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Police State
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Patients, Local Politicos Protest DEA Terrorism

by highroller
DEA chief Asa Hutchinson was in San Francisco to speak about U.S. drug policy and "its effect on the state of California." But Asa didn't come alone, and he won't leave town empty-handed: the DEA raided several bay area state-regulated medical marijuana clubs earlier in the day.
In light of the outrageous DEA crackdown on legal cannibis distribution centers today, dozens of patients who use medical marijuana as well as District Attorney Terence Hallinan and 4 city supervisors were at the Commonwealth Club in downtown San Francisco to give a warm, loud 'get out of town' to DEA chief Asa Hutchinson. Hallinan and the supervisors characterized the enforcement action, which came without warning to the DA, police, or health dept., as a brazen usurpation of local democracy and community standards. Neighborhoods served by the cannibis clubs have some of the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in the country, and patients of these and other state-defined serious illnesses rely on medical marijuana to relieve their suffering. Legal medical marijuana was overwhelmingly voted into place on the state and local level and is regulated by the health authorities.



Who knew so many people were just itchin to hear Asa speak about drug policy - it was a soldout show!






Supervisor Ammiano offers a few choice words: "Bull shit!" Supervisor Daly went a little more in-depth: "It's fucked up!"


by thr burningman
Not one to usually speak about my personal life, I'll break my habits for this one.

For most of last year I took care of my 50 year old mother as she died of breast cancer. Though she didn't like to be intoxicated, weed helped her. She could eat food and keep on weight, it relieved stress and eased the general discomfort from the chemo she got.

This raids are an outrage. Weed should be legal in any case, but attacking cannibus clubs that distribute weed to AIDS patients and those with cancer is gross.
It appears that George Bush loves to wage wars, while he hides behind Secret Service (SS) goons.

Bush symbolizes a group of people who claim to be for the good-of-all and all of them behave as religous fanatics, regardless of whether they are simply religous fanactics or simply sociopathic liars.

America and the rights of Americans are under seige by terrorists religous fanatics who make the Taliban and Al Qaida look like the boys mormon choir.

This country is destined for a full-scale civil war, thanks to the people currently in power. Remember when the economy was good and our greatest fear was whether Monica Lewinsky swallowed.
by Roger Christie (pakaloha [at]
Dear Friends,

Aloha from a rainforest on this smoking and snowcapped volcano...Hawai'i island. I am at first saddened,and then highly motivated by the news of the D.E.A. in San Francisco today.

Just last week Ashcroft and company literally installed drapes to cover-up the statue dedicated to the goddess of the 'spirit of justice' the Justice Department!

Hey, I can take a hint! They 'bad'...

The next week George W. Bush declares a perpetual world war and stirs-up guaranteed resentment in at least the three countries he named, putting the National Security of the USA at serious risk, as if it wasn't already. Does he or any of his friends make money off of this country being at war? Is he a special interest kind of guy? Does he or his friends have vested interests in making war as much as he had in Enron? More profits in war than peace....har-har-har. I can almost hear them good old boys now.

This "Christian for the Death Penalty" President and others are seeing evil (and profits) wherever they look. Cause the problem then sell the solution. Same-old tricks in the new millenium. His war on terrorism IS terrorism. The USA are now the next best killers on the block.

The federal government is throwing a 'blanket party' for anyone they feel like...Colombians, Afghani's, now our cannabis culture, and whoever else is on its hit list.

Do you know what a 'blanket party' is?

In my experience in the US Army in 1970-71, some of the more brutal 'people' would occassionally teach a lesson to someone for something by throwing a blanket over the head of their victim. Then whoever was in on the despicable action and threw punches or kicks or whatever... could not be identified.

And of course, it was a chicken-shit way for cowards to fight. Kind of like tying somebody's hands behind their back and then going at it.

The word is 'punk'.

On the other hand...

I offer good news and hope for cannabis enjoyers. Please consider getting ordained on-line ASAP (it's free and easy) as a minister, and start enjoying the highest defense to prosecution for cannabis I know of... freedom of religion for cannabis sacrament.

Please go to: and 'be ordained'. Print-out your papers immediately and start feeling as legal as the Pope! We have found great strength here on the Big Island for religious use of herb. We can beat the jury, and I think you can, too.

Call 1-800-tell-jury for a free jury power kit. It's the way to learn to beat bad cannabis laws. We're proving it here lately in the trial and the fight of Rev. Jonathan Adler with his terrific attorney, Michael Glenn of Honolulu. What strong warriors for the cause!

