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Baby Killing Lies and the 1991 Gulf War

by Rene
How war profiteers orchestrated a singly monstrous lie against Saddam Hussein order to brainwash Americans into supporting the 1991 Gulf war.
With billions of bucks at their disposal the Kuwaiti government, with the help of a NY PR firm, phony witnesses, the mainstream media, war mongering politicians, the U.S.-Israeli propaganda machine and other various war profiteers, were able to completely deceived the American people. To date, no one has ever been charged for this terrible crime. The sad facts follow:

by Andrew F. Smith
This guide was partially funded by the United States Institute for Peace and the Longview Foundation.

The Incubator Baby Incident

READING 18A: Incubator Baby Incident
The London Daily Telegraph, on September 5, 1990, reported the claim by the exiled Kuwaiti housing minister, Yahya al-Sumait, that "babies in the premature unit of one hospital had been removed from their incubators so that these, too, could be carried off." The story was repeated on Reuters, an electronic press service. Two days later the Los Angeles Times published the Reuters story about the atrocity accounts of a San Francisco woman identified as "Cindy" and her traveling companion "Rudy" who had been evacuated from occupied Kuwait. "Iraqis are . . . taking hospital equipment, babies out of incubators. Life-support systems are turned off."

READING18B: Nayirah's Testimony
On October 10, 1990, the congressional Human Rights Caucus provided an opportunity for Amnesty International to present their evidence against Iraq on Capitol Hill. The Caucus is not a committee of Congress and therefore does not require that a witness take an oath. An anonymous fifteen year old "Nayirah" allegedly a Kuwaiti with first hand knowledge of the crimes witnessed by "Cindy" from San Francisco. Nayirah reportedly could not give her last name because of fear of reprisals against her family. She testified tearfully:

"I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital. While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where 15 babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die. It was horrifying."

All major television networks, CNN and many local television stations replayed this testimony. Many newspapers reported on the hearing, and offer Nayirah's testimony.

READING 18C: President Bush
President Bush watched the hearings of the congressional Human Rights Caucus. In these hearings "Nayirah" reported on the Iraqis taking baby incubators in Kuwait. He was delighted with them. On October 15, 1990, President Bush reported that he had met with the Emir of Kuwait, who had told the President horrible tales about "newborn babies thrown out of incubators and the incubators then being shipped to Baghdad." He referred to the story five more times during the next five weeks, once in an interview with David Frost

READING 18D: The U.N. Security Council
On November 27, 1990, the U. N. Security Council heard "Dr. Issah Ibrahim," who explained that after the Iraqis took over "the hardest thing was burying the babies. Under my supervision, 120 newborn babies were buried the second week of the invasion. I myself buried 40 newborn babies that had been taken from their incubators by soldiers." An unidentified Kuwaiti refugee supported the testimony. The next day newspapers all over America reported on the testimony of this witness.

READING 18E: Middle East Watch's Report
Middle East Watch, a New York based human rights group, also pursued these reports. They cited a Dr. Ahmed al-Shatti who related the stories of Iraqi torture at a press conference in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, on October 14, 1990. The doctor was unable to document his claims, but other physicians gave similar reports. A Kuwaiti physician, Dr. Ali al-Hawil, said that between 60 to 70 babies had died in the Kuwait City maternity hospital after soldiers dismantled the premature-babies unit. He claimed that he and his colleagues buried 50 babies on August 20.

READING 18F: Amnesty International's Report
On December 19, 1990, Amnesty International published an 84-page report on the Human Rights violations in occupied Kuwait. The report stated, "In addition, over 300 premature babies were reported to have died after Iraqi soldiers removed them from incubators, which were then looted." The report cited three supports for this allegation. First, it reported that an unnamed Red Crescent doctor as saying that 312 premature babies at Maternity Hospital in al Sabah Medical Complex died after being taken from incubators and that he personally had buried 72. Second, the report also quoted the previous statement made before the Human Right Caucus offered by the anonymous fifteen year old "Nayirah." Third, the report mentioned a woman who had quadruplets at al Razi Hospital, who had gone home and then returned to find them out of their incubators. They died a day later at home. On January 8, 1991, U.S. executive director of Amnesty International reported the story in testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

READING 18G: Additional Support
On January 8, 1991, Stephen Solaraz, a leading Democrat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, quoted verbatim the Amnesty International Report on this story. On the following day President Bush cited the Amnesty International Report in a letter sent to campus newspapers all over the country. In the Senate, six senators specifically cited the baby incubator story in their speeches supporting the resolution to give President Bush power to use American forces in Kuwait. On February 15, Vice President Dan Quayle declared in a speech that, "There are pictures Saddam doesn't want us to see. Pictures of premature babies in Kuwait that were tossed out of their incubators and left to die."

Third World Traveler Suffer the Little Children:
PR and Lies in Kuwait

exerpted from the book
Toxic Sludge Is Good For You:
Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry

"The Torturers' Lobby"
by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton
Every big media event needs what journalists and flacks alike refer to as "the hook." An ideal hook becomes the central element of a story that makes it newsworthy, evokes a strong emotional response and sticks in the memory. In the case of the Gulf War, the "hook" was invented by Hill & Knowlton. In style, substance and mode of delivery, it bore an uncanny resemblance to England's World War I hearings that accused German soldiers of killing babies.

On October 10, 1990, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill which provided the first opportunity for formal presentations of Iraqi human rights violations. Outwardly, the hearing resembled an official congressional proceeding, but appearances were deceiving. In reality, the Human Rights Caucus. chaired by California Democrat Tom Lantos and Illinois Republican John Porter, was simply an association of politicians. Lantos and Porter were also co-chairs of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, a legally separate entity that occupied free office space valued at $3,000 a year in Hill & Knowlton's Washington, DC office Notwithstanding its congressional trappings, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus served as another Hill & Knowlton front group which-like all front groups-used a noble-sounding name to disguise its true purpose.

Only a few astute observers noticed the hypocrisy in Hill & Knowlton's use of the term "human rights." One of those observers was John MacArthur, author of The Second Front, which remains the best book written about the manipulation of the news media during the Gulf War. In the fall of 1990, MacArthur reported, Hill & Knowlton's Washington switchboard was simultaneously fielding calls for the Human Rights Foundation and for "government representatives of Indonesia, another H&K client. Like H&K client Turkey, Indonesia is a practitioner of naked aggression, having seized . . . the former Portuguese colony of East Timor in 1975. Since the annexation of East Timor, the Indonesian government has killed, by conservative estimate, about 100,000 inhabitants of the region.''

MacArthur also noticed another telling detail about the October 1990 hearings: "The Human Rights Caucus is not a committee of congress, and therefore it is unencumbered by the legal accouterments that would make a witness hesitate before he or she lied . . Lying under oath in front of a congressional committee is a crime; Iying from under the cover of anonymity to a caucus is merely public relations."

In fact, the most emotionally moving testimony on October 10 came from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah. According to the Caucus, Nayirah's full name was being kept confidential to prevent Iraqi reprisals against her family in occupied Kuwait. Sobbing, she described what she had seen with her own eyes in a hospital in Kuwait City. Her written testimony was passed out in a media kit prepared by Citizens for a Free Kuwait. "I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital," Nayirah said. "While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die."

Three months passed between Nayirah's testimony and the start of the war. During those months, the story of babies torn from their incubators was repeated over and over again. President Bush told the story. It was recited as fact in Congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council. "Of all the accusations made against the dictator," MacArthur observed, none had more impact on American public opinion than the one about Iraqi soldiers removing 312 babies from their incubators and leaving them to die on the cold hospital floors of Kuwait City."

At the Human Rights Caucus, however, Hill & Knowlton and Congressman Lantos had failed to reveal that Nayirah was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait's Ambassador to the US, who sat listening in the hearing room during her testimony. The Caucus also failed to reveal that H&K vice president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah in what even the Kuwaitis' own investigators later confirmed was false testimony.

If Nayirah's outrageous lie had been exposed at the time it was told, it might have at least caused some in Congress and the news media to soberly reevaluate the extent to which they were being skillfully manipulated to support military action. Public opinion was deeply divided on Bush's Gulf policy. As late as December 1990, a New York Times/CBS News poll indicated that 48 percent of the American people wanted Bush to wait before taking any action if Iraq failed to withdraw from Kuwait by Bush's January 15 deadline. On January 12, the US Senate voted by a narrow, five-vote margin to support the Bush administration in a declaration of war. Given the narrowness of the vote, the babies-thrown-from-incubators story may have turned the tide in Bush's favor.

Following the war, human rights investigators attempted to confirm Nayirah's story and could find no witnesses or other evidence to support it. Amnesty International, which had fallen for the story, was forced to issue an embarrassing retraction. Nayirah herself was unavailable for comment. "This is the first allegation I've had that she was the ambassador's daughter," said Human Rights Caucus co-chair John Porter. "Yes, I think people . . . were entitled to know the source of her testimony." When journalists for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation asked Nasir al-Sabah for permission to question Nayirah about her story, the ambassador angrily refused.

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You:
Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry
by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

Note by Rene: When the lie first surfaced a majority in Congess did not favor war. It started on January 17, 1991.


by Karen
Is it unlikely that the CIA and Mossad did not know about this lie. Is it possible that they did not give the info to Bush and Quaile? Did they and other war loving politicians knowingly repeat the lie?

What lies do the anti-Arab racist war lovers have in store for the next war against Iraq? It's all sick.
by danny t

your saddam is building elaborate palaces to soothe his defeated heart. some reports say he's actually eating the children who are dieing. while you ache for him i think its important for you to know that right now he is doing just fine.

nearly none of the victimized peoples of iraq are getting any of the support that gets through. so fear not a successful uprising against him.

when the bombs begin to fall it is again unlikely he will be killed. so fear not. your man will likely live a long fruitful life.

by Pat Kincaid (laughter [at]
Does anyone think the UN voted to fight Iraq because of that bit of propaganda?

It's true that the incubator stuff was made up - so what? It's also true that Iraq attempted to take-over and annex a UN member state. (they called it 'province 19').

If the UN didn't act against that, it really should have packed up and gone home.

BTW - something true but not very much reported is that Iraq abducted hundreds of Kuwaiti men and very few of them have ever been seen again. Iraq has refused to provide an accounting of them - another violation of the agreement that stopped the war.

by Nikos
Transcript of Meeting Between Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie. - July 25, 1990 (Eight days before the August 2, 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait).

July 25, 1990 - Presidential Palace - Baghdad

U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - I have direct instructions from President Bush to improve our relations with Iraq. We have considerable sympathy for your quest for higher oil prices, the immediate cause of your confrontation with Kuwait. (pause) As you know, I lived here for years and admire your extraordinary efforts to rebuild your country. We know you need funds. We understand that, and our opinion is that you should have the opportunity to rebuild your country. (pause) We can see that you have deployed massive numbers of troops in the south. Normally that would be none of our business, but when this happens in the context of your threats against Kuwait, then it would be reasonable for us to be concerned. For this reason, I have received an instruction to ask you, in the spirit of friendship - not confrontation - regarding your intentions: Why are your troops massed so very close to Kuwait's borders?

Saddam Hussein - As you know, for years now I have made every effort to reach a settlement on our dispute with Kuwait. There is to be a meeting in two days; I am prepared to give negotiations only this one more brief chance. (pause) When we (the Iraqis) meet (with the Kuwaitis) and we see there is hope, then nothing will happen. But if we are unable to find a solution, then it will be natural that Iraq will not accept death.

U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - What solutions would be acceptable?

Saddam Hussein - If we could keep the whole of the Shatt al Arab - our strategic goal in our war with Iran - we will make concessions (to the Kuwaitis). But, if we are forced to choose between keeping half of the Shatt and the whole of Iraq (i.e., in SaddamÕs view, including Kuwait) then we will give up all of the Shatt to defend our claims on Kuwait to keep the whole of Iraq in the shape we wish it to be. (pause) What is the United States' opinion on this?

U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - We have no opinion on your Arab - Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960's, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America. (Saddam smiles)

On August 2, 1990 four days later, Saddam's massed troops invade and occupy Kuwait.

* * *

Baghdad, September 2, 1990, U.S. Embassy

One month later, British journalist obtain the the above tape and transcript of the Saddam - Glaspie meeting of July 29, 1990. Astounded, they confront Ms. Glaspie as she leaves the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Journalist 1 - Are the transcripts (holding them up) correct, Madam Ambassador?

(Ambassador Glaspie does not respond)

Journalist 2 - You knew Saddam was going to invade (Kuwait) but you didn't warn him not to. You didn't tell him America would defend Kuwait. You told him the opposite - that America was not associated with Kuwait.

Journalist 1 - You encouraged this aggression - his invasion. What were you thinking?

U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - Obviously, I didn't think, and nobody else did, that the Iraqis were going to take all of Kuwait.

Journalist 1 - You thought he was just going to take some of it? But, how could you? Saddam told you that, if negotiations failed, he would give up his Iran (Shatt al Arab waterway) goal for the Whole of Iraq, in the shape we wish it to be. You know that includes Kuwait, which the Iraqis have always viewed as an historic part of their country!

Journalist 1 - American green-lighted the invasion. At a minimum, you admit signaling Saddam that some aggression was okay - that the U.S. would not oppose a grab of the al-Rumeilah oil field, the disputed border strip and the Gulf Islands (including Bubiyan) - the territories claimed by Iraq?

(Ambassador Glaspie says nothing as a limousine door closed behind her and the car drives off.)
by Jonestown
I don't really understand your point Nikos.
Is it that it was all right for Saddam to invade Kuwait since the US indicated it wouldnt' oppose it?

Pat's point was that Saddam's invasion of Kuwait was wrong. I don't think you addressed that.

Do you think Saddam was right to invade Kuwait? Yes or No?

If No, what do you think should have been done?

by Len
Some scumbags thinks it's OK for our government to lie to us anytime a war will boost their poll ratings.

Pat, I think if you read the article again, it was not just a little bit of propaganda. When the lie first came out, the majority of the American people were not in favor of that war. Except for a few warmongers, virtually all of the Democratic party was against the war.

But, how many politicians could resist not voting for a war against a vicious baby killer? Through history, lies have preceeded wars. Perhaps, we will have the Saddam baby-eating lie this time around.
by James believe every Iraqi myth?
by Tim Thomas
and so too is 'Historic Palestine' a British myth. Add Trans-Jordan (Jordan!) to that list as well.
by WeiBing
While we're refusing to produce evidence,
Any proof that Kuwait "hired Iran to fight off Iran expansion" in the same manner as someone hiring a day labourer?

Sometimes I think people are too obsessed with making US look bad to the extent that enemies of my enemy are wonderful people.

US doesn't need help in looking bad. I am surprised at the apologists for Saddam on this site.

I'm also surprised at justification for invasions. Polish government in the late 1930's was repressive but I don't think that justified Hitler's invasion.

There is very very few if any justification for invasions of neighbors and certainly not being paid (if that's the case) for fighting someone else (who in any case would have to march through Iraq to get to Kuwait) is not one of those reasons.

Nessie, I'm also surprised to see your statement that oil (slant drilling) justifies invasion. Bush uses that excuse too. Perhaps you wrote a bit too quickly.

by WeiBing
Try this site on just war and see if Saddam met these requirements for a just war on Kuwait.
by weibing

Your post makes it sound like its OK to invade a country if the Brits made the borders.

Let's just say we'll agree to disagree on this one.

1) the oil thieft is still in dispute. And I don't think theft alone is enough to justify this invasion.

2) the payment question is murkier after your write up. As stated many people paid some money to Iraq,

In any case I dont' think these things - even if true - justify attacking a neighbor. You may live in the jungle and like it. I lived there for a while (PRC) and found I didn't like it.

If my neighbor stills my hose or refuses to payback $10, I don't burn his house and beat up his family. Maybe I'm just not a 'real man'.
by Isome
Who are you nessie? I truly like your style!

If you don't mind, I'd like to quote you to some of the mindless warmongers I am forced to work with ... here on my branch of the tree. :o)
by the "progressive" left
Kuwait owed millions to Iraq?

Ok lets clear some history up, Kuwait did provide financing and loans to Iraq during the long Iraq-Iran war. Although they had generous interest and repayment terms, make no mistake about it, it was Iraq that owed billions to Kuwait, and chooses invasion rather than repayment. The same thing most bullies would do if they owed a lot of money to some small rich little kid.

Anyway, the root cause of the Iraq-Iran war, can be traced back right to the United States, government, who having recently lost Persia to an Islamic revolt, was hampering for some payback, and made the truly American design that Saddam, a mid-east Stalinist type dictator was better than a Ayatollah, a regions zealous dictator. Offered Iraq weapons and chemical weapons, you know the ones we are looking for now.
So the American government is right in saying that Iraq has at least chemical weapons they have not account for, or have been found yet by the UN inspectors, however saying how you know this would not be politically wise.
Believe it of not it is actually not that hard to talk dictators into war, it is sort of like a sport to them, especially a man like Saddam, who fashions himself as Saddin and wants to unite all the Muslims nations. Iraq invaded, (simple or is you prefer your history, Poland attacked a German radio station in 1939, and Germany was forced to defend itself. Iraq in the first year almost achieved a decisive victory. Then US got scared that Saddam might become too powerful, and started to secretly support Iran. Thus insuring a complete stalemate for 8 years and millions of useless deaths on both sides. {my first boss was an Iranian tank commander, which provided me with an interesting insight into war, at least from the average Iranian perspective.}

There is a good example of bad US foreign policy is action. Ironically enough it is indirect US policy that kills many more people than the direct military action which is always protested while true humanitarian disasters go on unnoticed. I don't remember hearing or seeing any huge anti-war rallies to stop the Iran-Iraq war.
Therefore the new progressive left is content to allow the US to create problems but against any type of active solutions to problems it has already indirectly or directly created. Thus insuring a continuation of the vary thing the left claims to be against. See no evil hear no evil talk no evil, then there is no evil right? They our only against this war because it presents a clear picture that there is still evil in the world, something they would prefer to ignore.
by Shimshim
Fresca or whatever your name is,

It seems to me you have some serious animosity and hatred that needs to be controlled.

They have really good anger management programs set up for people such as yourself, you should try it out. Maybe all that anger that built up inside of you due to the fact that your mother never really paid any attention to you because she was too drunk and passed out in her trailor park home.

You should really learn how to express yourself in a more nice and civilized way, well I guess you'd have to attend grade 3 for that one, and as it seems you never got passed grade 1.

Take care.
by ?
Im confused, what does this mean?
by truthteller
nessie, you are spreading another Iraqi fable.

Kuwait is a counry, an emirate, that is 300 years old, older than USA.
Iraq was constructed after the ottoman empire collapsed by France and Britain.
You buy iraqi propoganda when you assert Kuwait is also a myth. hogwash!
Kuwait as a country has far more history than Iraq.

Also the April Glaspie *disproves* the lie that Bush gave any sort of green light to invasion. *Clearly* it was a discussion of border disputes and not the swallowing of a whole country, and the claim of "whole of Iraq" as "Iraq+Kuwait" is patent sliminess by Saddam.
This claims are wholy untrue and without any justification, just as Saddam's claims against Iran were baseless and opportunistic. He was greedy for the oil and power, that is all.

The only thing you can accuse the US, in July 1991, of being is unprepared for the magnitude of saddam's aggression.
by Kaneda2112 (mkojder [at]
It's true that Iraq owed alot of money to Kuwait, but I think it's mostly US meddling in the region that has caused this mess...taken from the CBC history of the conflict:

"By the 1970s, Iraq had been under military rule for 20 years. By then, no matter who was the official leader, the man behind the throne was Saddam Hussein. In 1979, he put an end to the charade and took sole power himself, purging his few remaining rivals.

