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Sheep Herd in SF for Buy Everything Day (A Photo Introduction)
by B. Marsh (subbrian3 [at]
Thursday Nov 29th, 2001 4:03 AM
Intorduction to Photos of Buy Everything Day - Sheep Herd Street Theater in San Francisco.
Photomontage followed by text with links...

For LARGER un-artified versions of these and other photos:

Sheep Herd Jams Union Square Area on Buy Everything Day (12 photos):

Shop ‘til you Drop, SFPD Elite Shopping Enforcement Squad, Mall Sheep (17 photos):

On the busiest shopping day of the year a herd of consumer sheep
crowded into the Union Square area, bleating “baah...buuy moore
stuuff” and “sweeeatshop”.

Signs carried by the sheep read:
United We $pend - Don’t worry - buy happy
Global Justice is the only national security
America - Open For Mindless Consumption
America - Open For Immoral Capitalism

Lady Liberty accompanied the herd as she handed out Christmas
Gift Exemption Vouchers:

The herd was tailed by SFPD’s elite Shopping Enforcement Squad.
As the herd meandered on crowded sidewalks SFPD officers
preemptively blocked access to major retail establishments.

Later, a smaller herd made its way to the Constitutional Rights-free
public/private space of the Mall.
Starting at Nordstrom on the top floors of the San Francisco
Shopping Centre, the bleating sheep took the circular escalators in
the central atrium down several floors before men in suits began
talking into their sleeves. The herd was escorted out by nervous,
underpaid, security guards as they took the escalators down the
last few floors.

On the street a person walking by the herd said “This is great - I
thought irony was dead!”
In front of the GAP, as the sheep bleated “buuy moore stuuff”,
a shopper asked, “What’s this about? You’re protesting the Gap
using wool in their clothes or something?”

For information on Buy Nothing Day go to Adbusters:

> Consumerism <

Street Theater - Sheep Herd hits SF stores for Buy Everything Day!
2nd Annual Convergence of the Consumer Herd
A Buy Nothing Day celebration

November 23, 2001

Union Square Area with an excursion to Nordstrom
and the San Francisco Shopping Center, Market St.
San Francisco, CA USA
by farmer Ted
Thursday Nov 29th, 2001 9:21 PM
How boring and predictable. Let's see: buying stuff is bad because it enforces slave labor, hurts the ozone layer, and feels good.
When will you protest something worthwhile, like that asshole moron you have for a governor? Oh, that's right, he toes the line in the Moron Defense Party.
by Anti-Fascist
Friday Nov 30th, 2001 9:34 AM
We see what you're about, "Farmer Ted"-$ uber alles. Must be a New Yorker.
by the burningman
Friday Nov 30th, 2001 10:01 AM
what's up at the New York digs? Jesus.

But for my two cents, I think insulting people by calling them sheep when they buy things on sale is a bit silly. I'm all for the Buy Nothing Day idea, but calling me and other people who shop on the cheap sheep is a bit out of touch. Why don't you inspire instead of degrade?

A for effort!