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Raid on UPDATE! - PBNB 1/25/02
by illegal alien
Friday Jan 25th, 2002 9:55 PM
Publishing newsevents promoting peace!
Peoples Bark News Readers;
This is a followup to the Horrible News, if true! bulletin i sent out last night.
As there was no documentation i could include last night, i merely went on the credibility of my source.
This followup provides a little more detail to what appears to be an arrest and shutdown of the website based in LA.
From what i am learning, sounds like the individual(s) with took pictures of undercover police authorities and posted them on their website so other community organizers/activist would simply know who they were. i am sure there is probably more to it than that but for now that's what we have to go on.
i also spoke with someone and it sounds like there has been some verification via calls to the LA FBI that this did, indeed, happen.
There was a search warrant involved and according to the Feds, they do not have to disclose anything to anyone because of that.
The FBI person also stated that there was no raid. i will wait to hear what the folks have to say on that before i comment one way or another.
i am enclosing an email with information/photos i received re: rockymountain indymedia.
It sounds like the person involved's first/last name is Sherman.
i will appreciate hearing from anyone with further documentation about this attack on's premises.
It appears to me that the FBI went after and does not expect repercussions or is figuring no one is watching. OR, they could
be seeking to draw more of us into their little net and is their bait.
i am trying to determine if it is unlawful (felony/misdemeanor/other) to post photos of undercover authorities???? Doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me but this Sept. 11 thingie has got these "authorities" really wound up.
Well, to me, if needs us, i say, throw me a hook and line - and hold the sinker - cause i don't plan on lettin' any feds deny me the right to support our friends in need.
Anyway, check this info out and please, anyone who can research this - especially those of you in the LA area, get back to me, better yet, also try and get in touch with activist/organizers in that area down there so they might be able to get in touch with and organize to help
i have re-included the information that i sent out last night at the end of this email.

Here's the rockymountain info:

From: "fmrelay" <dave@.>
Reply-To: voterweststeering@.
Subject: [voterweststeering] Re: Horrible, if true! - PBNB 1/25/02
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:26:10 -0000
> Apparently, they're excuse for shutting it down was the
> 'militancy' portrayed on the site.

Militancy's not against the law.

--- In voterweststeering@y..., normaarm@a... wrote:
> No names? just " founder"??? Misspellings throughout? Who are these people?


What I've found so far is that he's known in LA as a "Libertarian Socialist", named Sherman (I don't know if that's his first or last name). What the police really have against him could be that he was collecting photos of undercover cops -- e.g. these posted by
revolution@. to the Rocky Mountain IndyMedia site.
Evidently, cops were photographing demonstrators and r.t.f. photographed them back.

PBNB Readers;
If the following news is true, and i believe it is, as i know the source, we are starting to "creep" eerily ever closer towards:

FASCISM: 1 -a. Totalitarianism marked by right-wing dictatorship and bellicose nationalism. 2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.
- The American Heritage Dictionary

Not that we haven't ALWAYS been, in some sense of the word, depending on your class, hue of your fleshtone, your gender, your sexual preference, your age, your thoughts - - meandering ever closer to the above (FASCISM) - also known as a POLICE STATE.

no peace without justice,

john vance, editor/publisher/coordinator
Peoples Bark News Berkeley

A First Amendment Center
Berkeley, Ca

From: "ARON KAY" <pieman@.>
Reply-To: bay_area_activist@.
Subject: raided
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 15:34:35 -0500

LOS ANGELES, JAN 23 2002 - Heavily armed with high-powered machine guns, shotguns, and hand guns, the FBI, Secret Service, and Los Angeles Police Department surrounded the founder of in his house. The founder was currently asleep, woken up by a relative who said fbi, police and undercover's were currently up and down all of the streets, with they're eyes focused on the premises. founder aproached the door were 2 FBI agents demanded that he step outside. Within seconds a swarm of FBI raided the house with automatic weapons and shot guns. Additional police and fbi also stayed on the
front lawn, around the house with a door barricade and additional weapons. "armed and ready".

FBI and secret service entered the house, seizing all servers and political literature. was currently being ran within the founder's room of the house, over a computer network. The room was literally ransacked, and all equipment, disks, cd's .. etc. were boxed up, loaded into a truck and seized until further notice.

