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No WTO: Officer #149, Richmond PD ... Jackass
by anonymous copwatcher, we're always watching
Saturday Nov 10th, 2001 8:13 PM
Officer #149 of Richmond PD responds to a peaceful protest by punching people, pepperspraying people, indiscriminately attacking people, etc. Just wait until the FALSE ARREST charge. The crowd was chanting "1-4-9" and finally, this officer's anger management training couldn't hold up, and he randomly grabbed someone from the crowd and arrested them. The best part is when he pepper sprayed himself like a fucking idiot.
by yep
Saturday Nov 10th, 2001 8:15 PM
This pig needs to be fired. This pig needs to see his face all around Richmond. This pig needs to be thrown in fucking jail. As long as this pig is on the force, Officer #149, there will be hell to pay. Hope this guy knows his way to the unemployment line. Then maybe he'll appreciate what it means to be anti-WTO --- when all the fucking jobs he could get have been destroyed and turned into slave labor. Watch out, #149. We're ALWAYS watching.
by Roy LeRoy
Sunday Nov 11th, 2001 4:11 PM
Wheres the 1 sfod d when you need them. WTO protesters know they dont stand a chance once the shadow arrives. hyahha
by anti-149
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 12:04 AM
When this macho idiot cop pulled up in his car he got out and immediately shoved a photographer who had the audacity to be taking pictures. He was obviously there to kick ass. Later when he violently arrested the guy with the curly hair-- he threatened using his gun on other protestors.
by eyewitness
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 3:03 AM
I can confirm the last testimony. When officer #149 of the Richmond PD got out of his car, the first thing he did was grab a photographer and say "get that fucking camera out of my face" ... he threatened to pepper spray this person and then proceeded on, shaking up his pepper spray can (as seen in this picture). I saw him repeatedly push, shove, elbow and punch at random people. Note that NO PROTESTERS were violent with police. None. I just hope that the dozen videographers or so got really good footage, and that there is a really good lawsuit.
by love it
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 11:02 AM
Officer #149, your overly-aggressive and out-of-control temper does not compensate for your rapidly receding hairline and rapidly expanding chins. Instead of acting like a tough guy, go home and jack off to real stories of the highway patrol.
by notafuckinghippie
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 2:09 PM
Dear Officer #149,

Way to kick some hippie ass! This is the best picture on the whole damn worthless sf.indymedia site. This officer is not a "pig" and I would like to thank him for devoting his life to serving his community (Although I'm sure the crazy protesters would call this a dis-service).

And enough with making fun of this "Macho" guy. Obviously the skinny little hippies are jealous & need to stereotype this guy as the "dumb jock." It takes years in a gym to get into this kind of shape & since when is physical fitness a bad thing?
by hehe
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 2:23 PM
what kind of shape is that? more chins than a chinese phonebook? officer "beefcake" could stand to lay off the anabolic steroids, i think he is started to grow some womanly breasts.
by caitlin (freeky [at]
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 4:05 PM
Yeah, he looked like an ignorant fatass to me. I saw him shove a photographer, while threatening to take the camera away. Well shit, I wonder why! Didn't want anyone to have proof of your misuse of power, did you, 149?
oink oink. Go back to krispy kreme, asshole.
by caitlin (freeky [at]
Monday Nov 12th, 2001 4:06 PM
Yeah, he looked like an ignorant fatass to me. I saw him shove a photographer, while threatening to take the camera away. Well shit, I wonder why! Didn't want anyone to have proof of your misuse of power, did you, 149?
oink oink. Go back to krispy kreme, asshole.
by Scooter (no)
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2001 7:20 PM
That's funny, those actions would be crimes punishible by imprisonment if he were not a lackey for the opulent. When his job as a police officer is terminated, he'll become a weak ass security guard making $8 an hour and talking about the good old days kicking hippies. Fuck officer #149. FUCK THE POLICE!!!
by anti-149
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2001 10:35 PM
I don't give a shit what the cop looks like-- whether he lifts weights-- has short hair-- watches football or whether he is nice to his mom -- this guy doesn't "serve his community".
So where is the stereotype? I saw 149 act like a macho brutal bully-- i feel sorry for the community of Richmond having this psychopath "protecting" them. Cops like this should be fired.
To the other posters who denigrate police on their physical appearance-- how would you like it if the cops made fun of women(or men)at the protest for being fat. It would be fucked up! I work with a lot of fat working class people and while most of em have a sense of humor about their body shape-- disrespecting anyone on this basis including cops is a road we shouldn't go down. Yeah the donut jokes are funny to a point but a lot of the posters here have crossed it.
by information
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2001 4:07 AM
more information: the officer's name is Sweeney, no, not Swiney, SWEENEY ... just so we got it straight ...
by Ryan
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2001 11:12 AM
I'm Ryan, hi. I was arrested on Saturday and booked with two felonies. I'm not in jail anymore. I believe no charges were filed.