Become ordained as a minister with

Join a cannabis church or ministry (like mine), or start one. They rock!

All the best to you and yours,

love, Roger Christie

The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry
"We use cannabis religiously."
(808) 961-0488 24/7 Ministry helpline

by aron pieman kay (pieman [at]
how dare the feds fuck with those who are into the healing arts ala the herb!!!! they fucked with brother ed who is a good friend of mine...when i saw the announcement about his bust yesterday, i hit the roof!!!
the fucking nazis are after us again and again!!!! they unleased a pogrom against the reefer community in the style of hitler's krystallnacht. they started with a terror scare and they are the terrorists...we are their quarry.
well the joint defense league demands jail for all the narx who violated our civil rights and masive reparations.
they cant get away with mss kidnapping of our troops.
by Blair Anderson
The hypocrisy of Hutchison, Ashcroft and Bush can only be described as contempt for the public good. The dereliction of consensus politics in California is moral treason.

The drugs equals terrorism superbowl advertising with its seriously flawed propoganda logic is an abuse of reason. Coupling it to federal enforcement while stalling on medical marijuana by pretense, subterfuge and deception is contempt for the public good and a failure to take care of the community.

If arresting Rosenthal et al. is based on health intervention then what ever happened to "first do no harm"?

The evidence is in, it is exonerative; cannabis is a plant, and he who tramples it underfoot is playing more than a dangerous game, it is a grave error with profound consequences. (see )

Uphold first principles of good governance and adopt a more precautionary protocol; the Ottawa Charter, the bible of public health demands it.

The Single Convention on Narcotics must be brought under closer scrutiny, Urgently!

It holds no water.

Blair Anderson

by Dean Becker (fdb [at]
The realization that the lying, fascist "powers that be" are determined to squash the constitution, that they are set to do whatever in order to prevent the use of a medicine that has been in use for thousands of years means we must stand together.

This quote from Wed. NY Times tells it like it is:

"No, the axis-of-evil idea isn't thought through — but that's what I like about it. It says to these countries and their terrorist pals: "We know what you're cooking in your bathtubs. We don't know exactly what we're going to do about it, but if you think we are going to just sit back and take another dose from you, you're wrong. Meet Don Rumsfeld — he's even crazier than you are."

Given the events of yesterday, they are showing that Hutchison is crazier than we are, and we had better watch our step or pay eternally? These bastards must pay for their sins. If we allow them to tell us black is white then the liberty and freedom that the US stands for will only belong to the few, the rich and the "crazy". Crazy enough to steal our rights with pompous lies and corrupted powers.

It's time for national action!


by uoy wonk ohw
The bottom line PROBLEM with all this ‘who ha’ is that the DEA has a case!

NOTE they did NOT bust ALL the clubs – so why these?

Simple – as I (we) put it together from info_ = reliable sources

A informant ‘turned’ on another matter (possibly) was hired in as one of the club staff – this person “embellished” what may have been a some what ‘seamy’ at best story into something that implies the DA and maybe even some of the supervisors we in on a grand scheme of money laundering and even importing from Canada!

Some of this MAY be true – like maybe some one brought an oz or even a ½ LB from Canada – ALSO someone MIGHT have made a working wage comparable to what is made in the out side sector for there position.

I don’t know – I do know that LAPRC et al has NOT been prosecuted yet – and this bunch is already in and some out of jail – charges being laid and so forth

What to do? – ITS been said by some – that are called radical – that this business needs SELF MONITORING – but none of that is coming forward – what we get instead is our own version of the “don’t ask – don’t tell” law.

And THIS is what the DEA is “working” – Asa (can I call you that?) said yesterday that “We’re NOT going after patients – WE ARE going after Embezzlement and Money Laundering – smuggling – all of which ARE ALSO FEDERAL CRIMES” --

So next time YOU who work in the “supply side bus_” take a “pinch” for your self – or charge street prices – or roll over too much money – and I mean FROM the one lite wonder – to the major players … ANY OF YOU – remember THIS is how they are going to brake 215 IT MAYBE too late - it may be on YOUR BACKS and ACTIONS that the sick people of the USA are set back once again - for the whole of America is watching Cal - and CAL is watching SF!

NOT on the backs of patients – but on the acts of those of us that care for them. When one is making MORE then the major pharmaceutics companies on this “business” – it sends a message – and brings an outcry from the "reasonable person" on the street, the 'regular Joe who voted 215 in'.

The ONLY answer to this kind of profiteering is that “it costs so much for an attorney” - and if there wasn’t this much profiteering – one would NOT be required.

