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George Bush & the Nazis ::: Fourth Reich Amerikan Style

by MUTANEX Command Hawai'i (mutanex [at]
If you think the Nazi agenda for world control, disposing of undesirable
populations, and experiments to genetically develop a master race ended with
World War II, you are in for a shocker! Learn how Hitler's top medical and
biowarefare researchers served U.S. and British intelligence, allied
pharmaceutical and population control interests, along with the
Rockefellers, the Bushes and the British Royal Family!

Allies, Earthlings & Agents :::

The following references will make the Nazi-Bush-CIA connection as glaringly clear as a Skull & Bones pin on a Gestapo collar. We feel this issue is particularly important to expose at this time, before the U.S. election.

Please pass this information on in any form that you can. The ghosts of millions of Holocaust victims haunt these words. Never Again!

White Rose Resistance Hawai\'i


The CIA & the Amerikan Police State ::: Allegiance to \"Amorality\"?

\"In the beginning, much of the machinery of national security was directed at adversaries abroad. The CIA, in particular, was given the mission of manipulating the internal affairs of other countries, from rigging elections to engineering coups. But it is not possible to create an invisible government, a world of secret agents and covert operators, without using those resources sooner or later against the American people.

\"There were other reasons why the normal checks and balances of the American constitutional system failed to prevent the intelligence agencies from breaking the law and violating basic rights. In any democratic society there is a tension between liberty and order, between individual freedom and the requirements of society as a whole. Normally, however, such conflicts are resolved within the framework of law and the judicial system. But the intelligence operators believed in a higher morality. They peruaded themselves that they had the right to use any means in the pursuit of the ends of national security.

\"A 1954 report of the Hoover commission on government reorganization set the tone: \'It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of \'fair play\' must be reconsidered.\'

\"William Sullivan told the Senate Intelligence committee, \'Never once did I hear anybody, including myself, raise the question: \'Is this course of action which we have agreed upon lawful, is it legal, is it ethical or moral?\'... We never gave any thought to this line of reasoning, because we were just naturally pragmatists. The one thing we were concerned about was this: Will this course of action work, will it get us what we want? As far as legality is concerned, morals or ethics, it was never raised. I think this suggests really in government that we are amoral. In government-I am not speaking for everybody-the general atmosphere is one of amorality.\'

\"In a democracy, official amorality and lawbreaking take place in secret. The intelligence abuses have been able to flourish because of a pervasive system of official secrecy that has permitted the lawbreakers to conceal their illegal acts by stamping them \'Top Secret\'. The government\'s classification system, which has existed for civilian agencies only since 1951, has thus provided a vital cocoon of secrecy to mask the illegalities from the public, the press, and the Congress.

\"What is clear is that democracy has been diminished and individual freedom curtailed without the nation\'s knowing what was happening. Even the victims of FBI harassment seldom suspected that the government was behind their difficulties. A police state, American style, has developed, not by the choice of the voters, or by the legislative process, but by erosion.

\"The trust between the people and the government, on which democracy depends, has also been eroded by the wide-ranging disclosures of improper activities and official lawbreaking. When that trust is weakened or destroyed, it is not easily restored.

\"Since technology has outpaced efforts at political control of the intelligence agencies-indeed until quite recently there were virtually no such efforts at all-the prospects for the future are not pleasant. The super-sophisticated techniques developed by the National Security Agency to intercept telephone or other conversations, or to tap, uninvited, into computers, may mean that in the not too distant future those who dissent from established policy may literally have no place to hide.

\"A government of laws requires a legal framework if there is any hope that powerful agencies are to be controlled, and the basic laws governing the CIA and FBI have been shockingly vague. The National Security Act of 1947 should be rewritten or replaced to prohibit the CIA from engaging in domestic spying. The CIA\'s entire network of shadowy domestic divisions should be shut down and the Agency confined to gathering intelligence overseas-which was Congress\' intention when it created the intelligence agency.

