, 2003 6:25 PM
sorry, that last paragraph should be the fourth paragraph and the 4th should be the 5th
by Prince Charles of windsor and wales
Wednesday Jul 2nd, 2003 11:29 AM
we should all be having alot more sex and alot less mind fucks
by Dr. Robertson
Saturday Jul 12th, 2003 11:34 PM
When an asteriod finally stries this puny planet again and causes mass extinction is when these religious/mythologically motivated nuts (Radical Jews Muslims, Christians etc.) are finally silenced!
by Dr. Robertson
Saturday Jul 12th, 2003 11:45 PM
Someone said that Arabs are animals, well no shit Sherlock Holmes! Arabs are Homo Sapians likethe rest of us, a type of apelike primate, and of course primates are mammals whichare a higher form of animals also reptiles are animals, birds are animals etc. living creatures that are not animals are plants, protizoans, fungi, bacteria etc.

We are all animals hominid primats to be exact!
by Dr. Robertson
Saturday Jul 12th, 2003 11:52 PM
That is hominid primates to be exact! Sorry I mispelled it the last time, I a little drunk right now!
by John Mason
Sunday Jul 13th, 2003 7:40 PM
Someone said that the Rockefellers were Jewish, I have researched the wealthyfamilies of the world such as the Rothschilds, the Windsors, Carnegies, Morgans, Rockefellers etc. and I know for a fact that the Rockefellers are predominately Christian not Jewish, J.D. Rockefeller Sr. and Jr. were both strong Southern Baptists. Now the Rothschild family of Germany is predominately Jewish, most of the members of this family today are of the Reform and Liberal denominations of Judaism. That is not to that all members of the Rothschild family are of the Judaic Faith but most are, and most of the Rockefellers today are Protestant Christian, including David Rockefeller.

Both the Rothschild and Rockefeller families are of Teutonic German origin, the Rockefellers adopted Christianity as their religion when they mingled and intermrried with the early Orthodox Christians who migrated into Pagan Europe along with their Jewish and Islamic counterpats. The Rothschild's introduction to Judaism was simular, their ancestors Teutonic Germans who believed in a panthion of gods Woden (Oden) being the chief god, mingled with Khazaric (Mongol-Turkish) Jewish believers and eventualy intermarried with them and converted to Judaism.
by tony macelli
(anthonyconrod [at] Sunday Jan 11th, 2004 9:08 PM
micro and macro, if you look really close you can forget about the big picture, i dont know what im trying to say, but you know starwars proved war will never end and then theres darwin, but will the fit survive just so they can destroy everything?, and people like to root for the under dog. America called it a "fence" but its really like 20 feet high. we killed most of the natives here, introduced em to booze and fucked them all up,whats the diference? why cant we all get along?. really thats a stupid question..... when have we ever?
by Anton
Tuesday Mar 9th, 2004 2:36 PM
In the Oslo Peace Accords Israel gave the Palestinain Authority 100,000 automatic rifles to set up a police force. Some of these have gone to a police force, some have gone to gangsters and most have gone to terrorists.
by JRS
Wednesday Sep 8th, 2004 7:11 PM
Its o.k. you anti-semetic libs are going to hell so keep spewing shit while you can.
by Paul
(paulwelsh [at] Tuesday Oct 26th, 2004 2:52 PM
Jews were kicked out of that land 2,000 years ago. Jews are not caucasion they did not begin in the caucus mt. region while europeans did. Jews are a semitic people who speak a semetic language hebrew like arabic. Jews should look no different then anyone from Iran or turkey. Yet, they have lived in Europe for so long that many have taken on European features because of intermarriage of non jews. Under jewish law, Your only a jew if you born of a jewish Mother. Many Anthropologist stress that there is not enough evidence that a jewish race exists. Many jews take on features of the indiginous people around them. In other words, How can anyone claim a right to a land that they never lived? The majority of jews in Europe have nonjewish blood in them. Would everyperson that is a descendent of African Slavery around the world have the right to take land away from Africans living in Africa Know. Its estimated that 7 million slaves died on slave ships. I don't know.
by ?
Tuesday Oct 26th, 2004 3:27 PM
"Jews are not caucasion they did not begin in the caucus mt"