I'm considering legal action against Ofc Sweeney #149, Richmond PD. Any witnesses to his action on Saturday should call my attorney Larry Hildes 510-845-9788.

by fuck tha system
Tuesday Nov 20th, 2001 5:47 PM
149 beats his "whatever" when he gets home. Maybe he should book a flight soon to iraq so that some "real terrorist" can kick his pussy ass!! Can't get over the fact that your a prick huh pig? Thats why you have a pussy and you like it to be fucked by arabs huh piggie. Oh how you cannot deal!!!!

Your a discrace to society.

Move to cincinatti.

Fucking Loser.
by Soon2BeCop
Saturday Dec 29th, 2001 10:10 PM
Mr. 149 as you call him happens to be one of Richmond's finest PO's. It amazes me how you scumbags will take some idiot's word and run with it, not even knowing the facts. Grow up and take his damn picture off this site.
by fine officer
Sunday Dec 30th, 2001 12:48 PM
yes, a FINE officer. haha, maybe after 40-60 hours in intensive anger management courses this person would be MAYBE worthy to patrol our streets and receive our tax dollars as salary. until then, we'll be fighting to get him fired.
by anony
Sunday Dec 30th, 2001 3:28 PM
Whats great about this discussion is that i was a witness-- i saw it all. I don't hate all cops but 149 is a straight up thug. He got out of his car and immediately shoved some guy who was taking pictures and proceeded to be excessively provactive and unnecessarily violent. He obviously thinks he has a right to kick anybodys ass.

So I ask you soon to be a cop--when you run into a violent or corrupt cops will you be silent? will you wonder why some people hate cops when you are silent? Do you really think 149 is a model cop (i doubt you know him though)?
by anarchist
Sunday Dec 30th, 2001 3:31 PM
I want to say that I was also a witness to Officer #149's idiocy. I have called the Midnight Special Law Collective and made it clear that I would be a witness to any legal action taken against this officer. They told me that they have plenty of video of this all happening, so hopefully there will be enough resources to begin a lawsuit against this PIG. He doesn't deserve to be on the force, he deserves to be in the unemployment line.

by Soon2BeCop
Sunday Dec 30th, 2001 9:29 PM
No, people like you will do everything in your power to undermine our accomplishments and drag agencies through the mud. Possibly a better solution would be for you to grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

I have a few suggestions if you dont like the law.
1. Break it. It\'s your choice. We call it job security. Just be man enough to face the consequences when you get caught.
2. We dont actually make the laws, fyi, so if you don\'t like it, write your senators.
3. Follow the law anyway. (that\'s the easiest one)
4. Move out of the country. If you dont like the laws here....Leave. You probably wouldnt be missed.

I hear crap like this all the time and I can tell you about 2 % are legit. People buy into all the media hype and sensationalized story and use it as a way to escape responsibility. With all the negative press our profession has gotten over the last decade, I really find it hard to believe that an Officer, and especially Sweeney, just walks up and starts shoving someone. Give me a break. Most of these \"protestors\" just show up to let out some juvenile aggression on police. Dont give me this crap about the police starting it.

Why would you try to ruin this man\'s career? Id like to see you walk a day in his shoes. What contribution are YOU making to society? I have never worked with him but when I first started pursuing this career I went on a few ride alongs with him and we have kept in touch over the years and Id be honored to have him as a partner. Incidentally, he has won a few awards and is one of the best PO's on the force. No one is buying your little story.
by Robert
Monday Dec 31st, 2001 5:45 AM
I just stumbled upon the post here and after reading everything to this post decided to give my input as an outsider. I generally stick to the issues of collateral damage in combat and acceptable losses.

Anyway, for those of you that have a negative view of Officer Sweeney, that's fine, but I would suggest you would have a much greater impact if you addressed the issue rather that post insults to the man's physical features. Not to mention the degrading euphuisms which tend to do nothing more than instigate doubt in your story. If the officer did, in-fact, overstep his bounds he will be held accountable. The derogatory remarks will do nothing to promote this.

