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Genoa. Many eyewitness reports for police raid of Italy Indymedia Center - GSF.

by Independent Media.
Many eyewitness reports of July 22, 2001 police raid (around midnight) on Italy Indymedia Center and also other Genoa Social Forum buildings nearby and across the street. All are in Genoa, Italy. Genoa (for those living in a cave) is the site of the G8 (Group of 8) meeting, and mass protests of over one hundred thousand people from over a thousand groups. A broad spectrum of groups seeking economic, environmental, and social justice.
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Italy Independent Media Center.

Italy Indymedia is sometimes offline. Try later if problems, and also check out other Indymedia sites. Many are covering Genoa G8.


Latest reports are on top. Time is listed for each report.


Police in brutal raid on G8 protesters\' press centre
GENOA, Italy, July 22 (AFP) [Agence France-Presse] -

Italian police conducted a brutal lightning raid on the press centre of the anti-globalisation movement Genoa Social Forum early Sunday, AFP journalists reported.

The raid began shortly after midnight and ended just before 2 am (0000 GMT).

Yelling, the police smashed open the door and barged into the building on the via Cesare Battisti where there were around 50 people inside.

As people threw themselves on the ground they were kicked and clubbed by the police. Around 40 were injured in the raid, according to the Forum, a figure that was disputed by Genoa police.

Afterwards there was blood all over the place. One injured man with a huge bruise on his cheek said young policemen continued to club and kick people on the ground even when an officer shouted at them to stop.

The police were looking for film and photographs in the possession of the organizers of the anti-G8 demonstrations which degenerated into violence Friday and Saturday, resulting in one death and many wounded in clashes with security forces, the GSF said.



Others images from the attack
by Indymedia France 4:28am Sun Jul 22 \'01
nico [at]

Others images from the attack



Report on BBC
by nz 4:16am Sun Jul 22 \'01

BBC World Radio has just reported the raid on the GSF and
italy.indymedia site.

BBC. World Radio News has just reported the raid on the
GSF Building and italy indymedia NZ Time 2.10 pm.

The serious beatings, and the pools of blood in the GSF Building were well described as the result of police brutality.

The groups involved were referred to as anticapitalists
who organised the protest marches against the G8 and those
who were beaten as protestors against the G8. The report
went on to say that the protestors were asleep inside the
GSF and their report came from a BBC journalist who was present at the raid.



Report on BBC
by nz 4:11am Sun Jul 22 \'01

BBC World Radio has just reported the raid on the GSF and
italy.indymedia site.

BBC. World Radio News has just reported the raid on the
GSF Building and italy indymedia. The serious beatings, and the pools of blood in the GSF Building were well described.
The groups were referred to, not as anti-globalisation but as anti-capitalist, and those beaten as protestors against the G8. They said their report came from an official media journalist who was present at the raid.



IMC in the GSF
by imcista 3:59am Sun Jul 22 \'01

This is how the Indymdeia centre looked just after the Carabinieri left.



Police raid sleeping, protesters injure dozens (photo)
by Devin Asch 3:38am Sun Jul 22 \'01
masterdevin [at]

Blood stains in the gsf building (across the street from IMC)where protesters were severly beaten. More than twenty were badly injured and taken from the building on streachers. The number of arrests in has not been released.



Police Raid GSF, IMC other groups
by el pato 2:53am Sun Jul 22 \'01

At half past twelve, police raided the media building which housed the Genoa Social Forum, the Independent Media Center, legal and medical support groups.

At half past twelve, the police raided the Media Center in Genoa which contains the Indy Media Center, Legal Support, and Medical teams. At first the police attempted to enter on the ground floor, but the doors were quickly barricaded against them.

Many activists, journalists and others outside were beaten by police. There were dozens of injuries. Before long police were in the building and entered the third floor where indymedia is located.

IMC journalists stood with hands against the walls of the halls. Police gathered all journalists, and then searched the rooms. The confiscated mini discs, a digital camera, and other materials, like gas masks and swiss army knives.

Soon after, an official of some sort of officials (a woman) arrived and told police to leave. The police left this building and went out side where police vans and riot police were parked.

There were a number of representatives of official press in the building, and they documented much of these events. The Genoa Social Forum gathered to hold a news conference, and went out to the street to meet with more press.

From the window, we could see riot police try to take GSF people behind police lines, but there was much resistance. For the next one and a half hours, police beat many people, and there is blood visable in many places.

At the school across from this building, it is reported that police entered around the same time they came here. Activists who were staying there were lined up against the wall, and reportedly beaten. Witnesses report blood all over the halls of this building.

It is now 2:55 am, and police have left the area. People are milling about in the street and both buildings, shocked at what has happened.



Calmer at the IMC
by Hanna 2:31am Sun Jul 22 \'01

The situation is a bit easier at the IMC now. The police cars are still there, but further away. Everyone from the school is getting arrested. The rumours of deaths have not been confirmed.

People inside the IMC saw two black bags being carried from the school. They looked suspiciously like body bags. That\'s all that is know right now, although I don\'t speak Italian.

The police that charged into the IMC building were in plain clothes, only wearing a vest with the text \"policia\".

Lots of people have been hurt, many quite seriously.

