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Wackenhut sponsered 1st ever bioterror College bfore 911

Wackenhut sponsered 1st ever bioterror College opens 4 mo.before 911 in Ohio.





16 Mar 2002

Wassup with Wackenhut


Bankruptcy, front companies, gov. contacts & the Elite : Anthrax and public fear for profit.

I don't know much about Wackenhut industries, but I know they
aren't up to good. Mostly if this school and its president were invited
to speak in front of the committee seated by Ohio senator
Voinivich. The Voinivich family has been the primary contractor for
Ohio prisons, and been involved in many scandals resulting from it.
(we make the laws than build more prisons)

Being an Ohioan and one convinced of government involvement in
911 I thought this may help the inquiry.

The school was started only 4 months before attack and I find that
relevant. They didn't waste time,they did
A FULL ON ANTHRAX bioterrorism drill on MAY 9.2001.


New! - Emergency Preparedness Homeland Defense Alliance
A newly formed alliance between The University of Findlay,
The IT Group, Wackenhut, and Blue292.

Welcome to The University of Findlay's
National Center of Excellence for Environmental Management

The National Center of Excellence for Environmental Management
(NCEEM) is an integrated program focusing on all facets of
environmental, safety, and health education and training.


Currently, ProMedica is distributing this reference manual
throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan to physicians,
paramedics, emergency centers, fire departments and other
agencies that employ rescue personnel.
1300 Winghaven Road
Maumee, Ohio 43537-2970
T (419) 897-0710
F (419) 897-0710

University of Findlay President Kenneth Zirkle spoke
in front of a hearing this week, he was introduced by
Sen. Voinivich(R) in which he boasted of being
the only College of its type. He also stated that they
have trained 50,000 people,(the good old first
responders)," we have boxcars" he said two or three
times, "have everything you need for terrorism

Zirkle became the President in 1989,and in August
1999 the TOLEDO BLADE said "the college had begun
nothing short of a rebirth" ...and that they just
added a major in "hazardous waste management" was
added. As well as that the "staff multiplied, and full
and part-time student enrollment doubled from about
2,075 in 1989 to more than 4,100. Z quotes the success
to" ...updating brochures, and looking for new ways to
recruit students."

Other things turn up of interest.

* ONE of 14 Designated by Centers for Public Health
Preparedness (CPHP) after 911

From their site: CDC’s network of Centers for Public
Health Preparedness is a national system for
competency-based training....improving the
competencies of front-line public health workers to
respond to current and emerging public health threats.

"The health of America’s communities hinges
on a competent workforce able to deliver the
essential public health services."

University of Findlay President Kenneth Zirkle,
became the President in 1989,and in August
1999 the TOLEDO BLADE said "the college had
begun nothing short of a rebirth" ...and that they just
added a major in "hazardous waste management" was
added. As well as that the "staff multiplied, and full
and part-time student enrollment doubled from about
2,075 in 1989 to more than 4,100. Zirkle quotes the
success to" ...updating brochures, and looking for new
ways to recruit students."

From the University newsletter.

“The thing is that people have driven by here hundreds
of times and have no idea what happens here,”said
Harold Huffman.

The University of Findlay is offering a program in
which local teachers can learn about
the fields and, in turn, present that information to
their students... teachers taking part
in an in-service program at the University’s (ERTC)
Emergency Response Training Center on Ohio 12. The
five-acre facility is located just inside the city
limits and is positioned between Bright Road and
Hancock County Road 236. From the road, drivers can
see a few rail cars and some tanker cars and trucks,
but the facility is filled with many other simulations
that help those in the environmental management
field stay abreast of the latest in training.

Dan Hehr, assistant director of the ERTC and an
associate professor at the University, said the ERTC
has been in existence for about 12 years.“Our focus
here is emergency response for chemical spills,” he
explained. “We train about 4,000 people a year. There
is nothing else like this east of the Mississippi.”
Hehr said having the teachers come through is an
important step in informing the youth about the
numbers of career opportunities that are out there.


* The University of Findlay, is the 7TH Largest
College with International Students.
The University of Findlay is a private, 4,109 full &
part-time students.

*Works with a Malaysian company called NATIONWIDE MGT.
Its a student recruiter.

*Located near many believed FEMA facilities, as well
as centerly located closely to major Ohio cities, and
of course rail yards.

As of 1999 the center's executive director and as
director of the ERTC, is J. Randal Van Dyne
director since 1989, was on the advisory committee
that in 1986 helped the university develop the
nation's first bachelor's degree program in
environmental and hazardous materials management. He
taught the first hazardous materials class while still
employed with OHM Corp. as director of marketing.

