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A letter from a Palestinian
by Saifedean Ammous
Sunday Sep 16th, 2001 12:11 PM
Whether the culprits turn out to be an international terror organization or American individuals or dissident groups, which I think is more probable, one thing is certain: it is the American Government's actions that has caused them to do this. This is not to justify those attacks, but it is to say that you can not expect to keep stepping on people forever without someone ever lashing back at you.
A letter from a Palestinian

Dear all,

I would just like to say that I am totally against the kind of attack carried out in New York City and Washington DC. We Palestinians know fully well the meaning of terror after being subject to it on a daily basis for more than 53 years.

Although I would have to say that in the midst of all the recriminations and accusations, I think that it is the American government that is bringing such ruin upon its nation. American imperialism and its total disregard for everyone else, and American advancement while using others as mere stepping stones, leaving the majority of humanity suffering, those are the real reasons behind those attacks. From Hiroshima to Vietnam, from Baghdad to Belgrade, America has been sowing the seeds it harvested yesterday.

It is worth noting that the criminals responsible for the DC and NYC attacks differ very little from the successive American governments; they both came to the point where they thought that the best retaliation for a wrong committed against them was the killing of innocent civilians. That is what America is doing with its sanctions on Iraq (that have so far killed more then 1.5 million people), with its bombing of Yugoslavia, and when it helps countries like Israel in massacring total populations. It is barely different from whoever carried out the NYC and DC attacks killing thousands. The only differences are that those criminals have no control over the world's media to make it look like it was 'necessary security measures' nor have they the resources to convince entire nations to stand behind them in their massacres.

As long as American governments continue to act like America owns the world and everyone else must serve them, they must expect similar attacks, and unfortunately more civilians will suffer. It will be very painful to see how many such attacks it will take for America to realize that the answer to its problems is not in bombing cities and sanctions and increased military spending, but the exact opposite of this.

Whether the culprits turn out to be an international terror organization or American individuals or dissident groups, which I think is more probable, one thing is certain: it is the American Government's actions that has caused them to do this. This is not to justify those attacks, but it is to say that you can not expect to keep stepping on people forever without someone ever lashing back at you.

At the end, my sympathy and condolences go out to the victims of these attacks and their families. Hoping that one day the real culprits will be clear for everyone to identify.

Saifedean Ammous
by chp
Sunday Sep 16th, 2001 3:00 PM
Look at this. This is even a mainstream media source. The US apparently gave military training to several of the hijackers. Everyone should know about this:
by Joe Seixpack
Tuesday Sep 18th, 2001 9:15 AM
Would New York be prepared to host a summit wherein foreign representatives were able to express their concerns and provide the US State dept. with an explanation into the most recent atrocity causing the unneccesary loss of life.
by GP
(gp [at] Thursday Sep 20th, 2001 7:25 PM
I should expect no less from a murdering talk about how America has killed 1.5 million Iraqi's, but where is your retribution for the biggest murderer of them all? Saddam? Why is it I didn't hear you utter one single solitary word about his using chemical weapons on his OWN PEOPLE!

Then, to top it off by slamming the Israeli's; when I don't hear you talk about the car bombings, the killing of innocent Jews that the Palestinians not only support but actively encourage?

Where is your outrage against that?

When you can admit your own faults Jew killer, come back and rant some more, until then do us all a favor and shut up with your propaganda bull
by Zillah
(princesspeace [at] Friday Sep 21st, 2001 10:31 PM
Saddam that bastard is a US implemented puppet to control the Iraqi people and the Kuwaiti oil supply. He is a murdering butthole, bt then again, the US is to blame again.
As for this "murdering palestinian," I'm so sorry to burst your bubble, kid. Palestinians were peacefully living in the country which is now called Israel, until the Jews came in with US and UK backing, and took over in an illegal military occupation that is ongoing. Innocent Palestinians die as a result of this occupation, and because of their anger, they retaliate against the Israelis, and innocent Jews will die as well. Propaganda?? my ass. Everyone wants to blame everyone else. no one will take responsibility for their actions. Until the people of this world can start acting like mature adults, instead of five year old delinquents, we are all going to live through shit.
Jew killer?? Does that make you a Palestinian killer? I am completely against injustice of ANY kind, but if I hear one more whimper of how many Jews died in the Holocaust, I'm going to scream. What about the millions of Armenians? The Blacks? The Natvie Americans? The Bosnians?? These were all Holocausts as well. The Jews are not the only martyrs. There are many more innocents that have died at the hands of injust rulers.