People that are free to move are hoping to get on a train and somewhere as far from Genoa as possible - and fast.




by militant_0 [at] 1:36am Sun Jul 22 \'01
address: militant_0 [at]

fascist way to stop the truth

the police using fascist methods forced people to lie down on the ground, then kicked their bodies and hurt them with sticks.
computers were crashed and floppies/CDs were stolen, many injured persons.
all this is horrible.
all this gotta stop.
hasta siempre




Situation at the IMC
by Hanna 1:26am Sun Jul 22 \'01
hanna.nikkanen [at]

Several injuries, as police has charged into IMC and the school opposite. IMC journalist has the attack to the school on video.

One British IMC-journalist is badly injured. He had been lying still at the schoolyard for a while before he was taken away in an ambulance twenty minutes ago.

At least three people have been carried to ambulances from the school, last with a bloody bandage covering his/her head. Several others have been able to walk in on their own feet.

There are at least a hundred fully armed riot police waiting between the school and IMC building.

The place is swarming with press.

Lots of people are leaving the stadium, afraid that it will be attacked next.



news from police in mediacenter
by tx0 1:23am Sun Jul 22 \'01

Agnoletto talking at radio

Agnoletto is talking at radio reporting about intrusion at mediacenter.

Police said they invoked article 41 about permission to intrude in search for weapons and other bellic material. In mediacenter they\'ll found just press material and medical supplies.


6 ppl exited mediacenter seriously wounded taken away on ambulance.



police left indymedia centre
by keep cool 1:22am Sun Jul 22 \'01

police left the building but at the house in opposit they hit people who sleep badly

the police entered the building of indymedia. everyone had to lay on earth. they destroied the computers of legal service. after laywers showed up and declared the act as illegal they left.
at the building in oppoisit, where peop
by Compiler.
Genoa. StarHawk's eyewitness report of midnight raids of Italy Indymedia - GSF. Yet another great eyewitness report.

Horrific raid on GSF and IMC Genoa : Report.

BBC. Eyewitness: Genoa police raid. The BBC's Bill Hayton in Genoa.
Audio (more info than in text):

detailed eyewitness account of raid on indymedia. By Francisco Rojas.

Precise Account of IMC Raid. "It is a translation of an edited chat conversation between an IMC activist in Genoa (abc) and a comrade in imc-germany (>)."

Videos of raids of Genoa Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum.

Photo of victim with facial injuries. Much blood on face.

Pix and real[video] from german television about GAP and IMC raid.

video - police raid GSF/IMC. kanalB SPEZIAL G8 genua 2001. Videos of raid and much more.

Photo. Victims from the police attack. "Victim lead away from the police attack on an ambulance stretcher."

Photos. Police violence leaves caked blood all over floor of converted school sleeping space.
by Mussolini Berlusconi.
Press Conference, Genoa Social Forum. Brutality. UK Indymedia reporter in coma from Indymedia-Italy raid in Genoa, July 22, 2001.
by AFP almost as good as Indymedia. :)
The face of the new global fascism, complete with Mussolini-worshipping police. Several good reports and photos of the brutal police raid of Italy Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum on July 22, 2001.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports. Police blitz on G8 protesters' headquarters leaves dozens injured - G8 leaders deplore Genoa riots - G8 protests dominate much of British press. The police blitz article goes into much detail about the brutality of the police raid of Italy Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum. The British press article shows the tremendous swing towards criticism of corporate rule by some of the mainstream profit and nonprofit press in Britain. Maybe some sanity is returning among the moderates employed in management in journalism.

Many of the good Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports are showing up here:
by Ben disgusted
This is the pathetic coverage in the US--how are we going to get the real truth out to the national media?

from MSNBC........
email congressGENOA, Italy, July 22 — Italian police raided
the headquarters Sunday of the umbrella
group behind anti-capitalist riots against
the Group of Eight summit in Genoa and
seized computer discs, said activists, who
said six people were injured in the

GENOA, Italy -- Italian police have
broken into the headquarters of the
anti-capitalist group involved in
protests at the G8 summit in
Genoa, Italy.

Around 10 activists from Italy, Spain,
France and Britain were detained
during the midnight raid and driven off
in a police van, legal sources told

European Parliament member Luisa
Morgantini told Reuters a police van
rammed a gate to get into the grounds
of the school where the Genoa Social
Forum (GSF) had set up its
headquarters and living quarters.

The raid came after riot police
launched canisters of tear gas at about
2,000 protesters trying to breach a safety perimeter on Saturday afternoon and
after one man was killed during demonstrations on Friday outside the Group of
Eight summit.

Spokesman for GSF, Vittorio Agnoletto, said
people in the building were treated roughly
during the midnight raid and about 20 of them
needed hospital treatment for minor injuries.

A police spokesman said officers seized iron
bars, baseball bats and bricks that they said had
been used during the first two days of protests.

RAI state television said 50 people were detained
and 66 people injured. Police spokesman Mario
Viola did not confirm the number of arrests, but
said many of those listed as injured had been hurt
earlier. Protesters said dozens of people were
arrested and dozens of others beaten up by

"Police entered this evening with search warrants
and took computer discs," Enzo Lefebe, a
freelance journalist working for GSF, told

by Fight the Spin.
"As to the 'weapons' they found in the school, the place was as we said earlier was under repair, a small section blocked off and littered with pipes and building materials etc.. Like us they too had knives (and forks!) for cooking and eating." Horrific raid on GSF and IMC Genoa : Report.

Detailed press coverage of Italy Indymedia, Genoa Social Forum raid brutality. A pair of excellent UK Guardian articles detailing July 22, 2001 Italy Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum raid, brutality, injuries, torture, arrest numbers, world outrage, names, political responses, etc..

