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Borderhack Jams the Border

by Peter Maiden (pmaiden [at]
Borderhack, a festival/conference around border issues, drew 100 activists from the U.S., Mexico and around the world to Tijuana over the weekend of Aug 24-26.
There is a place in Tijuana where the fence between the United States and Mexico goes into the Pacific Ocean. On the U.S. side there is a carefully manicured park, and on the Mexican side there is a public beach. Families and friends who are divided by immigration laws meet there on weekends and communicate through the fence as if they were prisoners.

During the weekend of August 24 through 26 the Mexican side of the beach was the site of Borderhack, a conference/festival where over a hundred activists, mostly from the U.S. and Mexico, met and exchanged ideas about the border. There was a sense of re-framing border issues in light of the anti-globalization movement. Many of the participants slept on the beach, and activities took place between a lighthouse and a bullring, under several tents.

by Freedom Guy
If you are truly a SOCIALIST, you believe that individual rights are at the mercy of a democratically elected government. The "needs" of the many outweigh the needs of the few, as Mr. Spock used to say. Thus, foreign nationals don't have the right to come into the US without permission any more than I have the right to own a handgun in SF.

by nobody important
I live in Seattle, whither I moved in 1998 to avoid becoming homeless in San Francisco during the beginning of the ongoing housing crisis there.

There was a similar cross-border event at "Peace Arch Park" up here on the other border last April.

Sorry I missed the southern version.


To Mr. Anarcho-Capitalist Hardcore Purity:

The problem with "radical purity" is that for each of us the real, pure, unadulterated CORRECT liberation movement exists only in each of our own little heads.

Any time there are two of us in the fucking room we have to add up what we AGREE on and see if it's enough to bother talking about.

Lots of people here are undoubtedly "socialists" according to your personal litmus tests. Maybe I'm one of them, maybe not. It's not a label I've volunteered for in the past. There are many many people in the world who don't give a fuck about lots of the "individual capitalist rights" you think are so important. But calling us names isn't gonna change our minds. If you think we agree with ANYTHING you have to say, why don't you tell us what it is so we'll listen to the rest of your trip.

And then maybe the hundredth time we hear you cry for the plight of the poor oppressed small businessman, whose worst fear is that maybe he'll fail in the marketplace and have to live with half the deprivation and squalor that I already do, maybe if you've already convinced me that SOMETHING you have to say is reasonable I'll listen to the rest of it.

Thanks for your time..
by Peter
So is an anarcho-capitalist in favor of imperialism?
by Cory (wenger_c [at]
I appreciate most border crossing actions, and I realize that I was not there. But several problems with "border-deletion" and "anti globalization" occur.

It's ironic, that the border-crossing "anti-globalization" in this sense is actually globalization itself: the establishment of an IMC in Tijuana, and the bilingual group that calls itself "Globalifobicos" are actually engaging in globalizing itself: exchanges of culture.
Rosales says: "Our slogan is ‘Delete the Border,’ We’re not only talking about physical borders like this, but all the other non-physical, subjective borders that we’ve built in our minds and our regular lives. We have to reflect about the borders that we construct ourselves, between each other. If we manage to do this, hopefully one day the physical borders will also be deleted.” Well, most people don't want to delete borders that arise from their cultures. They see that capitalism does in fact erode and crush economic borders and, in the interests of corporate cultural industries, promotes a certain kind of transnational culture for certain people. And for the U.S. we can move freely back and forth in tourist locations, so we like our own border crossings. In this interest.. "deleting the border" is the same as using a backpack and a Lonely Planet book to traverse the exotic. U.S. citizens have increased in xenophobic attiudes, however, when we see that connections of labor due to our consumption creates border crossing and erodes borders.
I argue that some figurative borders, which make us culturally distinctive, should be allowed to exist; especially those borders against economic capital, and the type of cultural commodification which turns the diversity of cultures into a kind of equalized, relativistic mall. See this kind of border crossing when you go to one of the "cultural celebrations" in north American cities, as depoliticized ambassadors of culture sell trinkets and displaced culture and music side by side, disocciated from their meanings, for north American consumption.

