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Mayday Undercover Arrest Video

by Bielzebob
Video is now available of the "man in black", evidently
an undercover police officer, who arrested
an Indymedia photographer at the May Eve
Reclaim the Streets demonstration in Berkeley.
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FINALLY -- sorry for the delay -- video from two
camera angles is here.

These clips show very well, if you have the patience
to look them over carefully and identify all that's going
on -- that a demonstrator/photographer was
pushed into the police line by someone clad in black, with a
hoodie and mask, who then walked *through* the police
line and up the stairs to hide on someone's front steps
behind a tree.

The arrest occurred just as another arrest was executed.
Some felt the first arrest -- which appeared to be orchestrated as
if to look like police lines were attacked -- was a
distraction in order to execute the second arrest.

When one videographer tried to position himself to
get an image of the hiding saboteur, police charged him. (See video clip #2).

When people demanded to know who the saboteur was, and even when one
demanded that he be arrested (citizen's arrest, which the
police have the duty to execute), he left the steps and walked offthrough
many more police officers.

Many thought this was clearly a police set-up.
That may not be the case, but there is little question
that the saboteur was working with police, and
probably was a police officer.


Video Clip #1

First we see brief context, people walking peacefully on
the march.

Notice that the police huddle as someone walks past,
then they flank him, then abruptly take him into custody.

Just as that confusion is dying down, on the right side
of your screen, the unidentified man in black busts
past a woman with green hair, striking her bodily, as
he pushes/shoves/controls/runs the indymedia
photographer into the police line.

The photographer is arrested.


Again, brief context: flags and a ball is being played with.

Suddenly a commotion behind, the first arrest.

The same sequence, a woman with green hair is
struck as the indymedia photographer (blue sweatshirt)
is pushed into the police line. Video "hoses" around
due to the chaos and difficulty trying to get the shot
of both the arrest and also becauyse the videographer is realizing what really happened, is trying to keep tabs
on the man in black and begins trying to address it.

Man in black walks through the chaos at the police line
and up onto someone's porch, hides behind tree.
This is of course even more clear on full resolution
video, but if you follow carefully it is clear.

Videographer repositions up the street and
tries to get a shot of the man's face, police
charge videographer away.

Man in black leaves porch.

Videographer approaches line where the demand
that the man in black be arrested is made repeatedly
(not all on this clip).

Video gets dark as videographer holds camera over
head trying to see scene and decide where to focus,
should have tilted camera down more to keep correct

Man in black walks away. Someone remarked that
this is reminiscent of the "ninja". Walk like nothing
is wrong, walk through molasses, disappear
into shadows. Of course all with the protection of
a large group of police.

Later video indicates that a police car arrives around where the man in black disappears. Man in black may
have been ferried away in a police car.

A number of people witnessed this and attempted to
see who the man in black was, but police kept them back and controlled both ends of the block.

Other cameras were present.

by Bielzebob
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
Here is clip two. See above for description of
what is present in the clip.

by Bielzebob
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
These clips are of course more clear in the larger
format but because they're large, you may prefer
to download the smaller clips which are better
than 1/3 as big in file size.

Also, I forgot to mention that this issue was discussed
at length (with quite a few flameful tangents) at
this storyspace:

Also, this smaller clip will look elongated top-to-bottom,
kinda stretched out, because I was unable to create it
at this smaller size in the "cinematic" 6:9 aspect ratio.

by Bielzebob
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
Last upload, whew!

You can still see what's happening fairly well, so
especially on this big one consider saving yourself (and IMC! -- I assume it matters) the resources of
downloading the larger one.
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by Bielzebob
The sound for some reason didn't really transfer
for clip #1, that's true on the original duplicate.

Probably there's a manual control on that videographer's
camera which needed to be set? I hope it's
not so quiet on the original.

