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Friday Mar 22nd, 2002 8:37 PM
*Four killed, 30 injured in Jerusalem bomb
*Israeli occupation troops raid Palestinian villages, refugee camp, despite talk of cease-fire
*Israel demands incarceration of all Palestinian freedom fighters
*Thousands of Egyptians, Sudanese march for Palestine
*HR group says occupation soldiers shoot Palestinian civilians
*PA asks Palestinian factions to halt attacks to expose Sharon!
*Arafat accepts conditions to meet Cheney
*Zionist speaker meets Qrei
*PA condemns martyrdom operation
*Sharon’s plan: occupy PA areas then negotiate
Thursday 21 March 2002

Four killed, 30 injured in Jerusalem bomb

Israeli occupation troops raid Palestinian villages, refugee camp, despite talk of cease-fire

Israel demands incarceration of all Palestinian freedom fighters

Thousands of Egyptians, Sudanese march for Palestine

HR group says occupation soldiers shoot Palestinian civilians

PA asks Palestinian factions to halt attacks to expose Sharon!

Arafat accepts conditions to meet Cheney

Zionist speaker meets Qrei

PA condemns martyrdom operation

Sharon’s plan: occupy PA areas then negotiate


Four killed, 30 injured in Jerusalem bomb

Occupied Jerusalem - At least four people were killed and as many as 30 others injured in West Jerusalem Thursday afternoon when a Palestinian youth with explosives strapped to his body blew up himself as part of the Palestinian drive for independence from Israeli occupation.

An Israeli police spokesman said most of the injured were listed in light to moderate condition.

The incident took place on the King George Street in West Jerusalem.

The blast caused widespread damage to shops and business in the area, Israeli sources said.

The Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, took responsibility for the bombing.

A caller to the Beirut-based al-Manar Television said the person who carried out the bombing is Muhammed Hashayshe, from the village of Talluza, near Nablus.


Israeli occupation troops raid Palestinian villages, refugee camp, despite talk of cease-fire

Occupied Jerusalem - Israeli occupation troops last night raided several villages and a refugee camp in the West Bank in an effort to suppress Palestinian resistance to military occupation and apartheid.

According to Palestinian sources, hundreds of Israeli troops raided the villages of Tammon, Tubas, and Silat Althaher near Jenin, last night and two other nearby villages.

The sources said the occupation troops attacked Palestinian civilians, vandalized property and rounded up as many as twenty youths.

The Israeli army also reportedly demolished at least one home in the Tubas.

Israeli occupation troops also raided the Fawwar refugee camp south of Hebron and arrested six people on suspicion of resisting occupation.

An Israeli army spokesman said the army was carrying out "activities" in the said villages for the purpose of arresting "terrorists."

Israel considers all aspects of Palestinian rejection of Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as "terror" while viewing her own onslaught against Palestinian population centers, using tanks and F-16 fighter jets, as legitimate self-defense.

The latest incursions and repression came at a time when Israel and the Palestinian Authority are trying to reach a cease-fire in the 18-month-old Zionist onslaught against the essentially unarmed population.

The Zionist regime is utterly refusing to announce its willingness to withdraw from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and is trying instead to redefine the strife from military occupation and domination to one of "terrorism."

The United States, the main enabler of Israeli occupation and terror, is conniving with the Zionists to that effect.


Israel demands incarceration of all Palestinian freedom fighters

Occupied Jerusalem - Palestinian and Zionist security officials, who held another security meeting under the auspices of US envoy Anthony Zinni, failed to agree on terms of a cease-fire.

Palestinian sources cited three areas of disagreements, including the "arrest of freedom fighters," linkage between the Tenet report and the Mitchell recommendations and the duration of the quiet period before the resumption of negotiations toward the achievement of a final agreement.

According to PA official Sa'eb Ureikat, the Zionist regime demanded that all Palestinians who took part in resisting the Zionist aggression be arrested.

Ureikat said the PA didn't and wouldn't accept the Zionist demands.

He added, however, that the PA agreed that it would arrest those violating the cease-fire when reached.

The Zionist regime is also demanding that the duration of the implementation of a Tenet plan should last for an entire month before the sides could discuss the Mitchell recommendations.

The PA, said Ureikat, insisted on no more than two weeks.


Thousands of Egyptians, Sudanese march for Palestine

Cairo - Tens of thousands of Egyptians and Sudanese marched in Khartoum and Cairo Wednesday in support of Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and apartheid.

In Khartoum, thousands of Sudanese held a rally at the Martyrs Square outside the republican palace, shouting slogans castigating Jewish terrorism and apartheid.

Some of the placards raised during the rally read "no to the Zionists thieves, yes to a Palestinian state."

One speaker called on the international community, particularly the United Nations, to take genuine measures to protect the Palestinian people from Zionist genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Another speaker criticized the UN Security Council for "saying nothing and doing nothing in the face of Israeli atrocities against unarmed Palestinian civilians."

"It seems that the UN Security Council has become an annex to the American state department."

In Cairo, students of Cairo University demonstrated on campus for the third consecutive day, calling for Jihad against Israeli Nazism.

One speaker said "we urge Arab leaders to open the gate of jihad against the neo-Nazis in Palestine."

Similar demonstration have taken place recently in Jordan, Syria, Tunis and Iraq, all calling on Arab regime to adopt a more sincere posture toward the Palestinians.


HR group says occupation soldiers shoot Palestinian civilians

Occupied Jerusalem - Israeli human right organization, B'tselem, has accused the Israeli army of issuing vague and unclear firing instructions which lead up to soldiers targeting Palestinian civilians.