\"CIA covert operations, from rigging elections abroad to overthrowing governments and instituting political assassinations, should be specifically barred by law in peacetime. It has been amply demonstrated by now that the cost of covert operations to our own system is too high.\"

\"The American Police State ::: The Government Against the People\"
David Wise (1976)


\"Sins of the Fathers...and the Sons...and the Brothers\"

\"In the cozy, back-scratching, name-dropping world of the Bush family, it is whom you know that makes all the difference. Having the same last name as the most powerful man in the western world is the same as buying an expensive ticket to enter a can\'t-miss world of lucrative business deals.

\"It\'s a world of preferential treatment where public officials condone the type of conduct that would be prosecuted if the name were not Bush. This has long been a historical pattern for the Bush family, who have made a dubious tradition out of using politics and CIA manipulations to foster their various business enterprises.

\"Why in the world did the American people over several decades allow the Bush family clan to victimize them through its greed-motivated search for raw power and high positions?

\"The answer is not entirely apparent but it is clear that American history has been fortunate to have produced families of great achievement who passed down their sense of responsibility from generation to generation.

\"These families have brought honor to themselves while greatly contributing to their nation. They brightened the American dream and for this they will be rightly remembered by historians.

\"But as this book has shown repeatedly, scandalous intrigues, outright deceptions and downright lying have been the continuing modi operandi of the Bush clan.

\"They have established an unmatched and unprecedented history of self-aggrandizement. They have dimmed the dream of their country. That will be their dubious legacy, not only for those Americans who will later chronicle and expand on these events, but also for those of us who have lived through them.

\"And where was George:

* When his shipmates were drowning in the plane from which he parachuted to safety.
* When the Bay of Pigs fiasco was planned and executed.
* When the triangle fire teams were put together and trained for an infamous mission in Dallas.
* When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.
* When former Attorney General and candidate for president Robert Kennedy was killed in Los Angeles, after stating it would take an executive order to open the files of the Warren Commission Report and Records.
* When Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
* When Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated in Washington by a known Bush family associate.
* When the deal was made to hold the Iran hostages until the inauguration of Reagan.
* When the Iran-contra deals were being made.
* When the truth about his association with Iraq should have been made clear to the American people.

\"Don\'t ask George. He\'s more acquainted with deniability than telling the truth.\"

Russell Bowen, Brigadier General (US Army, Ret.) \"The Immaculate Deception ::: The Bush Crime Family Exposed\" (1991)

MUTANEX note ::: General Bowen spent 6 and a half years in a Federal Prison for attempting to exposed his activities, running cocaine for the George Bush and the CIA, supplying arms to the Contras! Why isn\'t this a FRONT PAGE/ 60 Minutes feature story? Use this as rough measure for the extent of CIA influence in Amerika!


Check Out the Bush Files ::: The Hitler Projekt

Download the Unauthorized Bush Family Biography


Fruit of the Shrub::: Same Great Name, Less Fulfilling

\"And this is the great paradox with George W. Bush. This is a man who, had he not been George Herbert Walker Bush\'s son, would not now be the favorite for the Republican presidential nomination.

\"Despite attempts to step out of his father\'s intimidating shadow over the years, his life has been one lucky break after another because of their relationship: acceptance and graduation from Ivy League schools; avoidance of serving in Vietnam; the rescue of his failed oil companies in West Texas; the Harken Energy Corporation stock sale; ownership of the Texas Rangers (which transformed him into a multimillionaire when the baseball franchise was sold); and election and subsequent reelection to the governorship of the Lone Star State.

\"The pattern continued to persist in mid-1999 when Bush set a new record for presidential campaign fund-raising, due mostly to the wealthy GOP connections of his father, a former chairman of the Republican Party.

\"The best investment strategy, of course, is to have a wealthy and influential father. Bush seems aware of that and has acknowledged on occasion that he is a \'blessed person\', but he doesn\'t seem to understand that with a different last name he could be just another Texan who failed in the oil business and now operates a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

\"\'I was born on second base but got to third on my own\', the fortunate son professed to members of the press during the first summer of his presidential campaign. The next day, however, a poll was released indicating that Bush fared so well in nationwide presidential surveys primarily because respondents erroneously believed that his father was once again running for the White House.