And the CRY of “well we HAVE to charge the same amount as black market - because other wise the patients will re-sell” -- then maybe you need to sink the profits into OTHER local charities rather then what ever direction that there going now.

Thank you for your time …

Most of you all know who
by Clark Sullivan (freemansullivan [at]
Thanks to all the brave people who attended the Hutchison protest yesterday.
I would like to also thank local officials for their loyal support (although you can't trust politicians).
Our netstrike generated hundreds of thousands of hits on the DEA's pot page. I don't of it's real effect, but I think we registered a loud and clear electonic NO!

Unfortunately five people are still being held in federal jail today, facing up to forty years to life. Regardless of the Feds' evidence for prosecution of these individuals, it is important to stay united in the face of Drug War witch hunts.
Rumors can quickly spin out of control to soon be accepted as 'the facts'.

The 6th Street Harm Reduction Center was reportedly planning to enter into grow operation with the city of San Francisco.
The club had recently been sold to a partnership of Rick Watts, Father Nazarene of St. Martin de Porres and others.

Ken Hayes Jr, the former owner has been a target of prosecution by Sonoma County DA Mike Mullins and had been acquitted of earlier charges last May.
Ed Rosenthal may be sued by many former business associates for some shady financial dealings.

HRC will be reopened today at normal business hours.
In addition the Hemp Center on Balboa Ave was visited by DEA thugs but were refused entry.

There will a protest at 4:20 PM @ the Phillip Burton Federal Bldg; 450 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco to call for the release of the Sixth Street Five.

Lastly, we at the League of American Marijuana Patients are planning to conduct a survey of Medical Marijuana establishments in the Bay Area to try and scratch the surface of the situation. We were waiting for the Feds to make their move on the clubs before starting. We do need interviewers and patients to participate. You can contact us via our website or call us at 415 487.0561

by Clark SUllivan (freemansullivan [at]
Excuse my lousy typing.
by citizen
Is world war not enough? Now it seems that Bush is attempting to start a civil war. Who is the terrorist?
by anon
April 20, 2002: Coming to a community near you!

KaliFornication IndepenDance Day! Billed as the Boston Tea Party, Part 2! Be there or B L7!

From the People, Law - Plebiscite now!
by legallizeit
KaliFornication IndepenDance Day-April, 20, 2002-Let us know if there's one in L.A.! I'll be there!!!!
by Jihad
This isn't about "medical marijuana". This is about the attempt to legalize drugs in California. You'll never garner the support of the general public, because it's obvious that the goal is general legalization and not just for medical purposes. Kudos to Huchinson for doing his job and enforcing the law, something that is a rarity in San Francisco.
by Clint
Where's Dirty Harry when you need him?
by anon
KaliFornication IndepenDance Day is only a concept at this time. There is no official group pushing the 'grass roots' movement to liberate California from the oppresive Federales. It is strictly up to individuals at this point to celebrate the First Annual Day of Liberation in their own way. If any groups would like to incorporate this idea into their 4-20 festivities, please feel free to use the name/concept.

Until we have self-government, we will not rest!

Solidarity with all Oppressed Masses!

by eddie
some pix i took:
by Pat Rogers (aahpat [at]
I am appalled to see this level of contempt for America's institutions and traditions of

Please, Americans across the nation reading this, consider responding to this overt
nationalist Republican/Democrat assault on democracy by registering ten people to vote.

<b><a href=""
TARGET="View">National Voter Registration Forms for both individuals and voter
drives and for most states<BR>   at the Federal Election commission

Write your members of congress and register your disapproval with them for condoning
this in your name.

TARGET="View"><BIG><b>U.S. Congress Quick-E</b></BIG><small>mail</small>
Directory. Including individual Senate Committee
<BIG><b>Quick-E</b></BIG><small>mail</small> links pages.

Here is yet another example of the contempt that the U.S. congress has for democracy in

<a href="" TARGET="View">THE

Fuck these bastards, VOTE!
by Goner
Anybody know where I can buy some really good dope? I got this huge bong for Christmas and it's going to waste(sorry). Somebody said I should use it as a condom while masturbating, but who wears a bong on their dong?
by fred freedom
I'm really glad to see you independent-minded people rising up to fight for freedom! The War on Drugs is one of the biggest policy fuckups the US has ever had. It creates tremendous amounts of crime, and pays terrorists. Drugs don't fund terrorists, Drug Prohibition does!

BTW, How does growing some weed in your backyard affect terrorism? If anything, home-grown supply has a negative effect on weed prices, thus keeping money out of the hands of Al Qaeda and FARC.

