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Young man dies, shot 20 times by 8 cops
by Leroy Moore and Lisa Gray-Garcia, POOR News N (editor [at]
Monday Jun 25th, 2001 4:43 PM
A week ago, just before midnight on Tuesday, June 12, a young African American man with a history of mental illness was gunned down and killed by eight cops. Twenty shots were fired at Idris Stelley, a 23-year-old college student, in an otherwise empty theater at the Sony Metreon in downtown San Francisco as the movie "Swordfish" played on the screen.
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by martin (martin.hendrickx [at]
Monday Jul 2nd, 2001 4:23 PM

Our tears are yours

It seems like a brother was shot down

R.I.P. brother

by Spider Jerusalem
Monday Jul 2nd, 2001 6:27 PM
> "Twenty shots were fired at Idris Stelley.. in an otherwise empty theater .."

And why was the theater, the prosperous Sony Metreon no less (a place very unlikely to suffer from poor attendance), empty? Because Idris was having another psychotic episode resulting from his "mental illness", and all the other patrons save for 1 had evacuated the theater for fear of being harmed by Idris..

.. long before any cops arrived.

Of course, this doesn't give the SFPD any right to murder the guy when all the innocent bystanders were already fled, nor do I believe his pocket knife on a chain was any real threat to 8 well-trained, well-armed professional warriors. Christ, even I could have just shot him in the leg, and my marksmanship still sucks.

But if you're going to cry for social justice and the right of civilians to go without being unjustly assaulted, you should decry both heavy-handed police looking for any excuse to kill another human being, and the taking of dangerous, out-of-control psychotics into movie theaters. Or do you support the rights of madmen with knives to have psychotic fits while sitting next to your 6 y/o daughter watching Atlantis?

insensitive bastard
by trust no one
Tuesday Jul 3rd, 2001 12:16 PM
fyi, cops are told to shot to kill, not to injure. i think these wrongful deaths are attributable to cop culture and the way cops are trained. police academy techniques are not open for dialogue with the general public. it's a fraternity. fraternal order of police. the old guard has control of how these cops come out of the academy. then, it's up to these cops to instill in their co-workers how to act. until policies are changed at the police academy level and the requirement to have real live educated cops in the street, instead of a bunch of dumbasses supposedly protecting people, more shameful deaths will continue. always makes me wonder about why the court once said that a police force could discriminate against the cop who was to smart. he had too high of an IQ to be allowed on the police force. So what were left with some of the time, is a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, stupid, adreline junkie cops killing innocent civilians.
by Joshua Cox (SOIMAYSEE [at] YAHOO.COM)
Tuesday Jul 10th, 2001 12:21 PM
You would let your 6 year old daughter watch a Disney movie wouldn't you? Hopefully, Disney will instill a solid set of values for your daughter. Apparently, they have all ready gotten to you...

please fuck off.
by demi-goddess (blackcat_13 [at]
Friday Jul 27th, 2001 2:52 PM
this is an outrage! things like this should not happen ever.
by Harmony
Thursday Aug 2nd, 2001 7:38 AM
America is the cause of everyones problems!
To hell with bush
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