\"Attempting to save face, George W. Bush made light of the confusion. \'In politics, an easily recalled name is a very, very important thing.\"

\"Fortunate Son ::: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President\"
J.H. Hatfield (2000)


\"I\'m a uniter not a divider. That means when it comes time to sew up your chest cavity, we use stitches as opposed to opening it up.\" - George W. Bush, on David Letterman, March 2, 2000. (the audience booed)


Argentina ::: The Bush-Nazi-CIA Connection

\"The involvement of George W. and Neil in Argentina has become something of an m.o. for the Bush brothers in foreign affairs. The sons of the former president have certainly not been shy about using their family name to enrich themselves and their friends. Jeb sold $74 million worth of water pumps to the Nigerian government in 1988. Marvin tried to sell electronic fences to the defense ministry of Kuwait two years after the Gulf War, while Neil sought contracts to provide oil-field anti-pollution equipment. And George W. lent his name to tiny Harken Energy to help secure a huge offshore drilling contract in Bahrain.

\"Undoubtedly, the family name will continue to open doors internationally if George W. is elected. Last November, an airplane with Houston registry numbers landed in Buenos Aires; on board was former President Bush, who had arrived to spend the night with his friend, President Menem, 10 days before the end of Menem\'s final term.

\"The two men attended a dinner at the home of Argentine banker Jose Rohm, where they were joined by the vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank, the director of Credit Suisse First Boston, the president-elect of Argentina, and the former president of Uruguay.

\"What was the purpose of President Bush\'s visit? \'Fishing\', says Michael Dannenhauer, a Bush spokesman. But when a Buenos Aires daily, \'Pagina 12\', asked several of the dinner guests why the president was in town, they smiled and quietly replied, \'Business\'.

\"Bush\'s \'real interest\', they added, was to learn how the new government would deal with CEI, an Argentine media company whose former chief had fled the country under investigation for fraud. One of CEI\'s principal investors, the paper noted, is Tom Hicks, \'one of the funders of the presidential campaign of Bush\'s son, George, the governor of Texas\'.\"

\"Don\'t Cry for Bush, Argentina\"
Louise Dubose and Carmen Coiro, Mother Jones, March/April 2000


Fourth Reich Agendas ::: Buenos Aires to Washington D.C.

\"We already have some knowledge of the effective way in which capital transfers to South America-especially to Argentina, Paraguay, and southern Brazil-were arranged by private Swiss banks, trustees, corporation lawyers, and financial administrators. They enabled numerous Nazis to rebuild their private lives after 1945.

\"Adolph Eichmann, who headed the Jewish Section of Department IV of the Central State Security Bureau, was captured by agents of Israel\'s Mossad in Buenos Aires, but hundreds of other Nazi war criminals lived peacefully and unscathed-often in luxury-in Missiones, in the Brazilian region of Iguacu bordering Paraguay and Argentina, or on handsome estates along the banks of the Parana. Joseph Mengele, the concentration camp doctor, was never caught.

\"Among those who retired to South America were Eduard Roschmann, nicknamed the Butcher of Riga, Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller, and many other Nazi functionaries.

\"On February 2, 1996, the U.S. government published a secret document which, for the first time, puts a figure on the Nazi loot transferred to South America, in particular Argentina and Paraguay. In April 1945 alone, Argentinian insurance companies, banks, trust companies, financial administrators, and commercial firms took receipt of Nazi plunder worth approximately one billion dollars-a sum so alarming that it rightly gave the Allies nightmares.

\"In 1945 German agents bought huge estates in Missiones, the aforesaid northern province of Argentina, where mate is grown. Today in Encarnacion, the Paraguayan town just across the Parana from Missiones, German-with a Berlin or Munich accent-is still the language most often heard.

\"No Fourth Reich has arisen, but loyalty to the past persists. As Wilfried von Owen, formerly Goebbels\'s press chief and now living in retirement in Buenos Aires, told the Madrid daily \'El Sol\' in 1992:

\"\'Not only do I not regret my past in any way, but I remain a great admirer of my erstwhile boss, Dr. Joseph Goebbels. He was a brilliant man. I\'m not in hiding. I was a soldier, and subject to the orders of a legitimate government. I committed none of the so-called war crimes. No one can hold anything against me.\'\"

\"The Swiss, the Gold, and the Dead ::: How Swiss Bankers Helped Finance the Nazi War Machine\" Jean Ziegler (1998)


SS + OSS + CIA = MKULTRA ::: Mind Control Amerikan Style

\"The broad reorganization of scientific intelligence following the first Soviet atomic bomb enabled Chadwell to consolidate the production of medical intelligence at the CIA. The OSI used its expanded analytical capabilities to identify new medical threats, warning for instance in February 1950 that the Soviets would soon gain the ability to conduct radiological warfare.