Latest on 2 British activists in Genoa denied consulate access. Urgent! "The two Britons are Richard Moth, aged 31, and Nicola Docherty, aged 28. They were present last night at the headquarters of the Genoa Social Forum, the umbrella group which has co-ordinated groups in Genoa committed to peaceful protest. The police raided the Genoa Social Forum building last night. ... Richard and Nicola were both beaten by police. They were then taken to hospital, and from there into police custody. ... We understand that 6 British people are being held."

CORPORATISM. Berlusconi's far-right "democracy" in Italy. A mega-media Mussolini. Description of the political and media situation in Italy that would allow such a neo-fascist atmosphere of police beatings to unconscious of many peaceful protesters.
by Give me a break.
AP press misinformation on WEAPONS found at Italy Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum police raid. Associated Press psy-ops. Also look up Operation Mockingbird in search engines.
by Cowardly Italian Police.
Genoa Social Forum (GSF) is the umbrella organization that was the main organizer of the peaceful G8 rallies, marches, and educational events. To coincide with the G8 summit meeting July 20-22, 2001. Over a thousand groups eventually worked with GSF.

GSF did NOT approve violent, offensive direct action, and here are their web pages below to prove it. GSF specifically stated they were for NONVIOLENT ACTION. GSF could not possibly control all the participants in G8 protests, but they did the best they could to promote nonviolence.

GSF could not search all the people that came and went frequently from their open forums, rallies, sleeping areas, organizing areas, etc.. GSF DID try to get the more militant groups to agree not to do any violent direct action at GSF events. See the GSF webpages below.

The police raided a GSF place where people were sleeping, and brutally beat dozens of people, some to unconsciousnes and coma, and THEN found some so-called weapons, mostly building construction materials, from the GSF building. Part of the GSF building was under repair. The police did not bother to first raid known black block and anarchist sleeping sites that were not affiliated with GSF. Probably because they were afraid of getting their asses kicked. So the police went after the nonviolent sites. What wimps these police are in Italy.

Genoa Social Forum. From F.A.Q. for all people who will go to Genoa. "Do not carry any object that can be considered an offensive weapon." A small folding knife for cutting crusty European bread, European cheese, meats, etc. is NOT an offensive weapon. Otherwise millions of tourists who visit Europe and Italy each year would go to jail.

Manifestations, Demonstrations, and events. See the comments section in English farther down the page. "Every action ought to be pacific and nonviolent actions."

Genoa Social Forum. PUBLIC FORUM "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE." July 16-22, 2001 calendar of events, forums, roundtables, speakers. Before and during G8 summit in Genoa. Proof of the broad spectrum of groups involved.
by Police lie even under oath.
Here is a webpage below where the links in the comment above are compiled onto one page:

Genoa Social Forum promotes NONVIOLENCE. "Weapons" found at brutal police raid July 22, 2001. Building materials at GSF site under repair. GSF is the main umbrella organization that organized the PEACEFUL marches and educational events during the G8 summit. Police lies are exposed concerning weapons. Broad spectrum of over 1000 groups that GSF coordinated is shown. Webpage links compiled here to illustrate these facts.
by RAID!
imc raid ...personal reflections. "It turns out that she was a member of parliment and had been on the first floor when the cops came in. On her floor, the first room was completely trashed, monitors smashed, hard disks were ripped out of all the computers, and papers were scattered. But as they reached her room next and found her everything changed. They were led out to the hall calmly and given water to drink. Finally, everything cleared as the cops left the building. We were really lucky. Our friends in the old school next door were not."
by lex (lex [at]
Is anyone out there? I can't get through to any of the pics or related stories on G8.
by Friend of Indymedia.
Some Indymedia sites are offline at times. Try the other Indymedia sites at those times. Also try non-Indymedia links in the thread above and in the links below.

Police raid sleeping, protesters injure dozens (photo). by Devin Asch 3:38am Sun Jul 22 '01. "Blood stains in the gsf building (across the street from IMC)where protesters were severly beaten. More than twenty were badly injured and taken from the building on streachers. The number of arrests in has not been released." This is the probable first source for the bloody photo that many Indymedia sites are using.

Flashpoints Radio July 23: Interview with IMC reporter witness to Midnight Massacre. Belgian IMC reporter Hans Swarte. In English. Good audio clip of interview. Some text excerpts, too.

german green MP Hans-Christian Ströbele in Genoa. "The member of the german parliament, Hans-Christian Ströbele of Alliance 90/The Greens will travel to Genoa on wednesday, July 25th. He wants to gain information about the treatment and state of health of the arrested german demonstrators in Genoa. According to several press reports arrested demonstrators had been beaten and tortured in the prisons by italian police forces. ... On friday, July 27th MP Hans-Christian Ströbele will hold a press conference in Berlin and report on the situation of the prisoners. The press conference will take place on friday, July 27th, 10.30 am Bundespresseamt Berlin, room 5/6." [I believe I read that there were Germans among those beaten and detained at the brutal IMC-GSF police raid].

Blicero - The Day After. "In English - Runs 5:24. ... This is an mp3 audio file with Blicero, a coordinator with the Genoa IMC, from an appearance he made on the IMC radio webfeed at approx. 1330 7/22/01. ... The second half is a compelling first-hand summary of the police violence that took place last night at the IMC and school across the street. Recorded off a microradio air signal rebroadcasting the IMC Radio webfeed."