That was the year of Iran's revolution. With the Shah replaced by a radically anti-American government, the U.S. suddenly focused its attention on Iraq. For the next decade, billions of dollars in aid poured in. As well as weapons, Iraq was also given the technology to establish a respectable communications network and industrial base.

A major American motivation for aid to Iraq during this period was the Iran-Iraq War started by Saddam in 1980. Though the border between the countries remained unchanged, the fighting cost some one million lives and shattered the economies of both nations.

By 1988, the U.S. could take comfort in the knowledge that its erstwhile client, Iran, had lost its impressive military capacity, and a strong and pliable regime had emerged in Baghdad.

Everything changed in 1990. It was in that year that Saddam Hussein renewed his nation's threat to Kuwait. This time it was not about territory, but money.

The Iran-Iraq war had been largely financed by the oil-rich gulf states, especially Kuwait. Now that the war was over, Kuwait demanded its loans be paid back. What's more, the price of oil, which had provided Iraq with most of its income, was low. Saddam accused Kuwait of deliberately flooding the market to pressure Iraq.

Apparently the United States told Iraq it was not officially interested in the issue. Saddam Hussein took this to mean he had a free hand in dealing with his grievances, so on August 2, 1990, he invaded Kuwait, his troops easily overrunning the little country. The United Nations condemned the action and, in a series of resolutions, not only imposed a complete blockade on Iraq but authorized member states to reverse the invasion by any means.

The U.S. took it from there, engaging in a military and diplomatic frenzy that resulted in a multinational force composed of several NATO countries including Britain, France and Canada, as well as neighbouring Arab states previously hostile to the U.S. Even former Warsaw Pact countries sent in units.

Gulf War
When the UN deadline for Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait expired on January 15, 1991, the coalition launched a massive attack on Iraq. The American air forces employed their most advanced Cold War technologies to destroy Iraq's air defence network, and from then on owned the skies.

Due to American military control of information, people outside Iraq saw only pinpoint, surgical strikes from "smart" bombs and missiles. However, the reality was quite different; the vast majority of air strikes were carried out using old-fashioned unguided bombs. In total, the equivalent of seven Hiroshima bombs hit Iraq, killing some 100,000 people, mostly members of the military. In addition, tens of thousands of deaths were attributed to less direct results of the bombing, including many from disease and malnutrition.

When the ground war began Iraqi forces crumpled in the face of American hammer-blows. By the time the fighting stopped on February 28, 1991, not only had Iraqi forces been thrown from Kuwait, they had been nearly annihilated. And Iraq itself was starving and in ruins.

After the war, UN weapons inspectors were dispatched to Iraq. Their mission was to locate all stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, and the means of producing them.

Soon after the shooting had stopped, it emerged that Iraq had spent years secretly trying to produce atomic, biological and chemical (ABC) weapons. It had used chemical weapons, the cheapest of the three, in 1988 against a Kurdish uprising. But nuclear and biological weapons are much more expensive and difficult to develop, and were not yet complete.

It also emerged that Iraq had not worked on these weapons in a vacuum. Many Western companies had provided technology not only for these programs, but for ballistic missile development as well. "

by Truth
You write this as though you have proof it did not happen. However you offer no proof whatsoever. You state a relationship the 15 yr old girl may have implies it did not happen - why should this mean it did not happen?? It looks like yours is just another "allegation".

by qc86
You say it is not about oil, it is about theft. Yet you still provide ZERO evidence to back up this claim.

It is amazing. Some people want to make it look like Saddam was the great benevolent leader who was taken down by other leaders who were hell bent on his destruction for no reason.. Hell, this entire indymedia site, and the whole existence of indymedia is bullshit. definitely not indy. They should call it "Americabadmedia." Seriously, if it is so bad, and has been for decades, why on earth would these people continue to live here? Seems stupid.
World dominated financial insane lobbies and their cheaper EU&Australian puppet recruitments&donated by the fake radio, library etc. files...

- Comrade Brian tells "USraeli power in AUSraelia"... This tv documentary clip's
been broadcasted on 22 July 2003
- Let's watch it!..
- Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Mo$$ad agent and now best-selling author,
became internationally famous in 1990 when he published his first book By Way of
Deception, which documented the outrages committed by the Israeli secret

The Mo$$ad, considered by intelligence experts to be the most ruthless spy
agency in the world, doesn't take kindly to defectors, and Ostrovsky's life has
been in danger ever since he went public with his first blockbuster book.

Last year Ostrovsky brought out his second explosive expose The Other Side of
Deception, creating a furore in the Zionist state when excerpts were published
in the largest Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

Over the years there have been claims and counter-claims of Mossad involvement
in Australia. The Israeli secret service prefers to operate well away from the
spotlight of publicity. In this exclusive interview New Dawn asked the
courageous whistle blower, Victor Ostrovsky about his books, the current
situation in the Middle East, the powerful U.S. Israeli lobby, and Mo$$ad links
in Australia.

New Dawn: As the author of two best selling books on the Mossad, can you provide
a brief outline of what led to your efforts to expose the machinations of the
Israeli secret service?

Ostrovsky: I believe in my second book The Other Side of Deception I explained
what brought this action. I joined with a group of people to bring an end to the
actions of the Mo$$ad. I wanted to stop the Mo$$ad's uses and abuses of the
Israeli and outside Jewish communities. The sad thing is many people who are
suffering from the Mossad's abuse of power, also support it.

New Dawn: What was the reaction of the Israeli government and the Israeli lobby
worldwide to the revelations in your first book By Way of Deception?

Ostrovsky: Interesting. The Mo$$ad desperately wanted to buy time. In response
to questions in the [Israeli] Knesset, the Mo$$ad admitted they wanted to buy
time to stop the publication of By Way of Deception so they could kidnap me.
Thus, even if the book were published, there would be no author available to
back up, verify and promote its contents. The Mossad in kidnapping Mordechai
Vanunu and putting him away in jail, stopped him from elaborating his story. The
Israeli government attempted to legally stop the book from being published.
However, they found it practically impossible to fulfil, what was essentially,
Mossad's request. Jewish communities around the world reacted to the book as
told to by the Israeli government. Actually, the organised Jewish communities
have no opinion of their own - they are driven communities - told what to think.
They respond accordingly. It's sad.

New Dawn: From our experience here in Australia, whenever an individual or
organisation speaks out against Mo$$ad activities or Israeli actions, they are
immediately branded an 'anti-Semite', 'lunatic', or 'right-wing extremist'...

Ostrovsky: Well, this is a modus operandi. This is how the Mossad activates all
its forces or groupies to stop any activities against them. This is what the ADL
[Anti-Defamation League] does regularly. Of course, they are well connected with
the media and a lot of media rely on their financial support.

Also a misconception is formed through the use of these terms - if somebody is
against the policies of the Israeli government, it means they're anti-Israel,
not an anti-Semite. An anti-Semite is an ugly person who hates a group of people
because of their origin. Anti-Israel can be equated with being anti-Chinese,
anti-South Africa, etc. There is a big difference here. People have the right to
disagree with the policies of countries.

New Dawn: In April this year you were interviewed on ABC Radio about your latest
book The Other Side of Deception. You commented that "a lot of the segments of
the Australian secret service report first to Mossad."

Ostrovsky: Here we are dealing with operandi. Look at Vanunu's case. Australian
intelligence agencies immediately told the Mo$$ad about Vanunu [when Vanunu was
in Australia just before his kidnapping]. Why? They admit it. It's not a secret.
Australian intelligence agencies have people directly linked to the Mo$$ad -
they work with them. Usually it's people on the mid-level who will be liaising
with the Mo$$ad, and will pass everything on. The Mossad will make an
intelligence request, and the Australian intelligence services will give. They
view it from the perspective that Israel is a Western country, so why not help?

New Dawn: In the same interview you said that the Mossad goes into Jewish
communities around the world and uses them as a resource. Is this happening in

Ostrovsky: Of course it does. It happens everywhere. But they don't like to
admit it. To give an example, when an Israeli 'celebrity' comes to visit and
speak at a Jewish community function or the like, you'll find all these local
people checking for bombs, doing the security, etc. Where do you think they got
their training? Look in my first book [By Way of Deception] to discover in
detail what I'm saying.... The Mossad gives instructions to all [Israeli]
lobbies over the world, so you're not unique in any way.

New Dawn: What about Mo$$ad activities in the Asia/Pacific region?

Ostrovsky: I think it's generally friendly territory. There's no real need for
the Mossad to play a major role while the situation stays as it is. They do have
a lot of companies which are used for deep cover activities. The Mossad is very
well entrenched in Indonesia and Japan. In fact, they're in Indonesia with the
knowledge of the government, and with their permission.

New Dawn: Given the changes in the Middle East since the 1991 Gulf War, what
role does the Mossad currently play in both regional and international affairs?

Ostrovsky: Put simply - doing everything it can to stop the Middle East peace

New Dawn: A number of fearless, 'dissident' Jewish writers such as Alfred
Lilienthal, Noam Chomsky and Israel Shahak document the special relationship
between Israel and the U.S. How does the Mossad influence U.S. foreign policy,
particularly as it relates to the Middle East?

Ostrovsky: Money, money, money. They obtain vast sums of money from the United
States, only to use it to buy politicians - and not just in the United States,
it happens everywhere. What's an honest politician? One that's once bought,
stays bought!

New Dawn: In your 1990 book By Way of Deception you wrote that the "Zionist
dream" has degenerated into the "present day nightmare". Would you care to
elaborate on this degeneration and the current state of Israeli affairs? Do you
see any positive developments on the horizon?

Ostrovsky: In fact, I think there's a change for the better. We have a very
courageous government in Israel, but it's really a funny situation. The former
governments of Israel created a monster in the diaspora [dispersed Jews who
haven't returned to the Israeli state]. The diaspora had been told that things
are really bad, and they reacted accordingly in supporting, financially and
otherwise, Israeli government policies.

Now, the current Israeli government says peace is possible, and the same Jewish
communities who had fed them so much have turned against them. Now the diaspora
communities are trying to stop Israeli government efforts for peace, so it's
quite a futile situation.

[And] we have the messianics and right-wingers, especially those on the West
Bank - which is occupied territory - in Israel pushing for a 'Greater Israel'.
These people use the outside Jewish communities to pressure the Israeli
government into give into their demands.

New Dawn: Finally, what can the individual do to help focus world public
attention on the Mossad's destructive activities?

Ostrovsky: Yes, individuals can do a lot. Write about it, talk about it, ask


- ...and the EU?
- E.U. under Zionist conspiracy; any chosen Democratical E.U. Institutions have
been targeted, commented FM Channel - A bite wrong... Not only EU nor
Ausraelia, I would like to add any other countries... - Wait, wait!... Just a
minute!.. Did you watch the tv Independent Laponia channels special documentary
programme? I recorded it for you... - Start, Comrade!.. Let's listen!..
- Crisis; EU confrontation The Zionist Fascism / Provocation/corruption.... FM
Channel did its collection with all kind of fraud... There are enough matters on
the fake democracy scenes... - I heard the related programmes last
week... Laponian tv shows similarly documentaries for example "the Financial
Criminal Lobbies & dirty affairs & collaborators"... - Only single one
magazine showed civil courage to give place its own readers... According to
editor the immigrants have many rich sources but all the members living in a
strange fear...for example DDKD organization been sold.. In the beginning DDKD
explained many matters and we read first on its Internet pages, like collaborative lobbies... - The
representative profiles afraid of missing the sponsors... - I have any
selected records... - Let's listen!.. - Mo$$ad's second class
staff,traitorous immigrants, who were been declared as "political travesti":
(This group is on duty specially against the IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES outside of
KURDISTAN/ ARMENIA but they have a serie missions for example in Australia,
Scandinavia and in the occupied territories of Middle East...
- Redaction got a list on the new INTERNATIONAL CORRUPTION NETWORK, (This list
copied from Nedim's so-called "Lobbyverksamhet Träffpunkt on the Island
Skeppsholmen, which labelled as false Kurdiska Bibl.) and here; the "cheapest"
collaborators: Hawar ACKBLAD, Hüsamettin ASLAN, M. Siddik AVCI, Mümtaz AYDIN,
Hüseyin ALDUR, Nihat AKAR, Nezir AKAT, Uzeyir AL, Ata ALA, Eyüp ALACABEY, Aziz
ALIS, Kutbettin ALIS, Süleyman ALIS, M. Ali ALP, Kovan AMEDI, Mustafa AYDOGAN,
Sait AYDOGMUS, Selim BAKAC, Sükran BAKAL, Dilo BALIN, Taner BAYRAK, Belengaz
BELGE, Sidik BOZARSLAN, Sermin BOZARSLAN, Kemal BURKAY, Selim CAN, Muzaffer
COSKUN, Serefhan CIZIRI (retired by Swedish authorities, works now in Kurdistan
for Western interests), Mustafa CIZIRI, Yusuf CIZIRI, Vakas CELIK (he is
candidat of KPML-revolutinary party during 2002 elections-!!!- although he
signed against revolutinaries), Nedim DAGDEVIREN (Chief actor to organize Neo
Zinost Kurds), Mehmed DEHSIWAR, Salih DEMIR, Süleyman DEMIR, Sofi DEMIR, Cemil
ERTAS, Ali ERTAS, Bawer ESER, Bube ESER, Yasar GELERI, Aram GERNAS, Ahmet
GEZICI, Bilal GÖRGÜ, Abdurrahman GUNDIKI, A. Selam GÜVEN, Seyithan IMRAK, Keya
IZOL Swedish Kurd officiallly chief organizer, most supported organizer by the
Western authoroties), Atila KALKAN, Mustafa KALPAK, Mazhar KAPLAN, Hursid
KAYA, Remzi KERIM, Haci KILICASLAN, Seyh Mahmut KULAKSIZ, M. Ali KUT, Yüksel
KÜCÜKOBA, Mahmud LEWENDI, Mahani LICOK, MAMOSTE (he uses codes... true name is:
Mehmet Tayfun), Selim MURAT, M. Emin NAROZI, Firat NEMRUD, Yasar OGUZ, Fahri
ÖLCER, Resat ÖNEN, Zeynelabidin ÖZALP, Sidik ÖZCIRIS, Hatip ÖZER, Orhan ÖZER, H.
ÖZTÜRK, Lales QASO, Ceko PAKGÜL, Bave REWSEN, Riza POLAT, Lokman POLAT, Serdar
TAYFUN (code; MALMISANIJ), Mehmet TOPRAK, Sakir TUTAL, Erol TÜMEN, Hüseyin
UCMAZ, Ismet UZUN, Halid XOCA, Sükrü XOCA, Burhan YILDIZ, Selahattin YILDIZ,
Mustafa YILMAZ, Arif ZEREVAN, Sores ZIREK etc. and this group started
P.S.K.-Sweden too as traitorous Neo-Zion Kurds' communique center. Its e-post:
psk [at], kurdis6065 [at], cooperates with KDP files:
kdplebanon [at], ...and cooperated with PADEK: info [at]
...cooperates with Yekiti: yekiti [at]
- Plays on the Australian scenes? - Second "pilot area" is Australia
K.D.P. in AUSTRALIA: Those traitors cooperate around of the
Australian/Kurdish/Jew propagand Channel Radio SBS. This radio service is net
worked from Sydney and Melbourne and broadcasts to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra,
Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Wollongong, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Young. SBS
Radio was set up in 1975 by the Commonwealth Government to promote the launch of
Medibank, broadcasting in a number of languages, in Sydney and Melbourne. Today,
Sydney and Melbourne are each served by an AM and FM station which daily
broadcasts 18 hours of language programmes starting at 6 am and 6 hours of music
overnight from midnight. SBS broadcasts in 68 languages. They explain: "Our
major languages (including English) broadcast twice daily, seven days a week,
while our smallest language groups may broadcast one hour a week. ...
Altogether, SBS Radio employs more than 400 full- and part-time, permanent and
temporary staff throughout Australia.... Where we come from? -SBS Radio's
beginnings were modest. In June 1975, two small experimental radio stations were
set up in Sydney and Melbourne to inform people from non-English speaking
backgrounds about changes to the health system. Initially known by the call
signs 2EA and 3EA, we began by broadcasting in seven languages in Sydney and
eight in Melbourne. ...By 1985, SBS Radio was broadcasting in more than 50
languages. The criteria for the allocation of broadcast times and frequency were
determined after extensive nation-wide community consultations. The five main
criteria are: the numbers of people who speak a particular language in any
community; the proportion of people 55 years and over; the proportion of new
arrivals; the proportion of people in a community who lack proficiency in
English; and the proportion of unemployed people in a community.... The first
stage of SBS Radio's National Network began in 1994, with regular transmissions
to Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth and subsequently to Canberra and Hobart
in 1996. SBS Radio now broadcsats in 68 languages, and additional FM frequencies
in Sydney and Melbourne have permitted increased air-time for all language
communities. Programmes are based on language not nationality - ie the same
Arabic propagand and Spanish programmes are listened to by people from many
different countries and cultures. The amount of programme time each language
group gets is guided by the size of the community, its needs eg language
proficiency, age, employment etc. and its geographic distribution within
Australia. Programming content comprises homeland, international, local and
community news as well as current affairs etc." Who supports them for a giant
expanding specially in the year 1894-95-96, nobody want to explain...It is
interesting, the legalized Neo-Zion members in Moscow and Stocholm took enormous
money in the year of 1995. - I know why!.. In the year 1995 SvekJa Kingdom
was been full member by E.U. and the lobbies had much more possibilities to
build any provocative centers for example the IDEA bureaus for propagand of
NATO membership and ground many bridges to provocate the NGOs, minorities,
institutions and neighbour countries like Baltics communities. The members of
"Bridge-lobbies" like the Baltics -Moscow coordinators have strongly
money-transferring support for example; Natasha BULASHOVA (Puschino Biological
Zhenya KOZLOVA, Lera GONCHUKOVA and all these Russian whores Chief is an
American from Knoville-Tennessee, Greg COLE; frnds [at] ,
Natasha worked in the brothels only 10 US dollars when she was in Tel Aviv
/Istanbul-Laleli, but now she is swimming in the money ocean. Theyse examples
are enough to explain many things and the neo-zion lobbies have no more any
denial; the neo-zion lobbies are doing exactly the opposite and explain the
dirty financial connections on the own Homapages; read and search please,
Friends&Partners by Russian Jewish league:
Idea, Gladios' civil face:
Future's Culture built by the Swedish Evangelian Zionists:

and Baltics Internet Monopolies like and false libraries like
and prised writers (!!!) who actually have no talence to write a page;
and all the Jewish propagand collaborators, FM radios all over the World shared
the corruption benefits, millions of U.S.-dollars in the same time from the same
NATO -chiefs and same Jew authorities. And their staff have never been
"Jobbless" nor declared looking for suitable job. Never! Even their family
members counts like "the chosen people of" Imperialism!
Kurdish Coordinators in Australia are Neo-Zion traitors Mr. Simko (formerly code
name: Haval) and Mr. Dasko Seyan. E-post: haval10 [at]
Money laundry chiefs of Neo-Zion gang members are Nedim DAGDEVIREN and his
teller Mr. Cheko Pekgül. Neo-Member PEKGÜL is a dangerous mole in the
Swedo Sosis' Democrats Party=Ledamot i Skattenämnd Lokal, Spånga/ Tensta
/Stockholm and here is the Post-Address of Neo-Zion Agent Mr. Cheko PEKGÜL:
Husingeplan 10-2tr, 163 63 Spånga, Stockholm, Scandinavia
- Is this bloody money and CORRUPTION the last one of the biggest "open" WEAPON
- Yes, it's!..
- Money transferring evidence sites; open corruption of The Zionist Occupational
Gang, on Internet:,mozilla,pc,english,,new)
For further information, please visit these sources, links, related sites and
discussion forums, there many authorities discuss on above subjects so-caled
the "Open Revenge" between E.U.'s democratical institutions and the
corruptialo assassini Zionist lobbies:
Anyifa against Zionist Racism:
Minority Rights Group of E.U.:
Intifada discussion group:
Anti-Zionist opposition in the European Network:
Anti-Zionist opposition in the ICARE:
Middle East Researches Online:
Magenta Holand supports Iraq against Zionist Occupational Coalition:

Beirut, Anti Disinformation on the Rights of Refugees: Wikings united against Zionist
Center for Independent News:
Nadir against Police Brutality:
Uncovering media myths:
Action Alerts:
Kurdish voice against Imperialism:
Radio Robin Hood Finlandia in Solidarity with Community radios in the Third
Translation Institute expose Anti-Fascist links:
Kurdish immigrants against Zionist Imperialism:
Sozialisten gegen die fascistishe lügnen von Juden:
South African Conference against Zionist Racism: Analysis online: Amnesty International witnessing
the Occupational Mafia Barbarity:
Infobank about Jewish Fascism:
Che kives:
Medya tv live, revolutionay:
Campaign against Arm Trade:
Anti-Capital web:
United for International Action against Zionist Imperialism: Amnesty EU explosed the
Oil robbery on the Gulf:
American Communists against the judaized American Imperialism:
Norwegian Revolutionaries signed Appeal: Comrade
Steinholm tells on Genocide:
Netavisen exposed the heroes of Intifada:
Danemark against the Fascist Jews:
Danemark's froum exposed the Fascist Jews:
Solidarity Exile Committees/Revolutionary Immigrants in the E.U.:
Special thanks to the voluntary interpreters / translators of UNITY and EU f p :
- Thus Top Secret page of the Concept "Crisis; EU confrontation The Zionist
Mafia corruption /conflict coverage", has been declared by Kurdinfo and
Antifa sympathizers
- Do you show me a single one written example if Radio SBS supports the
- Here, it was broadcasted exactly on February 5, 2000
- News in Kurdish / deng û behs bi kurdî:

- Ji bûletena nûçeyan ya Beshê Kurdî, dezgeha australî SBS Radio hatiye girtin -

Di helbijartinên belediyan de pirraniya shûnan ket dest berendamên YNK:
Birêveberê kar û barên agahdariyê yê hukûmeta kurdî li Sulêmaniyê da zanîn
ku ji 58 belediyan seroktiya 53an bûye para berendamên YNK. 5ên manî bûne
para du rêxistinên îslamî.
Ji bo 58 shûnan 13 rêxitinan navên 166 berendaman xistibûn dengdanê. Ji wan
2 jin bûn. Li ev devera bashûrê Kurdistanê, ya di bin karbidestiya hukûmeta
ser bi Yeketiyê de mafê 722 000 hemwelatiyan ji bo dengdanê heye.
Helbijartinan roja pêncshemê cîh girtin.
Hêjayî gotinê ye ku PDK di van helbijartinan de cîh negirt.

Bêtir ji penaxwazên ji bashûr gihîshtin Yewnansitanê:
Axifgerekî yawnanî ragîhand ku qaçaxciyan 129 "Kurdên îraqî" pêncshemê êvarê
gîhandine berava giraveke yewnanî. Di nav wan de 33 jin û 41 zaro jî
Li dû dîtina wan, ew ji bo kilîseyekê hatibûn birin û xwarin ji bo wan
hatibû dayîn. Dû re îfadeya wan ji aliyê karmendên fermî de hatiye girtin.
Li gor penaxwazan, her yekî ji wan di navbera 1000 û 1800 dolarêne emerikî
de dabûn qaçaxciyên ji Tirkiyeyê da ku wan bigihînin Yewnanistanê.
Hêjayî gotinê ye ku sala borîn bi hezaran penaxwazên kurd û yên ji welatên
din xwe gîhandin Yewnanistanê, bi armanca ku xwe ji wir bigihînin welatekî
ewropayî ji bo daxwaza mafê penabertiyê. Di nav çend salên borîn de
bidestxistina mafekî wisa gellekî dijwar bûye û gellek kurd tûshî dijwariyên
mezin hatine. Welatine eropayî nuha bizava wê yekê dikine ku Kurdên ji
bashûr dîsan li welatê wan vegerînin.

Bêtir ji 1000 gerîla û endamên PKK "mafê bexshandinê" dixwazin:
Li gor Ajansa Nûçeyan ya Anadolê, 1073 PKKiyan di van demên dawîn de daxwaza
bexshandina li gor "qanûna poshmantiyê" daxwaza kirine. Ta nuha daxwaznamya
359 kesan hatiye pejirandin û ya 100 kesan nehatiye pejirandin. 614 kesên
manî hîn li benda girtina bersîvekê ne. Hêjayî gotinê ye ku dema "qanûna
bexshandina bi encama poshmantiyê" di dawiya vê mehê de kuta dibe, lê îroj
hat ragîhandin ku hukûmeta tirk ê ji parlemanê daxwaza dirêjkirina dema wê
bike. Axifgerekî hukûmetê li Enqereyê da zanîn ku hukûmetê pêshniyaziya
Hikmet Sami Turk, wezîrê dadmendiyê, pejirandiye, kata qanûnê ji bo 6 mehên
din dirêj kiriye û dê vê biryarê ji bo dengdanê rake pêsh

Talabanî diçe serlêdana navenda Partiya Demokrat ya Kurdistan ya Îranê li

Sekretêrê Yeketiya Nishtimanî ya Kurdistan, Celal Talanaî, li gel Kemal
Fuad, serokê polîtbûroya Yeketiyê û hejmareke din ji berpirsiyarên
shûnbilind hefteya borîn li Koysenceq beshdare danishtineke li gel Ebdulla
Hesen-zade, sekretêrê PDK-I û berpiursiyane din yên eynî rêxistinê bûn.
Her du rêxistinan çi agahiyên rêk û pêk di derbarê naveroka bernameya
danishtinê de diyar nekirin, lê dan zanîn ku di dema hevdîtinê de pirsên
grîng hatine monaqeshekirin.

Yeketiya Nishtimanî rexneyên tûj li rêxistina Neteweyên yekgirtî digire:
Cemal Fuad, wezîrê Alîkariya Mirovahî ji Sulêmaniyê gote Ajansa Frensî ya
Nûçeyan ku karmendên rêxistinê yên li bashûrê Kurdistanê karê xwe bi shêweke
rêk û pêk nakin. Birêz Fuad got, bêtir ji nîvê pereyên ji bo herêmên kurdî
hatinî parastin hîn nehatine xerckirin. Wezîrê kurdî gazinc kirin û got ku
sala borîn ji dezgeheke rêxistina navneteweyî hatibû xwaztin ku di derbarê
kêmbûna avê de alîkariya herêmê bike, lê di nav rojên salekê de tenê 6 bîr
ji aliyê wê de hatin kolandin, di dema ku shirketeke îranî 30 bîr di nav 2
mehan de kolandin.
Wî her weha got ku 30 karmend û muhendisên rêxistinê di nav 11 mehan de tenê
35 mayînên binzemîn derxistine di dema ku tê de 22 milyon mayîn hîn veshartî
dimînin.Birêz Fuad nerazemendiya xwe di derbarê wê yekê de diyar kir ku
Biryara dawîn ya Rêxistina Navneteweyî, Biryar 1284, Kurdan bi nav nake û ne
diyar e heke alîkariya aborî ji bo herêmê dê bidome.
Hêjayî gotinê ye ku ji pereyên firtina nefta îraqî li hember xwarinê 800-900
milyon dolar ji bo herêmêm kurdî têyên terxandin.

Bergumanek li Dehok hat girtin ji bo pirsa xwe bi kujtina hunermend
Ebdulwahid Zaxolî ve peywendîgir dike:
Hunermendê Ciwan, Ebdulwahid Zaxolî, di 25ê heyva borîn de li Dehokê hatibû
kujtin. Hêzên kurdî yên asayishê li dû hindek kesên dinin ku tête gotin
têkiliya wan jî li gel kiryarê heye. Hunermendê bi 3 guleyan hatibû birîn
kirin û dû re di nexweshxaneya Dehok de miribû.
Termê wî bi beshdarbûna hejmareke bilind ji xelk li Zaxo hat veshartin. Hîn
bi shêweyeke rêk û pêk ne diyar e ka egera kujtina birêz Zaxolî çibû, lê
tête gotin kiryarê bi encama kêsheyeke biçuk di navbera wî û mirovekî din de
cîh girtiye. Kujtina hunermendê ciwan ji aliyê gellek mirovan de hat
istinkarkirin û Mesûd Barzanî, serokê PDK nameyeke pishtgiriya moralî ji
malbata wî re rêkir.

Yewnanistan û Tirkiye 5 peymanên hevkariyê mor dikin:
Wezîrên peywendiyên derve yên her du welatan, George papandreau û Ismaîl Cem
van peymanan doh li Atênayê îmze kirin. Ji 40 salan û vir de ev yekemcar e
ku wezîrekî tirk yê peywendiyên derve diçe serlêdana Atênayê.
Peyman xwe bi pirsên zanyarî, teknolocî, hevkariya neqliyatên deryayî,
perwerdekarî û çandî ve peywendîgir dikin. Guftûgoyên di navbera her du
dewletan de berdewam in, bi armanca ku hejmareke din ji peymanên hevkariyê
mor bikin. Heyva borîn berpirsiyarên her du aliyan çar peymanên din mor
Her du welatên dirawsê endamên NATO ne, lê neyartiyeke neteweyî di navbera
her duyan de di nav 26 salên borîn de bûye egera 3 sheran.

Rêbirrîna li keshtiyeke rûsî kêsheyeke dîplomatî diafirîne:
Li dû ku hêzên emerikî yên deryayî çarshema borîn li ser ava Kendava farisî
rê li keshtiya rûsî Volga-Neft-147 birrîn û ew raste Omanê kirin, wezareta
rûsî ya peywendiyên derve ji hukûmeta emeirikî xwazt ku bila dest di cîh de
ji keshtiyê be berdan. Lê James Foley, axifgerê wezareta emerikî ya
peywendiyên derve, got, nefta di keshtiya rûsî de dê li Omanê bête
analîzkirin û heke ne ji Îraqê be keshtî û karmendên wê dê serbest bêyên
berdan. Folley got, heke bête îspatkirin ku keshtiyê nefta xwe ji Îraqê
hilgirtiye, nefta tê de dê bête derxistin û dû re keshtiya rûsî dê bête
serbestkirin. Heke neft îraqî be, ew ê bête firotin û pereyên wê dê ji ber
mesrefê bicîhkirina abolokeyê ve bêyên birin, got axifgerê emerikî.

Birêketina hukûmeteke nû tevahiya cîhanê di derbarê otrîshê de dilsar

Li Viyena hukûmeta ji kolaisyona partiyên xweperest doh sondê qanûnî xwar û
bi seroketiya Wolfgang Schuessel dest bi karbidestiyê kir. Biryara Partiya
Gel ku Partiya Azadiyê li gel xwe bike endama koalisyonê bû egera
nerazemendiyeke navneteweyî. Bi taybetî, endamên Yeketiya Ewropayî,
Dewletên Yekgirtî yên Emerîka û Israîl di derbarê vê biryarê de hêrs bûn û
dan zanîn ew ê tîkiliyên li gel Otrîshê sar bikin. Partiya Azadiyê bi
seroketiye Joerg Haider wek partiyeke nijadperest û li dij Yeketiya Ewropayî
tête nasîn, lê di helbijartinên dawîn de bêtir ji 25 % ji dengan bi dest
xist. Li gel ku damezirandina kolaisyonê li gor shert û mercên demokratî di
cîh de ye jî, hejmareke ne
biçûk ji sharezayên siyasî û fermî di wê baweriyê de ne ku Otrîsh ê nerxê
damezirandina vê koalisyonê giran bide. Li Viyena bi hezaran kes li dij
beshdarbûna Partiya Azadiyê di hukûmeta nû de derketin xwepêshandanan.

Partiya Ecevît milyonek dolar ji partiyeke almanî girtiye, tête gotin:
Rojnameya îslamî Yeni Sefak ragîhand ku Partiya Çep ya Demokrat ku wek
Partiya Komarî ya Gel dihat nasîn di bin seroketiya Bulent Ecevît de, di
navbera salên 1972 û 78 de bi qasî milyonek dolarên emerikî ji Partiya
almanî CDU, Yeketiya Xirîstanî ya Demokrat, wek alîkarî girtiye. Hindek
aliyên muxalefetê, wek yên ji Partiya Fezîletê, daxwaza istîfakirina Ecevît
dikine. Birêz Ecevît ji aliyê xwe de ev nûçeya wek yeke pûç û ne di cîh de
bi nav kir.

Berpirsiyarên olî yên îranî dîsan washington dikin armancên hêrîshên

Li dû ku Madeleleine Albright, wezîra emerikî ya peywendiyên derve hanî ser
zimanî ku ew ê "bi balkêshî bala xwe bidin helbijartinên îranî" hejmareke ji
berpirsiyarên olî li Îranê bi peyvên tûj hêrîshên devokî birin ser "ewên ku
dixwazin dest têxên nav karên hundirîn yên Îranê," bi gotina wan. Ayetullah
Ehmed Janatî di axiftinê nimêja eynî de got, "hûnê di bizava ku dest têxin
nav helbijartinên Îranê de bimirin, û gel çi caran rê nade balyozxaneyên
biyanî ku xwe têkiliye helbijartinên îranî bikin."
Ev reaksiyona melleyan jî bash diyar dike ku gellek caran her du alî ji
ziman û shêweyên hev û din fêhm nakin. Li gor alîne, her weha diyar dike ku
neyartiya "li hember dijminê biyanî" bi armanc wek propaganda ji aliyê
melleyan de tête bikarhanîn.

Hejmareke ji penaxwazên di kampeke australî de di girêva
birçîbûnê de ne:
Li gor nameyeke ji kampa penaberan, Curtin Detention Centre, ya li rojavayê
Australia hatî shandin 1200 penaxwazên li navendê ji bo istinkarkirina shert
û mercên li holê di girêva birçîbûnê de ne.Lê Phillip Ruddock, wezîrê
australî yê kar û barên muhacirtiyê, got, hejmara kesêm di girêvê de gellekî
hatiye zêdekirin. Birêz Ruddock got, kêsheya li holê ew e ku hejmareke ji
penaxwazan bi hêviyên mezin û bi encama agahiyên ne durist têyên Australya.

- I don't understand Kurdish...
- No matter! They understand each other well...
- ?!

- You said that it is a "confrontation" between Zionist Imperialism and any
democratical Intitutions of European Union
- That's right; full coverage...
- But there are similarly valid projects in Australia, too... How should we
explain that?
- Australia is far Asia's United States...
- ?!

- I think you missed the English boadcastings of SBS...
- Is it new?
- Newest, yes!... Fayiq Cemil is redacteur and prepare false news mostly against
Basher regi...
- Is Basher a member of any revolutionary group...
- You are kidding?! Basher... Assad of Syria... Assad Jr. - I know only
this guy, Fayiq and I wonder he never studied journalist nor competence... - No
matter!... Fayiq is coordinator by the false journalists and support the any
overseas corresponrdations, for instance sponsor nowadays the "Partiya
Yeketiya Kurd li Sûriyeyê" against the demmocratical revolutionary peoples...
- I didn't understand.. Ordinary people can not understand the combination
between Tel Aviv, Sydney, Scandinavia...
- Therefore the financial Zion lobbies built the new broadcasting centres
- ?!

- Oz Concern tells about the Mo$$ad Death Squads, detalied by ...and broadcasted on 18 January 20003: Israeli death squads have
been authorised to enter "friendly" countries and assassinate opponents in a
move that raises the prospect of political killings in Australia. Agents of the
Israeli secret service Mossad have been given free rein to kill those deemed to
be a threat to the Jewish state - wherever they are hiding.

Prime Minister Human Butcher Ariel Sharon, who has until now refused permission
for assassinations on the home ground of allies, has reversed the policy as part
of a more aggressive approach to terrorism.

The move was revealed by former Mo$$ad agents in a series of interviews with US
news agency United Press International. It was later confirmed by US
intelligence officials.

They said the policy raised the potential for killings in countries with close
ties to Israel, including the US, Britain and Australia.

One Mo$$ad official told UPI the policy shift was prompted by "a huge budget"
increase for the agency as part of "a tougher stance in fighting global jihad
(or holy war)".

"Targeted killings" have, in the main, been restricted to the West Bank and Gaza
because "no one wanted such operations on their territory", one Israeli official

But that is changing with the appointment late last year of new Mossad director
Meir Dagan.

Another former Mo$$ad agent told UPI: "Diplomatic constraints have prevented
Mossad from carrying out preventive operations (assassinations) on the soil of
friendly countries until now."

Mr Human Butcher Sharon and Mr Jackal Dagan were now "reversing that policy,
even if it risks complications to Israel's bilateral relations".

A third source said Mr Butcher wanted "greater operational maneuverability" for

Asked if that meant assassinations within allied countries, he said: "It does."

The move comes in the wake of the assassination by the CIA of al-Qaeda suspects
in Yemen.

Qaed Sinan Harithi and five other suspects were killed last year when a unmanned
Predator spy plane fired a Hellfire missile at their car.

That attack is thought to have limited the ability of the US to protest about
Mossad killings abroad.

"That (the Predator attack) was done on the soil of a friendly ally," an
official at the US Congress said. "I don't know on what basis we would be able
to protest Israel's actions."

USrael has in the past sent hit squads to kill opponents in hostile countries
such as Lebanon, and snatch squads have been used extensively throughout the

Former Soldier Poor Adolf Eichmann was captured in Argentina in 1960, taken to
Israel and executed.

In 1986, scientist Mordechai Vanunu was snatched in Rome and transported to
Israel after revealing details of Israel's nuclear weapons program. He was
sentenced to 18 years jail, only being released from solitary confinement in

One of the few known cases of Mossad hitmen carrying out an assassination on
friendly soil occurred on July 21, 1973, when a Mossad team shot dead Moroccan
waiter Ahmed Bouchikhi as he walked home from the cinema with his pregnant wife
in the Norwegian ski resort of Lillehammer.

The assassins apparently mistook Bouchikhi for Hassan Salameh, a PLO
intelligence chief suspected of masterminding the killing of 11 Israeli athletes
at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Gullow Gjeseth, who led a Norwegian Government inquiry into the shooting, said:
"This was much more than a murder. This was a violation of Norwegian

In January 1996, Israel paid undisclosed damages to Bouchikhi's family, but
refused to admit responsibility for the killing.

Mossad is thought to have struck again in October 1995, when the head of the
Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, Fathi al-Shikai, was gunned down on
the streets of Malta. The hit, though never formally claimed, had all the
trademarks of the agency.

A return to such killings is expected to raise concerns among Israel's Western

The assassinations are likely to be carried out by a unit of Mossad's secret
Metsada department called the Kidon, a Hebrew word meaning "bayonet".

The agents will have to answer to Mr Dagan, who has been described by a CIA
agent as having a "real killer instinct".

