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Indybay Feature Confirmation of Raid from LA FBI

by sf imcista
Details from the raid that was reported this morning!

On Thursday, January 24th, around 4pm, the Los Angeles FBI served a search warrant to the owner of The search warrant was based on charges around "computer fraud and abuse" as well as "distribution of information related to explosives, destructive devices, and/or weapons of mass destruction." When asked if they had raided, FBI spokesperson Cheryl Mimura from the FBI Los Angeles Field Office confirmed that it "was shut down." The warrant was served by the Los Angles Task Force on Terrorism, but the FBI denies that this warrant is related in any way to the September 11th attacks. Ms. Mimura could not confirm that law enforcement entered owner's house with "machine guns, shotguns and hand guns" as reported in the original notice about this raid, found here:
by Trek
Raise the fist sound like a bunch of kooks. Check
Waiving guns around in the street will get you shot waving them around on the internet will get you raided. Should we defend such stupid fuckheads?
by moletrapper
Has anyone else noticed that, since the government has received huge amounts of money for "anti-terrorism", there has been a tenfold increase in the number fascist FBI, CIA, SS trolls posting to indymedia sites? Well there has been.

It's time for indymedia to start removing the pig posts!!
by mr. k
Any word on how it is that "distribution of information" and discussion of class war (and the weaponry thereof) is now considered "terrorism" and/or computer fraud/"abuse" by the Feds? Where do they draw the line? Is there any sort of guide that lays out just what is and what isn't fair game for prosecution/persecution? Any other good class-war websites we should check out - while they still exist? Here are some google links (which include, as of this writing, caches of

Sites containing the term "":

Sites that link to

Sites "related" to (according to Google):

By the way, the FBI told me they cannot release the name of the individual who was served the "search" warrant, because it was a search warrant, not an arrest.
by mr. k
Thanks to cccc for the link - it appears that archived just one day before the FBI shutdown - - and older archived versions are also available -*/
by Dean T. (resist [at]
Where do you get the idea that they (people connected to "Raise the Fist") were waving guns around in the street? The only ones i've seen in any story either hereor in the "mainstream" media possessing guns and waving the streets is different branches of law enforcemnt when they came to shut down "raise the first" and possibly arrest people connected with it. THis charge is highly dangerous in thesae volatile times, and you should substantiate it or withdraw it and apologize for it.
If anybody knows the specifics of arrest, etc. and what kind of help is needed, please post soon.

Byn the way, guns with many restrictions are still legal in this country. Writing about guns is still legal in this country. This raid was not about guns or their writing about them (You don't see the Feds raiding the offices of the NRA or Gun Owners of America). It qwas about p[olitics. The people who write "raise the fist" have a different politics than the ruling classes seem to allow.
by bleh
missing pics but the articles are there.*/
by trek
Let me clarify-- i wasn't saying that raisethefist was waving a gun in the street-- what i was trying to say was that their website is pretty damn provactive (and stupid in my opinion) and that to some degree its not that suprising that they got raided-- particularly in the current climate. Sorry for anyone who misunderstood.
by Sheep #254671-0098
Kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye the New World Order is in full swing and there's nothing you can do about it.
by FBI-interrogator
What exactly ARE you saying? It seems like you are saying that we shouldn't defend raise the fist because they had a picture of a gun on their web site? It seems that you are saying that we should not defend someone that is doing something completely legal. It seems that you are saying that we should accept ILLEGAL restrictions on free speech.

Think about this: today "trek" argues that because the picture of a gun is argued by the SS/FBI to be dangerous we should not use pictures of guns or defend those that use pictures of guns.
tomorrow the FBI/SS argues that talking about pictures of guns is dangerours and "trek" again refuses to support people that talk about pictures of guns
the next day ...... get the picture?
by trek
With a little more reflection should be defended on free speech grounds-- however their ideas are something radicals should distant themselves from. If you are supportive of a class war type position i would argue this website would probably be interepreted by the majority of working class people as a "class suicide" website-- in other words ideas that are likely to get people killed or a trip to jail. I've learned that the person who made the website was only 18-- so some naivete is forgivable however i believe that insane suicidal politics should be strongly criticized.
by JoeyNormal
Sherman Austin is a pseudonym I believe. I would estimate those accounts backtrack to one James as well as "Sherman".
by djk

We have an obligation to defend any expression of free-speech, especially in a time of war when what little civil rights we had left are being stripped away from underfoot.
by Some one from L.A.
I think that raid is a set up so Sherman can get more closer to the activist. My personal opinion is that the guy who runs the raise a fist is a spy.
I could be wrong but this is what I think. I had couple complaints about this guy. And maybe they did this so all these activist can get close to him.
This guy came out of nowhere. So people should double check on him.
People should read " AGENTS OF REPRESSION" by Ward Churchill.