Anyway, I want to encourage everyone on here to concentrate on the home-grown War on Drugs in the US, rather than trying to fuck up the life of people in other countries with your attempts to limit free voluntary trade.

BTW, I know some people in El Salvador who wish the US textile trade barriers and socialist agriculture policy to go away. They could give good employment to more unemployed in San Salvador. But if you fucks keep it up, these people will have to beg for food. Hell, if we end the War on Drugs, they could grow some awesome weed as well!
by reformer
Ok people this is coming to a head! Everyday for the last couple of months it becomes more and more evident that this gov't is run by a bunch of crooks.

How much more are we going to sit down and lap up?
Asa Hutchinson was an integral part of the Mena, Arkansas pipeline of crack, he's now DEA chief.

the Enron executives are shielded by the government, who impersonated by "scandalized" congresspeople all in the take don't demand money back , nor intervention for those jerks.

Ashcroft and buddies scare America every time there's a scandal about to burst.

Bush and Kenny Boy are involved in more than just stealing from stockholders at Enron, look at DynCorp, look at the 13 million payed to Bush sr for a speech by Global Crossings!

This government is run by Financial Terrorists, they are in the game for money at all costs and they abuse the citizens of this country left and right!

Wanna show who's boss, yeah come arrest sick Californians!

Bend over left Coast its up yours again in 2002! Thought you'd had enough with the "Electric Power Shortage" yeah we got reamed by Enron (Cheney and boys) while Bush grinned from the white house.

Now we get reamed again to show how much contempt they have of us.


Do like the ARGENTINES!

Want to know how many of us are fed up?

Starting April 1st 2002 go outside at twighlight and bang your pots and pans for 5 minutes and listen..
the echoes you hear are of people as fed up as you are.

pass this message along! let us know how many of us are there! Let us show our discontent so that those who are afraid know they're not alone.

It's time to take back this country!
by Spider Jerusalem
I agree that those fighting for recreational legalization should admit their true goal. Honesty is the heart and soul of true civilization, and failing to hide one's ulterior motive is a surefire way to discredit one's argument.

But are you against recreational legalization? I imagine so.

Which leads us to another problem - what I grow, buy, sell, possess, and ingest is not an appropriate issue for decision by the majority. It directly affects NO ONE ELSE but those voluntarily involved.

Is a society of pot heads less economically productive? Probably. Would we donate less of our time to chairty, spend less money shopping, and generally reduce our worth to others? Perhaps.

THAT IS OUR RIGHT, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES. We do not exist for your pleasure, and it is your PRIVILEDGE to have us as productive members of your society when we choose to be such.

When did "freedom" in America become "freedom only to the extent that we remain good little worker ants for the benefit of the hive"? Socialism is just mutual part-time slavery.

I owe my daughter the necessities of life until she's ready to fly the nest. I don't owe the rest of you jack shit, and neither will she, so get over it.

This prohibition era Drug War morality enforcement is an insult to anyone who cherishes the true spirit of independence and freedom on which this nation was supposedly founded.

by I've Got Yer DEA For Ya Right Here, Pal
by deepthroat
Something is rotten on Sixth Street.
There is a Judas among us.
Are we all dupes or what???
by The Know
....and I am reliably informed that the Judas is someone whose name has already been mentioned on this page!
by Ken
I'd rather have a president who screws 25 year old interns than one who's screwing the whole country!
by LJ Carden (grnchflg [at]

Asa said "science has told us so far there is no medical benefit for smoking marijuana", but remember the courts have said that it is ok for law enforcement to lie to us, of course if we should misspeak a single word to them we are jailed.

The Supremes said it's on the Congress and the Congress sits in their well-oiled D.C. seats and ignores their own constituents, ignores the hundreds of thousands of sick Americans that could be being helped if this cultural BS was ended. There are a few speaking up and this out of control and out of touch with reality DEA raids should bring even more to the side of justice and truth.

Call your congressional representatives and senators, write them real letters - short and to the point - Stop this madness the DEA is engaged in by ending the war on Cannabis NOW. Use the resources being wasted on raiding patients and their doctors and their caregivers and their suppliers on those foreign terrorists trying to kill us.

Only Congress can truly end the persecution the DEA is now engaged in. They are the lawmakers and they need to UN-make the CSA where medical Cannabis is concerned - immediately.