Reporters Sans Frontieres denounce violence against the press. Text is in french. RSF - Lettre de protestation - 24 juillet 2001 - Italie. "ITALIE - Sommet du G8 à Gênes. Au moins seize journalistes sérieusement blessés." And in English: "ITALY. G8 Summit in Genoa. At least 16 journalists seriously injured." It is not clear to me (or my French is not good enough) how many of the 16 journalists were injured at the brutal IMC-GSF raid which is also mentioned in the article. Photos are in the link.
by Outrage builds and builds.
UK Indymedia front page says "Fifty-one people were injured in the raid, 31 were taken to hospital, and three required surgery."

The front page of Italy Indymedia says 50 people were taken away, nearly all to the hospital first. Other reports say around 90 people were arrested at the combined July 22, 2001 (just after midnight), raids of the Genoa Social Forum buildings which housed the GSF media center (press office, Italy Indymedia, Radio Gap, ManifestoCarta, ...) and into the building opposite to it where most of the vicious unprovoked police beatings occurred.

From the front page of Italy Indymedia:
"The storming of the police into the building that hosted the GSF media center (press office, Indymedia, Radio Gap, ManifestoCarta, ...) and into the building opposite to it destroys the constitution of the Italian state. Beside the Government choice to repress in an anti-constitutional way the GSF, the police was surely not looking only for photos and videos showing the very brutal events of the last few days. They were especially looking for an escape goat for all of this.
They held numerous files, including the data-banks of the volounteer lawyers that were assisting legally some demonstrators. But what is worse is the the incredible violence with which the police went against the 50 guys who were sleeping in the gymnasium opposite to the media center. The signs are clear: BLOOD EVERYWHERE, BROKEN GLASS, DOORS AND WINDOWS DESTROYED... The signs of a one-way violence! And now the police has taken away about 50 people (nearly all were first transfered to the hospital) accusing them of belonging to the 'Black Bloc'."

Amnesty International worried about detained G8 protesters. Reuters article. "The London-based international human rights organization said some foreign nationals arrested during the summit in the Italian city of Genoa had not yet been able to contact their consulates, lawyers, or families. ... More than 200,000 people took the streets in Genoa during the G8 summit ... Amnesty said Sunday that Italian authorities should institute a thorough review of training and deployment of law enforcement officers. The center-left opposition called for the resignation of Interior Minister Claudio Scajola, a senior figure in the conservative Forza Italia party led by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, accusing the police of brutality against peaceful protesters."

Italy frees 4 G8 Brits. Some serious injuries. Foreign Secretary to investigate. We need to hold politicians to their promises by keeping [Indy]media pressure on them, or otherwise their corporate masters will buy them off. "Friends of Miss [Nicola] Doherty, who had never been on a protest before, claim she was beaten in her sleeping bag when police raided ... She suffered a fractured wrist and bruises to her head when she was arrested during the raid. ... Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said: 'If there are allegations of assault they need to be investigated'."
by Indymedia prods other media.
Genoa - a police officer tells what happened. English translation of one of the Italian newspaper articles is at the first Indymedia link below. One of the Italian newspaper article sources below has many more links in the column to the right of the source article. BBC World Service reported on this police confession in its world reports carried on some public radio stations in the early mornings overnight in the USA. Maybe a few people heard it in the USA. Otherwise, overall, there is a post-G8 mainstream media blackout in the USA, or only very minor, vastly-distorted, inaccurate reports. BBC audio from beaten, emotionally-distraught British man who thought he was going to die: "It's a horrible thing when you hear your bones breaking..." English. English. Italian.

From the police confession article:
"The main gate opened continuously - tells the police officer - out of the vans came youth while getting a beating. They made them stand against the wall. When they came in they smashed their heads against the wall. They peed on someone, others were beaten if they didn't sing fascist songs. A girl was vomiting blood and the chiefs of the prison police just watched. To the ladies they said that they were going to rape them with their sticks... well, it's a waste of time telling what you've already read."

Outrage mounts over police action at G8. Reuters. "Witness accounts of brutal beatings have appeared in media throughout Europe and criticisms from parliamentarians and human rights groups have poured into Italy ... The other inquiries focus on a police raid on a school used as sleeping quarters of umbrella protest group the Genoa Social Forum (GSF)."

NORTH AMERICAN MEDIA SILENT ON MASSIVE POST-G8 ITALIAN PROTESTS. "European news sources confirm that approximately 150,000 people marched through the city centre's of Rome (approx. 50,000), Milan (approx. 45,000), Balogna (approx. 15,000), Florence (approx. 6,000), Genoa (approx. 5,000), Napoli (approx. 5,000), Palermo (approx. 2,000), Trieste (approx. 2,000) and a number of others, bringing the total number of participating cities to about thirty."

News Report On Police Brutality At G8 Protest. BBC report on GSF-IMC police raid (and other) beatings; police confessor admitting to the brutality; British and others beaten, seriously injured, and terrorized; politicians demanding accountability. BBC location of article has horrific PHOTO labeled "Mark Covell is in hospital in Genoa with serious injuries." The BBC source has many more G8 brutality articles linked on the right side of the article. "This is a very big wound for the city. It's the kind of thing we used to experience 20 years ago." -Francesco Martone, Green Party senator.

CITIES IN PROTEST (new). List of hundreds of cities worldwide who have already protested the police and prison guard brutality at the Genoa G8 events and protests; and the brutal, unprovoked, police beatings at Italy Indymedia, Genoa Social Forum, and Radio Gap.