About OHM Corp.

Online its listed online under this category:
Society > Law > Services > Expert Witnesses >

OHM Corp, was a Top Contributors to MICHAEL G. OXLEY
(R-OH)1996 ELECTION as was Chase Manhattan, Citicorp,
Ernst & Young ,Goldman, Sachs & Co $2,000
OXLEYsecured the university's sweet deals.

What they do :
Overcoming City Hall Red Tape.Nothing inflates costs
like government red tape.

Oil & Gas Industry Power Tips. Power Cost-Reduction |
Design Services | Expert Witness

Services to industrial, commercial and government


IT Group (Francis J. Harvey,acting president and
chief executive officer ) IS BANKRUPT !

January 17th, 2002A new owner of the IT Group looms on
the horizon, once a bankruptcy court approves.A new
owner of the IT Group looms on the horizon, once a
bankruptcy court approves. The Shaw Group, based in
Baton Rouge, La., has agreed to purchase
"substantially all" of IT, the two companies announced
Wednesday. The transaction is expected to be done
before the end of the first quarter. Included in the
proposed sale would be IT's facility in Findlay at
16406 U.S. 224 East, which has about 306 workers. For
local IT personnel, the proposed sale would mark the
second time in less than four years that they would
have a new owner. IT Group acquired the former OHM
Corp. in 1998.

OHM's roots began in August 1969, when Robert Kirk and
his sons, William, Richard, James and Joseph, formed
Kirk Brothers Inc., a general contracting company
which specialized in water-sewage treatment work
throughout Ohio.

The company remained in this field until 1972 when
Congress empowered the U.S. Coast Guard to clean up
oil spills. The Kirk family saw promise in that work
and formed Ohio Hygienic as a supplement to its
original company.

In 1976, the transition to the oil and hazardous
material containment and cleanup field was completed
when Ohio Hygienic became O.H. Materials.

In 1986, O.H. Materials and New Jersey-based
Environmental Testing and Certification Corp. merged,
operating independently as subsidiaries of
Environmental Treatment and Technologies Corp. (ETTC).

The merger was significant because the once
privately-held O.H. Materials became part of a
publicly-traded company. Three years later, ETTC
changed its name to OHM Corp.

In early 1995, H. Wayne Huizenga gave a boost to the
company when he and the Huizenga
Family Foundation purchased 1 million shares.

The Shaw Group, founded in 1987, provides piping
systems and engineering, procurement and construction
services to the power generation industry.

Wayne's World, Were not in the mob,Were in the Waste


H. Wayne Huizenga, of. Lauderdale, FL,served in the
ARMY, he worked for a friend who owned
a garbage collection company. Eventually, he
co-founded Waste Management Inc., acquiring 100
companies in nine months. After leaving Waste
Management, he built Blockbuster Entertainment,
defining America's video rental industry until selling
to Viacom for $8.4 billion. Today he Chairs four NYSE
companies; AutoNation, Inc., America's leading auto
retailer, Extended Stay America, Republic Services and
Boca Resorts, Inc. He also owns the Miami Dolphins,
Pro Player Stadium and is involved in real estate.

According to ROGUES GALLERY H. Wayne Huizenga -
corporate blackmailer, corporate welfare queen and a
cancerous abscess on South Florida. And is on a list
of scumbags who have been thieving from, screwing,
duping, and killing the public (in no particular

"This year's award recipients continue the tradition of proving that hard work,
determination and integrity are the keys to success and the American Dream"
said H. Wayne Huizenga, President & CEO of the Horatio Alger Association.
The list of Americans who have also received the Horatio Alger Award include:
Ed McMahon, Oprah Winfrey, H. Wayne Huizenga, Billy Graham, Mary Kay Ash,
Mary Higgins Clark, Maya Angelou, Robert Dole, George Foreman and Colin Powell.
list are this years award recipients: Louis C. Brock-Baseball Hall of Famer, St.
Charles, MO John W. Colloton-Director & CEO Emeritus, University of Iowa Hospitals
& Clinics, Iowa City, IA Richard K. Davidson-Chairman, President & CEO,
Union Pacific Corporation, Omaha, NE James L. Doti-President, Chapman University,
Orange, CA Charles W. Durham-Chairman & CEO, Durham Resources LLC, Omaha,
NE George L. Graziadio, Jr.-Chairman, Comerica Bank-California, Inglewood, CA
Katherine D. Ortega-Former Treasurer of the United States, Washington, DC
Charles L. Overby-Chairman & CEO, The Freedom Forum, Arlington, VA James A.
Patterson-Owner/President, PATTCO, LLC, Louisville, KY Delford M. Smith-Founder
& Chairman, Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., McMinnville, OR