Since 1999, has been under extensive government monitering.
At times, has recieved over 100 hits from the U.S Department of Defense in a single day. The FBI, police department, NSA (and who else) continuously monitered the site on a daily basis. Even governments from the UK, Canada, Lavtia, Belgium, Egypt, Finland, and Australia monitered the site continuously.
The FBI had also previously intercepted all packets going through the DSL line hosting the site, and have seized additional accounts being used by the site.

In yet another successful attempt to silence our voices,, an anarchist/activist independent media/collective has been shut down by the secret service.

"It's not yet known at this point if the site will be back up. As of now, we have nothing. No more servers, no more network, nothing. My room remains completly ransacked. My neighbors remain shaken up by what happened. I most likely won't be getting any of the equipment back. They also took alot of my political litature. Apparently, they're excuse for shutting it down was the 'militancy' portrayed on the site. This is not true. This was an excuse. This same 'militancy' they were concerned about is portrayed on at least a thousand other web sites across the internet, and they havn't been touched by the federal government, with the exception for remote monitoring. was progressive. It was going somewhere. Kids started creating clubs in their schools called 'RaisetheFist'. People started
utilizing the collective as a powerful resource for the
activist/anarchist community. The federal government has been investigating me, and the site very closely, long before 9-11, and long before such militancy was even portrayed on the site. They knew the site had potential, that it was turning into something more than a site, but a strong collective utilized by activists throughout the world committed to social justice. And that's become a crime. Justice has become a crime. Freedom has become a crime. Anyone activly disagreeing with policies of the U.S is now automaticly rendered a "terrorist" in the eyes of national security.... Where will go from here, I don't know. Based on what i've been told, i'll most likely be in jail, so most of my focus will be towards getting an attorney."

add your comments

no peace without justice,

john vance, editor/publisher/coordinator
Peoples Bark News Berkeley

A First Amendment Center
Berkeley, Ca
by mr. k
Friday Jan 25th, 2002 11:32 PM
I haven't figured out how to get a list of all the cached pages of a site. Google requires you to use a search term of some sort to limit the results. In this case i've used "raisethefist," a common term on pages:

Simply click on "Cached" to view each page (without images, unfortunately).
by Mark Bialkowski
(mSbiaPlkowski [at] rogAers.coM) Saturday Jan 26th, 2002 3:34 PM
Try <a href="'>the Wayback Machine - it scored a copy of one day before the raid. Mirror that bad boy.

I can't *wait* to find out what trumped-up crap the feds come up with to justify this attack.
by nathan tipton
Sunday Jan 27th, 2002 1:34 AM

While many politicians flaunt their "faith" and claim to be Christians, not as many live their faith, with Jesus Christ living in them. We believe George W. Bush is a man after God's own heart. He is a man who lives in Christ, and obeys God. Like King David, he is not perfect, but he is repentant, humble, and full of the mighty courage that results from trusting the Lord. We believe George W. Bush is a merciful gift from the Lord to an undeserving people. We ask you to join us in constant prayer for our President, his family, his administration, and his country. Constant prayer... urgent prayer... prayer that brings revival to America
by aaron
Sunday Jan 27th, 2002 8:05 AM
Yea it takes some "mighty courage" to conduct slaughter via remote control. Bush has never known hardship in his life and has no sympathy for those who have.
I can't wait to see that frat boy smirk blown off his face.
by Larry
(hitech [at] Wednesday Jan 30th, 2002 11:02 AM
Yeah, Right! He's a "Skull and Bones" worshipper of LUCIFER like his daddy. He's a member of Bohemian Grove where they worship LUCIFER like his daddy, Dick Cheney, Colon Powell and MANY other of his buds. See: for video and more on Bohemian Grove. Pray that the real God sends him and his friends to HELL SOON so there may be real peace in this world.
by A spiritual person
Thursday Jan 31st, 2002 5:17 AM
This is a deliberate and cynical attempt to create a cult of George W. Bush. It's scarey that you have said "his country..." Amazing!

This is, I repeat, a deliberate attempt to start a cult of George W. Bush. He is being marketed heavily and, frankly, quite clumsily. This is so sick. I am currently reading a book by a person who observed and directly experienced the rise of the Third Reich, Hitler. He was a psychologist and developed an interesting theory of the mass roots of fascism. The first edition of this book was written during the second world war and was last revised in the early 50's, so it's a peek into history and it's from an interesting (and unvarnished) perspective.