The sound on clip #2 should be screamin' though,
don't forget to turn the volume back down.
by o
by o


by anonymous
I got a clear view of this police officer at this protest and even talked to him at a previous protest. Hes in his mid to late thirties, Asian, short black hair (maybe 1 inch but not enough to cover his ears), no beard or mustache but enough stubble to almost look like a mustache. When I talked to him at an SJP protest he just kinda dodged all questions (I was asking what he thought of the protest) and his accent was either local to Oakland or slightly east coast. At that protest he did not have on a hood and was standing off to the side (near the concerete bench underneith a railing across from the main entrance to the station) watching SJP protesters protesting in front of the Berkeley police station (right after the arrests at Wheeler). I talked to him for maybe 3 minutes and he didnt pretend to be a protester but also did not identify himself as a cop (I didnt directly ask though) . Im fairly sure Ive also seen him at other protests so it might be good to look through old videos and photos for a picture of his face and I could easily ID him (although Im guessing he always stands off to the side and trys to avoid cameras if hes undercover). At the SJP protest he seemed to be either a local from the city hall who had just walked outside or a plain clothes cop so its possible that he wouldnt hide himself at previous events.

In a previous comment I was suspicous of another black bloc looking person in the crowd who was seen talking to the undercover officer but from these videos I am pretty sure that the person in the white hooded sweatshirt and camo pants is not a cop (hes eating food not bombs food in one of the frames which is unlikely for a cop :) )
by anonymous
Look around 7:49:07 on the actual video (2nd clip) and you may be able to see his face (and he may have more of a mustache than I just said I remember).

by mark
by anon
Thanks for putting up these clips. This is ridiculous. The cops should be busted for this. Anyway you can play this video at the next police review board meeting, with large local attendance?
by bandito
here's a more clear capture
i bet we have photos of him somewhere
by impressed!!!
I've been regularly attending events with my dig video camera to get clips JUST LIKE THIS! Fry these pigs... this is outrageous.

I wasn't present at this event, but I almost went.... we might have had a third angle... oh well. Thanks SO much for this beautiful camera work. This proves how important indymedia and OUR cameras really are.

Keep up the good work!

by impressed again!
I watched it over and over, and I have to say, BRAVO! This shit deserves an award for videos of the year!

I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful footage. Now we need to make a mockery of the corporate media for not wanting to play it!!!!

by anon
So what are we going to do about this?
Do those who were arrested want this issue to got to the police review commission or what?
Are they going to go public with this?
Was the photographer who was pushed into the cops charged with assaulting an officer?
Why was he targeted?
Did anyone get a good look at the person who did the pushing? (he needs to be found - and taken to task. Who does he work for?)
Is it possible for witnesses who saw provacateur to look at mug shots of local BPD officers and local FBI agents - maybe make a match?
Is this Berkeley COINTELPRO in action?

2121 McKinley Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 644-6716, TDD: (510) 981-6903, prc [at]

Police Review Commission Meetings

Police Review Commission meetings and Boards of Inquiry are open to the public and everyone is welcome. Agendas and minutes of the Commission meetings are available on the City Clerk's website.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

Second Wednesday of every month, 7:30 p.m.
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis Street, corner of Ashby

Fourth Wednesday of every month, 7:30 p.m.
North Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Way
by Banned exile from Tele (nrthrd2000 [at]
I was walking up toward College Ave one fine afternoon to get a burrito, and heard the march coming.
I could see the cops were really out... and preparing the way in front. A couple of them looked agitated. There were several cars full of cops, and some unmarked cars running around also, motorcycles. One cop looked at me and he looked like he was all jacked up.
They seemed more uptight than usual. I've seen bike rallies and other demos/marches, and have usually not seen the cops act so uptight like this.
Later, as the march got down to yuppie central (Ashby and College), I watched for a bit, and then got a burrito.
Went back to the area and walked around the intersection, and as I headed north on College here come about 10-12 cops (going south) to push it seemed the protest out of the area. I heard a bullhorn, then a couple minutes later, people started leaving the intersection and moving down Ashby. There were about, it seemed, 50 cops that came down Ashby into College at the same time.
It looked like a lot more than normal(?). They dont use that many on Tele. Maybe they wanted to impress the shopkeepers.
I didn't see the arrests.
It was definately exciting, and I wish I had a camera now, even a disposable. Next time. Keep up the good work.
John, a banned person from Telegraph
by wow
this is amazing footage!
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