Officially, USrael has refused to confirm or deny the policy change.

Kim Farber, a diplomat at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, told UPI: "There is
so little information available on this, there is nothing I can add."

A spokesman for Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday refused to comment
on the possibility of Mo$$ad agents operating in Australia.

- The Zionist lobbies invest on other areas, too... They are giving "prizes",
sometimes... - Prizes instead of assassination? - Look at to these
lists; these foundations run by Zionist lobbies and invest for world domination
propaganda... - What is that!... ARE ALL THESE FOUNDATIONS really the
FOUNDATIONAS? For what then? - Show me please the "prize winners"
CHARACTERS, BUT WHY?!.. - All these last winners are the "writers settled in
the pilot areas" for example in Scandinavia... - Is E.U. in Crisis?!
-Unfortunately; yes; that is right!.. E.U. confrontation The Zionist
Occupational Gang and nowadays that is a hot-matter in Bruxelles...
- Solidarity volunteers of UNITY comment: Crisis; EU confrontation The Zionist
Mafia / Provocation/ corruption coverage/ updated pages)
Financial Criminal Lobbies & dirty affairs & collaborators...
.... reported by Neo-Zion collaboration markets were founded
and built up in the framework of the projects on Occupation and Palestinian
Genocide! They are washing Bloody Money and they need collaborators in the all
countries specially in the E.U. nowadays!.. CRIMINAL JEWISH FOUNDATIONS DEAL
OPEN CORRUPT... (a short interpretation by S.F./Rojev, published by
"Antifa.De", too):
Sweden have been choosen as pilot areas...
- That's right!.. World Jews' Mafia, according to their plan, in order to divide
Middle East gives money to the Kurdish people who have a weak personality.

Organization "Folkhögskolan&Folkcentrum Skeppsholmen vaenner" comment:
- Translation realized by the investigation/documentation archive
/eyewitness by DDKD /Kurdinfo Nacka förening volunteers)
- Wonderful!...
- Genocide supporter Jew's Mafia, choosing Australia and Scandinavia as a pilot
region, uses illegal Kurdish robbers as a carrier for their illegal procedures.

Mr. S.R.'s Uppsala-city Jew's federation (Framtid's neo-Jewish Culture
Foundation) has many members: some well known amateur writers, a former managers
who lost his career and embrace the lobby to have his respect again, like Dilba
DEMÍRBAG, Mrs. Dilba's half Jewish -half German soldiers' bastard husband who
has a voice after he joined the lobby, and her sister Aisa who salvaged herself
being unemployed using "new religious denomination", Novin HARSAN and NALAN
BAKSÍ-PEKGÜL, who were ornament of head hunters from social democratic club,
Radio FM coordinators Mrs. Bahar and Simko Aga whose voice always go up via
contact to the lobby. " when the oppressed peoples lose, Zionism wins " is
one of their slogan.
This false "Horasan originated turco-Zion Mammele Nevin" had a homepage in
1997. She explain there who she was been sent to the United Nations Conference
(1995) to play as showman against Maoist ideas and manipulate conference themes
against China... Conference called for: "China,September 1995, UN-conference on
Women" , but Novin's friends published only themselves propagand on homepage
(actually, she was analphabet when she arrive to Tel Aviv, then to Scandinavia;
also, her homepages was been produced in Neo-Nedim's second house, directly from
Nedim'd bad-room in Huddinge-province). Her page, what she spelled very bad,
begins "LOOK AT THE WORLD THROUGH WOMEN`S EYES"... Look at the coward's
marionette; Novin, who represented whom? What a congress! She manipulated
elections in Scandinavia, connected with immigrant voters there by e-mail
address: <novin [at]> Innocent?! Dying of laughing!

- There are similar denominations and corruptive foundations in Australia.
- Similarly? - Definitely!.. This is the fact that when Kurdish
freedom leader Abdullah ÖCALAN was in Syria, he has a branch where there was
some people who used to live like a parasite using his name. These people first
escaped to Lebanon and then changed their religion to Christianity. Then joined
to the Zionist invasion teams, but after Lebanon was free from invasion, they
were freigtened and escaped to Tel-Aviv acting like they were real Jews. They
were bootlickers more than Mafia remains Russian Jews. These weak persons were
the most fanatic Zionists and they were not different from street dogs
changing even their names. Zionist media used their names as a fun material
saying "there are Kurds in Palestine's invasion".

This information is provided from these three group's web pages. Here is the
home page:

- This site's manager was known as Bertal KAHRAMAN who used people as a material
and presented the fascist Jews as a "mosaic".his new name is known by children
murderer Zionist heads. In order to join the "wall news" forum, you have to be
a member and we don't have to say that the member's archive is in the Z.O.G
(Zionist occupational gang.) center.

Other additional page of them:

USraeli Kurdish Friendship League=Provocative Faþo Yahudi Teali
Cemiyeti= Civata Dostanîya Israîlî- Kurdî=

- Moti Zaken and Yigal Mosko exposed here that Mula Moustapfa was "catch boy "
of Zionism.. Yigal Mosko (Yedidut=IKLF, Israeli Kurdish Friendship League). he
was sentenced because of death robbery in Moscow and he is a member of Knesset
which is the parliament of "The Zionist Occupational Gang", it looks he find
his natural environment. Writer Mahmut BAKSI (only true revolutionay figur by
Baksi clan...unfortunately, thos good person died in 2002, in SvekJa Kingdom)
described this situation; "Every bird flies by its own flock?
" and this is the name of his last book.

- Page pissed off, just after the tales bagn on FM channel...


- The Jewish lobbies were been claimed on involvement in the "pilot
countries"... - It's historical character... Watch all these doucuments and
photos!.. USrael has been built on Bloody Money!.. CRIMINAL JEWISH FOUNDATIONS
- Australia and Sweden chosen as pilot areas of thus Neo-Fascist projects:
"VaesnkapsFörening/ Stiftelse/ /Menorah and Jewish Chronicle (Judisk Krönika)
propaganda staff insats/ bidrags added by officially committee calls
StödKommitté etc." transferring money to many CRIMINAL KURDS, WHO WERE BEEN
- There are many famous names in this project for example the professors from
Lund, Uppsala (specially the Polish thieves who immigrated direct from prisons
of Poland) universities, retired officiers (child killer masters) of The Zionist
Occupational Gang from occupied Palestine, journalists from New York and
Stockholm like Jackie Jacubowski, Cordelia Edvardson, Per Ahlmark and any
amateur writers who never sells any of their own books like N. Dagdeviren, Kalli
Klement, Ove Rådberg, Lisa Nordström, Eugen Schoulgin, Marie-Hélène Boccara,
Suzanne Osten, Birgitta Wallin... and many selected members of this Sect :

Neo-Zion Dagdeviren's clan (formerly Kurdish Muslims,changed its religion in
Sweden for an handful bloody dollars and for a house calls "library" !!!) and
all the famous MoSSad agents organized by this way. This is a big project, calls
for "Framtidens -Hebreic- Kultur Uppsala Fondation", in fact a big danger
against the peaceful future of our World. A dirty kollaboration between the
bloody Murderer Jews of Occupied Palestine-Kurdistan-Sweden--- They are explain
what this "Chutzpach" relation means:

- Die Freunden von "Fascist Zion Provocators League=Cîvata
Dostanîya Israîlî Kurdîî, means they show many things open-minded. They have no
shame!? Representant Neo-Jew Dagdeviren is the new director of all new projects
against Kurdish people, specially in whole Scandinavia. This famous thief is
already most wanted criminal both in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and at least in
Armenia. He is guilty for 10 years only in Turkey, according his own explaining
on Internet:

- The Jews are sure that all the Swedes are stupide idiots... No!
Neo-Jew Nedim's reason is not true!. He lies! He declares that he was "political
hero" in Kurdistan, because of in the beginning he aimed to have residence
permit like his clan members Nalin Pekgul, Navin Harsan etc. In fact the Neo-Jew
"smart fox" Nedim and his group members were the famous criminal thieves in
Middle East, according to Syrian&Iraq law authorities, Human Rights
Organisations and the courts of many countries. This is the big aim -!!!- of
the "Framtidens" Propagand-Kult Sect Uppsala which very active in Tel Aviv and
Washington, too.
Other provocative pages of The Zionist Occupational Gang, included
falsification as usually:

- And similarly -continued pages, 22,23,24,25.html Many of those classical lies
been built by the lie-Master Per Ahlmark... Such tactical methodes are not new
in the humanbeing's history. In the year 2001 directed such lies by any
professors of The Zionist Occupational Gang, who have Internet pages under name
of YEDIDUT. Yedidut=ZKFL's (Zion Kurdish Friends League)action code. Today's
Kurd-buyers have a special responsible chairman in the Jewish Brothel, Knesset;
his name is Yigal Mosko. Read it please:

- Kenesset is the mainly and directly responsible financial
control, included Scandinavian sections... Financial distribution began with 30
000:-Swedish Kr. at Nedim`s home in Huddinge: Here is Foundation`s related link
about (little money) transferring: (Big money? Sure, nobody can see big corrupts
on Internet): financial CHUTZPACH in the beginnig:

- Everyone can se there the address of Neo-Zion Nedim who resident
in Huddinge as "Kontactperson: Nedim Dagdeviren, Sågstuvägen 1 G 4tr, 141 49
Stockholm. Phone: 00.46.87 74 73 54 Telefax: 00.46.87 11 08 36 Summa: 30

- It's not so difficult what that means by official institutions... Chairman of
this shit and any of support-members: Representants of organized Mafia (=The
Zionist Occupational Gang) sell enormous documants like the diplomes of "civil
ingenieur" who falsed very good. They sell those diplomes to the refugees from
Iraq who accept to be Neo-Jew member or struggle against Iraq, against Turkey
and against Kurdish People... They want the big war between peoples of Middle
East, this is the big reason for all... ... ..

Kurdish Friends (!!!) have many falsed photos for instance:

- This page included a photo and the text: "Clothing distribution among Kurds
whose villages were burned in the ongoing conflict in Turkey." It's lie because
whole willages were under control of military forces and nobody could start such
an "international political propagand distrubution" there. And terere are
many falsed reports on Judaic propagand newspapers. Jerusalem post emplyoed a
Kurd Neo-Jew as journalist, his name is Moti Zaken, settled in London. He is
very clever to produce falsed news for exmple:

It is very interesting, when the Zionist Occupational Gang bombed the Kurds in
Lebanon many zionized Kurds celebrated this massacre. Traitorous members of
Neo-Nedim celebrated this massacre with a cooperated propagand text on his
And another lie: Palestinians killed Kurds (???) When??? Nobody knows! Only a
typical lie of Dagdeviren library pages:
This library is a typical fabrication centre like others for ex. Menorah, Judisk
Krönika (detailed info; search the Encyclopaedia of Ahmed Rami, Alta Vista)
Second pilot area is Australia... Australia is under operation of Neo-Jews. They
explain many detailles on own pages, for instance:

It is available to read many groundly rules of those organizations. Chairman and
members of Neo-Zion Kurdish League tell the dirty relations and next targets in
Australia on this Homepage. It is not surprise, there are Washington-boys'
support behind of Neo-Jews: Washington Jews' Kurdish Institute:
605 G Street, SW, Washington, DC, 20024, USA tel fax 202-484-0140 til 0142
directed by Fritz Myer.

They want to help the immigrants??? NO!!! Solution of Kurdish questions??? NO,
NO, NO!!! They have no such problem to emigrate anywhere... THEY WANT TO HAVE
SUCCESSFULLY STEPS on the WAY of Neo-Jew Projects! They are working for The
Zionist Occupational Mafia as Neo-Jews Foundations... Yes, enemies of
humanbeing are very clever, like the hidden foxies on the legalized scenes.
... ...
.... ... ...
- Hier gibt es einige Beispiele Seiten die Geldtransfierungen, die Augenzeugen

- For further information, please visit these sources, links, related sites and
discussion forums, there many authorities discuss on above subjects so-caled
the "Open Revenge" between E.U.'s democratical institutions and the
corruptialo assassini Zionist lobbies... **
- I wonder what is the reason this story-teller uses a strange grammar.. Bad
english, according to the web administrations.... Worst than my chief's school
english level...
- I understand you, too!.. But you know, I met this autor, a clever girl who can
talk wonderful.. I mean, she is a successful person when she talks plenty
fluently on other matters...
- But why this girl tells her story in so incredible strange english?
- I try to explain!... Yes, I asked her about this flat language... She replied;
"When I wrote in correct english, pissed off by the bourgeoisie dominated
media"... So, after this explain I checked it and witnessed that she has
- I wonder the majority been masochists nowadays?!
- Ye', it is stranger than language!... ... Maybe we are living in a period
there bourgeoisie living a social sickness like mass masochistical delusion
system... We piss off the normally attitudes...
- Also, you mean the autor aims to write good tales in bed grammar to fix the
barries of establishment on this sick medial world...
- Approximately...
- But she make folks laugh!... Please, watch this clip, super irritable bad
english.. She makes me laugh, too!...
- Sure!.. Story teller aims it... Otherwise, you are a living evidence that she
succeed to make laugh you like any other pieces of this oligarchical system!..
- What!?..
- ...and at last this story teller added that she believe in "Mankind changed
so much, nowadays civilizated people mostly looks like a kind of animal who can
learn during laughing"...
- ?!


- This broadcasting clip remind me of "the Invisible Writers".
- What does "invisible writer" mean?
- Many years ago I knew a grizzled old playwright named Ray. He lived off state
disability checks, carried his manuscripts in brown paper bags, and drank cup
after cup of black coffee, which I poured for him from behind the counter of the
coffee shop where I worked. He had one piece of advice for me: "Read Othello.
If you want to be a writer you must first read Othello." Ray was a blue-collar
guy who had never gone to college, but he had read Shakespeare, checked out from
the public library near the furnished room where he lived. Ray understood plot
because he had lived and experienced it. He was a born writer. Over the years
I've met a diverse collection of writers who have never been published or earned
any academic credentials, yet whose claim to the title of artist is genuine.
These invisible writers are soldiers and bakers, convicts and salesmen, winos,
hairdressers, firefighters, farmers and waitresses. Their only qualifications to
literary authenticity are their writings and their desire to write. Often the
only time they have is stolen time, and their private scrawls end up on cocktail
napkins, penciled in the margins of receipts, on any piece of paper handy. I
got to know Tom Carson during the first Gulf War, shortly after his platoon had
been sent to Kuwait. We never met in person. He had written to a co-worker of
mine who had moved on, leaving no forwarding address. When I saw the U.S.
military return address on Tom's letter, I decided to answer it myself. We began
a correspondence that lasted through the war and after he returned to Fort
Benning, Georgia. During a hectic two months, Lt. Carson wrote 39 poems. His
themes were the regimented insanity of military life, isolation and loneliness,
the wind and rain of his soul. Carson wrote his lines in rare solitude, in a
barracks or a tent. During the day, he told me, the thoughts gathered in his
head; he censored them but the forbidden words found expression anyway, for even
the U.S. Army cannot discipline the imagination. People imprisoned in
stultifying, menial jobs can summon, with even a minimal command of language,
something entirely private, unfettered and incalculably powerful. Most
importantly, it is something of their own creation that cannot be taken away.
The sense of purpose and identity that comes with being a writer, creator of a
private world, can be life altering. I've known truck drivers who are
natural-born storytellers; fishermen who paint starkly beautiful word pictures
of life on a crab boat in the Bering Strait. I met a barely literate ex-convict
whose short story about losing his wife and child in a revenge killing for a
gang crime he'd committed was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read. I met
a ex-alcoholic who wrote about being abandoned by her husband. In a few simple
paragraphs this uneducated woman in her mid-50s expressed a universal sense of
loss in an entirely unsentimental fashion; something that cannot be taught in
any MFA program. My own father, a novelist who was never published, once wrote
about being fired for writing on the job – a chronic problem in his lifetime. He
worked on an assembly line in a factory that manufactured radios, and the
foreman caught him writing one day while the neglected radio parts moved past
him on the belt. "I was only half a radioman," wrote my father. "In my heart, I
was a poet." As Chester Himes wrote in "The Quality of Hurt": "No matter what I
did or how I lived, I had considered myself a writer....It was my salvation. The
world can deny me all other employment, and stone me as an a
disagreeable, unpleasant person. But as long as I write whether it's published
or not, I'm a writer." I met Celia at a roadside diner, where she cooked greasy
breakfasts for travelers whose faces she'd never again see. Writing, for Celia,
was a way of being elsewhere, of undoing, undreaming, her mundane daily life.
The monotony of her job and the deadening rituals she performed daily were the
inspirations for the poems she scribbled on used order tickets. To hate your job
and do nothing about it is a failure of imagination: a true life sentence. A
Frenchman I know who was a maitre d' at one of the Washington's finest
restaurants, possesses a novel he composed in the twilight time between the
lunch rush and the dinner hour. His joy on writing it was immeasurable. That it
may never be published did not faze him. The point is that he created it. He
finished it. It is his. "Fiction completes us, mutilated beings burdened with
the awful dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a
thousand," Mario Vargas Llosa wrote. I've often looked for my old playwright
friend Ray's name in print, but have never seen it. I imagine him sitting in a
coffee shop somewhere, brow furrowed as he revises lines of his latest play,
completely absorbed in the world of his characters. I'm sure it frustrated Ray
at times, that his work went unrecognized, but it never occurred to him to quit;
just like it would never occur to him to stop breathing. It is not strictly a
tragedy that Ray's plays, the maitre'd's novel or Celia's poems remain
unpublished. Much of the work comes into being for private reasons of the heart.
If every sentence that was written was printed and bound we would drown in a sea
of words – as it is, thousands of books are hastily published, barely read and
forgotten. Writing itself is the aim, for it is writing, not publishing, that
transforms individual human experience. To write, even in obscurity is
worthwhile. As Samuel Becket put it, writing is a way of leaving "a stain upon
the silence."
- It's true!.. Wonderful described and we are listening a kind of the "stain
upon the silence", just here...

- Tv redaction got some tips on the main figures, including the main figures of
the Neo-Zionist Kurd Organizers who working for USraeli aims: - Let's see!..
- Here is a short documentary clip.

Hüsamettin ASLAN, M. Siddik AVCI, Mümtaz AYDIN, Hüseyin ALDUR, Hawar ACKBLAD,
Nihat AKAR, Nezir AKAT, Üzeyir AL, Ata ALA, Eyüp ALACABEY, Aziz ALIS, Kutbettin
ALIS, Süleyman ALIS, M. Ali ALP, Kovan AMEDI, Mustafa AYDOGAN, Sait AYDOGMUS,
Selim BAKAC, Sükran BAKAL, "Little Brother" Kurdo
BAKSI&"Large Syster" Nalin BAKSI: BAKSI, Kurdo: Enemy of the Kurds and all
the true asylumseekers in the EU areal... Zionist male whore (passive homo)
still counts as main suspect for two mords in 1985. Baksi been exposed when he
was the main pursuer beyond the immigrants from Middle East and hated Iraqian
Arab revolutionaries... Majid Hussain and Azad Jundi. Majid murdered in march
1985 and Azad in june 1985. This fake immigrant recruited puppet "Kurdo fascio
Bakshio" works already as extra staff by eXpo Zionist registration centre and
advanced to smuggle info about the immgrant related issues...
BAKSI, Nalin: Zionist poliotical provocator missioned mostly by the Sosis
capital boss'. During an interview she exposed that in the beginning felt
herself as USraeli Jew. When she came from Batman city to the Swedish society,
so she couldn't answer by phone call, even replied her own name as "Golda Meir"
(sick!..) instead of true name Nalin...
BAKSI, Eliyahu: moved to Tel Aviv and began to use the second aftername as
"Doron".. Eliyahu has been recrited by synagogue, titled as "Chief Rabbinate",
calls today "Rabin Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron"...

