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by Fernando Marrey Ferreira (fmarrey [at]
Wednesday Sep 27th, 2000 12:49 PM
This article is very intersting
On September 26, protest!

The worldwide day against globalization is on September 26. Poverty in countries that are in progress its undoubtedly alarming. In Brazil despite of being the eighth economy of the world we also have one of the highest poverty and misery rates. Most of the people have been through starvation. There are lots of children in the northeast area of our country who have to deal with lack of water, they even have a chance to take a shower in ten days and teachers can’t stand the fetidness so they send them back to home. Violence are smashing the world record, prisons are crowded, promiscuous situations have mentioned in jails that fit only tem people, it’s not unusual find fifty men there, that’s the school of crime.
Health reaches people in needing in a mortal way, lack of everything; doctors, berths, medicine, lots of women give birth around the aisles. Brazil follows the neo-liberalism globalization rules, strictly macroeconomics control commercial, privatization’s at a low price, also known as a banana price’ (a typical fruit of our country, one of the cheapest), and by observing this model the social exclusion has increased fast. There are many people who have been strolling through the roads of the country without seeds to saw, there is also a large amount of homeless in downtown area of São Paulo, and here is the place where no one is a land-owner, place of corruption and impunity.
There was a internal referendum (informal) about the non-payment of foreign debt, five millions were in were in favor about it, however they require an audit as well, so that they were able to know if there were tricks with the money taken, institutions in vigor in Brazil haven’t got the power to cut down corruption.
The richest countries, FMI/BIRD, worldwide bank should deal with the foreign debt of all countries wherever there was many people down of the poverty line, in brazil this number is alarming. Countries, which are in debt, should gather in order to declare at the same time the extinguished foreign debt. We have already paid more dollars than we have carned; interest has been enslaving workers from countries in debt.
Petrol prices smash all the records we are in electoral time, our politicians don’t allow that prices being raised, they prefer to do it later. It’s just another way of cheating elections coming from people that hold the power, there were lots of them before. According to E-mail that was sent to me from sindipetro-sp, Petrobras had 4,5 billions of net profit just in the first semester of this year, earning forecast are bigger and bigger, however workers still earn low salaries, they are struggling hard for better salaries. Strike in this company is a struggling hard for better salaries. Strike in this company is a matter of planing; it has already occured strikes in oil refinery.
The salaries paid for our petrol company is one of the lowest ever paid compared with other of same sector trough out the world. Unemployment keep an army of lazybones workers, as a consequence salaries tend to be miserable. This neo-liberalist globalization is cursed. In Europe, manifests have been occurring in different countries, which are against the rise of petrol prices. People in Europe are get used to manifest trough the streets meanwhile in Brazil we tend to be more settled. We act like lambs. On September 26 will be the worldwide day against the globalization, will Brazilian categories be supported by the global direction? Will they accept FMI imposes? Let’s go outside, Seattle in USA and Europe give good examples on how we should fight and indicate in the streets, Brazilian live in an underworld. Have we got reasons to protest?
Fernando Marrey Ferreira, 34, Lawyer of the crowd, majored in Regional Integration USP-SP and training in international Journalism at PUC-SP-Brazil. E-mail fmarrey [at]

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