When you can admit your own faults Jew killer, come back and rant some more, until then do us all a favor and shut up with your propaganda bull

by Texan
Saturday Sep 22nd, 2001 3:45 AM
Palestenian killers, Jew killers, Puppets, Saddam haters, lovers of this, lovers of that, blah friggin blah, fuck, listen to all think your so smart yet you all fail to hear each other points. Some are valid and at the same time all of you are one dimensional in that you point fingers and say what about this, what about that. Hello, do you not see why the human race is doomed. Lets all agree on that ok? Israel didnt just march in yesterday with the U.S. and take over peaceful palestenians. This shits been going on for a long time. Sanctions? Saddam? Whatever, he put his people where they are now, and he should be extinguished along with all the Bin Ladins of the world once and for all.
by Seth
(S [at] Saturday Sep 22nd, 2001 3:32 PM
The United States must accept it's own responsibility for the attacts. It is true that the United States Imperialistic policies have caused much damage across the world. Read Naom Chomsky or to learn what the media does not tell you.

Secondly it's important to note, that no country is innocent. Through out the history of almost every nation on this planet, when one nation has the chance to dominate and take from another. While many nations have reasons to hate the United States, their own actions have been the same, though not as succesful.

The only way things are going to change is if we change our values. Money can not be a motivator. We must see ourselves as part of the global human race before we see ourselves as coming from a particular nation.

If you really want to make a difference. Study our politics and don't listen to what main streem media tells you. The media is run by corporations which as we all know truly run our goverment.
by south
Sunday Sep 30th, 2001 11:21 PM
Texan! I love you, Texan!
by Hamilton Barrett
Thursday Oct 4th, 2001 3:21 PM
Although I have long felt isolated from the politics of the left, as too many there seem to be against White males and their heritage, to protest the domination of our foreign policy by Zionists - and in support of the Palestinians and the Israeli peace movement - count on me to march with you. And let us all remember that there is a human ecology system, that every race needs to be respected, and we are at our strongest when united.
by strawberry
(strawberries [at] Monday Oct 8th, 2001 10:09 PM
Thats just plain rude. If you had any respect for yourself you wouldnt talk about 6 million dead people like that - regardless.
by Beth
Tuesday Oct 9th, 2001 6:26 PM
To the person who wrote "what a moron" and all who agree with him/her:
When I read your comment I felt a enormous sense of dissapointment and shock sweep over me. Your comments and childish name-calling like "Jew killer" were inhuman, racist and hate-filled. Hate so strong as the type you displayed is what led the terrorists to attack America. Hate is what causes people to react violently and heartlessly. I hope that there are very few people who have as much hate as you do. Your comments were racist, for how do you know the Palestinian who wrote that article hates Israelis and all Jews? How do you know that he attacks them? Not all Palestinians hate Israelis and want to kill them. As in America, there are people who have extreme beleifs and want to kill others, and there are people who believe in non-violence. I'm sure that Palestine has the same situation.
The way you ranted on the author on about he didn't mention how people in Palestine are involved in terrorist actions was uncalled for. The subject of the article was not about Palestine. It wasn't about Israel. It wasn't about his personal life. It wasn't about if he has ever killed an Israeli. Instead, it was about how while he extends his condolences to the American people, he is trying to point out that our country is not as innocent and angelic as some would like to believe. We Americans, no, our government, has done some violent and horrible things, and we cannot be ignorant or shy away from that fact. Perhaps if the American people had been more aware of our foreign policies and movements we might have been able to stop our violent and alien actions, and therefore, prevent the tragic attacks of Sept. 11.
I fervently hope that you will rethink your hate. Hate is the root of all things bad, evil and violent. If Americans turn to hate, we will have something in common with terrorists. We must learn to act peacefully, sympathetically and with complete awareness of how our actions will affect others, if we want to uproot terroroism. The attacks of Sept. 11 are a wake-up call to all Americans, telling us to take an interest in our nation's foreign policies. It is also a wake-up call to us telling us look around the world, and see where the suffering is, see if we are causing it, and see if we can do anything to stop it. We must educate ourselves about what our government is doing, and about what wars are waging in other part of the world. We can no longer afford to sit idly by and drink coca-cola as other people are starving all around the world. Please, whoever you are, try to uproot your hate and uproot your racism. No human being deserved to be judged by where they are from, what color their skin,eyes or hair is, or what their religion is.

by bobby
(kl9b777 [at] Saturday Oct 19th, 2002 4:27 PM
Well you just said about somethings about innocent israelis being killed. Ok, lets assume its all the fault of islamic militants. OK tell me something, this so called terrorist organisation called Taliban, how did it originate? My dear American friend, taliban was created, funded, fed, supplied with arms by the Tax payers money in US. Whats happening is nothing but US getting a taste of its own medicine. Do you have anything to say about Israeli soldiers shooting missiles at Palastine civilians, killing children and when it happens US says 'Israel has the right to diffend it self. EMM!! nice strategy. Another fact, do you have anything to say about the oil contract signed by US based company in Tagkhistan just weeks before the WTC blast? I have just one thing to say. US better start minding their own business, try to catch the SNIPER than playing the BIG BOY. One last thing, you people are not even the original american, you are, 85%, are discendents from spanish and english invaders., who has cheated the the real american Indians and stolen their land. This is the truth and the truth is always not too sweet. How True!!!

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