Kemal BURKAY, Muzaffer COSKUN, Mustafa CIZIRI, Yusuf CIZIRI, Serefhan CIZIRI
(went back as retired-!-), Vakas CELIK (infiltred to the KPML-r and been
PM candidate to this poor betrayed party), Nedim DAGDEVIREN (Kurdish Zion
Library director and became NATO prop&a new Gladio investigator on Baltics by
financial support of FöreningsSparbanken), Mehmed DEHSIWAR, Salih DEMIR,
Abit DÜNDAR, Seyran DURAN, Aza Y. ERDEM, Muxlis ERDEM, Lokman ERTAS, Ali ERTAS,
Bawer ESER, Bube ESER, Yasar GELERI, Aram GERNAS, Ahmet GEZICI, Selim CAN, Bilal
GÖRGÜ, Abdurrahman GUNDIKI, A. Selam GÜVEN, Seyithan IMRAK, Keya IZOL, Atila
KALKAN, Mustafa KALPAK, Mazhar KAPLAN, Hursid KAPLAN, Firat KARAGÜL, Enver
KILICASLAN, Seyh Mahmut KULAKSIZ, M. Ali KUT ( lie fabricator about
the fanatical separatist Zaza clan members. Code: Vengo Zaza, Élisan m m.),
Yüksel KÜCÜKOBA, Mahmud LEWENDI, Mahani LICOK,
MALMISANIJ: It's code name... His true name is; Mehmet TAYFUN.
Fahri ÖLCER: borned 1955 (Freak Fahri and his daughter Zelal are both the
Chiefs by the "legal masked" Jewish Party Fp... In Svekish language; Ölcer Fahri
har en valp lyckat smartare än räv att gapa ostlyckan, heter Zelal Ölcer blev
nämndeman av samma partiet. sionistiska Fp, vilket intyg, ersättas som kta
diplom som Wallenberg fabrikation) fahri [at]
Resat ÖNEN, Zeynelabidin ÖZALP, Sidik ÖZCIRIS, Hatip ÖZER (went back), Orhan
ÖZER, H. ÖZTÜRK, Lales QASO, Cheko PEKGÜL (last husband to Nalin BAKSI.
Infiltred to the Försäkringskassan), Baver REWSEN, Riza POLAT, Lokman POLAT,
Mehmet TAYFUN (code; MALMISANIJ; same person, above...),
Mehmet TOPRAK, Sakir TUTAL, Erol TÜMEN, Hüseyin UCMAZ, Ismet UZUN, Halid XOCA,
FOUNDATIONS in the EU... I wonder what is the true targets beyond such dominational combinations; they runs really by some kind of foundational taste or they are simply well-masked collaboration centers of the zionist imperialism?


- Foundation? - Attention!.. - ?!
** - ABF; arbetarnas bildning forum eller
opinionsbildadnde för sionistisk imperialistiska hjärntvätts forum? -
Visa mig chefen af detta då säger jag vilket slag sk't är dettta? - Okay!..
Tita på klippet!.. Det här manliga horan heter Karl Petter Thorwaldsson: judiska
listiga rasistiska lobbyns anställd, chef i Levande Historia myndighet, ABF och
samtidigt opererar sosispartiet trots ha själv är inte demokrat inte heller
- Nu kan jag svara att ABF är tyvärr mest fräckaste bedrägeriets ligan som
ständigt förskingrar arbetarklassens levebröd...
- Instämmer!..

- Akta för Framtidens kultur stiftelsen!.. - Akta?! Bitar? -
Även i små bitar!.. Delar exempelvis kurder.. En del kriminella kurder fick
tillägsbidrag att publicera sionsitiska propagandan i det s. k. Kurdish Library,
en annan del som stred mot sitt eget sant land Irak, importerades till EU och
fick uppbyggnadsbidrag som formetara sig under etiketten "Nefel"...
- Förrädiska immigranternas finaciella lobbyn som en gång stödde Kuba-fientliga
importfigurer... - En af dem som suger ut skandinaviska folkets
egendom och pumpar pengarna för judiska syftenas skull.. Titta på den här
skuraktige stiftelsen egen förklaring, se på vilka instrumenter som belönas!...
- Få se klippet!..
- Stiftelsen framtidens kultur inrättades officiellt d.v.s. börjat funka
legaliserat sätt i den 1 augusti 1994. Den tilldelades då ett kapital på 529
miljoner kronor. FramtidensKultur-ligan har täta kontakter med svenska
stiftelser så att förgifta kommande generationens blivande vetenskapsmän
exempelvis mest drabbade gruppen blivit KK; Foundation for Kunskap (knowledge)
Kompetens-progress; adress: Klara Norra Kyrkogata 33 , P.O. Box 3222, 103 64
Stockholm tel. 08-56 64 81 00
fax: 08-24 75 09 E-post: info [at]
- Men jag vet att KK-S har sitt eget budget som inte behöver något bidrag utom
den fiffeldelen under bordet... Kan vi titta den dokumentär-klippet som visar
att USrael-vänner plundrar Scandinavia under stiftelse-etiketter...
- Först ser vi Framtidens Kultur maskineriet... Tididgare visade visitadressen
som Uppsala men numera sammankopplade byrån som verksamma i Malmö, visar ännu
ivrigare manipulations aktiviteter inför myndigheter... Här exempelvis bevittnar
vi att hur verkar viruset, underminerar samhällets allra viktiuga demokratiska
värderingar d.v.s. "for a handful dirty dolars, nothing else"... Utlistade
officiella plundring-exemplet som Framtidens sionistiska kultur stiftelsen
stulit af folket, delat ut sina knähundar:


Year 1995:

Projekt (+dnr) Projektansvarig Kommun (* = riks) Belopp (skr)
Giedaidesan sii bohtet - Genom mina händer kommer de (95/673) Föreningen
Samiska Teatern Kiruna 300 000
All tid är inte hall-tid. Utbyte mellan kulturliv och idrott (95/1913) Svenska
idrottsrörelsens studieförbund Sisu - Norrbotten Luleå 400 000
Utvecklingsbidrag för tre projekt med anknytning till Barentsregionen (95/347)
Norrbottens läns landsting Luleå 200 000
Teatersamverkan i Barentsregionen (95/2738) Teater Svanen Luleå 400 000
Kvinnoforum ESPERANZA (95/1182) Internationella kvinnoföreningen ESPERANZA
Luleå 175 000
Regional Filmpool (95/1361) Filmpool Nord Luleå 400 000
Nordanlandens Teaterfestdagar (95/1768) Nordanlandens Teaternätverk Umeå 250
Projekt Rallaren - utveckling av museet (95/2173) Föreningen Moskosels
Rallarmuseum Arvidsjaur 100 000
Samiska dräkter (95/2360) Same Ätnam Arvidsjaur 50 000
MEDIATEKET (95/29) Umeå Kulturförvaltning Umeå 1 500 000
Hemspråk och svensk kultur (95/1923) Umeå Kulturförvaltning Barn- &
ungdomsenheten Umeå 210 000
Konstvägen - från Holmsund till Borgafjäll (95/330) Vägföreningen Sju Älvar
Bjurholm 1 000 000
Kultur Kånt - integrationsprojekt för flickor (95/2034) Jämtlands Vi Unga
distrikt Östersund 50 000
Regional Filmpool (95/1362) Filmpool Jämtland Östersund 400 000
Ungdomen och kulturarvet (95/2519) Stiftelsen Jämtlands läns museum Östersund
2 000 000
Mannaminne kulturby (95/2006) Stiftelsen Mannaminne Kramfors 100 000
Träkultur i Ådalen, Gustavianska möbler (95/343) Näringslivskontoret Kramfors
kommun Kramfors 250 000
I Högom Tid - Levandegöra tidig järnålder (95/2024) Föreningen I Högom Tid
Sundsvall 1 000 000
Norrdans (95/1758) Landstinget i Västernorrland Härnösand 700 000
Finnbygdsprojekt (95/65) Östra Finnbygdens Intresseförening Ånge 30 000
Fäbodliv på Råbergsvallen (95/656) Jenny Strandberg, Linda Strandberg Bollnäs
11 000
Förstudie: Svenskt smide (95/1583) Gysinge Bruk Sandvikens kommun Sandviken
100 000
Hälsinglands träteater 1996-98 (95/2727) Stiftelsen Helsingegården Ljusdal 1
000 000
Svensk folkkultur möter österländska traditioner (95/297) Stiftelsen
Helsingegården Ljusdal 200 000
Christopher Polhem - Stjernsunds Manufacturwärk (95/1783) Polhemsstifelsen i
Stjernsund Hedemora 20 000
Regional Filmpool (95/1360) Film i Dalarna Falun 400 000
Levandegöra museet (95/805) Stiftelsen Ekomuseum Bergslagen Smedjebacken 150
Richard Wagner: Ringen (en introduktion) (95/2042) Föreningen Dalhallas Vänner
Rättvik 500 000
Arkiv och skolungdom i Värmland (95/2040) Värmlandsarkiv Karlstad 250 000
Förstudie: Kurdiskt bibliotek i Sverige (95/855) Kurdish Publishing Center
Huddinge* 30 000 (Robbed by Neo-Zionist Chief Nedim DAGDEVIREN's lague
Ett kurdiskt bibliotek och en databas i Sverige (95/2539) Kurdish Publishing
Center Huddinge 1 400 000 (and again... Robbed by Neo-Zionist Chief Nedim
DAGDEVIREN's lague members)
Arkivet för barns och ungdomars bild, tradition och kulturarv (95/1697) Vårby
Fritid/Kultur Vårby Huddinge 90 000 (Robbed by Abit DUNDAR and his
ex-maitress Carina LILJA)
Hanen Gal - teaterkulturellt överlevnadsprojekt (95/2791) Arbetsgruppen för
Hanen Gal Haninge 2 582 000
Filmen i det offentliga samtalet (95/1941) Migma Film AB Stockholm 250 000
Utveckling och produktion av akustisk konst för radiomediet (95/1275) Fredrik
Ekman/Erik Mikael Karlsson Stockholm 160 000
Planeringsbidrag: SIFON - ung konst på CD-rom (95/2302) Frequent Form AB
Stockholm 100 000
Operaworkshop för invandrarbarn med behov av språkstimulans (95/2293)
Föreningen Stockholm Opera Underground Stockholm 50 000
Planeringsbidrag: Hemingway & Friends (95/1364) Bach & Co AB Stockholm* 75
GRÄNSLÖST - Främlingen, dröm eller hot (95/1394) Nationalmuseum Stockholm 75
Dådok - digitalisering av samlingar (95/1492) Vasamuseet och Stockholms
stadsarkiv Stockholm 700 000
New reality - Video och performance utställning (95/1546) New reality Karl
Holmqvist Stockholm 300 000
Digital bild- och bokverkstad (95/1264) Sv Fotografernas Förbund Stockholm*
100 000
FORMprocessen - Videofilmer om design (95/5) Atom Design Studio Stockholm*
229 000
CD-ROM "SENSE" (95/1152) Föreningen Sense-projektet Stockholm 276 000
Jordbrukslandskapet - ett hembygdens rum (95/2077) Riksantikvarieämbetet och
Sveriges Hembygdsförbund Stockholm* 1 500 000
Inventering och vidareutveckling av lokalhistoriska forkninsprojekt (95/1646)
Krigsarkivet Stockholm* 300 000
Färgfabriken - ett tvärkulturellt samtida laboratoruim (95/1784) Stiftelsen
Färgfabriken Stockholm 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Den samtida bilden (95/1801) Stiftelsen för Visuella Studier
Stockholm 100 000
Kultur- och utbildningsprojektet REPLICA (95/1809) Projekt- och
forskningsgruppen REPLICA Stockholm 435 000
Planeringbidrag: Shakespearesymposium/festival Stockholm-98 (95/1870)
Shakespearesymposium Stockholm 250 000
1946 - en skola för bildning (95/1985) Årstaskolan Stockholm 400 000
Konsommé - workshop om design, reklam och konsumtion (95/1912) Futurniture AB
Stockholm* 350 000
MMUMS Mobil multimediascen (95/1975) Föreningen Fylkingen Stockholm 500 000
Invandrarnas historia i arkiven (95/1556) Riksarkivet Stockholm* 270 000
Invandrarnas kulturarv (95/782) Riksarkivet Stockholm* 900 000
Spansktalandes föreningsliv och arrangörsskap (95/10) Teatro Popular
Latinoamericano Stockholm 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Virtual Reality and New Media Art Centre (95/2789) Stiftelsen
VRANC Stockholm 100 000
Förstudie: Dokumentärfilm "Fyra svenska språk" (95/50) Mats Brolin Stockholm*
25 000
Fyra svenska språk (95/2734) Mats Brolin Stockholm* 250 000
Generationers kvinnokraft - hembygdsgårdens textilskatt (95/335) Sveriges
Hembygdsförbund Stockholm* 395 000
Ungdomarna inför 2000-talet (95/689) Ungdomarna inför 2000-talet Stockholm
400 000
Digitala Teaterrum (95/2724) Digitala Teaterrum Stockholm 300 000
Världstältet (95/718) Anita Graffman/Solveig Friman Stockholm 110 000
"Lager på lager på lager", ett filmprojekt om forntiden i/och nutiden (95/1272)
Lisa Hagstrand Filmproduktion Stockholm* 100 000
Musikprojekt i Tensta "Multi Musik" (95/731) Stockholms Musikskola Stockholm
400 000
Ombyggnad av scentak (95/1624) Stiftelsen Folkoperan Stockholm 500 000
Film och teaterprojekt - På väg (95/2660) Studiefrämjandet Stockholm 200 000
HEMSLÖJDEN - en organisation i utveckling (95/813) Svenska Hemslöjdsföreningars
Riksförbund Stockholm* 990 000
Textil och hantverks-centrum för kvinnor i Rinkeby (95/2538) Allaktivitetshuset
"Huset" i Rinkeby Stockholm 330 000
Art Node - ett digitalt konstarkiv (95/886) Stiftelsen Art Node Stockholm 300
"Nåd"- utställning/konsert (95/945) Peter Bryngelsson Stockholm 350 000
Skadeinventering Elghammars säteri (95/956) Ateljé Ebéniste Stockholm 60 000
Länsmuseernas Kulturreseprogram (95/978) Länsmuseernas Publikprojekt
Stockholm* 200 000
Planeringsbidrag:INUTI Europa Samlingsutställning (95/2442 Stiftelsen INUTI
Stockholm 200 000
Mobil musik - en kringresande workshop (95/2439) Föreningen Kosmos Club
Stockholm* 220 000
La science amusante - Vetenskapliga förströelser (95/112) Stiftelsen Tom Tits
Experiment Södertälje 100 000
Sopoperan (95/1607) Kulturskolan Södertälje 150 000
Planeringsbidrag: Östersjöakademin (95/2271) Arbetsgruppen för Östersjöakademin
Norrtälje 200 000
Grafikens hus (95/1855) Grafikens Hus, Gripsholms Kungsladugård AB Strängnäs*
1 000 000
Konst och språk, invandrarbarn och vuxna möter konst (95/130) Västerås
Konstmuseum Västerås 130 000
Multimediaberättande (95/2683) Kulturföreningen Scenskräck Hällefors 25 000
Måltidsmuseum med centrum för upplevelse (95/1671) Stiftelsen för
Måltidsforskning Grythyttan Hällefors 300 000
Förstudie:Arkiv och historia i T-län (95/1561) Folkrörelsernas arkiv i Örebro
län Örebro 80 000
Kulturturism i Vallonbruksområdet (95/202) Bruno Liljeforsstiftelsen Stiftelsen
Leufsta Tierp 1 000 000
"Rötter i framtiden" Musicalen - ett kulturellt centrum (95/729)
Studiefrämjandet Uppsala 500 000
Grundfond för kulturminnesvård - Grönsöö(95/177) Grönsöö Kulturhistoriska
Stiftelse Enköping 500 000
Förstudie: Festival för historiska spel - (95/2274) Föreningen Alvastra
Krönikespel Ödeshög 100 000
Mänskliga Rättigheter/Arbete och Kärlek (95/61) Stiftelsen Arbetets museum
Norrköping 1 000 000
Försöksverksamhet: Utvecklingscentrum för barn- och ungdomskultur (95/58)
Landstinget, Kronoberg Växjö 800 000
Småländska MångMedia - Projektet (95/1749) Musikföreningen KAOS Växjö 400 000
Planeringsbidrag: Nordiskt operasamarbete i Kalmar 1997 (95/2164)
Unionsjubileet i Kalmar, Kalmar kulturförvaltning Kalmar 275 000
Barn- och ungdomsteaterfestival (95/1687) Amatörteaterföreningen Teaterskeppet
Västervik 110 000
Forsby bibliotek och arkiv (95/133) Bengt-Olof Myrgård "Kunskapskällan"
Västerviks gymnasium Västervik 200 000
Registrering av bildarkiv Visby 1860 -1969 (95/2503) Landsarkivet i Visby
Gotland 60 000
Hantverkshuset Bandelunda (95/431) Lägerskolan, Föreningen Stavgard Gotland
75 000
Wanåsutställningar (95/390) Stiftelsen Wanåsutställningar Östra Göinge 300
Bokcaféet mötesplats på Charlottesborg (95/2361) Frikyrkliga Studieförbundet
Malmö 250 000
Drömmarnas Hus (95/621) Teaterkooperativet Teater X Malmö 500 000
Skånes dansteater Malmö - Lund (95/534) Malmö Musik och Teater AB Malmö 3 000
Planeringsbidrag: En tusenårig historia (95/555) MultiSense AB Malmö* 50 000
En tusenårig historia - multimediaprodukt om kyrka och tro i Sverige (95/2742)
MultiSense AB Malmö* 500 000
Förortsdramatik i Malmö City (95/1763) Studiefrämjandet Malmö 200 000
Mode för mej och dej (95/2015) Form/Design Center Malmö 200 000
Gränsöverskridande kulturdynamik i Öresundsregionen (95/1854) Stadsarkivet i
Malmö Malmö 50 000
Myter i mångkultur (95/1197) Teater Sagohuset Lund 400 000
Invandrararkiv i Skåne (95/1760) Skånes arkivförbund Lund 250 000
Planeringsbidrag: Skånsk skoltjänst (95/2376) Kultur i Skåne Lund 200 000
PITA-gruppen för "Ung Kultur" (95/1120) PITA-gruppen, Hallands
länsteaterförening Halmstad* 900 000
"Det var en gång..." Lokalhistoria för barn (95/862) Barnkulturföreningen KNUFF
i Heberg Falkenberg 12 000
Planeringsbidrag: Nordiskt Akvarellmuseum (95/416) Interimsstyrelsen för
Projekt Nordiskt Akvarellmuseum Tjörn 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Nordiskt Akvarellmuseum (95/1976) Interrimsstyrelsen för
Projekt Nordiskt Akvarellmuseum Tjörn 300 000
Vitlyckemuseet (95/228) Bohusläns museum Uddevalla 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Utomjordiska Barockakademin (95/2647) Utomjordiska
BarockBolaget Göteborg 100 000
Dansa så länge du kan (95/2666) Kino Koszyk Göteborg 500 000
Lokala arkiv som resurs i skolan (95/22) Landsarkivet i Göteborg Göteborg 1
200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Konstgalleri "Cosmopolitan" (95/1595) Alexander Pankow, Haky
Jasim Göteborg 100 000
Digitala källor till den västsvenska historien (95/2487) Göteborgs museer
Göteborg 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Kulturprojekt Röda Sten (95/628) Stiftelsen Kulturprojektet
Röda sten Göteborg 200 000
Planeringsbidrag: Sångleksrevival (95/2535) Riksförbundet för Folkmusik och
Dans Göteborg* 200 000
Designkyrkan - jakten på det heliga (95/1109) Mats Theselius, Görel Byström
Janarv Göteborg* 220 000
Aktiv tidsanvändning - vitalisering av kulturlivet genom utbildning (95/864)
Samorganisationen TRIADEN Göteborg 250 000
Multimedia/Intermedia, föreläsnings-, seminarie-o workshopsserie (95/2150)
Kulturnämnden Göteborg 350 000
Tidsvåg Noll version 3.0 (95/2493) Föreningen Tidsvåg Göteborg 500 000
Den antika kören (95/2047) Teater Ovan Staden Göteborg 400 000
Planeringsbidrag: Förlagshus i Göteborg (95/2182) Anamma böcker AB Göteborg
40 000
Kompositionsverkstad för gymnasieelever med invandrarbakgrund (95/2213)
Göteborgs Konsert AB Göteborg 400 000
Film och CD-Rom-projektet Flickan och dimman (95/1451) ILLUSION Film &
Television AB Göteborg 500 000
Regional Filmpool (95/1363) Film i Väst Vänersborg 400 000
Planeringsbidrag: Linovation i Fengersfors (95/1862) Veronika Nygren Åmål 140
Bröderna Nils & John Ericson i Forsvik (95/1761) Stiftelsen Forsviks
Industriminnen Karlsborg 200 000
Levande historia Karlsborgs fästning (95/705) Karlsborgs fästning AB Karlsborg
25 000
SLOTTSNYCKELN-en samarbetsorganisation för svenska slott (95/523) Stiftelsen
Läckö Institutet Lidköping* 300 000
Vänermuseet (95/2543) Lidköpings Hantverks och Sjöfartsmuseum Lidköping 1 200
Det ljudande slottet (95/2715) Stiftelsen Läckö Institutet Lidköping 763 000
Utvecklingsbidrag:Litografisk akademi i Tidaholm (95/2340) Hellidens
folkhögskola Tidaholm 300 000
Information till bl.a. invandrarföreningar Stiftelsen framtidens kultur Riks
300 000