The Horatio Alger Association has a long commitment to the youth of America,
and for the past six years has issued an annual survey, theState of Our Nation's
Youth. Peter Hart of Peter D. Hart Research Associates will present a follow up
findings to the 2001State of Our Nation's Youthreport specific to the reactions
and opinions of America's teens in the wake of September 11th. The new survey
delves into whom teens are talking to about September 11th, what concerns them
most, and whom they are looking to as examples of how to react. The survey also
reveals how teens think this crisis will affect their future.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is a non-profit educational
association providing more than $3 million in college scholarships to high school seniors
around the nation. The Horatio Alger Association has become a leader in providing need
based scholarships, each year awarding over one hundred $10,000 scholarships to Horatio
Alger National Scholars and hundreds of additional scholarships on the state level. The
scholarships are specifically aimed at students who, like the association's members, have
confronted and overcome adversity. In addition to awarding scholarships, the Association
provides educational programs about the importance of the free enterprise system and
higher education throughout the country. For more information about the Horatio Alger
Association, visit The November 2001 update to the State of Our
Nation's Youthreport is available for free download on the website.

H. Wayne Huizenga - a director And David P. Cook
founded Amtech Corporation (now ZixIt Corporation) Dr.
Ben G. Streetman became a director is Dean of the
College of Engineering at
The University of Texas at Austin

Antonio R. Sanchez, Jr. was one of our early investors
and was elected to our Board in February 1993. Mr.
Sanchez is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation. Mr. Sanchez also holds
interests in banking, real estate development, venture
capital, and various other investments. Mr. Sanchez
serves as a director of International Bank of Commerce
("IBC") and as a director and stockholder of IBC's
publicly-traded holding company, International
Bancshares Corporation. Mr. Sanchez is also a member
of the University of Texas System Board of Regents and
is a director of Conoco, Inc.

Regional News | Article published May 9, 2001

Fostoria is laboratory for anthrax education, drill

A firefighter in haz-mat gear simulates the decontamination of Roppe Rubber
employee Pete Duque, who ‘found’ the box that may contain ‘anthrax.’


FOSTORIA - James Fenn sat in the basement of Fostoria Community Hospital,
a cup of coffee to his right and a box of anthrax to his left.

The coffee was real; the anthrax was not.

Mr. Fenn, a nurse and researcher at Toledo Hospital, was one of dozens
of people taking part in a bioterrorism drill yesterday. Authorities simulated
the release of anthrax into the offices of the Roppe Rubber plant in Fostoria.

Anthrax is a deadly bacteria that can kill 90 percent or more of the people it

It’s one of dozens of lethal viruses or bacteria that terrorists could someday
use against the United States.

It was up to Mr. Fenn to construct a fake "dispersal device" and put it in the
plant for employees there to "discover."

Authorities are accustomed to preparing for natural disasters and the release
of chemicals, either by terrorists or accidentally, but they are only just beginning
to learn how to prepare for bioterrorist attacks.

That’s why officials in Fostoria, including the Fostoria fire department, Fostoria
Community Hospital, and ProMedica Health System, which owns the hospital,
held their first bioterrorism drill - one of the first of its kind in northwest Ohio.

The drill started in the hospital emergency room, where people pretended to
report flu-like symptoms to hospital personnel.

Dr. Martin Pontasch, director of the hospital emergency room, consulted a
newly written bioterrorism manual prepared by Dr. Paul Rega, a Toledo Hospital
emergency room physician.

In the drill, Dr. Pontasch and his staff discovered that all of the patients were
coming from the Roppe Rubber plant and began suspecting an anthrax attack
after reviewing Dr. Rega’s manual.

"We have a situation down here," said Amy Preble, director of patient care
services for the hospital. "We could be looking at mass casualties here."

Dr. Pontasch decided to announce a "Code Yellow," and repeated announcements
of the code were made over the intercom. The code signifies a situation in which
mass casualties are expected.

At the plant, Fostoria firefighters donned protective clothing, searched the building,
found Mr. Fenn’s device, and began decontaminating workers.

Patients then began showing up at the hospital, where Dr. Pontasch began placing
them into priorities ranging from the "worried-well" - those probably not infected - to
the truly sick.