Hutchinson said, "we have to enforce the law" and pointed as to how it all started in the 1880's when opium got out of control in Chinatown. This is proof positive how racist this cultural war really is - the 'cannabinoid class' of American is below their perceived human being and therefore only to be used to keep the bloated budgets bulging with tax dollars. And the jails and prisons thriving businesses. And to maintain their influence and presence in other people's country's, to 'fight drugs' (or find and protect oil whichever earns the most for their supporters).

Ah that's what Compassionate Conservatives means; they totally conserve their compassion.

LJ Carden
Concord, Ca.
by bonkers
I support medical marijuana AND legalization for recreational use. Marijuana does have medical uses. It's bullshit to say it doesn't. Two prime examples of medical benefits, that most everybody is aware of off the top of their heads: It improves appetite, and helps with nausea in many cases. An appetite is very important, for a person who is sick and needs nutrients. Ironically, while searching for a way to block marijuana's pleasurable effects (isn't neo-puritanism grand?) scientists have discovered/developed a compound that shows promise as an appetite _suppressant_, that may help people with over-eating problems. The pleasure aspect of marijuana probably helps with some recoveries, too. A person in relatively good spirits is going to recover quicker and/or live longer. People often lose their will to live if they are totally miserable.

Why is medical marijuana AND legalization for recreational use in conflict? They are two separate issues, but a person can support both causes simultaneously.

As far as the medical issue. Why does the saying "The Perfect is the enemy of the Good" come to mind here? Marijuana that's only approved for medical use, is sometimes going to end up in the hands of people who use it recreationally. Oh well, shit happens. At least people who actually need it for medical reasons can get it, even though some falls through the police state cracks into hands of other users, such as the recreational variety. And who knows, some people probably use it to self-medicate for mild psychological problems. At least marijuana isn't known to cause impotence, like paxil and other drugs.

To put it in historical prohibition perspective? As probably everybody here is aware, Alcohol was still available for medical purposes during prohibition. Marijuana, unlike alcohol, actually *does* have known medicinal uses (although it's often used for recreational purposes). Also, there are lots of anti-anxiety medicines, depression meds, etc, that sometimes end up in the hands of recreational users, abusers, and addicts. Same goes for pain medications, etc.

Although doctor approved medical marijuana is better then a complete ban (and I stress that point), I'd rather that marijuana remain a "prescribed only" substance. Why should a plant that a person can grow in their home or garden be a controlled substance? A plant that has never caused a person to die from an overdose??? It makes no sense to a rational person.

Frikkin' retentive control freaks. Goddamn, if any Fed honchos -- DEA or otherwise -- are reading this, here's my advice: take a laxative, and end the insanity of prohibition. Overall -- and likely overwhemingly -- history will look favorably upon you, if you do.

by bonkers
an error...

The sentence "I'd rather that marijuana remain a "prescribed only" substance"

should read:

"I'd rather that marijuana *NOT* remain a "prescribed only" substance"
by Pavani (Pavanilcs@aol)
Father N. would be the last person to be buying into the HRC.-which the city(d.a. ,etc. had never thought of entering into a grow contract with.
by David Houston (dghouston_ [at]
"Kudos to Huchinson for doing his job and enforcing the law" Spoken like a true facsist.
"One has the moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws," MLK.
So what if I, or anyone, wants to smoke a joint? The hypocrisy of prohibiton, as it relates to those of us who are not relatives of the current administration, should be evident to anyone with a modicum of intellegence. Prohibiton does not work. It is self-defeating and a fraud. Just like alcohol in the 1920's.
by Drug War kills people.
Please volunteer your money, time, equipment, and skills! BE THE MEDIA!

Quick links to articles all over the web on the February 2002 DEA raids of San Francisco area (and other) medical cannabis centers. Arrests, charges, confiscations, trashing, etc.. ---- PHOTOS, VIDEO, AUDIO, TEXT, REPORTS, COMPILATIONS, MEDIA, etc..

PHOTOS. Patients, Local Politicos Protest DEA Terrorism : San Francisco Indymedia.

MORE PHOTOS. Protesting DEA Chief Asa Hutchinson after medical pot club busts. Commonwealth Club, SF, CA.

The Pot TV News for Monday, February 18, 2002.

The Democracy Now radio show ran stories on the raids as well as Tulia and the New York Rockefeller Drug laws. Summaries, links and the complete audio can be accessed at

The Week Online with DRCNet. Issue #224, 2/15/02. Feds Raid San Francisco Medical Marijuana Operations, City Officials Join Angry Protests as DEA Head Speaks Same Day. Genesis of the 6th Street Raid: Business as Usual for the DEA, Plus Help from Within.

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