One tactic the Nazis used was Christian mysticism, exactly this kind of strange propaganda. If repeated enough, it can become truth in some easily hypnotized and easily fooled peoples' minds. Christianity was heavily used to snag the will of the people to do the most unspeakable things to their fellow human beings (such as is being done once again in the world today).

The truth of the matter is, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, would be and probably is, horrified at what is being done, once again, in his name. I must say, I think that your George W. Bush is, in fact, the exact incarnation of an AntiChrist if ever there was one. Can't you crazy people see this?

If I were inclined to give the concept of Satan much attention, I would have to say that the modern Christianity as it is expressed by statements like this and those of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and the other so-called Christians are more apropos of the Prince of Lies and Darkness than the Prince of LIght and Peace.

Let those with eyes to see, see it. Let those with ears to hear, hear it. It's so obvious!

If it looks like Hell, if it smells like Hell, if it acts like Hell, if it sounds like Hell, maybe it's really Hell, and not Heaven? If it looks like Satan, if it smells like Satan, if it acts like Satan, if it sounds like Satan, maybe George W. Bush really is Satan? He sure as Hell is NOT a representative of Jesus Christ. How dare you attempt to co-opt his name for your horrifying acts, both now and what you're actually planning to do the world! But of course, none of you really, in your hearts, believes what Christ tried to teach, do you, not really? You serve the Demiurge and you probably are mostly aware of it, somewhere. If not, then OPEN YOUR EYES AND SAVE YOURSELF! Get off that nasty ship of the damned before it's too late.

I'd rather die a martyr for freedom, justice and peace than join in your nasty plans for the world of the future. Ugh. I pray every day that true will manage to prevail. When I learn about more Afghan innocents, or Palestinian innocents slaughtered with too much firepower, when I learn that we used up all our munitions on one of the world's poorest countries, and we're planning on doing the same to the others, as soon as our war machine (Defense Industry) manages to make more munitions (at the American taxpayer's expense), certainly not corporations who don't have to pay any taxes under your GWB's "economic stimulus package." Why, we, the taxpayers, even have to give them back billions of dollars of past taxes they were forced to pay.

I better stop. I'm very angry at you for suggesting that anyone pray for this monster (whom, I know, is only a simpleton figurehead/puppet for even worse monsters). You are so sick!
by PLM
Friday Feb 1st, 2002 6:54 AM
Bush is an idiot an i think that he is the pupet for corparate society. The iliterate man does nothing himself. If you look at some of his interviews he is ether staring out in space or picking dog crap off his show. This guy has the attention span of a gold fish. If god put everyperson on this world for a reason, His reason was to piss people off. And the whole Lucifier deal come on a cat has more political knowlege than he does. I say if you want to overthrough and reclaim the government take down bushes suporters his cruch.
Raise the fist was a well made site and i am still a little unaware of everything that has happened to it. It sounds like they had time to think of how they could kill raise the fist. September the 11 changed everything including on freedom. SACRIFICE FREEDOM FOR SAFTEY. JUST GO SHOOT YOUR SELF THEN YOULL BE SAFE.