Maumee fire Chief Donald McConnaughy was observing the drill and decided to volunteer
as a patient.

Mr. McConnaughy, coughing and wheezing like a heavy smoker, stumbled toward Dr.
Pontasch and his staff.

He was quickly taken back to the emergency room for "treatment," which in cases of
anthrax exposure involves receiving vaccine.

The problem Fostoria Community Hospital faced, like most hospitals, is that it had little or
no anthrax vaccine available. So the hospital called Toledo Hospital, which had its medical
helicopter, ProMedica Air, fly in more supplies.

In the case of this drill, the vaccine happened to be peanut and plain M & Ms.

Dr. Pontasch said he thought yesterday’s drill went well because "we picked up little things
that need to happen" in the event of a real bioterrorist attack.

ProMedica Air ???




Lopez vs. CCA, et al: New Mexico;
March 2000; 7 pages:
Suit by former inmate against CCA alleging failure to meet minimal
standards for staffing, staff training and maintaining Torrance County
Detention Facility as it relates to an August 1999 riot.

Singer, et al vs. Wackenhut, et al, Findings of Fact and Conclusions
of Law; New Mexico; March 2000; 18 pages:Class action suit against
Wackenhut alleging lack of mental health and medical services to inmates.

Garcia vs. Wackenhut, et al: New Mexico; February 2000; 3 pages:
Wrongful death law suit by family of former Wackenhut guard killed
during August 1999 riot at Guadulupe County C.F.

Rachen, Ostrander, et al vs. CCA; Oklahoma; January 2000; 3 pages:
Class action against CCA for delaying release of inmates to increase profits.

Brazoria, Texas Class Action Settlement; Missouri;
January 2000; 40 pages:
Memorandum and order approving $ 1.6 million abuse settlement of
Missouri inmates in Brazoria County Jail. Video tape of abuse made national news.

Texas vs. Townsend et al;
December 1999; 20 pages:
Indictments against 12 former Wackenhut guards alleging sexual assault and misconduct.

Valdes, Moya, et al vs. Wackenhut, CCA, et al; New Mexico;
December 1999; 23 pages:
Class action law suit against for-profit private prison
vendors over long distance phone charges.

Anaya, Blue, et al vs. CCA, et al; New Mexico;
December 1999; 26 pages:
Deliberate infliction of injury and intentional wrongful acts
complaint by former guards against CCA. Great details on poor training, etc.

United States of America vs. Brown, et al: Louisiana;
November 1999; 11 pages:
Federal indictment against former Houston, Texas Mayor
Fred Hofheinz and others alleging conspiracy, bribery and
extortion on a number of development projects in Louisiana,
including controversial Jena Juvenile Facility.

United States District Court Northern District of Ohio Eastern
Division, in re: Northeast Ohio Correctional Center; Case no. 4:97 CV 1995;
May 1999; 30 pages:
Final order against CCA $ 6 million class action lawsuit. Outlines abuse and mismanagement.

Citizens Advisory Committee on Private Prisons vs. United States
Department of Justice; Pennsylvania;
May 1999; 22 pages:
Suit by citizen’s group to stop FBOP from awarding contract to
Cornell to build and operate a for-profit private prison in Pennsylvania.

United States of America vs. Leonidas Young; Virginia;
October 1998; 38 pages:
Criminal indictment and conviction of former Richmond, Virginia Mayor.
Part of original indictment was for bribes by Cornell taken by Young.

Ohio Field Office
4500001 Ohio Field Office Y
4500004 Ohio Office Service Contractor Y
4510001 Miamisburg Envir. Mgt. Project Office Y
4510006 MEMP Office Subs Y
4516002 Babcock & Wilcox of Ohio (BWO) Y
4516004 BWO Service Subcontractors Y
4516006 BWO Construction Subcontractors Y
4516009 BWO Security Force Y
4521001 Fernald Envir. Mgt. Project Office Y
4521004 FEMP Office Service Subcontractors Y
4523702 Fluor Fernald - FEMP Y
4523704 Fluor Fernald Service Vendors Y
4523706 Fluor Fernald Constr. Subcontractors Y
4523709 Fluor Fernald Security Forces Y
4530001 West Valley Demonstration Project Office Y
4530004 West Valley Project Service Contractor Y
4539004 West Valley Nuclear Services, Inc. Y
4539009 West Valley Nuclear Services - Security Y
4539014 West Valley Nuclear Serv. - Service Subs Y
4539016 West Valley Nuclear Serv. - Const. Subs Y
4540001 Ashtabula Envir. Mgt. Project Office Y
4540004 Ashtabula Project Service Contractor Y
4550001 Columbus Envir. Mgt. Project Office Y
4550004 Columbus Project Service Contractor



Jake Day declared on Wackenhut
by (:þ) 2:48pm Tue Mar 12 '02 (Modified on 6:47pm Wed Mar 13 '02)


This April the first the Discordian community will be serving a Jake to Wackenhut, one of the largest (in)Security Companies in the world.