After 2000 years there is enough mixing of populations it really doesnt make sense to claim a population came form one place or another. Cultures often pass down on one side or the other of families so cultures can outlive actual claims to ancestry. Most poeple who are Jewish have very little Middle Eastern ancestry and most Palestinians probably can trace more ancestors back to those who lived in the region 2000 years ago. Historical Israel existed for a very short period and for most of that time was much smaller than modern day Israel. It is remarkable that the region has lasted so long, but that doesnt give people to somehow use claims from 2000 years ago to kick people out of their homes. Just think what that would mean in any other part of the world. How many Americans had ancestrors here 2000 years ago (let alone 100 years ago), how many Europeans can really trace their ancestors back to the same country....

When Israel was founded Jewish Fundamentalism was not as bad as it is today and few claimed land rights based off 2000+ year old claims (there was an idea of creating a state to escpae from Europe and anti-Palestinian hostilities were basede more around European dislike for non-whites). The recent rise in ethnic/religious nationalisms in areas of multiple religions is what one really sees when people make these claims. Hindu nationalists have destoyed one of the major Muslims temples in India claiming it used to be a sacred Hindu site (despite little real evidence). Serbian nationalists engaged in ethnic cleansing because of claims that land was stolen from greater Serbia by the Turks (despite the very short life of the ancient state and the fact that the time being talked about was only about 1/2 as long ago as when the Slavs moved into the region). Jewish nationalists who try to argue away the existance of Palestinians through wordplay, talk of 2000 year old history as if it were yesterday and the like are really just another case of a genocidal religious/ethnic nationalism one sees brewing around the world (perhaps as a backlash to globalization and cultural changes?).
by Critical Thinker
Tuesday Oct 26th, 2004 4:06 PM
Most Jews were forced out of the Land of Israel some 1900 years ago; tens f thousands at the very least remained.

The Cana'anite and other ancestors of modern day Jews may not have originated in the caucus Mt. region, yet their skin complexions run the gamut from the palest albno to the Darkest Black. mixture of every.

What you wrote re the criterion for one's Jewishness is only that clear cut when it comes to Orthodox Judaism.

There simply is no Jewish race. It doesn't take an anthropologist to figure this out.

>>>">1. How can anyone claim a right to a land that they never lived?"<<<

>>>"2. Would everyperson that is a descendent of African Slavery around the world have the right to take land away from Africans living in Africa Know. Its estimated that 7 million slaves died on slave ships. I don't know.

The same questions could be raised about the descendents of the genuine '48 Arab refugees.

>>>" The majority of jews in Europe have nonjewish blood in them."<<<

That's a rash conclusion. I haven't seen evidence that can suport that bold contention. And also keep in mind the fact that the many Jewish males who married non-Jewish Slav woman (Polish, for example), did so only once the would-be wife converted to Judaism.
by Critical Thinker
Tuesday Oct 26th, 2004 4:53 PM
>>>"most Palestinians probably can trace more ancestors back to those who lived in the region 2000 years ago. "<<<

This seems to depend on which territories you refer to in the Middle East.

>>>"Historical Israel existed for a very short period and for most of that time was much smaller than modern day Israel."<<<

By that you meant the periods of Jewish and Israelite independence, I guess. Bear in mind that the Unified Israelite Kingdom under David and Solomon encompassed territory beyond the boundaries of "greater Israel" and Jordan combined.

>>>" It is remarkable that the region has lasted so long, but that doesnt give people to somehow use claims from 2000 years ago to kick people out of their homes."<<<

Agreed. But Palestinians don't have a right to claim that since they have been there from time immemorial, they're entitled to settle in Israel by the millions and commence psychological and armed terrorism to eject the Jews.

