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O22: Courageous Families Speak Out
by stop all state terrorism
Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2001 1:23 AM
Courageous families speak out against police violence that has impacted them. Oakland, California, October 22 2001
by CL
Wednesday Oct 24th, 2001 3:26 PM

This site totally rulez! I mean, seriously, what sucks more than big corporations, with their "profits" and all that other stuff. They totally suck! I mean, my bosses at Taco Bell are seriously perpetrating oppression and class warfare against me. I only get paid $6.50 an hour while my manager gets like, millions of dollars a year to ride my ass. Dude, I'm grilling as fast as I can, man. RAGE AGAINST THE CORPORATE STRUCTURE!!!

Plus, this war in Afghanistan is totally unfair. I mean, we kill like, thousands of innocent babies a day in Iraq right? So now we go over to Afghanistan and like, bomb hospitals and stuff? Completely unfair if you ask me. I agree with Richard Gere - it's all about turning this negative into a positive - we just need to talk to these dudes and sort things out. I'm totally into Islam now too - I'm thinking about growing out my beard and everything.

Dude, if you guys ever have one of these cool-ass rallies in my area, totally call me up! Whether it's like, pro-Mumia, or anti-war-in-Afghanistan, or like anti-big companies, I'm totally down for that shit. Just hook me up with a summary of the issue and some signs beforehand and I'm totally cool to go!

Fight on man!!

by anon
Wednesday Oct 24th, 2001 6:50 PM one writes like that dude.
So are you pro-police brutality?
Like having a police state?
Think bombing civilians in Afghanistan is "worth it"?
Think profits are more important than people?
by CL
Friday Dec 7th, 2001 10:09 AM
Like think about this dude. If the punk perp had sold crack to the school kid down the block and then tried to like shot the cop his ass wouldn't be dead.

Like I don't see any of you panty waste activist hitting the streets when a police officer is gunned down for no reason. Like shouldn't you be protesting the criminals that are killing police officers and selling drugs to kids? Oh, that's right, that would be wrong. If you protested them, where would you get the drugs you must be on for thinking the way you do.

I guess you like your tax dollars going to defend the criminal and his rights. Like think about this dude, the punk that complains his rights have been violated has no quams about violating the rights of his nieghbors by robbing, raping and selling drugs.

Pro-death penalty for capital crimes (Murder, Rape, Armed Robbery, etc).