Genoa - a policeofficer tells what happened (english)
by La Repubblica 5:37pm Thu Jul 26 '01 (Modified on 10:31pm Thu Jul 26 '01)
whosejustice [at]

An anonymous policeofficer tell about G8s "chilean night" when the school (where GSF was) was raided. The italian newspaper La Repubblica brings an interview with the policeofficer.

[Translation begins]

Genoa - a policeofficer tells what happened

An anonymous policeofficer tell about G8s "chilean night" when the school (where GSF was) was raided. The italian newspaper La Repubblica brings an interview with the policeofficer.

This is an attempt at translating that article

He says: "I'm sorry to say that it's all true. Even more. I can still feel the smell from those hours, the smell from the arresteds fecies, those who didn't get to go to the toilet. But that night started a week before when hundreds of agents of the prisonpolice arrived."

This is the first time someone inside the police who was there talks about what happened. Our source tells that "within the policeforce there's still lots of fascism, we have many easily influenced young people, and many of us applauded what happened that night. But all the mess (refers to what happened to the arrested after the raid, t.n.) was the prisonpolice's doing."

And the systematic beatings at the school? "We did that. There are those who say it was an act of revenge, others that we received a precise command from Rome: arrest at all costs. Colleagues from Rome were behind the attack. It was crazy. Both for the victims, our reputation and the chance of an uprising by the people. That night there were several at the policestation that sweared, knowing that if the 20.000 leaving Genova from Brignole station heard about this, they could face a true riot, uprising.

The transformation of the barracs in Bolzaneto into a "lager" (prisoncamp) starts monday when a special unit arrives - a unit alredy infamous because of its eccessive use of force in the Opera-prison intervention. They had just arrived (...) and take immediately control over parts of the barrack - the part that for weeks had been made into a prison, with an infirmery, for the arrested at the G8.

The gym was transformed into an arrival- and identificationcentre. All the detained protesters are brought here, those who have documents showe them, they take fingerprints of everyone. Beside the gym, next to the tenniscourt there is a litte house that has been renovated just for the summit and turned into a regular prison. At the entrance there are to big open rooms that serve as a waitingroom. it was here Genovas ass. chief in the Digos (special policeunit) spent saturday night until sunday morning with carabinieri and other policeofficers.

"What happened at the school and that continued here at Bolzaneto was a suspension of rights, an empty space in the constitution. I tried to tell colleagues, but they only answered that: we don't have to be afraid, our back is covered."

That night. "The maingate opened continuously - tells the policeofficer - out of the vans came youth while getting a beating. They made them stand against the wall. When they came in they smashed their heads against the wall. They peed on someone, others were beaten if they didn't sing fascistsongs. A girl was vomiting blood and the chiefs of the prisonpolice just watched. To the ladies they said that they were going to rape them with they're sticks... well, it's a waste of time telling what you've already read."

And you, the others? "There weren't many of us. Most were still in Genoa to guard the red zone. Still, there were people who accepted what happened, while others intervened, like this inspector that stopped the beating of a man by saying "this is not your house". And there were those like me that maybe didn't do enough, and that today are ashamed."

And if the prisonpolice hadn't been there? "I don't think it would have gone that far. Our commandante is a hard man, but of the old school, those who know what honour is and that knows how to educate his men, we call him Rommel."

What happened to the democatic policeofficers? "We're still many - answers the policeofficer - but today we're both afraid and shameful."

[Translation and Indymedia article ends]

by Church of the Corporate State.
Well, it looks like Italy will soon get some links on this Death Squad web page below. The intelligence agencies, "anti-terrorist" police, national police, paramilitaries, private security, private investigators, and other shadowy, nearly unaccountable organizations worldwide have many close ties. Often corporate ones.

Much of the killing in Latin America today is from legal corporate-controlled PRIVATE security, illegal corporate-controlled paramilitaries, and corruption of all the organizations of all the organizations mentioned above, usually from drug money. The rightwing usually makes more money from drugs than the leftwing.

The key factor to getting away with murder is to define an "enemy" in terms that allow people not to care about those killed. Terms such as "anti-capitalist" or "drug pusher." Both of which are untrue characterizations. Most G8 protesters are not communist, nor anti-capitalist in the communist sense, nor even anti-globalization. It would be more accurate to say that they are against corporate control of globalization. Most low-level hard-drug dealers are also users desperately in need of money to pay for their hard drug addiction. They need healthcare, not bullets.

*Drug War, Death Squad LINKS worldwide. Revised. Huge LINKS list. Lists in alphabetical and chronological order. Other death squads, too. Such as the US-run Phoenix Program during the Vietnam war. Many other US-run death squads worldwide. Corruption at all levels of politics, police, society, government, etc.. and
by Disturbing video and audio.
video of the police raid of the GSF and IMC - Genoa. Rooftop video of police invading. Quite scary.

Exclusive! The first interview with the UK Indymedia reporter still in a Genoa hospital. BBC radio 4 suceeded in interviewing an emotional Marcus as he lay in hospital. The interview with Marcus ‘Sky’ Covell can be heard via Real media. "It's a horrible thing when you hear your bones breaking..." An Italian Magistrate has interviewed Sky and has decided not to press any charges. By the way, BBC is nonprofit. Interesting that the nonprofit media is so much better, usually, than the corporate mega-media.