I was a witness of undercover cops at the Long Beach May Day protest. These undercovers were in Black Block.

by toni
some people here are very quick when it comes to call people with a different opinion facists or something. that looks kind of contraproductive, u know what i mean?

i did not see the sites by myself. i am to some extent (very) concerned about what happened. yet i know very little about the whole thing. one thing i don't understand: if you think you get "something started" with more and more people joining and stuff, why do you risk it all by posting stuff like "don't talk about your involvement in criminal acts unless talking to those with whom you plan" or whatever?

i don't want to justify that raid, which so far looks like not legitimated or maybe even illegal to me. but if you really mean to move something, wouldn't you behave in a way that does not give them the possibility to legitimate such action from THEIR point of view?

furthermore, let us pretend there was no "how to build pipe bombs" on those pages: wouldn't you consider it much easier to get support from "corporate media" and see a huge public outcry?

just some thoughts...
by Priest of Cthulu
Posting of such information really isn't against the law. However, hacking web sites and leaving behind CGI scripts that attempt to log into DoD computers(something our aspiring little webmaster/scropt kiddy has admitted to in an interview) is. Funny how that wouldn't get mentioned here.. The kids a vandal, they took away his tools.
by Bigot for the left (rich [at]
Fuck you and your 'a lot more pig posts on this site'

You idiot. Shut the fuck up. I love it when everyone doesn't agree with your hyper-lefty comments and paranoia you loose your shit.

Go to bed.
by J. Smith
I think we should setup a million mirrors of his site. What the hell are they going to do then? Make it clear, information is not dangerous. If you obstruct the flow of information, we'll widen the pipe.

by Markus
Be them Trolls or not. A true democracy lives from the confrontation of opinions, even if those opinions are dumbass-stupid. Removing "pig-posts" is censorship and therefore a display of the same fascism you are fighting against.
by pig
Seems like my post is commies.

Funny, I posted links about Sherman Martin Austin Defacements. Which are Illegal, and to have those same hacks aimed at Gov. Computers.


You may protest, burn flags, whine, whine all you want But I wont take you seriously. Go get a government job, become a "mole" run for governor, senate and speak your mind. Speak to millions instead of the 700 people at gatherings ( which most of them are). I would love to
protest against your views, but i have a job. Which I won't take the time of my day for you.

Prediction: this post gets deleted, just like my other one.
by Comradeboyo
you obviously will take the time of day, since you wrote that

if don't agree with whats being posted be mature and say something constructive, not just fuck you, or whatever

the shut down and seizeing of raise the fist effects all of us, even if you don't want to admit it, or do anything about it

we have the right to freedom of speech
we have the right to disagree with the govt.
we have the right to change the govt. whenwe feel its needed

its in the constitution
"if we don't take action now, we settle for nothing later"

i say everyone who thinks that the govt. actions towards raise the fist is wrong, sends the story to 5 people and then encourage them to send it to 5 people

becuase the mass media is not saying a word about it

i heard it from Che-lives

but if we get the word out and let people know that our rights are being exploited

a crusade can start

by Will (whamilton [at]
If you restrict who can post on a story you are no better than the people you fight. All opinions must be heard in an issue.

by Terry Brown (terryinwv [at]
Some people run on and on with their own ideas about fascism and the constitution and whatever they believe.
From the first post to the last, the topic kinda wandered around. If one sticks with the facts and Sherman Austin and his original website, and what can be understood from the internet's news, that seems to leave some people with major foul-mouthed opinions in the dark. It's pretty easy to find out about all of the charges against this man and what crimes he may stand trial for. I personally would like to know how to support the man. He's facing an uphill battle with legal fees and such. Since he has been thrown into the spotlight, any opinion is an opinion and means nothing. Let's hear what he has to say
by Joe Hadenuff (fnf [at]
I noticed that the site has been taken down as of apprx. 04/26/03 It was up and accesible for quite awhile and must have been put back up since everyone said it was taken down. Now it appears it is completely gone though. Any information on such would be welcomed.

One doesn't have to agree with everything or anything the guy had to say, just that he had the complete right to say it and thus should be defended. As should those sites others deem contrary to their political views. Sites such as those that are derogatory and racist, or sites that are revolutionary and leftist. Either way they have a right to speak their mind.

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