\"The second response-eventually with broad ramifications for the CIA and the biomedical research community-- was to set up covert research programs in medical pharmacology, with the goal of influencing and controlloing human behavior through psychoactive drugs and other chemicals, biological, and psychological means.

\"In April 1950 Hillenkoetter approved a covert plan initially proposed by the CIA\'s Office of Security, codenamed \'Bluebird\', to employ scientific methods and knowledge \'to alter the attitudes, thought processes, and behavior patterns of agent personnel\'.

\"Later rechristened \'Artichoke\', this program came under the direction of the OSI. A distinct but related project, christened \'MKULTRA\', began in 1953 after the CIA\'sa operations branch and its Office of Special Operations (in charge of spying) were merged.

\"MKULTRA was designed to study the use of biological and chemical materials in mind-control, compile information on naturally occuring poisons throughout the world, and carry out covert experiments with LSD and related substances on hundreds of subjects.

\"It is now clear that experiments were carried out on cognizant as well as unwitting subjects, at times with fatal consequences. In at least one case a career army scientist employed in biochemical warfare research, Frank Olson, committed suicide soon after LSD was placed in his drink by CIA colleagues involved with MKULTRA.

\"That experiments were carried out on humans within five years of the end of World War II, and the Nuremberg trials which had revealed horrors of Nazi medical experimentation in the concentration camps, demands explanation.\"

\"Eternal Vigilance ::: 50 Years of the CIA\" (1997) Frank Cass.


George Bush, Saddam Hussein & Final Solution Part 2

\"It is now well established that the Bush administration supplied Saddam Hussein with military supplies, including chemical and biological weapons, as late as two weeks before Hussein\'s troops invaded Kuwait.

\"Bush administration officials, including Secretary of State James Baker III, and General Norman Schwartzkopf, who knew of the biological and chemical perils facing troops headed for the Gulf, have also been implicated in the ongoing cover-up of facts concerning Gulf War Syndrome.

\"A class action suit filed on behalf of ailing veterans cites Tanox Biosystems, Inc., a Houston-based firm partly controlled by James Baker III and funded by George Bush, as partly responsible for developing and testing contaminated vaccines given to servicemen and women.\"

Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH \"Emerging Viruses::: AIDS & Ebola ::: Nature, Accident or Intentional?\" (1998)


Electroshock is Particularly Effective ::: Call it \"Pain Compliance\"

\"The Central Intelligence Agency has created a network of police agencies around the world that systematically, perhaps daily, violate the Convention Against Torture. Top officials in the Agency are fully cognizant that these police services practice torture and encourage them to do so, supplying equipment, training and direction for their work. Thus, the CIA is a direct accomplice to egregious international crimes as defined by the Convention Against Torture.\"

Ami Chen Mills, \"C.I.A. Off Campus ::: Building the Movement Against Agency Recruitment and Research\" (1991).


The Master of Teflon Takes Over The Company, then the Country

\"It did not take Bush long to appreciate that he had his work cut out for him when it came to casting the Agency in a positive light. Less than a month after taking over, he had to answer questions about a report by the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Although the House had voted to suppress the report at President Ford\'s request, someone leaked it. The whole report, known as the Pike Report after U.S. Representative Otis Pike, Democrat of New York, was reprinted in the \'Village Voice\' issues of February 16 and 23, 1976.

\"The Pike Report was shocking because it provided the first official overview of CIA excesses: the Agency ran large propaganda operations, bankrolled armies of its own, and incurred billions in unsupervised expenses. The report revealed that top CIA officials had tolerated cost overruns nearly 400 percent beyond the Agency budget for foreign operations and 500 percent beyond the budget for domestic operations, for years concealing their profligacy from Congress.