B'tselem said the Israeli army policy regarding opening fire in the territories was causing extensive injury to Palestinians who were not involved in acts of violence against Israel.

A B'tselem report published today indicates a series of problems in Israeli occupation army's policy regarding opening fire:

The regulations allow the use of live ammunition in some cases where there is no clear and immediate threat to life;

The regulations are vaguely worded and are not provided to soldiers in writing and in a straightforward manner;

The army has almost entirely abstained from investigating incidents of lethal force against Palestinian civilians;

Investigations that are opened are superficial and usually rely exclusively on soldiers' versions of the events.

In the report's conclusions, B'tselem states that the responsibility for harm to innocent Palestinians is not that of the soldier alone. The primary responsibility rests with the senior commanders and the policy makers.

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation and apartheid, Israeli soldiers and paramilitary Jewish terrorist killed more than 700 innocent and non-combatant Palestinians, nearly a third of them children and minors.

The Israeli army rarely investigates the killings.


PA asks Palestinian factions to halt attacks to expose Sharon!

Ramallah - The Palestinian Authority last night asked various Palestinian factions to refrain from launching armed operations so as to expose Zionist premier Ariel Sharon’s peace deception.

The PA held a meeting to prepare a reply to Zionist proposals tabled with the joint security committee a couple of days ago at the end of which it issued that call.

Meanwhile, American envoy to the region Anthony Zinni yesterday told Zionist officials that he sought a ceasefire declaration by both PA chief Yasser Arafat and Sharon.

The envoy added that if he failed to do so he would declare the ceasefire by himself after both parties approved it.

Zinni continued to meet the higher PA-Zionist security committee members to discuss means of implementing the Tenet plan.

Zinni said that differences arose between the two parties over the PA demands of immediate Zionist army withdrawal to pre September 2000 positions and lifting all roadblocks and barricades isolating Palestinian areas.

He noted that Tel Aviv, for its part, was demanding practical PA steps such as arresting activists, dismantling organizations and collecting weapons before any such withdrawal.


Arafat accepts conditions to meet Cheney

Nazareth - American vice president Dick Cheney has approved “a political package” with Zionist premier Ariel Sharon to be actualized within the few coming days, according to Zionist political sources.

They noted that Cheney expressed readiness to return to the region next week to hold the first meeting of its kind with Palestinian Authority chief Yasser Arafat if he carried out a number of conditions.

They outlined those conditions as follows:

- Declaring in his own voice a ceasefire call.

- Issuing orders to PA security men to impose the ceasefire and foil alleged terrorist operations.

- Implementing the Tenet plan and exerting 100% efforts against so-called terrorism.

Cheney announced that American envoy Anthony Zinni would be the one to determine whether Arafat abided by such requests in order to hold that meeting, which is to be held in either Jordan or Egypt.

Zinni conveyed Cheney’s conditions to Arafat who accepted them.


Zionist speaker meets Qrei

Tel Aviv - Speaker of the Zionist Knesset Abraham Borg is to meet with speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Ahmed Qrei next month in Sharm Al-Sheikh, according to well-informed sources.

The sources said the meeting was approved on sidelines of the International Parliamentary Union’s 107th session held in Marrakech, Morocco a few days ago.

Borg said he would try to reach a compromise decision with Qrei to be passed during his expected visit to the Palestinian parliament.

The Zionist speaker said, “We will try to find out whether we might draft a resolution that would lead to more progress and to a positive result from the Ramallah visit”.

He also declared his intention to visit the Palestinian parliament soon.


PA condemns martyrdom operation

Ramallah - The Palestinian Authority leadership was quick to condemn the heroic martyrdom operation near Um Al-Fahm that led to the killing of seven Zionists and the injury of more than 30 others.

The PA said it opposed the heroic operation, which was carried out by Islamic Jihad in Wadi Ara, due to what it called, “Faithful efforts launched by Gen. Zinni and the four-member international committee and after issuance of the UN Security Council resolution 1397 to end this aggressive war against our people”.

The PA asked all armed factions not to launch any operations against Zionist settlers and criticized the martyrdom operation because it might obstruct international efforts to stabilize the ceasefire and to apply the Tenet understanding and Mitchell recommendations.

Meanwhile, Hebrew press decided not to publish the number of Zionist casualties in such operations until the Zionist army declared it. The decision was obviously taken so as not to spread more panic in lines of the Zionists.


Sharon’s plan: occupy PA areas then negotiate

London - British weekly ‘Foreign Report’ has said that Zionist premier Ariel Sharon’s “peace plan” stipulated re-occupying Palestinian Authority-controlled areas then starting peace talks.

The magazine, quoting unidentified Zionist sources, said that Sharon would then be ready to evacuate most of the Jewish settlements within framework of peace negotiations!

The weekly said that Sharon would also attempt to pressure for a ceasefire to enjoy peaceful holidays in the upcoming Jewish religious feasts.

The plan, which further stipulated moving Arabs living in 1948 occupied areas into PA-controlled areas in return for retaining settlements in the West Bank, would be a failure, according to the magazine.

Meanwhile, research unit in the Zionist military intelligence apparatus had tabled a report indicating that Zionist assassinations and air raids carried negative repercussions on the Zionist entity.

The report indicated that the operations led to rising calls for revenge among the Palestinian people. It added that the Zionist shelling also weakened PA security and its ability to check Palestinian armed operations.
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