There is a compressed list of ALL the links in this thread. This list loads faster. It is here:

CLICKABLE LINKS. Latest reports of July 22, 2001 Italy Indymedia and Genoa Social Forum buildings raid, brutality, injuries, torture, arrests, detention, aftermath, outrage. Genoa Social Forum is the NONVIOLENT main umbrella group for the 200,000-strong Genoa G8 countersummit events July 16-22, 2001. GSF consists of a broad range of around a thousand groups seeking economic, environmental, and social justice. Many of the groups are against corporate control of globalization. Most are NOT anti-capitalist, NOR anti-globalization. CLICKABLE LINKS.

by G8 terror raids, jails.
The BBC's Jackie Rowley reports. 4 British G8 protesters beaten in July 21/22 overnight raid of Genoa Social Forum. Released from Genoa jail and arriving in Heathrow (spelling?) airport in England. Interviews. Audio and video. Excellent. Shows bandaged broken wrist, head bandages, etc..

Evidence prompts calls for Italian Govt to explain G8 police brutality. Australian Broadcasting Company. "In Britain, the press carried extensive coverage of the testimony of four activists who flew home Thursday local time after four days in detention, as well as another - Mark Covell - who is still too ill to leave hospital in Genoa. Mr Covell says he was beaten up three times, leaving him with all the ribs on his left side broken, 10 teeth missing, a lung punctured in several places and a suspected ruptured spleen."

Letter from a man whose daughter was tortured by Italian police. Heartbreaking letter translated from Italian to English. Daughter had been severely beaten at brutal Genoa Social Forum raid. Her father had come to Genoa to search for her and had narrowly avoided getting beaten himself on the streets.

Interview with journalist Wagenschein reporting Genoa jail conditions. "german journalist Kirsten Wagenschein ... after five days in an Italian prison ... Genoa Social Forum ... half of the seventy people arrested were injured; many were lying on the floor with head injuries and covered in blood, and hardly moved anymore, they only moaned. Blood was everywhere. Police broke a young woman's jaw and smashed out her front teeth. Immigrants with a dark skin were mistreated in a particularly extreme manner. ... The police hit us with batons and kicked us with their boots. On my way to the toilet I saw a man being beaten up in another cell."

AltaVista - News Results for: g8. AltaVista News search engine is powered by the excellent periodical search. The link below will do a search for "g8" and lists hundreds of articles. But, the articles seem to only go back a week. So copy any articles of interest right away and post them everywhere you can. Under "fair use" laws it is legal to post them at Indymedia because Indymedia is nonprofit. Try to comment on the article posted. Don't allow any lack of information, or any bogus spin to go unnoticed.
by G8 dictators.
Broken bones, lost teeth, punctured lungs, many head injuries, bruises all over, continuous torture in jails and raids, world outrage (at least in the European media).

UK. Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search for Guardian and Observer articles. Search for "g8" and sort by date to see the latest news. Archive goes back several years. Copy any recent articles of interest right away and post them everywhere you can. Under "fair use" laws it is legal to post them at Indymedia because Indymedia is nonprofit. Try to comment on the article posted. Don't allow any lack of information, or any bogus spin to go unnoticed. Don't forget to include the URL web address for the original article location. This is important so people can verify the article is real.

UK. Guardian. July 27, 2001. 'I thought my God, this is it, I'm going to die.' Article excerpts: "Then he was beaten for a second time. 'I heard my ribs break, like snapping matchsticks. I was still conscious at this stage. They take a running jump at you like kicking a football.' Somebody dragged him by the neck to the front of the school and he was beaten again. ... He had five broken ribs, some of which pierced his lung and possibly a ruptured spleen. He has not been able to stand up since and lost 10 teeth. ... 'I want the carabinieri charged with attempted murder. I didn't mind their beating me the first time but the second and third time they tried to kill me'.",4273,4229165,00.html

UK. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Statement from Genoa protesters. Jonathan Blair, Daniel MacQuillan, Richard Moth and Nicola Doherty
Thursday July 26, 2001. These British detainees put out this statement on their arrival in England. "The group of G8 activists on this flight were part of about 90 people held in custody after a police raid on a school building in which they were sleeping last Saturday night. ... Most of those present required hospital treatment. Several were carried out on stretchers. People suffered broken bones and head injuries and many were covered in blood. All those present were taken into police custody. While held they suffered further punches and kicks.",7369,527822,00.html

Updated list of cities with demonstrations. by Giovanni (on behalf of ztarratz) 11:59pm Fri Jul 27 '01.
genoa099 [at]
"solidarity actions in more than 200 Cities all over the world to support the victims of the italian police, which has seriously broken laws and human rights of hundreds (!) at the g8 meeting in genova."

The Genoa police brutality and terroristic raids have distracted some people from one of the main points of nearly all the protests since Seattle. That point is the debt dictatorship of the rich nations over all other nations. In fact, some of the mainstream peaceful G8 Stop the Debt events were cancelled due to fear of further rampant police violence.

While the G8 leaders mouth platitudes about token AIDS donations and token development aid and token debt relief, their International Monetary Fund and World Bank continue to pillage and plunder these nations. Far more is extracted from these nations in debt payments than is given to these nations.

There is NOTHING generous about most loans to nations. Most are just to keep these nations under corporate control and to keep them from doing what any individual debtor in most rich nations can do: DECLARE BANKRUPTCY AND STOP PAYING. This is the single most effective tool to keep banks and governments from making bad loans to unprepared individuals, unworthy entrepreneurs, propped-up dictators, and second and third world puppets.

