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Flashpoints Radio Sept 3: Labor Day Poetry Special, plus Durban update
by Jaguar Johnny (Webmaster(at)
Monday Sep 3rd, 2001 11:52 PM
KPFA Flashpoints Radio Sept 3, 2001 (link to audio in 'full story' text below)
- Poet Ruth Daigon reads from her 'Payday at the Triangle', a riveting retelling of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that took 146 young lives. The fire was a pivotal event in America's movement toward social and political justice, especially in the area of labor and women's issues. (59 min)
- Durban Update in Aug 31 section below

produced by Dennis Bernstein

Flashpoints Labor Day Poetry Special

Monday, Sept 3, 2001 - Start Audio \"for
-00:00\"Poet Dennis Bernstein w poet Ruth Daigon: Ruth reads from her \'Payday at the Triangle\', a riveting retelling of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that took 146 young lives. Poet Tillie Olsen calls the fire a pivotal event in America\'s movement toward social and political justice, and says, \"This poignant and beautifully written account makes the 1911 disaster seems like yesterday\'s nightmare.\" more about the fire; Ruth\'s website; WebdelSol page; Alsop Review
-59:00 End today\'s show.. today\'s review by john lionheart

Audio Sept 3 show (scrollable)

Friday, Aug 31, 2001 - Start Audio \"for
\"Dennis Dennis Bernstein w Diane Rowe of Christian Peacemakers, about an Israeli military assault on a crowded Palestinian marketplace.. Diane: A Palestinian doctor was killed.. yesterday a heavy market day, after two days of curfew.. tomorrow the first day of school, parents shopping for back-to-school, very crowded.. the Israelis were shooting up the marketplace with rubber bullets.. many many people wounded.. many children injured.. the doctor who was killed, Musah Saffi (sp?), was tending to the wounded.. (sounds of shooting).. heavy shooting for the last couple hours..
-07:00 Diane Rowe: about a friend of hers, an older English peace activist woman.. both witnessed a settler girl throw a stone and hit a 75 year old Palestinian man.. the man\'s head was bleeding.. \"Israeli the friend took a photograph of the settler girl.. the friend was then attacked brutally by an Israeli man, who was giving direction to the settler girls.. the friend had tried to talk to the settlers, to the teenage girls.. she was very surprised she was attacked.. the attacker was after her camera.. the strap was around her neck.. the man used force, hit her on the head.. smashed the camera, ruined the film.. the settlers were laughing.. making fun of her crying.. \"oh boo hoo, so sad, so sad,\" they taunted.. the police came, the man was pointed out.. charges may be pressed.. Dennis: do Jewish settlers often throw stones? Does the Israeli military ever open fire on the settlers throwing stones? (like they open fire at Palestinians throwing stones).. about settlers setting fires in the Arab market.. another Israeli attack detailed here
-18:00 Diane: about the soldiers shooting up the Arab marketplace.. more fear of settler attacks.. extensive damage from settler attacks.. settler attacks are a regular part of everyday life for the Palestinians.. often under aegis of Israeli military which is not even empowered to stop the settlers
-20:40 Dennis Bernstein: audio letter from \"Barbara Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Childrens Alliance (MECA) at a huge demonstration in Durban, South Africa at the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR). the demonstration is sponsored by the Landless People\'s Assembly, mostly landless black peasants promised land by South Africa.. Barbara Lubin: many marchers carry signs in support of Palestinians.. both are landless, occupied.. \"photopeople of color around the world feel very strongly to support Palestine (except in the US).. Barbara: here comes another Palestinian flag... people are enraged, it\'s all coming to a head.. a massive march for the homeless of the world.. every marcher carrying a picture of a murdered Palestinian.. the South Africans really identify with the apartheid suffered by Palestinians..
-29:30 Barbara: the United States is the laughing stock of the developing world.. when you\'re here it seems like the whole world is in support of Palestinian rights.. only in America.. \"Fem (Barbara reads from signs marching by).. Barbara: a lot of anti-Israel slogans, feeling here.. not anti-Jewish, anti-Israel.. (Barbara is Jewish).. The vistors from Dheisha refugee camp\"photo in the West Bank are blown away by the support the Palestinian cause is getting from people around the world.. Barbara: I\'m looking at a sign, not particularly nice.. it\'s not about being Jewish or not being Jewish.. it\'s about justice.. [also see: \'From Dheishe to Durban\' by Shirabe Yamada, also of the Middle East Childrens Alliance]
-36:00 Noelle Hanrahan: about the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) that started today, w Loretta Ross, \"Loretta(link2), founder and Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights Education: the US has a long history of racism.. the US is seen as acting very arrogantly, trying to dictate the agenda.. ironic in view of the free speech issues that America has always championed.. running away from this conference won\'t help.. The conference is going to be a success regardless of whether GW Bush sends a delegation or not.. about the \'new voices\' coming out (link1, link2).. very exciting.. Loretta Ross: (speaks to the historical legacy of slavery).. as many African Americans in prison today, as lived under slavery.. what the US is most resistant to, is calling slavery a crime against humanity.. compensation is deserved, other people did profit from slavery.. Mary Robinson: you can\'t move forward until the past is addressed.. the US should be here.. there is really a global movement being born at this conference.. Noelle: how do we address the widening gap between rich and poor? w Karen: of Asian Pacific Legal: \"Read we need to look at racism as a system.. Ross: we need to focus on econonic justice on economic human rights.. South Africa proves that.. we need to embrace the human rights framework.. Karen: the importance of NGOs.. see the WCAR NGO Forum.. also this speech by peace activist Hanan Ashrawi
-55:00 End today\'s show.. today\'s review by john lionheart
Audio Aug 31 show (scrollable)
Flashpoints website, audio archive

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