"There was a battery of computers set up in one tent. Saturday evening internet art was showcased using a video projector. One of the exhibits featured images of different
elements of borders, such as chain link fences, metal detectors, guns, and clubs. The viewer was offered the opportunity to “cancel” each of these representations. A truck came by the parking lot each night with large loudspeakers. There was electronic music into the late hours, with DJs looping and sampling to small but appreciative crowds."

We also should remember that the internet is a medium which privileges certain cultures and renders invisible others. Not many indigenous languages can be used on keyboards. While it may seem an attack on state-enforced borders to "delete" them by "clicking on their representations," I don't know if dissolution of all borders, in the absence of the dissolution colonialism.. labor exploitation and capitalism is such a good thing.
by Quim Gil (qgil [at]
This is the Borderhack report made for Metamute:

Trying to Hack the Subliminal Borders
[almost at the bottom of the thread]

There are also links to some pictures of the event and a panoramic view of the physical border itself in the PLayas of Tijuana - San Diego.

It was interesting to meet the Californian IMC reporters there. Best wishes for the future Tijuana chapter...
by James Allen Bressem (1854316 [at] SprintMail.Com)
It's not globalization which is causing the problems that the world is facing. These problems are caused by money and financial oppression. Globalization, as it pertains to "taking down the borders" is an absolute necessity.

Don't worry your little thoughts about the loss of cultural diversity. With all the effort in the world it could not be destroyed with or without borders.

Humans only reluctantly accept change of any variety and this can be a major setback in the process of social evolution. Before we can truly make significant progress we must come to terms with the realities of being Humans on a planet called Earth, a premise to which is the acceptance and integration of all cultures.

5 billion Humans and as it stands many turn a blind eye to the rest and by this hoard their better standards of living. It is the responsibility of every Human to see to it that all Humans have an adequate standard of living. Those insufficiently intellectually endowed (who exist in all races) have their place in the picture, and the others should also have the opportunity to advance and contribute to the PROGRESS of civilizations advancement.

We fight the wealthy class for hoarding their resources and claim it to be the source of our miseries, but this is also true on lesser levels. The middle class American by closing the borders on the Mexican is DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. It is a reality that education is less prolific in Mexico and consequently more Mexicans are likely to be destitute in America if the borders were opened. But this is the means to enhancing their education and accepting them as Humans on this planet, as MUST be the case.

Our focus should not be on the slight privileges which will be lost but on the TREMENDOUS advantages which will be gained. For example that we will have come closer to a world where on "HUMANS" live and cooperate with on another to progress and NOT a world where on "WE" cooperate to progress while "THEY" starve and die in ignorance and poverty because we think we are, what?, more privileged?

We the people must make concessions! But that includes all of the people, more specifically, the wealthy classes also, who even at this moment enjoy a borderless world of abundance and diversity while we hide and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist BECAUSE IT NEEDS OUR HELP AND WE ARE TOO GREEDY TO GIVE IT!

Thanks be to those who have some compassion for humanity like Andrew Carnegie (who gave the US most of it's public libraries) because they are the foundation of a new and improved tomorrow! Will we be like Andrew Carnegie or like a black window spider using and killing each other for our own profit and advancement. I tell you that this sort of situation can only last so long until an angry mob of destitute Humans rushes you and takes everything, not just their share.

Besides Mexican ladies are so beautiful, what would we do without them? hehe
by xxxx
You and so many others misunderstand what is meant by the corporate media abbreviation "anti-globalization". The term "Globalfobicos" is satire and a phrase used by a mexican government official to describe us. We are against capitalist globalization. That is the border we want to delete. The US-Mexican border is there to keep wages down and regulate and control populations. The same thing is happening in europe. Deleting the border means people over profits. Human, ecological, and societal growth over capital growth. We want to globalize resistance to capitalism. It is frustrating when people don´t get this basic message, but i have to admit that it is easy to be misunderstood so our basic message should be made more clearly. You should have been there then you´d of seen it differently
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