\"The CIA also was said to have secretly built up a military capacity larger than most foreign armies; the CIA and FBI between them had spent $10 billion with little independent supervision. Further, the CIA\'s single biggest category of overseas covert projects involved the news media: it supported friendly news publications, planted articles in newspapers, and distributed CIA-sponsored books and leaflets. The phony CIA dispatches often found their way into domestic news stories, thus polluting with inaccuracies the news received by Americans.\"

\"Secrets ::: The CIA\'s War at Home\"
Angus Mackenzie (1997)


House votes to rename CIA headquarters for George Bush

Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House agreed Monday to rename the Central Intelligence Agency\'s headquarters after George Bush, calling it a fitting tribute to the only president whose resume includes a stint as director of central intelligence.

During brief debate, lawmakers from both parties extolled Bush\'s lengthy service to the nation, from his days as a World War II Navy pilot to his years in the White House. The legislation, offered by Rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, was adopted by voice vote.

\"His extraordinary leadership as director during a very difficult time for the agency makes this a particularly appropriate way to remember President Bush,\" said Portman, who served as associate counsel and then director of the Office of Legislative Affairs in the Bush White House.

As part of its intelligence spending reauthorization bill, the Senate already has voted to rename CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the George H. W. Bush Center for Central Intelligence.

When informed of the House\'s action, Bush said he was \"very pleased,\" said spokesman Michael Dannenhauer.

The CIA declined to comment because the legislation is not yet law. \"Many employees think very highly of President Bush here at the agency,\" said spokesman Tom Crispell. \"But we can\'t comment directly because it\'s still pending.\"

Bush signed on as CIA director in 1976, taking over while the agency was under congressional investigation for abuses of power. During his year at the CIA, Bush was credited with rebuilding the confidence of the agency\'s beleaguered staff. He also helped draft an executive order designed to prevent violations of the CIA\'s mandate.

\"During his tenure, he created strength and stability in the intelligence community and he is widely credited with restoring morale,\" said Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va. \"What better way to honor George Bush than to place his name on CIA headquarters in Langley?\"


George Bush: Crack Kingpin of the 1980s

The following article, by Jeffrey Steinberg, appeared as the lead article of an in-depth feature in the Sept. 13 issue of Executive Intelligence Review .

Former President George Bush, while serving as vice president in the Ronald Reagan administration in 1981-89, presided over a Nicaraguan Contra apparatus that was responsible for flooding the streets of Los Angeles\' South Central district with crack cocaine, and fueling a murderous cycle of gang violence.

This is the most startling conclusion to be drawn from a three-part series of articles published in California\'s San Jose Mercury <>.

Based on a review of court records, recently declassified federal government documents, and eyewitness reports, Mercury reporter Gary Webb provided a detailed account of how the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces (FDN, the Contras) financed their 1980s war against the Sandinista regime in Managua, through a cocaine pipeline that went from Colombia, to the San Francisco Bay area, to the streets of Los Angeles, placing crack cocaine and guns into the hands of the Crips and the Bloods urban gangs.

All the time that this crack epidemic was being unleashed by the Contras, Vice President Bush was the man in charge of the Reagan administration\'s Central America program, overseeing all of the activities of the CIA, the Pentagon, and every other government intelligence agency.

Some of Bush\'s most immediate subordinates, including his National Security Adviser Donald Gregg, National Security Council staffer Lt. Col. Oliver North, and \"ex\"-CIA officer Felix Rodriguez, were major players in the day-to-day cocaine-Contra operations.

Speaking to 1,000 people at the annual Labor Day conference of the Schiller Institute, in Reston, Virginia on Aug. 31, Lyndon LaRouche asked: \"How many thousands of federal prisoners are doing former Vice President George Bush\'s prison-time?\"

MUTANEX note ::: See the note on General Bowen, author of
\"Immaculate Deception ::: The Bush Crime Family Exposed\"


Available from

The Immaculate Deception : The Bush Crime Family Exposed

by Russell S. Bowen

Book Description

This is perhaps the most shocking book written this century about treason committed by the highest leaders within the U.S. Government. This disturbing and thought provoking expose, which few american know about, shows the truth about the drug running activities in behalf of the \"secret\" government\". You will learn about the unsavory past of George Bush and his family, and well as the uncrupulous activities in which he has been involved.

