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CA energy crisis from Texas
by dk
Monday Feb 12th, 2001 12:04 AM
California energy crisis manufactured in Texas.
Where is the Special Prosecutor who will investigate Bush's ties to the Oilies?
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001
From: Douglas Korthof
Subject: Phony "energy crisis" exposed

LA Times story on the connections of Bush and the head of Enron. We already know that the Oil Lobby was the biggest contributor to Bush-2k, and they contributed many of their supporters to the Bush administration -- such as Evans.

".... particular concern to some Californians, Bush repeatedly has refused to intervene more aggressively in the state's electricity crisis--even as Enron and its subsidiaries have profited handsomely from soaring energy prices..."

But you look at that "crisis", and some might say it is merely an attempt to "payback" California for overwhelmingly voting for Gore. The only thing that has changed since last year is that a business block -- a sort of "Trust" -- has managed to buy up all the electric generating plant -- and not just in California. Who ever heard of Dynergy, Reliant, Calpine, Enron, Southern Co., AES, prior to their gaining control of the means of electric production? And T. Boone Pickens, who bought up all the Natural Gas leases via "Mesa Petroleum", might have some hand in this too.

Over the last decade, California's energy usage has grown at 11%, roughly half the national average. That's because we've been losing factories and foundries, aerospace and other plants to other states. Those are the big, big users of electricity.

So why should the "crisis" strike just as the election is giving control of the Government to Bush and the Oilies? Logically, any "crisis" should hit in the Summer, when demand exceeds 40,000 megawatts, a quarter more than now.

The bogus excuse is "all those computers...". Well, look at them. The highest rating is 500 watts, and they draw about 150. If every person in California had a computer, and left it on ALL the time, that would be only 375 watts for each of the 12m households-- less than 4 light bulbs, less than refrigerators by far, less probably than we use on hair dryers. Each traffic intersection has, on average, 17 signals -- one of those lights is on at all times. Not to mention street lighting. So really, computers are small, non-critical users of electricity. Think Air Conditioners, those are the heavy users, and that does not happen until summer.

But why should everyone suddenly parrot this ridiculous notion, that "computers" or "silicon valley" are suddenly maxing us out? The answer, of course, is that the newspapers print it, and no one examines it. Somewhere, some high-tone PR firm belted out a press release, and all the media bought it.

No, the "crisis" seems engineered in Houston, TX, where most of these weird-named companies are headquartered.

Think about how the Republicans hounded Clinton for 8 years on the amorphous "whitewater" investigation, which wound up looking at Bill's dirty underwear. No criminal charges or activity were ever proved, yet the persecution, including jailing the unfortunate Susan McDougal for 18 months in LEG IRONS, with no reading material, on Taxpayer money.

Where is the Special Prosecutor who will investigate Bush's ties to the Oilies, and the multi-billion dollar rip-off of California's surplus?

That is a real, substantial issue, not the bogus bushit they tried to get on Clinton.

Who will investigate this bombshell story?


by Slacker65
Monday Feb 12th, 2001 1:23 PM
It is of the utmost importance that CA residents continue to protest these attempts by energy suppliers to extort more money. Additionally, we must spread the word to as many people in other states as possible. The rest of the country REALLY thinks were getting hit daily with rolling blackouts, when we're not. They also have been told that our State government is responsible (I saw something last night on corporate media bashing Gov. Gray Davis for 'reacting too slowly'). I believe Gray Davis has defended the people of California as best he could from the energy producers/suppliers. Besides, anyone whom the corporate media goes to such extreme measures to discredit must be doing SOMETHING right! Screw the corporate media and support Gray Davis! And here's an idea: Texas wants to play games with the power...let's jack up the price of produce for them. Or even better...boycott Texas all together! No power for Cali? No food for Texas! That ought to fix the l'il bastards!
by Traffic1
Wednesday Feb 14th, 2001 2:23 PM
California legislators bought the hype of a free market that would actually lower utility rates, took the campaign contributions and fundraising sponsorships from those most able to profit (Enron, AES, etc.) and we as a populace were too busy (at least most of us) to see it coming.

Nobody made CA a victim, we let them bore us into being steamrolled. Now we're just steamed. Did any of you follow the 1996 legislative hearings on deregulation? Didn't think so.

It's not about Texas, it's about our own naivete. Reminds me of the ex-Gov's theme song: "Won't get fooled again..."
I guess he wasn't talking about P,G&E/So.CA Edison customers.
by Edison Carter
Friday Feb 16th, 2001 12:00 PM
It wasn't a failure of the "free market", because no such thing was ever allowed. Legislator's broke up PG&E's monopoly on power production, but they *kept fixing the prices*. You call that a free market? The Socialists do, trying to discredit capitalism and further their own agenda. But it's a bullshit argument.

Dont get me wrong - there are definitely corporate Powers That Be scamming us over an exagerated shortage.

There are also environmental Powers That Be which forced our reliance upon unreliable hydro-electric power by refusing to allow other forms of generation to be build in-state.

Both causes need to be investigated and revealed.

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