The citizens of these nations did NOT sign these loans. Elections in most of these poor nations are less democratic than even the sham Berlusconi-style, Bush-style, corporate-mega-media-controlled elections in rich nations.

BBC News. World Inequality. Charts showing the rapidly increasing wealth inequality between nations. Over the last decades the rich nations average per capita income is increasing, while poor nations per capita income is hardly increasing at all. The charts don't point out that even in the rich nations the income of the middle class and poor is not what is raising the average income. The wealthy are the only ones really increasing their income in real dollars when inflation is counted in. At the expense of the poor and middle class worldwide. In the USA even as recently as the 1950's many families were able to survive WELL on one person's income.

Investment is far better than a loan. Investment is a risk that requires INVOLVEMENT. Loans without bankruptcy rights are slavery. Pay for and strictly monitor infrastructure improvements. For free. Don't "loan" the infrastructure money to a puppet and his Swiss and other foreign bank accounts. That only helps the rich in the nations with the banks.

Drop the Debt.

Jubilee Plus Home.

No new debt cancellation from G8 leaders in Genoa. This is the most brutal action of the G8 death-squad fascists like Berlusconi and Bush. Tens of millions more will die miserably in poor nations because of the debt.

Africa alone spends four times more on repaying its debts than it spends on health care. "Debt is tearing down schools, clinics, hospitals and the effects are no less devastating than war," Dr Adebayo Adedeji.

Ten facts about Debt.

7. In 1953, Germany only had to pay the equivalent of 3.5% of export earnings as debt service. Yet under the current debt reduction initiative, the poorest countries are expected to pay more than 15% of export earnings in debt service after receiving debt relief.
Source: Jubilee 2000 Coalition, 1999

9. The G7 control almost 50% of the votes on the Boards of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and in effect control these institutions. The entire region of Sub-Saharan Africa has just 7% of the votes - an equivalent amount to Germany alone.
Source: IMF, 2000

3. 19,000 children die every day as a result of the debt crisis.
Source: Christian Aid, 2000
by Got a Penny.
BBC News | Advanced Search. Go here and search for people's names (such as Mark Covell or Norman Blair) or "genoa" or "genoa social forum" or "g8" or whatever. Searching for a name seems to pull up the most relevant article if the first letters of the first and last name are capitalized. This is the English language search engine and will only pull up articles in English (unlike some of the other confusing search engines at BBC that pull up all languages. Is there an option to choose the language?). This search engine also allows phrase searches and Boolean searches (unlike some other BBC search engines). There is a search by date option on the results page.


my first message from the hospital

by Marcus "Sky" Covell 12:00pm Sat Jul 28 '01
phreaka [at]

just to say....
hello everybody! this is my very first post and i am doing it from the hospital computer in genoa. i am still very weak but today, the doctors took out all of the pipes and tubes and i have been able to take my first short walk around the hospital ward. i am enourmously taken aback by all the messages of get well and of solidarity and you all give me more strength every day. italy. indymedia, the doctors and the people of genoa have been extraordinary kind.
last night, i gave a six hour statement to state proscutors and a judge. i am now under the protection of the italian judicial system and cannot be deported. i have denounced the carabineri forces and the interior minister and will be bringing charges against the authorities for what they did that night to me in battitista. the few of us left here are asking the movement to demand the overturning of all of the deportation orders that were issued last week, so that all of the injured, tortured and arrested can come back and give evidence to the judge that is investigating what happened.

i must go now, but i hope to come back to the uk on thursday as soon as i have the strength.

in solidarity

Marcus Sky.


Kidnapped and tortured by the Italian state - an eyewitness account. STATEMENT OF JONATHAN NORMAN BLAIR. "The ambulance crew arrived and began ripping up cardboard boxes to make splints as they did not have enough equipment to deal with the number of broken bones. Of the 93 people arrested, over 60 went to hospital – and remember, this was not for minor injuries but for broken bones and head trauma. One man was completely battered down his back and did not go to hospital."

Kiwi G8 protestor beaten by police. July 28, 2001. NZOOM - ONE News - National. "The New Zealand protestor, Sam Buchanan, ... 'There was a lot of people covered in blood,' said Buchanan from London. 'Some people were unconscious. There was just a room full of about 40-odd people that obviously had been completely battered and with some quite serious injuries,' said the Wellington jounralist and activist. Buchanan says he was dragged from his bed and beaten during the police crackdown.",1227,50983,00.html

July 29, 2001. BBC News | UK | Genoa Briton to sue. "Mr [Norman] Blair insisted the atmosphere in the [Genoa Social Forum] building had been like a youth hostel with little evidence of violent anarchists. 'We were beaten up straight away - there was no attempt to arrest or question anyone.' And he said worse followed as he was detained without charge in a holding centre. 'That was a place of torture'. ... Five Britons have said they were beaten unconscious by police."

July 29, 2001. BBC News | WALES | G8 protestor [Norman Blair] to sue 'brutal' police. "The vow came as Swansea East MP Donald Anderson called for a full government inquiry into the week's violence. ... His girlfriend, Melanie Cooper from Wrexham, told BBC Wales: 'The police went in with ambulances and attacked people with batons and tear gas, took people to hospitals and took them to prison after that. As far as I know, if he was hurt it was only minor, but a friend he was with had his arm broken and a blow to the head and another was badly hurt and is still in hospital. He isn't a member of any group but just went with a couple of friends because he cares about the state the world is in'."