Year 1996:

Projekt Summa kr

Norrbottens läns
Luleå Barents Dansproduktion 96/153 280 000
Luleå Kulturförvaltning
och Föreningen Kronans
Luleå Kronans Konstcentrum 96/231 400 000
Norrbottens läns landsting
Luleå Dans i skolan
glesbygdsmodell 96/209 900 000
Föreningen Nordiskt Ljus
Jokkmokk Nordiskt ljus och mörker 96/133 160 000
Studiefrämjandet - Umeå
Umeå Ung i världen - internatio-
nalisering genom film 96/1086 110 000
Vägföreningen Vägen Sju älvar
Umeå Konstvägen 96/445 1 000 000
Landsarkivet i Östersund
Föreningsarkivet i Jämtlands län
Östersund Samverkan grundskola-
arkiv 96/936 300 000
Väx-huset i Nordingrå AB
Kramfors Kultur i Nordingrå 96/640 360 000
Hola folkhögskola
Kramfors Styresholms Medeltids-
center 96/108 700 000
Ljustadalens Bibliotek
Sundsvall Datorn i det integrerade biblio-
teket - multimedia för alla 96/643 300 000
Segersta Utvecklings AB
Bollnäs Timmerhus REDIVIVA -
en förstudie 96/291 195 000
Kultur i Gävle
Gävle Planeringsbidrag:
Lyskraft - ett
kreativt centrum 96/472 500 000
HSB i Gävleborg
Gävle Planeringsbidrag:
Ungdomsteater för alla 96/298 100 000
Borlänge Somaliska förening
Borlänge God Dag Somalier 96/166 75 000
Stiftelsen Falun Folkmusik Festival
Falun "Vi och dom" - hur når
vi invandrarpubliken 96/436 225 000
Föreningen Dalhallas Vänner
Rättvik Richard Wagner:
Nibelungens Ring 96/1446 1 000 000
Swedish Open Learning network
Hallstahammar Museum on line 96/821 150 000
Hällefors Bostads AB
Hällefors Näringslivet möter
kulturen i Diakonen 96/1488 400 000
Stiftelsen för Måltidsforskning
Hällefors Måltidsmuseum med
centrum för upplevelse
FAS II 96/1177 1 000 000
HageGården Music Center
Arvika Opera 2000 96/1411 300 000
Näringslivsarkivens stödfond
Karlstad Regionala näringslivsarkiv 96/1412 500 000
Länsbiblioteket i Värmland
Karlstad IT som brygga till
litteraturen 96/169 400 000
Marc Broos
Sunne The Alma Löv Museum 96/1197
of Experimental and Unexp. Art 105 000
Föreningen Där Ner i Mårbacka
Sunne Skolverksamhet
Där Ner i Mårbacka 96/1416 450 000
Torsby Finnkulturcentrum
Torsby Utställning om skogs-
finnarna 96/339 300 000
Hellidens folkhögskola
Tidaholm Litografisk Akademi
i Tidaholm 96/919 800 000
Stifts- och lands-biblioteket i Skara
Skara Kunskap och upplevelse 96/762 500 000
Skaraborgs länsmuseum
Skara Fotografiet som
läromedel 96/726 280 000
Föreningen Kultverket
Lidköping Renässans-R 96/447 1 400 000
Marie Ganslandt
Ulricehamn Skolgårdens möjligheter -
hur lokala traditioner kan
omsättas till sinnes-
upplevelser på skolgården 96/713 300 000
Riksförbundet Sveriges
Borås Unga Öron -
Projekt ny publik 96/122 700 000
Grundskolan i Norrby kommundel
Borås Vi skapar tillsammans 96/726 480 000
Trollhättans kommun
Trollhättan Teaterprojektet Aladdin 96/657 100 000
August Abrahamsons Stiftelse
Lerum Utvecklingsprojekt-Nääs
åter nationell utbildning 96/246 235 000
Lasse Ernst
Uddevalla Miljökämparna 96/720 400 000
Uddevalla Hemslöjds-förening
Uddevalla Somalisk textil på svensk mark 96/386 260 000
Stiftelsen Tuleboborgen
Mölndal Tuleboborgen 96/507 300 000
Göteborgs museer
Göteborg Barn och ungdom i fokus -
museer i ett mång-
kulturellt perspektiv 96/532 1 400 000
Lindlöws Bokförlag
Göteborg De Nya Svenskarna 96/776 250 000
Göteborg Medeltida konstskatter
i svenska kyrkor 96/776 1 000 000
Musikhögskolan Gö-
teborgs Universitet
Göteborg Musikutbildning i mång-
kulturella miljöer 96/1469 400 000
Ideella föreningen
Göteborg Ungdomsteaterprojekt i
Hjällbo-Teater Pyrophon 96/282 600 000
Göteborg Tonårsakademin 96/313 100 000
Film i Väst AB
Memfis Film
Göteborg Unik distribution av unik film 96/1083 700 000
Stiftelsen Kulturprojekt
Röda Sten
Göteborg Verksamhet vid Röda Sten
-arena för nyskapande &
gränsöverskridande kultur 96/608 200 000
Riksföreningen för
Folkmusik och Dans
Göteborg Sångleksrevival
- Kulturrötter för
gränslös gemenskap 96/992 1 165 000
Angereds Nya Teater
Göteborg Angered Berättar - Det
Magiska Ögonblicket 96/669 500 000
Tidskriften Atalante
Göteborg Sprid kulturen i
Göteborgsregionen 96/769 300 000
Göteborgs stadsteater
Göteborg RIV MURARNA - ett
samarbetsprojekt mellan
Göteborgs samtliga
teatergrupper 96/957 400 000
Göteborgs museer
Göteborg Planeringsbidrag:
Göteborgs museer i
utveckling 96/957 500 000
Galleri 54
Göteborg San Francisco etapp 1 96/86 100 000
Göteborg Konstutbyte mellan
Göteborg och San Francisco 96/742 400 000
Gunnar Bäck
Tanum Gerlesborgs bildnings-
landskap 96/907 160 000
Arbetsgruppen för
Northern Fibre ll
Sotenäs Northern Fibre ll -
Wild Beasts! 96/718 60 000
Projekt Nordiskt
Tjörn Projekt Nordiskt Akvarell-
museum i Skärhamn 96/698 3 500 000
Falkenbergs Kommun
Falkenberg Sculptura 97 i
Falkenberg 96/124 500 000
Projekt Vattenvägar
Ystad Vattenvägar:
Självbild och identitet 96/245 20 000
Föreningen Bronstid
Båstad Skatter från bronstid 96/332 400 000
Arbetarrörelsens Arkiv i
Landskrona Centrum för Arbetarhistoria
(projektering) 96/104 260 000
Kulturföreningen ZONA
Lund Projekt Zona 96/1271 480 000
internationell teatergrupp
Lund Kalejdoskop - 97 96/128 300 000
Malmö Al Djis - Bron
Arabiskt kulturcentrum 96/889 300 000
Secher & Svenstedt HB
Malmö Landskap efter Verlaine 96/247 90 000
Dramatiska Teater-
Malmö "Triangeln"-delprojekt 96/592 150 000
Malmö Skånsk skoltjänst 96/388 2 000 000
Oxie Stadsdelsförvaltning
Malmö Kulturprojekt Zäta 96/746 435 000
Stiftelsen Fotevikens
Maritima Centrum
Vellinge Det skrivna ordet 96/315 350 000
Stiftelsen C. Weibulls
Burlöv Dåtid, Nutid, Framtid 96/524 100 000
Ingvar Holm
Simrishamn Allkonstakademin 96/254 100 000
Frikyrkliga studieför-
Kristianstad Bokcafé STING,
en mötesplats på
Charlottesborg 96/257 400 000
Hyper Island
new media AB
Karlskrona Barnen i Theresienstadt 96/1403 390 000
Gotland Hide kulturbrott 96/495 230 000
Länsstyrelsen i
Gotlands län
Gotland Film på Gotland,
centrum för berättarteknik 96/736 350 000
Gotland Unga tonsättare kring
Östersjön 96/1290 360 000
Bengt Olof Myrgård
Västervik Forsby bibliotek och arkiv 96/226 360 000
Unionsjubileet i
Kalmar 1997
Kalmar Nordiskt operasamarbete i
Kalmar 1997 - Liten Karin 96/674 1 850 000
Form & Design i Norden
Kalmar Form & Design i Norden 96/100 900 000
Musik i Glasriket Ek.För
Emmaboda Möten mellan glaset och
musiken 96/442 500 000
Föreningen Rockparty
Hultsfred Hultsfredsfestivalen live på
Internet 96/653 747 000
Föreningen Parkteatern i
Växjö Trollkarlen från Oz, med
nyskapande visuell teknisk
scenografi 96/107 250 000
Samarbetsrådet i Migra-
Växjö Migrationsdatabasen 96/340 300 000
Robert Svensson
Jönköping Speculum Mundi 96/818 200 000
DIS Dirigentutbildning i
Jönköping DIS- Dirigentutbildning i
Sverige 96/831 700 000
Föreningen LOKOMOTIV
Motala Kansli för samordning 96/1020 550 000
Sapphos Döttrar
Norrköping "Mitt språks gränser är min
världs gränser" 96/633 100 000
Centrum för lokalhistoria
Linköping Kontaktnät för lokalhistoria
i skolan 96/911 400 000
Alvastra Krönikespel
Ödeshög Ombergsfestivalen 96/393 800 000
Eskilstuna Vi intager staden 96/216 700 000
Föreningen SvenskRockdokumentation
Vingåker Fanzineutställning,
katalog och fanzines
i nya medier 96/1496 225 000
Stiftelsen Erik Sahl-
ströms Minnesfond
Tierp Förverkligande av Sveriges
första folkmusikinstitut 96/375 1 000 000
Skådebanan i Uppsala län
Uppsala Skådebanan - mångkulturell
mötesplats för ungdomar 96/1028 345 000
Kulturförvaltningen i
Uppsala Kommun
Uppsala Planeringsbidrag:
Lärcentra i Uppsala-skolor
- ett pilotprojekt 96/1419 150 000
Kulturföreningen Prisma
Uppsala Planeringsbidrag:
Världshuset 96/1002 100 000
och Svenska kyrkan
Uppsala Tidernas kyrka 96/1253 1 500 000
Lars Lambert
Uppsala Stadens ansikte 96/300 280 000
Mahmod Mola
Ezat Mahmod
Uppsala Ett kurdiskt arkiv i exil 96/152 60 000
Uppsala Konstmuseum
Uppsala Digitala följeslagare 96/1025 200 000
Sigtuna museum
Sigtuna Sigtuna Anno 1000 -
programbearbetning och
framtagning av pre-
sentationsmaterial 96/1327 300 000
Can Diarbakerli,
Ulf Björklund
Södertälje Planeringsbidrag:
Nsibininstitutet, centrum för
assyrisk-syrjansk historia,
kultur och språk 96/576 100 000
Stockholm Världstältet 96/853 1 300 000
Stockholms Stads
Stockholm "Multi musik" /96/1470 594 000
Louis Faye
Stockholm Planeringsbidrag:
Mångkulturell delaktighet
i svensk kulturpolitik 96/1340 200 000
Lilla Gillet
Stockholm Nyteg 1997 96/149 200 000
Stiftelsen Tekniska
Stockholm Teknik som talar alla språk 96/420 1 560 000
Ideella föreningen
Stockholm Skafferiet - Etapp III -
mobilverksamhet 96/1106 450 000
Cirkus Cirkör Stockholm Cirkushus i Stockholm med
nationellt nätverk 96/1129 1 050 000
Galleri Index
Stockholm Utveckling av pedagogisk
verksamhet med inrikt-
ning ungdom 96/48 300 000
Föreningen Konst och
Stockholm Media Cross-Currents 96/526 200 000
Clara von Rettig/
Stockholm ETERNUM - Re-historia 2 96/1499 200 000
Santiago Pinto Doublet
Stockholm Samarkandas Fiol 96/562 250 000
Föreningen KONST I
Stockholm Konst på bio 96/722 590 000
Martyn Eales/
Helen Wahlgren
Stockholm Stockholmania 96/974 500 000
Görel Byström Janarv
Stockholm Designkyrkan 96/379 300 000
10-gruppen Ten
Designers AB
Stockholm 10-gruppens samlingar 96/723 450 000
Stockhom Livsformer-rum för
framtiden 96/873 1 200 000
Gentjänst Information AB
Stockholm Jazz i Svaben 10 år 96/1047 300 000
Patrick Andeberg
Stockholm Utvecklingsbidrag:
Huset Jaguar 96/1160 100 000
Digitala Teaterrum
Stockholm "Digitala Teaterrum" 96/739 300 000
Stiftelsen Art Node
Stockholm Art Node 96/480 950 000
Unga Hörselskadades
Stockholm IT-kommunikation för
hörselskadade96/335 218 000
Mats Olofgörs
Hans Peterson
Stockholm Högar - skulpturalt gestaltade
landskapsformer 96/463 400 000
Kylan Produktion AB
Stockholm Kylan 96/999 450 000
Nordiska Museet
Stockholm Planeringsbidrag:
Forum för tolerans 96/980 189 000
Föreningen för Tidig Musik
Stockholm Planeringsbidrag:
Infrastrukturuppbyggnad för
tidig musik i Sverige 96/980 100 000
Projekt Rum i rummet
Stockholm Rum i rummet 96/430 175 000
Svenska Konstnärers
Organistion för Digital Konst
/Stiftelsen Medialab (under bildande)
Stockholm Mediaverkstad 96/510 3 000 000
Konstnärliga Teatern i
Stockholm AB
Stockholm Dokumentationsmaterial
om Orionteatern inför 1998 96/321 260 000
Sveriges Dramatiker-
Stockholm Den digitala pjäsbanken 96/852 200 000
Moderna Opera-
ensemblen MOE
Stockholm De sju dödssynderna-Balett
med sånger av B.Brecht
och Kurt W 96/904 78 000
Teater K/3 x Medea
Stockholm 3 x MEDEA 96/1064 500 000
Stockholm Svenskt Kulturarv 96/424 1 500 000
Stockholm Multimediapresentationen
modern svensk arkitektur 96/295 700 000
Sveriges Hembygds-
förbund, SHF
Stockholm Landskapet som historiskt
arkiv och biologiskt kulturarv96/1092 300 000
Stiftelsen INUTI
Stockholm INUTI Europa 96/150 1 000 000
Theater Manjana
Stockholm Seriös humorforskning 96/1132 215 000
Stockholm Det mångkulturella nätverket 96/880 1 000 000
Re: Orient Ideell Förening
Stockholm Re:Orient 1997 96/546 2 000 000
TBV Storstockholm
Stockholm TBV Mediacenter för
förståndshandikappade 96/1087 500 000
Svenska Fotografernas
Stockholm Digital bild- och bokverkstad 96/1278 1 000 000
Föreningen Omättlig Dans
Stockholm Dansmöten med invandrad
folkmusik 96/1222 400 000
Rinkeby multimediacenter
Stockholm Framtidens familj 96/971 300 000
Stockholm Dyslexikampanjen 96/1220 1 000 000
Stockholm Millenniumprojektet 1997-2000 96/1223 530 000
Pia Wennström
Stockholm Att stärka relationen mellan
skola och teater 96/1464 100 000
Svenska Riksteatern
Botkyrka Nils Holgersson 96/1117 3 000 000
Irene Ahkras
Huddinge Arkivet för barns o ungas
bild, tradition och kulturarv 96/1497 100 000
Packbodarna Konsthantverk
Värmdö Planeringsbidrag:
Packbodarna Konsthantverk 96/1149 100 000


Year 1997:

Projekt Summa kr

Sverigefinska folkhögskolan
Haparanda Rikoschett - kulturverkstad för ungdomar 97/34 160 000

Teater Svanen
Överkalix Bröderna Karamazov med
mitjokfestival för ungdom 97/124 250 000

Norrbottens Körförbund
Luleå Barents Körfestival 1998 97/303 260 000

Skolförvaltningen i Piteå kommun
Piteå Kultur o ny teknik i skolan
Verktyg för barns och ung-
domars berättande 97/321 800 000

Norrbottens läns landsting,
Luleå Barents Dansensemble
Barents Dansproduktion 1998 97/670 550 000

Norrbyskärs Museum
Umeå Multikulturrummet och arrange-
mangsgruppen 97/1067 835 000

Skellefteå Pilotlärarutbildning inför
barnteateråret 97/1178 300 000

Tärna sameförening
Storuman Dokumentation och inspelning
av samisk musik och jojk. 97/53 100 000

Umeå Bilder som förklarar
världen 97/556 500 000

Vägföreningen Sju Älvar
Umeå Konstvägen 97/1485 800 000

Härjedalens Kommun
Härjedalen Kvinnor i Härjedalen -
kvinnor i glesbygd 97/158 850 000

Överhogdals Hembygdsförening
Härjedalen Rekonstruktion av Överhog-
dalsbonaderna 97/983 20 000

Stiftelsen Jämtlands läns museum
Östersund Ungdomen och kulturarvet.
Ett nationellt pilotprojekt. 97/1669 1 000 000