by Obryian
(obryian [at] Saturday Feb 2nd, 2002 4:52 PM
I am ex- operator.. alphabet operator....
keep the heat on the establishment or whatever you
want to call it.. the 4th reich is what I call it.
raisethefist has really pissed off someone high up
in the food chain for them to really come at you the
way they have.. the beast does not like any collective
thinking whatsoever. that goes against the brain washing programs they use in the public school systems. been going on since the 50s. I am an old man now and not very effective /except in knowledge.
I know that the Reich never died with hitler in the end of WW 2.. too much gold was passed to our OSS
branchs and passed on to our government officials that were in the operation coded Condor. that ought
to bring the blood letters out of the wood work..They are some still alive and well in the halls of justice and congress. the reason I am saying this is it all connects...the connection has always been there.
even now/ think project/ Ultra or MK 7 / mind control
has become a very real tool for the GROUP ...
sept.11/ perfect end for work that has taken a lifetime to
perfect.. HARRP technology... it works..ALPHA wave
generators running very advanced software / sept 11
was a set up from word go... media knew too much too quick... I know my job gentlemen...think ..
if you were a true professional operator you would leave no trace of your movements or longstics or requirements to complete the mission.. mission for ALLA or mission for MK 7 technology.. the ultimate test dont you think..we have to think people/ think..forget the
media punks/ they are all puppets/ have been for 60
years... 3 generations of fabrication.. owend by the Reich/ baron Rothschield / Rockefeller /skull and bones/ The twelve.../ and on and on we go..
Think....research it/ act on it.. the powers in control now are the most dangerous in printed history.
No where can we go or hide if they want us. can you picture 10 years from now??? their computer systems and software will make the movie The Matrix look real..
Believe and the truth shall set you free.. the price ?
you tell me..
forgive the spelling I do not use spell check/ nor am I perfect...
America is asleep at the wheel people.. more security?
make you feel safe when you have no more constutition? no more personal wepons? believe me/
if they had our guns...??? One world tax and government would be born overnite...
If you are serious:
mailto:obryian [at]
by 2389
Thursday Feb 7th, 2002 10:01 AM
Wow, what a country this US of A is. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that this site was shut down. If the fuckin pigs were such goddam dictators we maybe could have free speech. The site for people who went there was just a truth about how this fuckin shithole country is. I am proud to not be an American. Yea I was born here but not by choice and definitely not by preference. I think that the fbi shutting the site down was a fuckin major violation of our human rights and also of that so called "constitution". The lawmakers and goddam fuckin politicians can't stand people finding out about this countries hateful truths. The fbi needs to quit harassing people, and quit categorizing everyone who doesn't follow there fuckin lead a terrorist. So you say they had bomb making instructions on the site, but it is ok for any fuckin pig across the country to kill an innocent person, and call it self-defense. Fuck that and fuck all you fuckin filthy pigs and politicians. You cannot control all of us and one day the people will unite beyond your control, I hope you are ready. I can't read this without so much sielnt anger inside of me, and no i am not going to blow anything up becuase a lot of us don't believe in violence or the ways that it is carried out. I am an anti-violent, anti-war, and definitely anti-authority person who has the so called "freedom" to say what I feel. I don't know but I think the people of this country have been dictated long enough and I really wish that this fuckin country would stop hiding, and stop the lies. I am not anti-america but I am against the country that they make us live in. America should be about honesty and peace and untiy, not killing and hatred, and war. If any of you pigs are reading this, get a real job and leave innocent people alone, you are fuckin assholes and I wish you would open your fuckin minds. you will never control our minds and our hearts no matter how hard you try, so fuck you.
by anon
Thursday Feb 7th, 2002 10:45 AM
Can you tell us the title and the author of the book you are reading? Is it by any chance William Reich's _The Mass Psychology of Fascism_?
by Gotep
Thursday Feb 7th, 2002 11:40 AM
I think what happened to Sherman was wrong. That does not stop me from thinking Sherman is a moron for advertising his hacks on IRC. What a dult! You are asking to get caught when you do stupid things like that.
Monday Feb 11th, 2002 12:41 PM
Ive been told time and again that I dont understand the term fascism and that I make misuse of it. The average american has proven himself to be an ignorant fool. As referenced from the compton encyclopedia this is how america is fascist. This was one of many pages on my own anarchist type freedom site which I removed last summer after I caught some FBI shitheads followin me around. Easier to fight the war when Im not in prison and all right. :
So how is the United States a fascist country?
< It is fashioned after the nation of Rome. No other nation in history has been so much like Rome than the United States.
Unbreakable Power of the state. Is there any nation in the world that is thought to be more powerful and unbreakable than the United States? At the very least, the United States government intends to portray this perception to its citizens.
> Very few fascist countries have ever claimed to be fascist. Even nazi Germany preferred to term itself national socialists. So the United States is a democratic nation....or so it claims.