Video of the beating of "Sky" Mark Covell. "During the carrabinieri raid of the GSF [Genoa Social Forum] school building, UK indymedia activist Mark Covell was beaten three times. This video shows him unconcious on the floor during the second attack, he suffered cracked ribs and a punctured lung amongst other injuries. This file is large, a 4 mb mpeg so please be patient if you're on a dial-up connection." You can surf other web pages while the mpeg video file downloads. My PC put it into a temp folder and then played it. I saved it by using Windows "find" to look for "genoa_school" and then right-clicking the file it found. Then I clicked "copy" from the popup menu, and pasted it into a different folder. Now I have the video permanently. I can just double-click the file to play it almost instantly.

July 29, 2001. Guardian Unlimited Observer | Focus | 'You could sense the venom and hatred.' Many, many details about the GSF raid and jail brutality.
"... Richard held his body over Nicola to protect her 'All I could hear was blow after blow,' said Nicola. ... 'Richard's blood began to drip onto me,' said Nicola. ... One officer took out a knife. 'He held it against the face of the man next to me and cut off his hair,' said Nicola. 'Then he held it to my face' ...",6903,529074,00.html

July 29, 2001. Sunday Times. "THE Italian general in charge of the special police accused of beating dozens of British and other protesters at the G8 meeting in Genoa is to be called in for questioning by magistrates, who are leading an inquiry into the violence. ... 'We publicly invite the young people who were detained, and the police officers who witnessed something, to contact us,' said Francesco Pinto, a Genoa magistrate who launched the inquiry last week."

RealAudio interview with Vittorio Agnoletto, spokesperson with the Genoa Social Forum (GSF), a group representing more than 800 international organizations that supported the protest against the G-8 summit. Trade unionists, environmentalists, church groups and students. Protest Organizers in Genoa Blame Police for Violence which Disrupted Powerful G8 Summit Demonstrations. GSF-Indymedia raid also discussed. Interview by Between The Lines' Scott Harris. Related Genoa G8 links are at the page.

Radio GAP - The Global Audio Project - reports. There are some audio archives of the Genoa G8 events here. Such as "The on air programme during the irruption of the police in the studios of Radio Gap."


Quote of the Week. "The real story in Genoa, where the largest anti-corporate globalization protests yet took place, is the failure of the G8 to cancel the debt of the poorest countries and respond to the call of the protesters to stop policies that are causing global economic apartheid."
-- Neil Watkins, Center for Economic Justice.
AlterNet -- Globalization. Many Genoa G8 articles.

Data Bank - General Facts and Figures.

In the 52 Jubilee 2000 countries, a total population of 1037 million people shoulder a debt burden of £286 billion [pounds]. It is a curious fact that this is less than the total net worth of the world's 21 richest individuals.

Source: population - World Health Report 2000, 1999 figures; total debt stocks - Global Development Finance 2001, 1999 figures; Forbes World's Richest 200 in 2000.

How much would debt cancellation cost?

Spread over 20 years, the cost of cancelling the debts of the 52 Jubilee 2000 countries is only one penny a day for each person in the industrialised world.

Source: Unfinished Business, Jubilee 2000 report (available on website) p21 and p27

For each additional one per cent of GDP spent on health and education, child mortality is reduced by 24 per cent. In 1999 Zambia paid $438.5 million in total debt service, 13 per cent of GDP. If this money had been invested in Zambian health care, using the UNDP analysis suggests that child mortality would have been reduced from a rate of 202 deaths per 1,000 live births to only 8 per 1000 live births, the same rate as in the United States.

Sources: UNDP - estimated from regression analysis; Debt service from GDF 2001; under-five mortality rate from UN HDR 2000

If debt had been cancelled in 1997 for twenty of the poorest countries, the money released for basic healthcare could have saved the lives of about 21 million children by the year 2000, the equivalent of 19,000 children a day.

Source: UN Human Development Report, 1997, p93
by anonmyous
thank you indymedia compiler! this is an excellent historical record that is being ignored by
corporate media. you know what they say, whoever wins the war writes the history, we are now
writing our own history and it will be here forever, i am burning this shit on a CD ROM and leaving
it buried in my backyard!! long live the revolution
by ME

*7-2001. LINKS. Brutal July 22, 2001 police raid (around midnight) on Diaz school, Italy Indymedia Center, and other Genoa Social Forum buildings. All are in Genoa, Italy. Genoa was the site of the G8 (Group of 8) meeting, and mass protests of over one hundred thousand people from over a thousand groups. A broad spectrum of groups seeking economic, environmental, and social justice. The reports really flesh out the brutality of the police raid. Photos, detailed reports, videos, etc.. 61 people injured. Dozens of brutal injuries. Unprovoked beatings of people to unconsciousness. Pools of blood everywhere. Witnesses galore. Mainstream politicians and press as witnesses. If links are not clickable in any of the compilations below, then try the other locations.  --Many, many links.  --Plain-text clickable copy.  --Plain-text clickable copy.  --Huge link compilation with initial reports, too.  --Cached copy.  --German legislators report. In English. Graphic.  --Recent article translated from Italian.

*7-2001. multilanguage archives for feature. Genova: Diaz school : Indymedia Italia.  and  --More links. Chilling photo of blood smears.  --Many, many links.  --Global Indymedia site feature. 

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