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Police State
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Cincy 12. $5,000 to $25,000 bails for jaywalking arrests? Uppity in Yuppieville
by Subpoena POWER.
Monday Jun 4th, 2001 6:46 PM
The Cincinnati 12. $5,000 to $25,000 bails for jaywalking arrests? Arrested for being "uppity?" One arrest was similar to fatal asphyxiation arrest of Roger Owensby in November 2000. According to reports (one is copied below) the Cincinnati 12 were given $5,000 to $25,000 bails, essentially for jaywalking in a white part of Cincinnati, Mount Adams, and acting differently from your basic white yuppies in a yuppie part of Cincinnati.

Some bails have been lowered since the report copied farther down. From reading all the reports, looking at the videos, listening to the audios, etc.., it looks like many of the arrested protesters broke no laws, not even jaywalking. The police just got tired of the protesters being \"uppity,\" and tired of waiting for them to do something illegal.

The demonstration the protesters were arrested at in Mount Adams was against police brutality. So, like the last time in November 2000 during a police brutality march, the police arrested the protesters brutally. One protester was possibly arrested in a similar way to the Roger Owensby arrest that killed this black man by asphyxiation in November 2000 (see report copied farther down). Of the 4 people killed by Cincinnati police between November 2000 and April 2001, 2 were unarmed. That\'s 50 percent, folks.

Now maybe new readers will understand the outrage on April 7 when Timothy Thomas was killed and why the riots started soon after when no one could explain these deaths of unarmed black men.

The Mount Adams demonstration was also against the unequal enforcement of the martial law curfew that occured during the riots in April. Blacks had to obey the dusk-to-dawn curfew. Whites curfew violators were often ignored by police in many majority-white parts of Cincinnati. Some whites were actually given police escorts from bars and clubs, such as some bars in Mt. Adams. Welcome to apartheid.

So, white curfew violaters, a very serious first degree misdemeanor, that can get 6 months in jail, are ignored under Cincinnati apartheid. But jaywalkers now must pay $5,000 to $25,000 bonds? Huh?

By the way, the police officers who did a stop-and-go driveby, and unprovoked, beanbagged and seriously injured some mourners after the Timothy Thomas funeral April 14 are back on the job. I wonder if these police officers were doing some of the brutal arrests of the Mt. Adams demonstraters.

Why hasn\'t Mike Allen, the prosecutor, pressed charges for assault and battery against those beanbagging police officers, and why hasn\'t the police chief kept those mad-dog officers at desk jobs? Maybe it is because the police chief himself killed an unarmed suspect in 1980.

The Cincy police and the Cincy prosecutor, working together to keep people of color under the total control of corporate rule, and to keep anyone else from joining them in powerful coalition. Welcome to the modern police state and modern apartheid under a do-nothing conservative Democrat mayor in one of the most conservative cities in the USA.

Welcome to the Prison Industrial Complex. It\'s the American Gulag for people of color, and anybody who even jaywalks to help them.



Mon Jun 4 15:14:49 2001 -- Legal Update

Sean Marquis :lesmarquis [at]

June 4, 3PM - In regard to the arrests at the Mt. Adams demostration in Cincinnati on Sat evening:
All initial hearings are concluded with bails ranging from $5,000 - $25,000. The 2 acitivists with $25,000 bails were originally processed as John and Jane Doe and that is the given reason for their high bails, tomorrow they will both have continuance hearings in which their bails should be reduced.
Charges range from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest. Ora Wise is actually charged with resisting the arrest of David Mitchell who was in police custody across the street at the time of her arrest. So far bail has put up for at least 5 of the activists and they should be released sometime this afternoon.



arrest of two indymedia activists during saturday\'s protest in cincinnati (english)

by donkey kong 4:03pm Mon Jun 4 \'01

here is the audio of two indymedia people, a writer who was taking notes and a videographer who was filming, being arrested during saturday\'s protest in cincinnati. the police attacked protesters after they asked them to move to the sidewalk (which they did). police charged the crowd and went for the few minority protesters in a majority white crowd. then they went for the independent journalists.

listen to the report (sound: mp3 @ 1.8 megs)



J2. June 2 Mt. Adams police brutality rally after main March for Justice rally. Here are compiled first-hand and second-hand reports of brutality of police arrests and jail guards. Also, many photo links for arrests.