Jämtlands läns konstförening
Östersund "Från älsklingstavla till Munch" 97/797 475 000

Sollefteå Två världar 97/33 200 000

Föreningen Svensk Form
Sundsvall Vistet - Framtidens Timmerhus 97/910 2 300 000

Tärna sameförening
Storuman Fotodokumentation av samisk
kulturhistoria, närings- och
föreningsverksamhet i Tärna 97/52 100 000

Ovanåker Välkomna till Viksjöforsbaletten!
Barn med funktionshinder och
nysvenska barn börjar dansa 97/1361 560 000

Gävle Kunskapstorget på Solängsskolan 97/111 500 000

Nynässkolan, Gävle Sinnenas år i Sinnenas skola 97/1659 490 000

Stiftelsen Helsingegården
Ljusdal Världsteatern 97/1655 1 000 000

Multikulturella Föreningen
i Dalarna
Leksand En blå flod i ett avlägset land 97/1608 300 000

Stiftelsen Dalarnas Museum
Falun Navet i landskapet. Visitor
Centre för Dalarna 97/1457 400 000

Föreningen Folkmusikens Hus
i Rättvik
Rättvik Folkmusikens Hus i Rättvik 97/1424 200 000

Borlänge Unga Teater
Borlänge Uppbyggnad av Borlänge
Unga Teater 97/1098 200 000

Västmanlands Länsteater
Västerås Utveckling av tonårsflickors
språk i Västmanland 97/1097 200 000

Hällefors kommun, Hällefors Kulturgymnasium 97/900 260 000

Folkrörelsernas arkiv
Karlstad Nycklar till brukssamhället 97/1063 300 000

Amadeus enterprise
Karlstad Värmland Classic Festival 1997 97/47 250 000

Karlstad Arkiv och Skolungdom
i Värmland 97/1257 500 000

Lidköpings Film- & Videoförening
Lidköping Kulturkommunikation 97/1257 400 000

Landstinget Skaraborg
Mariestad Kulturum Skaraborg '98 97/1508 1 200 000

Stiftelsen Forsviks Industri-
Karlsborg Lärda fruntimmer 97/1259 150 000

Tibro Art Gallery
8 konstnärer och 8 möbelföretag i
Tibro Tibro Art Gallery -
Möbelkonst 97/1543 200 000

Stiftelsen Läckö Institutet
Lidköping Baroque Connections -
Upplevelser och kunskap 97/1076 480 000

Trollhättans kommun
Trollhättan Innovatum 97/1210 1 000 000

Mark Att skapa en mångkulturell
väv med utgångspunkt från
Parkskolan mitt i byn 97/1283 400 000

Resurscentrum för Inter-
kulturell Kunskap
Göteborg Att FrämlingSkapa 97/1567 243 000

Göteborgs Konstmuseum
Göteborg Hjärtat sitter till vänster 97/1181 880 000

Ensemble E = mc2
Rubicon production
Göteborg E = mc2 97/1224 200 000

Dans & Teaterfestivalen
Göteborg Utomhusprogram vid
Göteborg Dans & Teaterfestival 1998 97/1533 750 000

Förlagshuset i Göteborg
Göteborg Förlagshuset i Göteborg 97/653 2 000 000

Stiftelsen Musik i Väst
Göteborg Centrum för ny musik -
etablering och utveckling 97/848 1 500 000

Stiftelsen Bohusläns Teater
Uddevalla Projekt "Rum" 97/1209 100 000

Göteborgs museer
Göteborg Göteborgs museer i utveck-
ling/en seminarieserie 97/1347 280 000

Tingsholmsgymnasiet, Ulricehamn Stadens torg - att planera med ungdomar och
konstnärer, 97/1086 100 000

Halmstad Lokalt samarbete om Ungkultur 97/514 2 000 000

Hallands länsteaterförening
Musik i Halland
Halmstad Ungdomsfestival Vattenhål 97/817 250 000

Föreningen Hallands
Halmstad Företagsarkiven i Halland 97/823 300 000

Patrick Jovell
Malmö Interaktiva musikfilmer -
experimemtforum för bild,
drama & musik 97/402 262 000

Film i Skåne
Malmö Nationellt (nordiskt) barn-
och ungdomsfilmcentrum 97/1353 100 000

Johannesskolan, Malmö Kulturen i skolan och dess närområde etapp 2 och 3 97/1670
1 300 000

Stiftelsen Rooseum, Malmö Pedagogiskt projekt i samband med Mike
Kelly-utställning 97/785 345 000

Rosengårds Musikförening
Malmö Rosengårdsmodellen -
ungdomar lär barn 97/435 200 000

Föreningen Förortsdramatik
Malmö Förortsdramatik i Malmö City 97/1378 350 000

Landsarkivet i Lund
Lund Demografisk Databas för
södra Sverige 97/754 400 000

Musikhögskolan i Malmö
Malmö World Music School i Malmö 97/100 1 000 000

Lunds universitet
Lärarhögskolan i Malmö
Lars Haikola och Lena Aulin-Gråhamn
Malmö Konstens metod som kunskapsväg
Ateljeristautbildning 97/1652 300 000

Ystads Museer/kulturnämnden
Ystad VATTENVÄGAR identitet och
självBILD - före och efter 97/229 450 000

Gunilla Bandolin
Malmö SPRAWL 97/247 200 000

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
Malmö En odyssée i uppfinningsrikedom 97/1417 120 000

Föreningen EXIT
Simrishamn EXIT 98 - Innovative
Performing Artprojekt 97/852 260 000

Stiftelsen Mellby Scenkonst
Simrishamn Digitalisering & Utveckling
av nätverk 97/341 100 000

Österlens Kulturbank
Simrishamn Den kreativa staden 97/439 800 000

Stiftelsen Österlens Konst-
& hantverksskola
Simrishamn Entreprenörsutbildning för
blivande konstnärer 97/593 250 000

Ciltzine & Cultzite
Gotländska Kulturer
Gotland Multimedia bussen - Cultzite 97/1179 500 000

Högskolan i Kalmar
Kalmar Humanistisk ungdomsteater i
ekologiskt teknikhus 97/634 335 000

Föreningen Virserums Musikdagar
Hultsfred Virserums Musikdagar - en
festival för barn och vuxna 97/1246 700 000

Byteatern, Kalmar Läns Teater
Kalmar Byteaterns Läns fresk 97-98 97/1147 1 320 000

Å Jägerhorn m.fl.
Västervik Kulturstopp, Almviks Tegelbruk 97/150 500 000

Samarbetsrådet för migrationsforskning
Växjö Fältstudier i invandrartäta områden 97/169 800 000

Berättarnätet Kronoberg
Ljungby Sagomuseum i Sagobygd 97/109 1 200 000

Stiftelsen Grännamuseerna
Jönköping Projektering av Polarcentrum 97/395 700 000

Arbetets museum
Norrköping BRYTNINGSTID - från industrisamhälle till
kunskapssamhälle 97/279 1 300 000

Stiftelsen Internationella
Vadstena Utrustning för opera-
akademisamverkan 97/990 470 000

Södermanlands Läns Hemslöjdsförening
Nyköping Workshop om hantverk
över gränser 97/547 240 000

Kommunala Mediacentralen
Södertälje Med "Bok och Band" i litteraturens värld 97/275 25 000

Föreningen Kolhusteatern
Flen Kolhusteater 97/840 300 000

Ärstaskolan, Eskilstuna Skapande kommunikation som skolprofil, 97/1398 350 000

Eskilstuna Stads- och Länsbibliotek
Eskilstuna På tröskeln till år 2000
Mötesplats UngEuropa 97/1199 60 000

Gripemuseet Nyköpings kommun
Nyköping Modellteater - Basutställning 97/128 200 000

Föreningen Forum Fogelstad
Katrineholm Forum Fogelstad - Mötesplatsen
för kvinnligt idéarbete 97/873 400 000

Kulturföreningen Prisma
Uppsala Världshuset 97/902 1 000 000

Gottsundaskolan, Uppsala Världen i Gottsunda - den mångkulturella skolans
möjligheter 97/1142 200 000

Vallonbruk i Uppland
Östhammar Multimedia och levande
utställningsteknik Ång-
hammaren - Österbybruk 97/897 300 000

Viba Fembas vänner
Uppsala Den döende bandyn 97/885 200 000

BIKUPAN Gottsunda
Uppsala Gottsunda teater 97/635 1 000 000

Uppsala kommuns kulturförvaltning
Uppsala I Leonardos fotspår 97/576 400 000

Görel Byström Janarv
Stockholm Designkyrkan 97/35 800 000

Futurniture AB
Stockholm What's up/FLUX 97/638 1 500 000

Atom Design Studio
Stockholm Från sekel till sekel, 6 filmer
om storstadens arkitektur97/1553 355 000

Stiftelsen Filmform
Stockholm MOVIEABLE 97/1118 250 000

Svenska Kvinnors Filmförbund
Stockholm DIGI - Projektet 97/1194 500 000

Kaleidoscope Invandrar-
filmarnas förening
Stockholm Invandrare i svensk film - med
film mot främlingsfientlighet 97/1467 66 000

Stockholm Språk över gränserna 97/1681 600 000

Stockholm Etno - Techno97/120 800 000

Folkens Museum Etnografiska
Stockholm Den skapande människan 97/1385 1 200 000

Stockholm Mångkulturell delaktighet i
svensk kulturpolitik 97/1571 700 000

Projekt- & Forsknings-
gruppen Replica
Stockholm Kulturcentrum Replicas Pärlan 97/978 75 000

Eva Lindgren Mask & Design
Stockholm Mask, teatermask eller den
moderna människans mask 97/61 600 000

Jonas Linkvist/Tommy Dahlman
Stockholm "nya rum" 97/708 165 000

Edsvik konst och kultur
Sollentuna Mötesplats Edsvik konst
och kultur 97/636 1 000 000

Stockholm T-nytt i hela landet 97/909 190 000

Arbetsgruppen för Östersjö-
Norrtälje Östersjöakademien 97/521 1 000 000

Nya Vokalensemblen
Stockholm Matteuspassionen - och
dess visuella dimension 97/451 1 200 000

Iranska Kammarmusikföreningen
Stockholm Mucka gräl 97/691 150 000

Stockholms Stift
Stockholm Herr Gud det är Anna -
en musiksaga 97/1374 300 000

Pärlor för svin
Stockholm Pärlor för svin Europaprojekt 97/1301 55 000

Stockholm 3-D/Rummet på Rymmen 97/767 375 000

Stockholm Mötesplatser 97/1284 500 000

Karl Dunér
Stockholm Sällskap I-VII 97/839 250 000

Stockholm Dokumentation av stenbearbetning 97/292 350 000

Järfälla kommun/ Järfälla Kultur
Järfälla Arkeologisk kulturarvs-
skola i Järfälla 97/504 500 000

Sveriges Hembygdsförbund
Stockholm Nils Holgersson Internet 97/727 100 000

Industrihistoriskt Forum
Stockholm Vårt Industrihistoriska Arv 97/979 280 000

Svenska Arkitekters Riksförbund
Stockholm Hus i hela landet 97/1044 490 000

Karin Englund
Stockholm Läromedel i att "Läsa Staden"
inför 1998 97/1343 425 000

Svenska Hemslöjds-
föreningarnas Riksförbund
Stockholm Den Nya Svenska Hemslöjden 97/1463 350 000

Stockholm Rinkr - kulturarv som
verktyg mot rasism 97/1595 280 000

Stockholm Smitta - ett interdiciplinärt
samarbetsprojekt 97/1297 200 000

Stockholms stadsarkiv
Stockholm Söder - ett interaktivt multi-
mediaprojekt i samverkan 97/202 600 000

De Svenska Historiedagarna
Stockhom De Svenska Historiedagarna
i Kalmar 1997 97/604 600 000

Stockholm Invandrarnas kulturarv Etapp 2 97/964 500 000

Stiftelsen Marionetteatern
Stockholm Världen är här 97/1,97/1601 1 200 000

Stockholm Framtidsskeppet 97/971 700 000

Stiftelsen Färgfabriken
Stockholm Nationalakademien 97/907 500 000

Handikappförbundets samarbets-
Stockholm Makten över mitt liv 97/1645 500 000

Stockholms stads- och läns-
Stockholm Ung litteratur 97/1629 500 000

Grekiskt Kulturcentrum
Stockholm Svensk-grekiskt kulturnät 97/946 300 000

DUNS, De unga Neurologiskt
Handikappade i Sverige
Stockholm Teaterprojekt - unga funktionshindrade 97/284 150 000

Pia Wennström
Stockholm Att stärka relationen mellan
skola och teater 97/666 900 000

Haninge bibliotek
Haninge En modell för samarbete mellan
folkbibliotek och decentrali-
serade högskoleinstitutioner 97/749 360 000

Mama och Divan
Arkitektmagasinet AB
Stockholm Det inre och det yttre rummet 97/1186 80 000

Per Jonsson Dance Company
Stockholm Per Jonsson Dance Company
1998-2000 97/306
200 000

Författarcentrum Öst ideell förening
Svenska Nätbokklubben 97/1461
700 000

Bokförlaget Rabén Prisma
Eva-Maria Westberg
Om trädgårdar 97/312
100 000

Olov Tällström
Speaker's Corner 97/984
400 000

Stiftelsen Galleri Enkehuset
Dockskåp 98 97/455
200 000


Year 1998:

Bidragsmottagare/Kommun Projekt Summa kr

Helena Westerberg, Gällivare Arkitektur i Lappland 98/1273 9 000

Nordisk Panorama i Kiruna 1998, Kiruna kommun/Nordisk Panorama, Kiruna
Sidoprogram till Nordisk Panorama 98/628 200 000

Piteå Musikhögskola och Dramatiska Institutet, Piteå TV-operan - Tiden ett
mantra 98/674 600 000

Föreningen nordiskt Ljus, Jokkmokk Föreningen nordiskt Ljus, Jokkmokk Förstudie
till symposium, 98/1723 50 000

Umeå kultur, Bildmuseet, Umedalen skulptur, Umeå Umeå konstsommar 98
"Hållplatser" 98/304 100 000

Somaliska Ungdomsföreningen Umeå Kartläggning av somaliska barn- och
ungdomsproblem i Sverige 98/260 137 000

Åre Kulturverksta', Åre Kommun, Åre Åre Agentbyrå - ett läslustprojekt med boken
som inspiration och IT som verktyg 98/29 300 000

Stiftelsen Gaaltije, Östersund Gaaltije, sydsamiskt kulturcentrum 98/635 625

Jämtlands läns utvecklings-förvaltning, Östersund Jämtlands länsteaterprojekt
98/1500 700 000

Landsarkivet i Östersund/ Föreningsarkivet i Jämtlands län Östersund Arkivens
forskningsresor, etapp 2 98/1621 100 000

Dalateatern, Falun Skuggor och speglingar, 98/9 100 000

Polhemsstiftelsen i Stjernsund, Hedemora En fördjupad förstudie 98/233 155 000

Föreningen Dalhallas Vänner, Rättvik Teknisk vidareutveckling av Dalhalla till
en festspelsscen 98/469 1 500 000

Kultur Gävleborg, Gävle IT för kvinnor och eldsjälar och för kulturarbetare,
98/818 800 000

Teater Västmanland, Västerås Det stora världsägget. 98/712 200 000

Länsstyrelsen i Västmanland Ångkraftverket 98/975 700 000

Kultur- & fritidsnämnden i Västerås stad, Västerås Scen för ny musik 98/1367 2
000 000

Himlajorden AB, Hällefors "Gästabordet" 98/184 500 000

Måltidsmuseum, Hällefors Kommun, Hällefors Projekt Måltidsmuseum Fas III 98/764
1 000 000

Åkerby Skulpturpark, Nora Bergslagens Kulturella Utvecklingscenter Fas II 1998
98/10 600 000

Örebro Kulturskola, Örebro Vi alla kan i Vivalla 98/1301 1 500 000

Dans i Värmland, Karlstad Möte med dansen som konstform 98/1510 350 000

Porten Ritare AB, Borås Skolhusets möjligheter- Reflektioner o
sinnesupplevelser 98/292 400 000

August Abrahamsons stiftelse, Lerum Nääs internationella hantverksutbildning,
etapp 2 98/1364 200 000

Rydals museum Kulturnämnden Marks kommun Näringsliv och arbetsliv -
förhållandena i Sjuhäradsbygden 98/1551 200 000

Insamlingsstiftelsen Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Tjörn Nordiska Akvarellmuseet,
98/817 2 000 000

Vitteneprojektet, Älvborgs länsmuseum, Trollhättan Vitteneprojektet för
regional utveckling 98/97 300 000

Staffan Backlund, Göteborg En postfuturistisk encyklopedi 98/33 150 000

Tidsvåg, Göteborg New Media Showroom, 98/1146 300 000

Äckligt Kulturella Personers Sällskap, Göteborg Fusion - fragment av en tid
98/401 166 000

Atalante, Göteborg Göteborg - Kulturen får rum 98/825 700 000

Nätverkstan Kultur i Väst AB, Göteborg Mediaverkstäder - förstudie för en ny
infrastruktur för IT och kultur i Västsverige 98/1250 127 000

Backa Teater, Göteborg Afrikaprojektet 98/1549 1 500 000

Musikhögskolan, Göteborgs Universitet, Göteborg Göteborgs Internationella
Musikdagar 1999 98/1581 1 300 000

Stiftelsen Bohusläns Teater, Göteborg Arena, ett utvecklingsbidrag98/524 300 000

Folkteatern, Göteborg Växthuset, nyskriven dramatik inför 2000-talet 98/813 300

Judiska församlingen, Göteborg Judisk Kulturkonferens 98/1679 50 000

Vitlycke museum/ Bohusläns museum, Tanum Världens bilder från Tanum -ett
internetbaserat läromedel 98/1338 430 000

Ledningsgruppen för Arkivens Dag Bohusläns Föreningsarkiv, Uddevalla Arkivens
dag 1998 98/238 400 000

Dans i Halland, Halmstad Dans i Halland 98/980 350 000

Kultur- & fritidsnämnden, Hylte Kultur och information - Unnaryd 98/1684 150 000

Arbetarrörelsens arkiv i Landskrona Centrum för Arbetarhistoria - Planering av
utställningsdelen 98/852 433 000

Skånes Arkivförbund, Lund Arkivpedagogisk handbok 98/489 300 000

Institutionen för Arkitektur avd Form vid Lunds Universitet, Lund Studio e -
workshop + tidsskriftsproduktion 98/1575 152 000

Landsarkivet i Lund Detta är min historia 98/1636 350 000

AB Spegelfilm/Triangelfilm, Malmö Filmhusprojekt 98/1224 500 000

Kulturföreningen Artemis, Malmö LAB Dokumentation 98/1326 134 000

Högskolan i Malmö, Konst och Kommunikation, samordnare, Malmö Skiften 98/816
Picafilm, Ljusår, 98/1736, 200 000

Malmö Musikteater, Otålighetens teater, 98/1737, 500 000

Malmö Musikteater, Hotel Pro Forma, 98/1738, 300 000
1 000 000

Mats Bååth, Malmö Kultur i skolan och dess område, 98/1676 955 000

Kulturföreningen Ocean, Malmö OCEAN ONE, 98/1724 100 000

Ars Nova, Malmö Network art 98/1576 1 000 000

Svenska Boprojekt AB, Malmö H99, Design igår, idag och imorgon, 98/1730 100 000

Johannesskolan, Malmö Vi vill lära oss genom att lära andra, 98/1677 45 000

Ystad Konstmuseum, Ystad Vattenvägar 98/1732 150 000

Björkegrenska Forskningsinstitutet, Simrishamn Allkonstakademin 98/277 150 000

Föreningen Exit, Simrishamn Exit 99 Transithall-Landningsbana 98/1354 900 000

Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona Rötter och Vingar, 98/1728 200 000