>>>" Just think what that would mean in any other part of the world. How many Americans had ancestrors here 2000 years ago (let alone 100 years ago), how many Europeans can really trace their ancestors back to the same country.... "<<<

I answered that question in one of my exchanges with JA. Meantime, I notice that Palestinians are also claiming ownership of a land based off protracted family lineage on that land patch.

>>>"When Israel was founded anti-Palestinian hostilities were basede more around European dislike for non-whites."<<<

The anti-"Palestinian" (it was only Jews in the land who were called so at the time) attitudes mostly fed on a natural and psychologically healthy hatred for an enemy that wouldn't let the them live in peace.

>>>"Hindu nationalists have destoyed one of the major Muslims temples in India claiming it used to be a sacred Hindu site (despite little real evidence)."<<<

Which brings me to ask, how could Arab Muslims overtake the Temple Mount in the 7th century claiming it was the scene where Muhammad ascended to heaven -- a claim resting on nothing more than a Quran verse that doesn't even objectively hint to Jerusalem, not to mention the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and other sites...

>>>" Jewish nationalists who try to argue away the existance of Palestinians through wordplay,"<<<

I repeatedly assert a Palestinian nation hadn't existed prior to 1977, yet I would never try denying the existence of people who had been known up until 1967 or so as generic Arabs but are currently referred to as "Palestinians" by most. I feel any hardcore Zionist not being explicit in letting his audience understand s/he not denying the existence of a group of people -- although they didn't constitute a separate people -- is disservicing his/her cause.
by i dont care f*** you
Saturday Oct 30th, 2004 2:10 PM
the palestinians kill jews jews kill palestinians there is nothing you can do about it espechailly when you are sitting on your ass argueing about who is in the right on your pc you f***ing nerds you cant base your arguement on any of your information you have because it is all twisted by the corpate america after choosing sies the american government supports the jews because they will grow up in isreal and then come to america and make the countrey richer and become apart of the fortune 500
by never
Sunday Oct 31st, 2004 6:08 PM

by Critical Thinker
Sunday Oct 31st, 2004 11:16 PM
(To the poster from Oct. 30 at 2:10 PM)

You're a follower of Windy Whacky Campbell by a fluke?

by Great Me
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 6:53 PM
You people need to stop simpethizing the Iraelis. Just because more than six million of their people were killed does not mean that they deserve land that is not theirs. Neither sides are doing anything reasonable to help end this conflict. The Palestinians should not have to give up their home just because the Jews who were conquered and driven out came back. Sure they did some positive things for the region but nothing else. Don't try to blame the Arabs for the Holocaust since that was done by the Nazis and no one else. Besides if the U.S. really wanted to help they should not be helping either side but try to resolve it by getting both sides to talk to eachother. They should use their power to end the fighting not aiding the ones fighting.
by Uncle Hajj
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 7:05 PM
" Don't try to blame the Arabs for the Holocaust since that was done by the Nazis and no one else."