About the Author

General Bowen is a retired Brigadier General who position with the Office of Security Services (OSS) and his drug running activities in behalf of the government and who has courageously come foward with the truth about his association.

Getting Away With Treason , July 20, 2000

Reviewer: watzizname from Murfreesboro, Tennessee United States

Smoke a joint, harming no one, and you may spend years in jail, but betray your country, and get elected to high office! Bowen exposes the criminal history of the Bush family, from passing our military secrets to Nazi Germany during World War 2 to George Bush\'s clandestine deal with Iran to delay the return of American hostages until after the 1980 election. Like Hatfield\'s \"Fortunate Son\" and Ivins\' \"Shrub,\" this is a must read.


The Mafia, CIA and George Bush

by Pete Brewton


An investigative reporter exposes President Bush\'s business ties with the Mafia, detailing the crimes of Bush\'s sons, Jeb and Neil, Bush\'s link to the BCCI scandal, and the CIA\'s involvement in disguising that involvement.

A Very Important Book , December 9, 1998
Reviewer: A reader from Sacramento, CA

This is one of the two most important books published in this country this century. The other is \"Dark Alliance\" by Gary Webb. Brewton is a journalist par excellence. He makes the goose-steppers at the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post look like the complacent wimps they really are. Yes, Virginia, the S&L \"crisis\" was a $160 billion ripoff by the mob, the CIA and George Bush and Sons. Read it and weep, America!


Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA : How the Presidency Was Co-opted by the CIA

by Terry Reed, John Cummings

The true story of Bill Clinton`s political sellout to the CIA unfolds through the eyewitness account of Terry Reed, a former CIA asset whose patriotism transformed him into a liability when he refused to turn a blind eye to the agency`s drug trafficking.

Reviewer: mwmooney [at]

I found this book to answer the mystery of the Iran-Contra/Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling operation. Having read \"Under Fire\" by Oliver North and this book I find it quite obvious who\'s lying. Terry Reed, a CIA operative, who thought he was serving an honest government, is compelled to expose the corruption that he himself encountered. Whereas, Oliver North in his book COVERS it all up.

We should be thankful for Terry Reed\'s courage to bring this information out. This book corroborates the documentary, \"Mena Cover-up\". A man who follows his conscience should never be bound to secrecy when that secrecy only hides corruption. May more COURAGEOUS men and women who have vowed \"to end secrecy\" STAND up!


The Republicans bring the Nazis to the US

The Republicans\' attraction to Nazism was also observed by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone, authors of the book, \"High Treason,\" dealing with the Kennedy Assassination. Groden and Livingstone write: \"Nixon surrounded himself with what was known as the Berlin Wall, a long succession of advisors with Germanic names: We recall at the top of his \'German General Staff\' as it was also known, Haldeman, Erlichman, Krogh, Kliendienst, Kissinger (the Rockefellers\' emissary) and many others.

\"The selection of German names was no accident. Many of the brighter staff people close to Nixon came to him from the University of Southern California, and the University of California at Los Angeles, where there were fraternities that kept alive the vision of a new Reich. America has for a long time harbored this dark side of its character, one of violence and the Valhalla of Wagner and Hitler.

\"But Gordon Liddy was the one in whose mind \'Triumph of the Will\' was the most alive. Some of these men would watch the great Nazi propaganda films in the basement of the White House until all hours of the night, and drink, in fact, get drunk with their power, with blind ambition, as one of them wrote.\"

\"According to several of our sources in the intelligence community who were in a position to know,\" continue Loftus and Aarons, \"the secret rosters of the Republican party\'s Nationalities Council read like a Who\'s Who of Fascist fugitives. The Republican\'s Nazi connection is the darkest secret of the Republican leadership. The rosters will never be disclosed to the public...the Fascist connection is too widespread for damage control.\"

\"Old Nazis, the New Right and the Reagan Administration: The Role of Domestic Fascists Networks in the Republican Party and their Effects on U.S. Cold War Politics\"
monograph by Russ Bellant, Political Research Associates, Cambridge MA
An excellent, very well researched monograph. Must have.

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