> Deprivation of human rights. Millions of Americans are in prison for no crime against their fellow man, but for drug offenses or other acts that are not true crimes but defiance of supreme state authority. (e.g. imposed curfews enforced by military type means as in cincinnati, making it a criminal act to burn the american flag, which has only narrowly missed becoming law, and it will remain atop the agenda in congress until it does, prohibition, racial profiling, and cultural genocide to name just a few.)
> Fascism forges a political alliance with capitalism. What nation is more capitalistic than the United States?
> Fascism...exalts the nation as the supreme value, and it uses the police and military powers of the state to enforce its policies. (e.g. Las Angeles, Seattle, Philidelphia, Cincinatti; in all these places police and military force were used to quiet citizens with grievances against the state.)
> Fascism rejects the ideas of the American and French revolutions.
> It subordinates all individual activities to the good of the state. (e.g. Citizens who use drugs may not produce as much, and therefor will not provide more wealth for the ruling elite. The United States solution; If one uses these substances or even possesses them, the individual will be sent to a prison where he will be forced to labor for the good of the elite.)
> The idea of fascism began as a means of obtaining power and wielding it.
> Fascism is denoted by a great fear of reform. This is observed in the United States by its continual barrage of media aimed at creating fear of reforms that would grant more liberty to the individual.
OH AND FUCK G.W. I HATE THAT STUPID ASENINE SON OF A BITCH IF I SAW HIM ID KICK HIS ASS FOR KILLIN ALL THOSE PEOPLE TO SATISFY HIS OWN GREED. Also it should be noted that gw is thick in the middle of the enron shit. GW , family and friends have been illegally obtaining money from the corporation for years and have done so through use of political office. e.g. how many billions of dollars have been funneled to columbia and ask yourself why?Look what our government is doing to residents of Colombia so that US and British Petroleum Corporations can secure cheap oil, when we all know that oil pollutes and is non renewable, and that there are plenty of available renewable sources to use if our government was not being bought by oil corporations propping up political offices such as that of GW by Enron. And yes gw is in it with some other major petrolium corporations as well doing the same thing. He siphons money for his personal fortune while enacting public policy that enriches his petrolium corporations which in turn he can then siphon more money from. They were doing this in Colombia and have more recently expanded to afghanistan. Its all a ploy to steal oil to feed the rich and elite of america. How many puppet nations of america exist now? How many will exist in 5 years? This is americas version of the eastern block. And they do it in the name of the Drug War and more recently the war on terror which is a genocidally cultural and religious war meant to subjugate a certain class of people. They blame it on drugs. What did drugs ever do? Nothing. People kill people.
Children play in chemically hazardous wastelands in Colombia now created by the US and will suffer short and painful lives of disease because of the greed of US and British petroleum corporations and the greed of our representatives that take their dirty money. The stench from Washington is almost unbearable. Upon securing these new oil reserves I predict a great and massive war in the persian gulf instigated by the US. (this prediction was made on my own website over a year ago well before sept 11.) It will be the next crusades meant to save (oppress) the people of those nations from their governments and religious institutions. It is my belief through careful gathering of information and unbiast observation, not to mention sources within the Luciferian branch of blue lodge congregations that have relegated me such facts, that it was in fact a faction of our own government that deployed the sept 11 attrocity through careful manipulation and payoffs of terrorists ignorant to the inner working functions and complicated nature of the american political structure. I have no documented proof, but then again, neither does the american government. (didnt the whole sept 11 thing read way too much like a hollywood script? ya it did. muslims dont write hollywood scripts. americans do. more specifically it is likely that organization that dick cheney gw and so many of the other power hungry war mongers are a part of initiated the strikes in order to satisfy their personal greed and power. ) It is my intellectual instinct along with facts and observations that have brought me to this conclusion. Well, not to mention some inside information. So what is there to do for anyone in the world now to defend themselves from the unholy american juggernaut which i believe has become now more powerful than the rest of the world combined. Dark days lie ahead for us i fear. I do not know about others, but as for me I will be free or i will die.

by Faith-no-more
Saturday Dec 21st, 2002 11:14 PM
SIncesest regrets at the current censorship of one hell of a patriot. Too bad the age old electoral college happened to have more fascist Republicans than democrats and they voted for Ol' G.W. But who do you think is really running the show? That idiot Geore Jr. or his dear old dad. You know how it starts, and right now, we exist as an oligarchy, where only rich, white, protestant, all with the same basic stand on every matter of importance. The Constitution calls for compromise and I see only one fascist majority oppressing open minded individuals within the united states!!! Terrorism, in all it's horror, will never be so horrible as a loss of our basic civil rights. We are the minority and We demand Compromise. We Must Raise The Fist.

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