Stiftelsen Wanås Utställningar, Östra Göinge Wanås utställningar 1999-2000
98/665 500 000

Kulturföreningen Roxy, Gotland Musik på Gotland 98/1141 500 000

Folkuniversitetet i Visby, Gotland Östersjöns Internationella Tonsättarcentrum,
98/1678 490 000

Gotlands Genealogiska Förening/ Landsarkivet i Visby, Gotland Handelshusets
Donners brev-böcker 1750-1844 på Internet 98/1626 200 000

Kalmar läns museum, Kalmar Historia a) som rollspel med tonåringar b) med
förskolebarn 98/1043 1 500 000

Ölands Folkhögskola, Mörbylånga Möjligheternas boning 98/1680 350 000

Kunskapskällan, Västervik Forsby bibliotek och arkiv 98/92 400 000

Kammarorkestern Musica Vitae, Växjö Kompositionsprojektet, 98/1675 60 000

Kammarorkestern Musica Vitae, Växjö Euro Musica Vitae 98/85 325 000

Smålands Konstarkiv fd Knäppfabriken, Värnamo Museum Vandalorum 98/1637 800 000

Östergötlands Bildningsförbund, Linköping "Ett 1900-tal" - ett samarbetsprojekt
i Östergötland 98/1120 1 000 000

Linköpings Universitet m fl, Norrköping Sanna Drömmar i Kvarteret Oron 98/349
400 000

Hjo kommun, Hjo Tre trästäder i Sverige 98/1099 400 000

Tor Ahlmark, Strängnäs Stallarholmen adopterar Mälsåkers slott 98/1135 110 000

Stiftelsen Eric Sahlström - Institutet, Tierp Projektering av basverksamheter
inom Eric Sahlström-Institutet 98/768 940 000

Institutionen för kultur- och biblioteksstudier, Uppsala Kulturungdom och
ungdomskultur, 98/1704 30 000

Landsarkivet i Uppsala, Uppsala Ett landsarkiv i Örebro 98/340 300 000

Uppsala stads- & länsbibliotek, Uppsala Lärcentra i Uppsalaskolor – ett
pilotprojekt 98/1544 2 000 000

Botkyrka Mediecenter, Kultur-Fritid, Botkyrka Kommun, Botkyrka Tune to Kids
98/1115 400 000

Botkyrka Kommun, Botkyrka Världens musik. 98/1171 600 000

TIGER, Ekerö Tolv Tigrar 98/566 250 000

ABF Norra StorStockholm Förstudie "Kultur media och ny teknik" 98/278 181 000

Nefel Journalistik, Stockholm Kurdisk CD 98/41 282 000

Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm Projektering av en 3-årig nycirkusutbildning 98/949 350

Görel Byström Janarv, Stockholm Gud har 99 namn 98/64 1 500 000

Judiska Museet i Stockholm Ombyggnad av museilokal 98/216 300 000

De Svenska Historiedagarna, Stockholm De Svenska Historiedagarna i Stockholm
1998 98/288 250 000

Kyrkomusikerna i Stockholm, Stockholm Jubilate - Kyrkomusiken inför 2000-talet
98/314 860 000

Sveriges Författarförbund, Stockholm Kompetensutveckling kring berättarkonst
98/361 103 000

Föreningen Underlandet, Stockholm Lysistrate-Medea 98/379 300 000

Bounce, Stockholm Bounce 98/448 400 000

Sveriges Hembygdsförbund, Stockholm Hembygdsturism 98/506 300 000

Föreningen Rötter, Stockholm Stocktown på nätet 98/550 250 000

Föreningen Benno, Stockholm Bennoradio - Oberoende musik på Internet 98/641 291

Svensk Industridesign, Stockholm Min produkt - Designuppgifter för unga 98/647
500 000

Martin Fröst, Stockholm Hunger 98/649 125 000

Statens kulturråd Dans i hela landet 1998 - 2000 1 000 000

Konstnärliga Teatern i Sthlm AB, Stockholm Johanna 98/668 500 000

Föreningen FormMuseets Vänner, Stockholm Forum för Form i Stockholm, 98/1533 300

Circus AB, Stockholm Atlas pappersmakt, 98/1725 300 000

Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm Utvecklingsprojekt: Konstpedagogiskt arbete och
publikarbete 98/677 600 000

IVA, Kulturnät Sverige, Stockholm Utvärdering av Kulturnät Sverige, 98/1726 100

Screen Writers Stockholm, Stockholm Screen Writers Stockholm 98/716 100 000

Projektet Barns Historia, HeadQuarters Annonsbyrå AB, Stockholm Barns Historia,
98/1400 100 000

Teaterkollektivet Rex, Stockholm Samtidens dramatik 98/384 900 000

Stiftelsen ArtNode, Stockholm Art Node 98/1683 1 000 000

Intercult Productions, Stockholm Res publicum: för en ny blandkulturell publik
98/719 1 800 000

FFAF Uzi Geffenblad, Stockholm Animatorget 98/722 500 000

Sv Körförbund/Sv Sångarförbundet, Stockholm Körkraft 99 98/726 1 000 000

Cesar Galindo, Stockholm Pukio - Åter till Källan 98/870 400 000

Folkoperan, Stockholm Ungdomsoperan "Stjärnor och Damm" 98/890 1 000 000

Riksutställningar, Stockholm Delprojekt i Spåra staden 98/919 155 000

Grekiskt Kulturcentrum, Stockholm Svensk-grekiskt kulturnät 98/973 290 000

Färgfabriken, Stockholm Parasol/Maria/Designmöte 98/974 1 200 000

Billgren & Billgren AB, Stockholm Kontakt 98/976 940 000

Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm Museum utan Gränser: Islamisk konst i
Medelhavsområdet och ett islamiskt kulturarv i Sverige, 98/48 100 000

Sommarteater i Mälardalen c/o Drama Teatern ek.för, Stockholm "Sommarteater i
Mälardalen" 98/1053 300 000

Stefan Ytterborn/Jens Pamp, Stockholm Nordisk Design Köln 1999-Förstudie 98/2
100 000

Nykterhetsrörelsen bildningsverksamhet, Stockholm Kulturer i världen, 98/71 350

Högskolecentrum för Handikappforskning i Stockholm, Stockholm Funktionshinder -
Forskning - Kultur 98/1147 400 000 ek.förening, Stockholm, 98/3 29 000

Föreningen Världstältet, Stockholm Världstältet 98/1253 400 000

Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm Nya vägar för boken - Delprojekt 1:
Projektsamordning 98/1437 610 000

Moderna Museet, Verkstan, Stockholm Konstmuseet som
kunskapsresurs/sammanlänkande instans i skolundervisningen, 98/1731 45 000

Karl-Erik Tallmo, Stockholm Från Gorgias till Gore, 98/1674 340 000

Södra Teatern, Mosebacke, Stockholm Södra Teatern - från passiv gästspelsteater,
till profilerad uthyrningsverksamhet 98/1697 1 050 000

Författarcentrum Öst, Stockholm Podium 98/1443 1 100 000

Per Jonsson Dance Company, Stockholm Per Jonsson Dance Company 98/1522 2 000

Föreningen Svensk Form, Stockholm Svensk Form Center 98/1607 3 000 000

Bikupan, Stockholm The silent revolution, workshop, 98/1667 200 000

Svenskt Kulturarv, Stockholm Salvebyn i samband med Bröd och Skådespel, 98/1696
50 000

Riksantikvarieämbetet, Stockholm Från hedendom till kristendom i Svea Rikets
vagga, Museum i Gamla Uppsala 98/1733 3 000 000

Projektgruppen för ungdomsprojektet Hotet, Judiska Församlingen i Stockholm
Ungdomsprojektet Hotet 98/1625 70 000

Nordiska museet & de regionala museerna, Stockholm Framtidstro 98/1642 5 000

IASPIS, Stockholm Återbruk/Design för Torkan, 98/91 100 000

Riksarkivet, Byrån för enskilda arkiv, Stockholm Invandrarnas kulturarv Etapp 3
98/1681 400 000

Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm Sverige och den islamska världen, ett svenskt
kulturarv 98/1690 750 000

Grafikens Hus, Strängnäs Ett utvidgat Grafikens Hus, 98/1729 200 000

Södertälje Kommun Utvecklingsrådet för Kultur Södertälje Tre Steg i Södertälje
98/1517 1 470 000

Tyresö Kultur och fritid, Tyresö Mitt Tyresö eller Tyresö 2000 98/222 40 000

Wonderful Comics, Upplands-Väsby Wonderful Comics - Digital serietidskrift
98/655 30 000


Year 1999:

Summa kr

Norrbottens länsbibliotek, Luleå
Läslustombud på förskolorna i Norrland
500 000

Erling Johansson, Gällivare
Naturens ansikte, en experimentiell film
700 000

Vuollerim 6000, Jokkmokk
I Framtidens Fotspår
500 000

Styrgruppen för utv. Av Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå
Utv. Av Museum Anna Nordlander, Kvinnocentrum i Skellefteå
200 000

Stiftelsen Skogsmuseet, Lycksele
134 000

Bildmuseet, Umeå Universitet, Umeå
Mirror´s Edge
950 000

Länsbiblioteket i Västerbotten, Umeå
Hjortronställen i Barentsregionen - ett nordligt litteraturprojekt med
inriktning på barn och ungdom
500 000

Jämtlands läns utvecklingsförvaltning Länsteaterprojekt, Östersund
Jämtlands Länsteaterprojekt
500 000

Ideella föreningen Holmgång, Sollefteå
Holmgång IV
438 000

Långvinds Bruksmiljö och Kulturförening, Hudiksvall
Långvinds Bruksmiljö o Kulturförening - vision
450 000

Brunnsviks folkhögskola/ Ludvika kommun, Ludvika
Kulturvård, lokal utveckling o medborgerlig förankring
245 000

Ann-Kristin Treard, Smedjebacken
Projektering av Malingsbo Herrgårdsprojekt
90 000

Amatörteaterns Riksförbund, ATR, Fagersta
Ung Dramatik
500 000

Västmanlands Arkivförbund, Västerås
Arkiv Västmanland - Västmanlands Minne
400 000

Länsstyrelsen i Västmanland, Västerås
Energia 1999 i Ångkraftverket Västerås
1 500 000

Latorps Byalag, Örebro
Exploratorium - fältstation för kulturturism, utbildning och forskning
100 000

Projekt Måltidsmuseum i Grythyttan, Hällefors kommun, Hällefors
Måltidsmuseum fas IV
890 000

Regional utveckling Landstinget i Värmland Urban Norlander, Karlstad
Litteratur- och Kulturläger
402 000

Film i Värmland, Karlstad
Novellfilm 2000/01
800 000

De regionala folkrörelsearkiven i Dalarna, Uppsala, Värmland, Västmanland och
Örebro län. C/o Folkrörelsernas arkiv, Karlstad
Föreningsliv i förändring - En pilotstudie i fem Bergslagslän inför 2000-talet
500 000

Västanå teater, Munkfors
Selma Lagerlöfprojektet och BerättarLadan i Rottneros
1 000 000

Hammarö kommun och konstnären Jörgen Svensson, Hammarö
Public Safety
1 000 000

Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen, Falköpings kommun, Falköping
Förprojektering av Tomtens kalkbrott
425 000

DaCapo Hantverksskola, Mariestad
Hesperides. De flytande trädgårdarna
50 000

Regionbibliotek Västra Götaland, Borås
Vidareutveckling av Barnens bibliotek på Internet
379 000

Regionbiblioteket Västra Götaland, Borås
ABM-program för västsvenskt virtuellt kunskapsrum
350 000

Marks kommun, Mark
"Kulturum" - ett samarbete mellan arkiv, bibliotek och museum
100 000

August Abrahamsons Stiftelse, Lerum
NÄÄS: hantverkspedagogik och byggnadsvård - övergången till digitalt kulturarv
400 000

Göteborgs universitet, Musikvetenskapliga institutionen, Göteborg
Orgeln som kulturbärare och kulturkatalysator
1 000 000

Föreningen Cosmopolitan, Göteborg
80 000

ITC Interactive AB, Göteborg
Kompetenscenter för utveckling inom interaktiva media
300 000

Monica Sand, Göteborg
Fysikens Rum
500 000

Angereds Nya Teater, Göteborg
Tusen och en dag
400 000

Kulturprojektet Röda Sten, Göteborg
Experiment: Sound & Scen-Festival
500 000

Musikskolan SDN Centrum Göteborg, Göteborg
Musik som pedagogiskt verktyg i skolarbetet
90 000

Teater Bhopa, Göteborg
400 000

Aleksandra Mir, Partille
aleksandra mir network - ett levande arkiv
150 000

Hagaskolan Lanternan, Varberg
Datorgrafisk Bilddokumentation 2000. Varberg - Hagaskolan
91 000

Grimeton Veteranradios vänner, Varberg
Grimeton Radioteknikcentrum
475 000

Stiftelsen Musik i Halland, Halmstad
Länsmusikens skolverksamhet
1 000 000

Ystads Konstmuseum, Ystad
Institutionen som Korsväg
650 000

Lunds Universitets Historiska Museum, Lund
Skånes Järnålder
575 000

Särskolan i Lund, Lund
"Gränslös kultur"
209 000

Svenskt Kulturarv c/o Kulturinformation i Lund AB, Lund
100 000

Tidskriftsverkstaden Skåne, Malmö
Webverkstad för fria kulturutövare
350 000

Moomsteatern, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Malmö
1 mot 1
200 000

Anna Brag, Malmö
World Tour
300 000

Sveriges Trädgårdsanläggningsförbund, Staf Service AB, Malmö
Projekt Move - millenniepark
600 000

Västra Nöbbelövs Byalag, Skurup
Kulturen ut till landsbygden
50 000

Stiftelsen Mor Oliviagården, Ronneby
Förundersökning - Ronneby internationella kulturakademi
50 000

Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona
Rötter och vingar
500 000

Länsmuseet Gotlands Fornsal, Gotland
275 000

Stråkkvartetten Yggdrasil HB, Borgholm
Ölands kammarmusikfestival år 2000
200 000

Falkenbergskolan, Kalmar
"Skolan mitt i byn"
25 000

Virserums Konsthall, Hultsfred
DREAMWORLD, ett projekt om TV
335 000

Kalmar läns museum, Kalmar
300 000

Smålands Akademi, Växjö
Nya hem i Småland - med rötter från all världens hörn
350 000

Elling Design AB, Uppvidinge
designFabriken i Fröseke, delprojekt: Känsla för Kultur
415 000

Stiftelsen Museum Vandalorum, Värnamo
2 000 000

Konfonium AB, Söderköping
Johan Alfreds Dagbok - forskning, förstudie och synopsis
300 000

Spelföreningen Smältverket c/o AB Colorod Media, Gnesta
Mineva - ett retrofuturistiskt levande rollspel
81 000

Grönsöö Kulturhistoriska Stiftelse, Enköping
Grönsöö - Metodobjekt för bevarande av historiska parkmiljöer
1 000 000

Sångsällskapet Orphei Drängar, Uppsala
Manskörsbibliotek på Internet
75 000

Museum Gustavianum, Uppsala
Anatomiska teatern - De Dödas Scen
200 000

Skoklosters Slott, Håbo
Skoklosters slott och dess omgivningar -ett samarbete mellan museum, kyrka och
40 000

Dokumentation av elektroakustisk musik
132 000

Fisksätra bibliotek, Nacka
Fisksätra museum. Lokal kultur och lokal politik
150 000

Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund, Nacka
Expo Afrika - Afrikansk kultur i Sverige
1 000 000

Nykvarns kommun, Södertälje
Konstnärligt/pedagogiskt utvecklingsprojekt - den innovativa kulturen i skolan
450 000

Michael Collaros, Stockholm
Konstskolan Linnéa
430 000

Projekt o Forskningsgruppen REPLICA, Stockholm
Integration via kultur och mångfald
300 000

Ann Lagerström/Görel Byström Janarv, Stockholm
Gud har 99 namn
2 000 000

Föreningen Kriminalförfattare i Stockholm, Stockholm
VÅR FRAMTID - ett skrivarprojekt i högstadieskolor och gymnasier
1 000 000

Rinkeby bibliotek, Stockholm
500 000

Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm
Arkitekturbus - IT
1 000 000

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Tillgängliggörande av Nationalmuseets samlingar genom digitalisering
400 000

Catharina Sawarell, Stockholm
SVERIGE, Kultur och traditioner
50 000

Fogelströmska gymnasiet, Stockholm
Museet som skola
520 000

Föreningen Kosmos Club, Stockholm
MIDI-skiftet - förnyelse av musiken inom musikskolor och fritidsverksamheter
150 000

Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Konsten som kunskapsresurs
120 000

Tempo - Stockholms Dokumentärfestival, Stockholm
Tempo - Stockholms Dokumentärfestival 2000
650 000

Tekniska museet, Stockholm
Symbolladdade industriprodukter
1 000 000

Föreningen Läsrörelsen, c/o Promter/Qnutpunkten, Stockholm
600 000

Riksarkivet, Byrån för enskilda arkiv, Stockholm
Invandrarnas kulturarv, etapp 4.1999-08-01 - -2000-08-01
400 000

IASPIS, Stockholm
The Stockholm Syndrome: Sommaren 2000
500 000

Folkrörelsernas Arkivförbund, Stockholm
Arkivkunskap för föreningsfolk
200 000

Ledningsgruppen för projektet SASS, c/o Folkrörelsernas Arkivförbund, Stockholm
Sveriges arkiv i samverkan för synlighet (SASS)
400 000

Orient ideell förening, Stockholm
Re: Orient i Sverige
340 000

Kista bibliotek, Stockholm
Sagoskatten - en internationell sagosamling
300 000

Konstfack, Stockholm
Nya former och sätt att undervisa i designnämnen med dator
470 000

Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm
Ny - Cirkuskommunikation
750 000

Videokultur AB, Stockholm
Den underbara resan
390 000

Författares Bokmaskin, Stockholm
Projektet Begär Ordet
1 300 000

Ann-Sofi Sidén, Stockholm
Along E-55; or why does the female orgasm sometimes sound like crying?
500 000

Story AB, Stockholm
500 000

TeaterAlliansen AB
TeaterAlliansens Skådespelarstudio
300 000

Konstakuten, Stockholm
Utställningsprojekt med Konstnärsdrivna gallerier
278 000

Föreningen Bang, Stockholms universitet, Stockholm
Integrera svensk kvinnorörelse
75 000

Stiftelsen Medianet, Stockholm
IMP - Internets Musik Producenter
193 000

Konstnärsgruppen Edsvik, Sollentuna
Arkeologisk Tidsvandring
200 000

Dominique Musik AB, Huddinge
"Vi kom från Jorden"
800 000

Järfälla kommun, Järfälla Kultur, Järfälla
Barkaby Arkeodrom
400 000

Övriga beviljade bidrag under 1999


Föreningen Folkmusikens Hus i Rättvik, Rättvik
Avslutande projektering/uppbyggnad av Folkmusikens Hus
500 000

Konsthögskolan i Malmö och Lunds Universitet, Malmö
Process Wanås Skulpturpark - proj. för avgångselever
500 000

Världsteaterprojektet/ Hälsinglands Träteater AB, Bollnäs
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