The bottom line, law enforcement officers are needed and for the most part do a noble job. It is unacceptable to stereotype all of them for the actions of so few. Just as it is unacceptable to stereotype the demonstrator.

by Irmtraut
Monday Dec 31st, 2001 6:59 AM
There were dozens, or actually hundreds, of people there who saw parts of what went on. The video of the incident is very telling. If we were out to just badmouth the police, we would be throwing exaggerated accusations against many of the police who were there, but rather, Off. Sweeney really stuck out as being fairly out of control from the moment he got out of his car. The first two CHPofficers who arrested the two people in their late teens or early 20s who had done graffiti were very calm, and were not thumping people on the cars or yelling or panicking or trying to spray the entire crowd with pepper spray. most of the Richmond PD who arrived with Off Sweeney were not behaving like this either. The person arrested on the most serious charges of assault on an officer is shown in video tape to not have touched officer Sweeney, and this is probably why he was let off within a few seconds of consideration by the arraignment judge.
by chp
Monday Dec 31st, 2001 2:24 PM
I think that most of us have considered what a difficult job it must be to be on a police force. Richmond is also the dumping ground of many of the rest of society's problems too. People there have asthma and health problems so that other people can drive SUVs with the refined oil, or use products from the chemical plants etc.
The thing is, one can't just say "it's a tough job, so we have to give the officers some leeway". People's lives and livelihood are on the line. What would have happened if no witnesses were present. Ryan, or others, could have faced actual long jail sentences for the misapplied felony charges. The same goes for all the other people that the police interact with during the rest of the year. Without drastically reorganizing society, I don't know what we should do to encourage more talented people to join the force.
by mx-
Monday Dec 31st, 2001 4:45 PM
Alleged "entrant officer"/"friend of Sweeney" logs on to to request that this photo and thread be removed from the newswire. Select highlights from the hours-long discussion (linked below):

<Soon2BCop> And these little shits wonder why sometimes we have short tempers or arent always in a great mood.

<Soon2BCop> The protestors are out there to play some martyr
<Soon2BCop> and cause trouble

<Soon2BCop> At the same time, it seems people are getting more and more brave thinking they can get away with videotaping us, getting in our face, etc

<Soon2BCop> Well if some scumbag has no respect for the men in blue who are risking their lives to protect even the ungrateful garbage and make the community safer, they get what they deserve

<Soon2BCop> youre a cocky little fucker

<Soon2BCop> you piece of shit

<Soon2BCop> This is why there shouldnt be "photographers" taking pictures at crap like this

<Soon2BCop> Is it a protest or a carnival?

<Soon2BCop> Its not that we are afraid of misconduct, its that they could end up on a site like this
<Soon2BCop> or some other anti cop site which could put is in danger

<Soon2BCop> there are not that many incidents of brutality

<Soon2BCop> Just take Sweeney's picture down
<Soon2BCop> Thats all I fuckin asked

<Soon2BCop> He should have broken those fuckin cameras
<Soon2BCop> and knocked some sense into some of you

<Soon2BCop> I have wasted enough time here. As I said, what goes around, comes around

<Soon2BCop> I hope one day some piece of shit tries to ruin your life and your rep.

<Soon2BCop> I just mean people reap what they sew
<Soon2BCop> and ogranizations like this juvenile and flat out ridiculous causes will come back to bite you

<Soon2BCop> youre a fuckin piece of shit

<Soon2BCop> You know I was hoping after Sept. 11 some of you people would wake up
<Soon2BCop> But I guess not

<Soon2BCop> I was one of the top graduates in my academy
<Soon2BCop> and Im almost done with my probationary period

<Soon2BCop> Maybe you should pull your head out of a rap song and get in the real world

<Soon2BCop> Where is this video
<Soon2BCop> who has it

<Soon2BCop> I dont care about fucking Nigeria

<Soon2BCop> He asked the photographer to put the camera away

<Soon2BCop> Sweeney should have beat the shit out of some of you and shoved those god damn cameras up your ass

<Soon2BCop> apparently he didnt attack you good enough because you obviously didnt learn your lesson

<Soon2BCop> I hate you motherfuckers
<Soon2BCop> You will get whats coming to you

<Soon2BCop> and think of me laughing when it happens
by anonymous
Tuesday Jan 1st, 2002 1:07 PM
So now Richmond PD is getting on here and threatening people? Sounds like Officer Sweeney still cant control his temper.
by Robert
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2002 5:02 AM
I find the post from MX above truly sad and disheartening. I doubt he is actually a police officer. If he is, and still in his probationary period, he has alot to learn and I would be willing to bet he won't make it in law enforcement. The ranting in that post was uncalled for and paints a sad picture of law enforcement.

Don't take that as the thoughts and words of all police officers in Richmond or anywhere else in the U.S.
by Jon Henson
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2002 4:29 PM
Mess with the best, die like the rest,

Get a job
by does it matter?
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2002 6:09 PM
fuck you. im trans you bigoted asshole.
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