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Flashpoints Radio July 23: Interview w IMC reporter witness to Midnight Massacre

by Jaguar Johnny (webmaster(at)
KPFA Flashpoints Radio July 23, 2001 (link to audio in 'full story' text below)
- The Midnight Massacre in Genow, interview with Belgian IMC reporter Hans Swarte (8 min)
- Live report from a large protest in front of the Italian consulate in SF, Larry Everest mourns Carlo (9 min)
- Martin Lee talks about the Italian Prime Sinister, Silvio Berlusconi (25)
- Rev. Edwin Sanders about the War on Drugs (6 min), Alameda County jail plans (5 min)
Monday, July 23, 2001 - Start Audio \"for
-00:00 \"Dennis Dennis Bernstein: The Midnight Massacre in Genoa.. w Belgian IMC reporter Hans Swarte.. police stormed Genoa Social Forum and Indymedia Center.. an unprovoked violent bloody assault.. people outside could hear the cries for mercy.. up to 90 people beaten.. Hans Swarte: police start knocking people down in the street.. police went from floor to floor.. lawyers on the first floor.. destroyed every computer they could find.. looking for so-called Black Bloc.. couldn\'t find any.. computers had information on people who had been hurt, arrested, unlawful police actions.. the name fascism comes from Italy.. upstairs people were sleeping.. other people ran in from the street fleeing the police.. everybody cringed on the floor, didn\'t resist.. people beaten in their sleeping bags.. when we came in there was blood everywhere, blood on the floor, on the radiators.. as if they wanted to kill them.. only a couple people could still walk.. people then \'arrested\', and taken away on stretchers.. in ambulances.. we were terrified.. most of the activists left, fled Genoa.. an act of terror.. from 60 to 90 people injured.. tomorrow marches planned in cities all over Italy..
-8:00 w Juliet Beck of Global Exchange.. live report from a San Francisco protest in front of the Italian embassy.. mourning the death of Carlo Giuliani.. we demand accountability.. this is state repression.. a popular uprising around world.. demanding human rights, environmental sustainabiliy, humane development policies.. 200 or 300 people marching, carrying roses.. making plans.. a dignified, solemn march
-11:50 w Larry Everest of requiem for Carlo Giuliano.. he stood against the division of the world into haves and have-nots.. Carlo\'s father: Carlo could not put up with injustice.. democracy in capitalist society is a fraud.. this is a reality that people in places like Palestine see everyday.. many people are thinking about revolution
-17:00 Dennis Bernstein: taped interview w Martin A. Lee; author of Acid Dreams,* and SFBG\'s Reality Bites link1 Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, under 6 criminal indictments and owner of all three Italian private television networks. link2 The National Alliance.. About Berlusconi\'s ally Franco Fini... an openly neofascist... nostalia for the Mussolini era.. Emberto Bosse has 3 cabinet seats.. Fini has four.. CIA Nazi war criminal ties.. supports Bush pullback from Kyoto treaty.. Martin is author of: The Beast ReAwakens* Berlusoni has been convicted of corruption charges four times.. mafia connections... "It\'s surreal... he was linked to a secret masonic order.. the \'P2 lodge\' (link2).. he lied about it, convicted of perjury.. thorougly corrupt.." American connection to the network Berlusconi came out of go back a long way.. there are anti-immigrant feelings.. the global battle against AIDS, while the prime minister of Italy, the host of G-8, has homophobes in his government
-42:00 Noelle Hanrahan interview w Nashville Pastor Rev. Edwin Sanders of Religious Leaders for a More Compassionate Drug Policy at a march in Tulia, Texas.. the way the \'War on Drugs\' (has negatively affected) civil rights and human rights.. we want to see a drug-free society.. but the War on Drugs has caused an increase in drug addiction.. lost of freedom.. the new "Jim Crow".. the prison-industrial complex.. the new \'black gold\'.. they are making money off it..
-48:20 Noelle Hanrahan interview w Rachel Jackson from of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights .. about Alameda Country proposal to build a new 450-540 bed super jail.. hearing tomorrow 9AM at County Building 1221 Oak Street, cross 12th (please come).. process has been \'fast-tracked\'.. Books Not Bars activists convinced the CA State Board of Corrections to turn down the project.. but now the county wants to push ahead without state funding.. mo info 415-951-4844 ext 21 or 510-451-5466 ext 301 or or
*(If possible please buy directly from your local independent bookseller)
-53:56 End today\'s show.. today\'s review by john lionheart
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