This April the first the Discordian community will be serving a Jake to Wackenhut, one of the largest (in)Security Companies in the world. This is specifically in coordination with the upcoming protest over Easter, outside one of their "Detention" facilities at Woomera in the Australian desert, where refugees are kept like animals awaiting the whim of Phillip Ruddock (Minister for Cruelty). For more info:

For the uninitiated, Jake Day involves sending various forms of communique (fax, telephone, mail, email etc) of a fun, or prankish manner to the organisation concerned. The emphasis is on fun and humour rather than mere malice/agrravation.

For instance a large number of enquiries to Wackenhut asking whether they sell disposable handcuffs in designer colours or peach scented capsicum spray.
Or a swathe of applications to work there from fictitious & fanciful entities (eg Hermann Goering making an application for a security position & his qualifications).
Or a variety of amusing complaints from mythical groups (eg Citizens for Normalcy complaining that Wackenhut has not been suppressing UFO information adequately).
Whatever YOU think might be fun...

For more information on Wanking Hut:

For more information on Our Lady of Chaos, Eris:

For more on Jake Day:
The Illuminatus Trilogy
The Principia Discordia

Episkipos Fredricus Adolphus Gustavus of the Give A Fuck Cabal
Hail Eris!, All Hail Discordia!



In Findlay, Ohio, for example, 11 Israelis selling toy helicopters in malls were arrested. They were jailed for three weeks because INS officials suggested in court they were of interest to investigators tracking terrorists. A judge eventually allowed them to go home.

why ???

read more on Israeli spy RING HERE.

by glistening appendage
The very name "Wackenhut" sounds pornographic, like it's another name for a peep show booth.
by pointer
by Current Staff
Current Staff~ Center for Terrorism Preparedness
The National Center of Excellence For Environmental Management

John Winowich, Director
email: winowich [at]
The Director of the Center for Terrorism Preparedness is John Winowich. Winowich retired in June, 2000, from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation after 30 years of service. He began his career as a drug agent and later became a supervisor of one of the two drug units at the Bureau. He also helped create and then supervise the Bureau's Special Investigation Unit. Winowich finished his BCI career as Deputy Director of the Bureau's Intelligence, Computer Crime and Financial Crime Division. It was during this time that Winowich became involved with monitoring the criminal activity of domestic terrorists in Ohio as well as the rest of the United States.

Law Enforcement Market

Rick Adrian
Adrian is currently a Columbus, Ohio police officer and has been since 1979. Most of his career has been spent within special operations units such as Homicide, SCAT, Narcotics, Tactical Entry Team, and as a Firearms Instructor assigned to the Police Training Academy. He is a Senior Instructor within the Police Department and provides training in Defensive Tactics, Edged Weapon Defense (EWD), and Urban Tracking and Containment for Patrol Operations. Currently, Det. Adrian is assigned to the Intelligence Bureau where he has investigated right-wing domestic terrorism, anti-government militias; hate groups and members of the survivalist fringe for the past six years.

Richard W. Brainard
Brainard is a commissioned police officer and currently serves as the training coordinator for the Division of Police, Hilliard, Ohio. He has been in law enforcement since 1972 with assignments to Patrol Investigations and Training Bureau's of several police agencies in Ohio. Brainard has also been a member of several tactical teams including SWAT, Dignitary Protection, Intelligence, Street and Crime and Counter Narcotics teams. In addition, Brainard has received an Extensive Special Operations and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection background while serving in the U.S. Military where he continues to serve in the reserve forces with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Eric L. Qualkenbush
Qualkenbush retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1999 after 22 years of service. Qualkenbush spent his last two years with the CIA as the Director of the Office of Training and Education. He was responsible for leading and providing strategic direction to the CIA's principal training organization. He conducted espionage and counter terrorism operations in overseas locations. He also created the CIA's first organization and operations against the worldwide proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Currently Qualkenbush is a senior consultant for the Applied Knowledge Group, LLC. While with AKG, he guided a Fortune 100 corporation as it created a competitive intelligence organization.