There are many more Cincinnati March for Justice
photos, reports, audio, video, etc at
Ohio Valley Indymedia
San Francisco Indymedia
Prisons and Police Brutality IMC
Chicago Indymedia
and Global Indymedia
10 pages (and growing) of great photos:

Video, audio, text, photos, breaking news and more about the Cincinnati Ohio protests, April 7 2001 Timothy Thomas killing by police, rebellion, riots, killings of 4 blacks (one by asphyxiation - Roger Owensby) by Cincinnati police since November 2000, 6 since September 2000, investigations, politics, racial profiling, police brutality, police rampages, beanbag (METAL PELLETS - BUCKSHOT IN A BAG) and rubber/plastic bullet injuries and hospitalizations, etc.. 15 blacks killed by Cincinnati police since 1995 (16 when William Wilder is included). No whites. In Cincinnati there is NO local, independent, police review board with SUBPOENA power. The Cincinnati police are OUT-OF-CONTROL of civilian authority. A civilian President controls the military, but the Cincinnati police make their own laws?! A LOCAL POLICE STATE, where the white police union leader, Keith Fangman, regularly spouts off his rightwing, and sometimes racist (whether the dumbass knows it or not), opinions on a 50,000 watt, clear-channel, AM hate-radio, race-baiting, talk radio, call-in station (WLW 700 AM) that sometimes can be heard across 38 states. Corporate and progressive news URLs: --1230 AM. WDBZ. Cincinnati black talk radio. 1000 watts. --TV 9. Video, audio, text, photos. --TV 5. Video, audio, text, photos. --Various news sources compiled. --Cincinnati Enquirer. --Cincinnati Post. --CinciNow unrest archives. --Video archives. --RealPlayer 8 Basic is a free, streaming video, player. --CityBeat unrest archives. --Yahoo Full Coverage.
At the bottom of the AP and Reuters newswire pages is a dropdown menu to select news from previous days. Check for Cincinnati news: --Reuters. --Associated Press (AP). -- Off The Wire. Raw news. --Ohio Valley Independent Media Center has many Cincinnati Unrest articles on the homepage and/or in the archives. To see more, click the \"display all articles\" link at the bottom right, and then keep clicking \"display next articles.\" Post your articles! Links (full URLS starting with http) found in posted articles are made clickable.
by Uppity.
Monday Jun 4th, 2001 11:23 PM
Uppity in Yuppieville. Comments so far at the copy at Global Indymedia.


I am apalled (english)
by blitzen 7:15pm Mon Jun 4 '01

...but not surprised. Five hundred years of white imperialism, white racism, white domination of brown people all over the world - it doesn't disappear with a puny million-man march. It won't disappear until white privilege disappears. And we shouldn't expect white people to give up white privilege (or any people to give up any privilege) voluntarily, because they're "nice". Like everything else, it will have to be fought for. Cincinnati was a piece of that. I can only hope that other pieces will fall into place.

This whitey is with you (english)
by Angry Youth 8:17pm Mon Jun 4 '01

I agree the the above comment completely. I am white, but I am willing to join the battle when people of all colours start rising up. Fuck the white-male dominated capitalist society. Suburbia is an alienated hell in its own way. I can't stand my white middle-class blind sleeping neighbours. They live a lie, and they'll never give it up as long as they can go golfing every weekend and rent DVDs to fill the void they call their "life".

There are many more white people like me. Probably more than you think. From what I read, there were many who protested in solidarity with blacks in Cincy. The revolution is coming comrades! I was in Quebec and I witnessed it in its infancy. Seattle, Prague, Quebec, and many other protests around the world are giving birth to a new generation of militant youths. See you all in Washington DC on September 28th. Kill the IMF, smash the World Bank, and piss on the White House lawn.

cincinnazi (english)
by giordano bruno 9:06pm Mon Jun 4 '01

I live in Cincinnazi. The night of the original riots
a friend of mine was in his apartment down on Vine St.
and witnessed what happened. Basically, it started out
as a peaceful protest until the cops showed up and
started randomly shooting people with rubber bullets.

In general, Cincy cops are bastards. They have a long
history of being violently oppressive towards anyone who
isn't a generic car-washing taking-the-kids-to-a-soccer-
game yuppie.

In some ways it's more about that than race, but the
blacks definitely get the worst of it.

I had to go into court for a traffic ticket once. I was
the only white person there. All the blacks were in there
for things like having a taillight out, failure to wear
a seatbelt, driving without a license (after it had been
suspended for 12 or so trivial stupid traffic offenses),
and other stupid meaningless offenses. I am white and at
one time drove all over the city in a car with a cracked
windshield and a broken taillight and never got messed

We need to give these nazis hell. Not only are they very
oppressive towards blacks, they are also very oppressive
towards any sort of non-mainstream culture.

by Subpoena POWER.
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2001 3:49 AM

5 blacks have been killed by Cincinnati police between September 2000 and April 7, 2001 when Timothy Thomas was killed and the rebellion ensued. I had mistakenly said 6.

Stories Of 15 Black Men Killed By Police Since 1995.
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