Pssst...the arabs were allied with the nazis. many of them still are nazis.
by Critical Thinker
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 7:23 PM
You ramble "Past is Past" only to narrate your ignorant version of history that leaves out the part where the majority of the Palestinians' ancestors migrated to the Land of Israel a.k.a. Palestine since the late 19th century from different lands in the Middle East, having no unique "Palestinian" national aspirations, let alone separate identity; they even regarded the local Jews as the real Palestinians -- same as others did.
What positive things have the Arabs and other non-Jews done for the land? You can't tell me even one with a straight face.
You need to be educated as to who you're sympathizing with. Much of the Palestinian populace are still involved in terror which entails war crimes and crimes against humanity. You should start sympathizing with the Israelis. They're about to move out of Gaza and some of Samaria while Palestinian terrorists still try, even as we speak, to wreak death and destruction on them and their property, and there's only so much use you can make of the "occupation" and "oppression" excuses. So don't tell us that the Israeli side is doing nothing to help end the conflict. Hell, the Israelis have even permitted several thousands of Palestinian laborers to reenter Israel for their livelihood and have released a few hundred prisoners, etc.
Before you pontificate and spout historically untenable nonsense about the land being the Arabs', or that no local Arabs were involved in the extermination of Jews, I suggest you read a book or two about Hajj Amin al-Husseini who purported to lead the local Arabs before WWII and enthusiastically collaborated with the Nazis in the execution of the Holocaust.
by The Onion
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 9:22 PM
Do you have a pet peeve—some little thing that drives you completely bonkers? For certain people, it's the sound of a Jewish person dragging her fingernails across a chalkboard. For others, it's when Jews don't signal before making a turn. Me? I can't stand it when Jews talk during movies!

Last Friday, I knocked off early from work and headed to the multiplex to catch The Pacifier. Sure enough, as soon as the lights go out, a pack of Jews waltzes in and plunks down right in front of me! All through the first preview, they had to have a Jewish debate about where to put their coats and who should hold the Twizzlers. What's wrong with these idiots? If you want to chat, go to a coffee shop, or that Jewish community center down on Cavendish Avenue.

Where did these people learn to whisper? An Israeli helicopter?

I sure didn't pay $10 to listen to a group of twits talk back to the screen like those obnoxious Jewish robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000! And apparently, "God's chosen people" weren't selected based on their ability to follow plotlines. No wonder they wandered the desert for so many years—they can't even watch a Vin Diesel movie without getting lost.

It would help if management took stronger action against this total lack of regard. A sign saying, "Jews: Kindly refrain from talking during the film" couldn't hurt. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here. That theater was as loud as an Elders of Zion meeting. Is it asking too much to expect a little courtesy from your fellow moviegoers? I guess some people just weren't raised gentile.

Look, I enjoy eating popcorn while taking in a flick, but at least I have the presence of mind to keep my munching to a conscientious level. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who wasn't raised in a barn where special precautions are taken to slaughter livestock in accordance with Jewish laws and traditions.

If you can keep kosher, why can't you keep quiet?

And how many times can these descendants of Abraham possibly need to use the washroom? If you have to go that often, sit near an aisle and leave the middle seats for those of us who aren't circumcised. You guys may not believe in the doctrine of original sin, but everyone agrees that failing to turn off your cell phone before the movie starts is just plain rude! I swear, the next time a phone goes off, someone's getting a yarmulke shoved down his throat.

If there were some other way to see movies, I'd do it. I've tried renting movies, only to have the film interrupted midway through by a Jewish telemarketer or the sounds of the Jews upstairs blasting their rap music. I can only imagine what that guy with the fiddler on his roof went through. It's the Jewish year 5766, for cripes sake! It's time to learn some courtesy.
by still wondering
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 10:34 PM
>the majority of the Palestinians' ancestors migrated to the Land of Israel a.k.a. Palestine since the late 19th century

Critical Thinker *still* hasn't told us when he himself migrated to Palestine, or even wehre 's from.

Why is that?
by cleitus
Wednesday May 4th, 2005 11:11 PM
them poeple come and take away ours jobses
by Kahena
Tuesday Jul 19th, 2005 11:52 AM
What about the Jews from Arab land, where are we supposed to go back?
to countries that expelled us, stole everything we had, and those of us who got alive felt lucky no to have been lynched by the mob helped by the police. Where the preachers tell that killing a Jew (not a zionist!), is rewarded in heaven.. Wake up guys. You should try being a minority in an arab land and see how you like it. As well as a woman, a gay, an atheist....
Where were all the "humanists" when this happened, perhaps we should have put bombs in markets, instead of going on with our lives, educating our children, and starting over wherever they accepted us are refugees.
This world stinks, only murderers are admired and rewarded!