Industrial Safety and Security Personnel and City/County Officials Market

David L. Bowman, MS, CFSI
Bowman is currently program manager for the Industrial Safety and Security and Small and Medium Size Municipalities segments of the Center for Terrorism Preparedness, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of DB Technologies, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio. He has more than 30 years of experience in public safety at the local, state, and national levels in emergency response, management, and program development and implementation. Bowman is also consulting in the fireworks and explosives industry, with extensive direct experience with the industry in the People's Republic of China. Bowman served as a firefighter/paramedic on the Bucyrus City Fire Department and was also the Explosives and Pyrotechnics Administrator for the State Fire Marshall's Office in Ohio.

William E. Brobst
Currently, Brobst is an Adjunct Instructor with the National Center of Excellence for Environmental Management at The University of Findlay. He is also a Captain with the Columbus, Ohio Fire Department. Brobst is involved with the development and presentation of courses in emergency response to terrorism, incident command system, confined space entry and rescue, and emergency response operations training at the awareness, operations, and technician levels per the requirements of OSHA regulations. Brobst developed The University of Findlay's first Response to Terrorism course, which was focused primarily toward first responders.

Leonard A. Hall
Hall is currently the President and CEO of Hall & Associates, Inc., a duly licensed Investigation & Security Consulting firm, with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Hall is a respected lecturer, and is responsible for sponsoring and organizing training seminars in security matters for law enforcement, the private investigation sector and the executives who employ them. Mr. Hall personally supervises all Workplace Violence Investigations and the Workplace Violence training conducted by the firm. Mr. Hall has over twenty years Investigative and Consulting experience, while coordinating investigations Federal, State, and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies. He is a former Police Officer and is certified as an instructor by the Police Officer's Training Council. He is also an active member and former Chairman of the Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security.

Rick Colliver
Mr. Colliver is currently employed by the Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories and has been since 1985. He has also served as a reserve officer with several law enforcement organizations since leaving fulltime police work in 1981. He is a former Certified Protection Professional, Certified Fraud Examiner and law enforcement instructor. Mr. Colliver is a dynamic and fast paced lecturer whose career in protective services spans more than twenty years. His programs include topics in executive protection, workplace violence, RF Communication Systems, physical security and financial investigations. He has taught members of the military, law enforcement, public safety and private sector organizations.

Health/Medical Community Market

Kelly Burkholder-Allen, RN, MS Ed.
Burkholder-Allen is currently a Nurse Consultant with Burkholder, Delo, Baumgartner: Medical Document Review. She has also spent many years as a Staff Nurse or Assistant Nurse Manager in emergency rooms in several hospitals in Louisiana, Maryland, and Ohio. She is also the Deputy Commander for the OH-1 Disaster Medical Assistant Team in Toledo, Ohio as well as the Chair Elect for the National Association of Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.

Paul P. Rega, MD, F.A.C.E.P.
Dr. Rega is currently a certified Emergency Physician with the Toledo Hospital/Toledo Children's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Rega is the Projects Coordinator, EMS Liaison and Risk Manager with the Toledo Hospital Emergency Center. He is also the Medical Supervisor for the Toledo Disaster Medical Assistance Team (NDMS), and in this capacity has responded to both Hurricane Andrew and Marilyn as well as to the Red River Floods in North Dakota. Dr. Rega has also developed a manual called Bio-terry, which is used by ER Doctors to determine the potential contaminant in the event of a bioterrorist attack.

Cindy Reagan-Kuhr
Reagan-Kuhr is currently employed by the Ohio Victim Witness Association and is headquartered at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. Her primary responsibility is directing services to victims and survivors of violent crimes. She is also a Co-Coordinator for the Ohio Crisis Response Team, and is associated with NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance). As a team member of NOVA, she responded to the Paducah, Kentucky school shootings, and the Birmingham, Alabama bombings. She has provided training to law enforcement and other judicial advocates on issues involving victim sensitivity, Adult Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse, and Terrorism: the Aftermath.

Michael "Mac" McNulty
McNulty is currently the Manager of the Environmental, Safety, and Health Consulting Services with the National Center of Excellence for Environmental Management at The University of Findlay. McNulty is involved in the development of and instruction in environmental and safety programs primarily for hospitals, industrial clients, local emergency planning committees, and emergency management associations. He is also involved with the administration of OSHA and EPA compliance facility audits. McNulty has over 19 years experience in the fields of chemistry, environmental, safety, and health.

by funeral directors nz (aju.singh19enetspark [at]
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